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Senior Oracle Database Administrator Resume

New York, NY


  • Over 8 years of extensive experiences in Oracle databases (10g/11g/12c/19c) as Sr. Oracle Database Administrator in designing, coding, testing and supporting strong database solutions in Oracle enterprise environment( Oracle Linux, Oracle Solaris platform, Oracle Exadata)
  • Extensive knowledge of programming languages (C/C++, Java, Bash/Korn Shell, Perl, Python) and a wide variety of database system (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Snowflake, PostgreSQL)
  • Strong Experience with Online Analytical Processing tools (OLAP), designing Data Marts and Data Warehouse using Star Schema and Snowflake Schema in implementing Decision Support Systems, fact and dimension tables modeling of data at all three levels: view, logical and physical.
  • 2 years hands - on experience of Snowflake database and data warehouse administration.
  • 2 years of experience in Snowflake platform DBA tasks in governance, operations, and monitoring
  • 2 years of experience in Architect Snowflake applications for various business units and assist in the migration from traditional data warehouses.
  • Wrote automation UNIX shell scripts for database refresh, monitoring, consolidated report, reconfigure data guard, switchover/switchback of database etc.
  • Analyze and determine the feasibility of leverage the Oracle Enterprise Manager solution to report on performance, provide metrics, and become the centralized proactive maintenance solution
  • Proficient with Database Cloning, Migration, Standby Database, Active Data Guard and Patching of Oracle Databases and Oracle Applications.
  • Experience with Oracle 10g/11g/12c/19c features: Flash-Back Recovery, Data Pump, ASM, ASH, AWR, ASMM, Automatic Undo Management, Grid Monitoring and Recycle Bin.
  • Proficient in Oracle database backup & recovery strategies plan and implementation such as user-managed backup, RMAN backup with/without catalog, cold and hot backup, full/incremental backup.
  • Strong work experience with tools like Toad, PL/SQL Developer, Oracle SQL Developer, OEM Grid Control 12c.
  • Good understanding about Oracle Exadata specified features such as Smart Scan, HCC (Hybrid Columnar Compression), Smart Flash Cache, etc.
  • Willing to work overtime and on weekends for 24/7 On-call support rotation.
  • Excellent English writing, verbal, and communication skills. Strong team player and be able to work alone. Highly self-motivated and able to adapt and learn new technologies quickly.


Operating Systems: Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, BSD, Windows Server, Exadata

Relational Database: Oracle 10g to 19c (RAC), Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 to 2019, PostgreSQL 11/12/13

Programming Languages: T-SQL, PL/SQL, PowerShell, Korn/Bash Shell, Perl, C/C++/C#, Java

Replication Software: Oracle GoldenGate 12c/19c, Oracle Active Data Guard

Cloud Platform: AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Oracle Framework: OEM, Exadata machine, GoldenGate, Data Pump, Oracle Grid Control, OCI, Oracle Data Guard, High availability, etc.


