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Senior Applications Dba Resume

Cleveland, OhiO


  • I am an Oracle EBS Applications DBA Consultant specializing in R12 Implementations and Upgrades.
  • I have over 14 years of experience as an Independent Oracle Applications DBA after spending 2 years.
  • I have been working in R12 for over 7 years and had a client's Financials Production Instance (Phase 1) upgraded from R12.0.4 to R12.1.1 six weeks after the 12.1.1 release.
  • I then helped the same Client become an R12.1 Early Adopter for Phase 2 of the Project.
  • Recent accomplishments include successful R12.1.3 RAC NLS implementations for Brazilian and Ecuadorian Business Unit of an International Manufacturing Company.
  • I also successfully completed an R12.1.3 HRMS RUP3 to RUP5 upgrade and performance tuning custom queries for an International Power Management Solutions Provider and was the Lead Applications DBA for an EBS R12 - Siebel-OBIEE implementation.
  • I was the Lead Applications DBA for an R12.1 Implementation featuring BI, Project Accounting, Order Management, CRM on Demand and SOA/AIA, an R12.1 Financials Upgrade and an R12.0 Financials Implementation.
  • I spent 2 years with Oracle Consulting’s Performance Architecture group.
  • As a member of this group I was often called upon to assist 11i customers in solving various implementation issues.
  • I have been the sole onsite DBA/APPS DBA for an 11.5.5/8i Sun Solaris Fast Forward implementation and have participated in 11i/9i implementations and Upgrades on Sun Solaris, Alpha OPEN VMS, Linux and IBM AIX. I was also the Technical lead of a project to convert Oracle Selling Point (10.7) to Oracle Configurator (11i).
  • I worked on an Oracle Online Services project implementing MSCA, MWA and WMS.
  • I have a strong working knowledge of the AD Utilities and have performed and taught clients the R12/11i Application System Administration responsibilities including Cloning, User Maintenance, Responsibility Maintenance, Menu Maintenance, Printers, and Concurrent Managers creation and maintenance.
  • I have installed and upgraded Self Serve Framework, Oracle Workflow, Oracle Forms, ADI, Oracle Configurator Developer and Oracle JInitiator.
  • My strong problem solving abilities have enabled me to devise an 11i Applications printing solution that has been used at multiple client sites.
  • I have more than 20 years of experience in the Government, Software, Manufacturing, Distribution, Non Profit, Oil and Gas, Education and Health industry.


Database Administration

Applications Development

Data Conversion

Applications Implementation

Performance Tuning

Shared Application Tops




Database Installation and Tuning

Database Cloning

Recovery Manager (RMAN)

System Performance Management

Problem Solving

Project Management

Grid Control



Oracle Applications R12.2, R12.1, 11i

Siebel Business Applications 8.1.x

Oracle Applications Manager (OAM)

Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM)

Oracle Internet Application Server (iAS)

Application Desktop Integrator (ADI)



Oracle Self Service Framework

Oracle JInitiator

Oracle Workflow

Oracle Configurator

Oracle Configurator Developer

AD Utilities (Patch, Admin, Control)

ADOP (R12.2 online patching)


Software, Tools & Languages Database: Developer 2000, Oracle SQL*Loader, Oracle SQL*Plus, PL/SQL, PRO*Cobol, Oracle Applications System Administration, Oracle DBA, Oracle 11g RAC, Oracle 10g, Oracle 9i RAC, Oracle9i, Oracle 8i, Oracle 8

Hardware & Operating Systems: SUN Solaris 8, IBM AIX, HP-UX, DEC VAX, DEC ALPHA, NT Server, OpenVMS, VMS, MS Windows, MS Windows NT, UNIX, Linux RHEL6, Oracle Exadata, Oracle Exalogic


