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Senior Oracle Database Admin Resume

E Rutherford, NJ


  • Over 20 years of experience in database engineering, administration, system architecture wif telecommunication, consumer and financial applications. Pursuing for a career on database administration and support by utilizing proven skills in understanding business requirements, standards, procedures and policies for improve business efficiency.
  • Architect and Solution provider for Enterprise database Operation and setting up Security and DR Resiliency.
  • Expertise as mission critical Database support for 7x24 setup environment by a group of SME DBA
  • Demands on concurrent data validation done by converting physical standby to Active Data Guard (ADG)
  • Building teh road map for 7x24 Application/DB Operation Support Model wif limited man power.
  • Implemented - Oracle Grid Control/Enterprise Manager, RMAN (backup and recovery), Dataguard/Oracle Streams (replication), Oracle FlashBack.
  • Highly experienced in Performance tuning, extensively used utilities such as SQLT, EXPLAIN PLAN, ASH, ADDM, SQL MONITOR and AWR reports. Utilizing Oracle 12c dynamic performance libraries for pro-active monitoring.
  • Experienced using various migration tools (RMAN, DataPump, Export/Import, SQL Migration Workbench etc.) and custom scripts for managing multiple application under various Prod/DR, Uat/Dev environments and platforms.
  • Experience in working wif Data Warehousing and OLTP based Terabyte Sized database in 24x7 production env.
  • Server Installation & Performance Tuning, Security Management, Backup & Recovery, Hot standby database support, Data/Code Migration & Data Integration of Oracle 11g/12c
  • Working knowledge on Data Guard and Oracle RAC 9i, 10g, 11g, 12c, 19c
  • Proficient in UNIX shell scripting and UNIX Internals.
  • Proven experience in Schema management, partitioning of tables and indexes, datafile and extent management as well as user privilege management. Setup Rman configuration for remote catalog database to maintain HA databases primary/standby.
  • Leading small DBA teams in onsite/offshore models.
  • Experience in ASM configuration and management. Proactive database monitoring to generate alerts, auto fix space issues etc.
  • Hands-on experience wif AHF/TFA/OSW/PRW installation and troubleshoot in RAC cluster nodes.
  • Expert level skills in using third party tool to admin database like - TOAD, SQL Navigator, OEM suite, Tivoli.
  • Ensure capture and remediate oracle errors by applying Patches using Fleet management and Migration.
  • Knowledge and use of AmazonCloud administration which include services like IAM,EC2,S3,EBS,VPC,ELB,SNS,RDS, Route 53,Auto Scaling,CloudFront,CloudWatch,CloudTrail,CloudFormation,OPSWork, Security Groups.
  • Extensive utilization of Agile and Scrum principles using Kanban and Jira.


Languages: C, C++, JAVA, Python, Perl, K Shell, Bourne Shell, PASCAL,SAP-ABAP, JSON

DBMS: ORACLE 19c/12c/11g/10g SQL*NET/SVRCTL/CRSCTL, SQL*Loader, MongoDB,DynamoDB, Redshift, Aurora INFORMIX SQL/ESQL/4GL, ACCESS, SYBASE 11.0, TEREDATA DBC/1012.

HARDWARE: AIX, SUN SPARC 3500,SPARC ULTRA E15K/10K,VAX 11/780, HP 9000, DL585, UTS 5995.

Database Tools: Oracle Grid Control, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Erwin, Visio, TOAD, SQL Navigator, SQL Plus, SQL Developer, PLSQL Developer, Expdp, Impdp, Oracle Transportable Tablespace(TTS), SQL Loader, Oracle External Tables, RMAN, Dataguard, Oracle Streams, srvctl, crsctl, emctl, ASM, Oracle Clusterware, BenchMarkFactory.