Confidential, Cleveland, Ohio

Senior Applications DBA


  • Responsibilities include installing additional languages, installing Latin American localizations, migrating RICE objects and performance tuning custom code. Support of 12.2.3 EBS Production and Project instances used with VCP and Demantra for International Business Units.
  • Oracle Apps DBA on a 3 Vendor implementation of Siebel Business Applications (8.1.1) and Oracle EBS Applications (12.1.3).
  • Responsible for working with in house staff to setup RHEL6 VM Servers for EBS and Siebel applications.
  • Responsible for creating 11gR2 DB and installing 11g Fusion products to support a Siebel Business Applications DEV environment.
  • Oracle Apps DBA supporting R12.1.3 HRMS projects for an International Power Management Solutions Provider including lead Apps DBA for an HRMS RUP3 to RUP5 upgrade.
  • Responsible for upgrading Production database from from to and applying the latest Oracle Critical Patch Updates for EBS and the database.
  • Tuned custom queries cutting execution time from over 14 hours to under 3 minutes.
  • Additional responsibilities including supporting HRMS projects including OTL and Fusion Talent Management.
  • Lead Applications DBA for an R12.1 Implementation of Financials, Project Accounting, Order Management, BI, CRM on Demand and SOA/AIA.
  • Responsible for planning and execution of upgrading a Financials 12.0.5/ production instance to 12.1.1/ including latest iAS, JDK, JRE and CPUs patches.
  • Responsible for creating a 12.1.1/ development instance for an OM implementation using the latest Critical Patch collections and CPU patches.
  • Lead Applications DBA responsible for technical planning and implementation of an R12 (12.0.5) Financials Implementation.
  • Responsibilities included converting an eStudio Linux 32bit single tier instance to a Linux 64 bit multi-tier instance, creating the instance, patching and cloning strategies.
  • Responsible for designing an Oracle Applications 11i10 to R12 upgrade strategy for an information technology solutions reseller.
  • Phase 1 was completed and involved installing a Release 12 Vision instance on RHEL4.
  • Supported a Fortune 500 company in moving an 11i instance and supporting Data Warehouse to a new corporate environment.
  • Lead Applications DBA responsible for planning and implementing an 11.5.5 Tru64 to 11.5.10 Linux Financials upgrade. Responsibilities included managing the DBA consultants working on the project, upgrading the Tru64 DB, Implementing Auto-Config on the Tru64 instance, upgrading the Linux DB to and Forms Developer 6i to the latest certified version. This project was completed on schedule with no major upgrade issues.
  • Led an 11i Workflow performance tuning project at a manufacturing company in Canton, Ohio. Identified problems in custom workflow packages that were causing issues in server memory and cpu, disk space utilization, and redo contention. Implemented a strategy for this client that realized a $10,000 savings in disk space utilization for their application code trees across 22 instances.
  • Consulted at a Regional Utility company in Cleveland, Ohio. The project was an 11.5.9 Financials and HRMS implementation on Windows 2000. I was responsible for training the 2 in-house Core DBA’s on how to perform 11i Apps DBA functions. While training the in-house staff, I worked to resolve several implementation issues and mentored the in-house staff how to troubleshoot & resolve the issues.
  • Worked with a team of DBA’s at Chicago Public Schools. After 3 weeks at the client, I was the only Oracle DBA supporting all Oracle instances. Responsibilities included supporting a production 11.5.9/9i RAC environment on HP-UX, Kronos, Kintana, IVR, GIS and several additional custom apps. I supported a production environment running 10g, 9i and 8i databases. I also spent time diagnosing 11i performance and printing issues.
  • Lead 11i Applications DBA for Financials implementation on Linux RH AS 2.1. Responsible for all aspects of installing and maintaining multiple instances on a 2 tier environment.
  • Took the lead in an 11.5.8 to 11.5.9 Federal Financials Production upgrade on Solaris 9. The primary 11i Apps DBA became unavailable due to surgery and I was contacted the weekend before the upgrade was to take place. I arrived at the customer site Monday morning and put together the upgrade plan for the upgrade the following weekend. The upgrade took place and was successfully completed.
  • Working with a large software company to upgrade from to on their 11.5.7 instance. I developed a detailed upgrade plan. While at the client I supported the Production environment by monitoring database performance, Apache performance and applying patches to the development and production environments.
  • Worked on an 11.5.7/8i Implementation for a large software company. Modules implemented were Core Apps, Sales Online, Marketing, Service, Customer Care, Quoting, and Service Contracts. My responsibilities included Apache performance monitoring and load balancing, 11i performance tuning, upgrade to Self-Service Framework v5.7H, upgrade of OAM 11i to version 2.1.1, Workflow Administration and the upgrade of the 11i Apps.zip file to the new architecture.
  • Worked on an 11.5.7/9i MLS/NLS Implementation team for a large Health Care Manufacturing company. Modules implemented were HRMS, Financials, Order Management, Inventory, Purchasing and Supply Chain.
  • Post implementation support included performance tuning and creating various sql reports on system performance.