Confidential, E. Rutherford, NJ

Senior Oracle Database Admin


  • Working on Cloud conversion of federal reserve financial application using Amazon Web Services (AWS) for provisioning and implementation and deployment of current data into RDS Oracle. Broad Knowledge of AWS services likeIAM, EC2, Elastic Load-balancers, Elastic Container Service, S3, Elastic Beanstalk, CloudFront, Elastic File system, VPC, Route53, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, CloudFormation.
  • Defined AWS Security Groups which acted as virtual firewalls dat controlled teh traffic allowed to reach one or more AWS EC2instances
  • Involved in technical operational support, troubleshoot, vendor engagement of a Financial suite of applications to cover broad spectrum of federal reserve activities.
  • Maintained relational database systems for a highly transactional and large database environment for Wholesale Product Systems of Federal Reserve Systems.
  • Extensively used Advanced Performance Tunind using ASH, AWR, ADDM, SqlTxplan for performance analysis, Sql trace, Sql tuning and other advance features and tools like Dynatrace used by APMM team.
  • Daily EOD(end of day) jobs in Prod and non-Prod environments fixing issues wif performance, stuck process wifin short window.
  • Cluster and Database Upgrades on AIX Oracle to Oracle - 18 months effort fixing several issues encountered and applications performance/compatibility on lower platform Ite to Dev, Uat, Performance, multiple QA, Dit and Prod.
  • Hardware and software migration from legacy servers - Oracle Solaris nonclusterd DB to AIX RAC cluster.
  • Contingency - Database dataguard operation, worked wif several teams (OS, Websphere, MQ, Storage, Network, Testing, Application, OPS/NOC) in successful Data Center Rotation, Failover/Failback between multiple sites.
  • Supported several Application team initiatives, deployment, performance tuning for complex queries involving Oracle Optimizer options for SQL Plan management, Table/Index stats, Data Histograms. Used Dynatrace tools for performance monitoring.
  • Large databases backups and recovery using File System Replication (HUR) and RMAN.
  • Quarterly CRS and DB patch upgrade AIX Oracle 11.2.0.x up to using automated scripts for seven-tier platforms wif Multiple applications on each platform. Currently using OEM Fleet management to make even faster due to shorter windows.
  • Experience in fleet management using OEM, successfully used it for patching and dataguard setups.
  • Maintain latest version of AHF/TFA by installation/ configuration in RAC clusters.
  • Develop and implement DevOps tasks including PL/SQL scripts, UNIX Shell Scripts, for automating DBA tasks, such as database backup, database refresh, database monitoring, and setting up alerts using control-M.
  • Configured, supported and maintained unidirectional oracle glodengate replication in Dev and SVT environments.
  • Planned, Configured and Deployment of many essential DB monitoring jobs to run through Control-M scheduler.