Confidential, Redwood Shores, CA

Senior Consultant


  • Member of an Oracle Implementation team for an Oracle Online Services (Oracle.com) project implementing MSCA, MWA and WMS applications for a large manufacturing client. Responsibilities included applying Discrete Manufacturing Family Pack H, Order Management Family Pack H, configuring and troubleshooting the UNIX scripts used to start and stop the MWA Dispatcher and Telnet processes, and monitoring and updating TAR’s.
  • Lead technical team to convert Oracle Selling Point to Oracle Configurator 11i.
  • Responsible for migrating Selling Point schema from release 12f to 14e. After migration, the Selling Point Schema was converted to Oracle Configurator 11i, then upgraded to Oracle Configurator Family Pack G (11i.CZ.G+). Installed Oracle Configurator Developer on 2 client machines.
  • Lead DBA for an 11.5.6 upgrade from 11.5.5 on Sun Solaris 8 for a Confidential .
  • Modules upgraded were ERP, CRM and Call Center. Responsible for planning the upgrade, upgrading 2 test systems and 1 production system and training in-house personnel on how to use the AD Utilities.
  • Member of an Oracle DBA team that performed a technology upgrade on Sun Solaris 8 for a Confidential .
  • Responsibilities included splitting a single tier install, cloning an 11.5.6 instance, installing 9iAS, implementing Discoverer 4.1.44, upgrading to Forms patchset 9, forms servlet configuration, and upgrading database to 9.0.1.
  • Sole onsite DBA for a Sun Solaris Fast Forward Implementation of Oracle Applications 11.5.5.
  • Responsible for managing the production and development environments, which includes all application patch management(AD Utilities), cloning test instances, setting up the printers and concurrent managers, configuring Workflow 2.6, performance tuning and managing tablespaces.
  • Member of an Oracle DBA Team responsible for the correction of implementation problems and upgrading of Oracle Applications 11.5.2 to 11.5.3 at a Manufacturing Company on IBM AIX hardware.
  • Played a critical role in the identification, consolidation, and implementation of over 100 patches required to get Order Management functioning in an acceptable performance and functional manner for the client.
  • These tasks were completed during the most critical time of the year for the company both from a financial and production stand point.
  • Worked with an Oracle Financials Team in implementing Oracle Financials software release 11.5.1 on Compaq TRU64 hardware.
  • Responsibilities included configuring printers to meet the styles, types and copies required by the client. Included the development and implementation of FSG formats.
  • Developed, documented and implemented menus, responsibilities and user id’s as identified by the client. Based on the clients needs, for both batch and online, I created, implemented and documented concurrent managers configuration.

Confidential, Cleveland, Ohio

Oracle DBA


  • Responsibilities included Database Design, Lead Analyst, Performance Tuning and DBA duties.
  • Worked on a Student Information Data Mart at a large public school system.
  • The data for 86,000 students is stored for current and previous years.
  • Responsibilities included Database Design, Lead Analyst performance tuning, report design and DBA duties.
  • Reports were created in SQL*PLUS.
  • Tables were loaded using SQL*Loader and reports were created in SQL*PLUS.
  • Led a project team in implementing a Health Services Immunization Record Tracking system for a large public school system.

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