Confidential, Newport, NJ

Senior Oracle Database Admin/Lead


  • Worked to setup standard of ISS(Infrastructure Software Support) for pro-active DB monitoring, maintain stability of application, database operation and gather, planned and procure resources to meet infrastructure demand. Currently, ISS supports more than 180+ Oracle databases for 25-30 applications and 400+ SQLServer databases. Monitoring includes several processes like Health Check process runs on scheduled intervals for verifying DB status, listener, RAC services - another process checks database TS and OS filesystem, ASM diskroup threshold and Rman backup status . Oracle Enterprise Grid Control notification of any critical CPU load, Memory utilization, DB availability & ORA- errors.
  • Plan, setup and implementation of DB application migration on new OS/Hardware includes testing of new features, load balance, RAC services, improved users security acces, automated performance monitoring and report user migration to Standby. Implemented application’s ETL batch jobs which run and monitored through Autosys and Cron - status notification are handled by e-mail/pager. Most Jobs are written using shell scripting, pl/sql code, occasionally Perl. Automated majority of Application releases which includes both database DDL, DML Code as well as Application code deployment on UAT/QA and Prod/DR envs. Completely automated monthly financial data upload to distributed environments from remote window servers.
  • Resolved any DB performance issues are handled wif generating AWR, ADDM and running specialized sql script utilizing 10g/11g monitoring libraries. Notified AD team to verify any Web front abnormal load/connections, long running jobs etc. DBView using SQLServer Studio software allows monitoring various Database/System level metrics for presenting to DashBoard for higher management reporting.
  • As Database Administrator for GTI responsible for Application Performance Tuning, Capacity Planning, Deployment of Applications, Setting up cron jobs, Documenting DB environment and cross training AD Operate team in India & Singapore.
  • Created Data Marts for data coming from various heterogeneous data sources.
  • Used Talend Opensource ETL tool to load XML data into Oracle DB Schema.
  • Created Materialized views for some data marts. Also created shell scripts to automate teh batch data load and ETL jobs.
  • Query Optimization for teh SQL Queries where data is coming from Heterogeneous data sources.
  • Setup Oracle HSODBC and configured Unix ODBC and FreeTDS for SQL Server, DB2, MySQL and Sybase Databases.
  • Worked on Configuration management database(CMDB) for GTI-managed distributed server assets which contains core inventory from TAMS, patch details, performance monitor information, reference data, billing, vulnerability, and other information sources.
  • Setup, Configured Oracle Data Guard using physical standby database.
  • Created, maintained, and monitored teh Standby Database (contingency site).
  • Utilizing Oracle11G Standby (read-only wif apply) DR database, allowed on-line report user to generate most updated information related to automated various Business Compliance data on Primary DB.
  • Automation of Archivelog GAP report between Primary and Standby site and send notification based on gap threshold.
  • Cloned teh instances from production to Test, Development instance using Rman restore, export/import
  • Planned, Configured and Implemented Oracle 10g RAC (Real Application Clusters) on Solaris 10 Tuned database performance wif AWR / V$ views, ADDR reports.
  • Tuned databases for memory tuning by adjusting Buffer cache size, log switches and reducing check pointing, increasing sort area sizes, shared pool area increasing SGA overall
  • Advised developers using Explain plan, TKprof and identifying teh Execution plan in tuning queries, using Indexes, partitioning, hints. Automated Daily DBA tasks using shell scripts and setup priority alerts.

Confidential, Somerset, NJ

System Mgmt Intrgr Prof - DB Architect


  • Working on various Retail Banking Infrastructure project which includes conversion into new integrated platform utilizing latest software technology to provide optimal support to meet service level excellence.
  • Support on operational infrastructre databases for poject like Tivoli, NetCool and Service center applications.
  • Database Admin/Maintenance, High availability - Day-to-day maintenance(backup recovery, security, cleanups, object maintenance, interface wif operations) of production and uat OLTP/ERP.
  • Design and implementation of fail-over strategy among multiple sights (Oracle STANDBY, EMC/SRDF,REPLICATION).
  • Regularly, support data migration between prod and uat servers to accommodate application software changes.
  • Evaluation and apply of various backup-recovery technologies - Oracle RMAN/Net Backup/SQL-Backtrack etc.

Confidential, Somerset, NJ

Senior Database Technology Officer


  • Worked on multiple projects related to Enterprise Management System to support Global operational data center
  • Service Center Application disaster recovery testing and implementation. Involved in a recovery of a financial application database during Sept, 01 period. Written scripts to monitor database growth rate, oracle file systems and database performance to ensure smooth operation. Communicate wif software vendors to ensure ongoing support for existing versions and latest patch. Install and upgraded Oracle server software on multiple platforms.
  • Response and resolve any ETS production oracle database problem during 7/24 support on a rotational basis.
  • Design and creating new Oracle Instance (Dedicated connection and shared server) - based on architectural requirements.
  • Space Management - Temp TBSP, RBS, Data Space.
  • Wrote and configured centralized shell scripts which monitors teh health, tablespaces and files systems of databases and nodes.

Confidential, Parsippany, NJ

Database Designer/Administrator


  • Worked on a variety of projects including Logistics(SAP) DataMart(Data Warehouse), Common Distribution Central system(packaging/shipping), SAP Job Control Process, Financial System( Tax processing, General Ledger etc), Broker Order In-Transit. etc. Each project runs on separate platform like NT, SPARC, HP-UX, NCR etc. wif different versionsof Oracle database.
  • My responsibilities include Installing and upgrading teh Oracle server, creation of new databases for development as well as production platform, allocation of system storage and planning
  • In addition to above items, regular database administration like monitoring and optimization of performance, enroll users and maintain system security, database backup and recovery. Most of DB maintenance activities are being done by automation scripts.

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