Confidential, New York, NY

Senior Oracle Database Administrator


  • As a senior member of Confidential Oracle DBA team, I led the team to provide advanced technical support to both internal and external clients using Oracle database related technologies such as Exadata, Golden Gate, RAC, RMAN, Partitioning, Oracle Enterprise Manager, SQL, etc.
  • Performed regular tasks in database upgrades, migration, performance tuning, backup and recovery, code review and optimization, materialized views, flashback, troubleshooting, Data pump, RDBMS security, VLDB, optimize server resource utilization etc.
  • Migrated different database objects in Oracle into Snowflake multi-Cluster Warehouses environment.
  • Managed Enterprise Data Warehouse including OLTP/OLAP, Dimension/Fact tables, Top-down/Bottom-up models, Star/Snowflake schemas
  • Worked on Sev1, Sev2 Issues and also providing 24x7 On-Call Support and provided on-call and day-to-day support
  • Served as DBA leader to work on a large number of sql tuning projects
  • Worked with various third party developers on SQL code review and quality control
  • Performance load testing and tuning application, SQL code, and database instance by using a wide range of technologies including ADDM, AWR, ASH, Statspack, OEM Performance Manager and home-cooked scripts by using Korn shell/Perl.
  • Duplicated all the non-production databases on Exadata server according the Data Warehouse development project's requirement.
  • Assisted in integration of Exadata applications into current IT actionable events and solutions.
  • Participated in the data modeling sessions to understand the data model and providing them inputs based on the existing data to make sure designed model is technically feasible.
  • Maintenance of production and development database which includes table space management, user creation, and privileges, roles.
  • Supported RMAN backup and recovery including physical backups and logical backups by using data pump(Exp/Imp) tool. Developed and maintained Korn shell and Perl scripts.
  • Installed and configured High Availability Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) systems on Oracle 11gR2 RAC environments (Front-end: IBM, Back-end: Oracle Exadata).
  • Troubleshooting typical Oracle GoldenGate technical problems such as unique key violation / long transaction abending by using GGSCI / Logdump / discard file analysis etc.
  • Worked on Installation / Configuration / Performance Tuning / Troubleshooting Oracle GoldenGate data replicate middleware in Oracle to Oracle homogeneous environments and heterogeneous environments (including MS SQL Server to Oracle).

Confidential, New York, NY

Advanced Oracle DBA technical support


  • Worked with primary DBAs in the advanced Oracle support team, support the mission critical OLTP and Data Warehouse production databases.
  • Supported the Front Line Support On-Call team according emergence requirements and issues.
  • Performed troubleshooting, resolution, and root cause analysis for complex database performance and outages; ensured compliance with database vendor license agreement; contacted database vendor for technical support.
  • Maintain Oracle SQL and PL/SQL scripts, Unix Shell Scripts, debugging and tuning.
  • Provided expertise and makes recommendations for physical database design, architecture, testing, performance tuning, and implementation of Oracle database.
  • Implemented Production Control and Change Management on enterprise level data set.
  • Worked with customer for different RAC related issue: hangcheck timer, split brain, RAC recovery, ASM, OCR corruptions, Voting disk loss and troubleshoot RAC performance issues
  • Performed Core Oracle DBA tasks such as Database Administration on Oracle 11gR2, 12cR1/R2 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 environments, performance tuning, Schema creation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.
  • Software and firmware maintenance of the Exadata storage servers in the Database machine including routine health check, patching and upgrades according to the suggestions from Oracle support department.
  • Data analysis, data profiling, data cleansing, transformation, consolidation, integration, data import, data export using various Source (Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL and Flat Files) and Target.
  • Plan and Design Backup/Recovery solutions using shell scripts and RMAN. Ensure that the database software infrastructure is in place and up to date to support other infrastructure components (e.g., operating system and hardware) and application development.
  • Involved in gathering requirements, performing source system analysis and development of ETL jobs to migrate data from the Source to the Target Data Warehouse in Oracle and MS SQL Server
  • Solid hands-on experiences in installation, configuration, trouble-shooting, performance tuning in Oracle High Availability technologies, including RAC, ASM, Physical/Active DataGuard on Oracle Linux(X64) environments.
  • Advised, provided guidance and developed Disaster Recovery strategies for different database frameworks (Oracle, SQL Server platforms)
  • Handled daily database operation performance issues (track and trend overall database performance and database area, index, and drive performance).
  • Analyze and leverage the Oracle Enterprise Manager solution to report on performance, provide metrics, and provide maintenance solution.
  • Setting up High Availability Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) systems on Oracle 11g/12c/19c RAC environments. Troubleshooting typical OGG technical problems such as unique key violation / long transaction abending by using GGSCI / Logdump / discard file analysis etc.
  • Provided and implemented performance tuning for different database system.
  • Solved Backup and Recovery issues related (loss of OCR, Voting Disk and Oracle clusterware) & corruption of disk data blocks, loss of OS configuration files, loss of net configuration files.
  • Monitor and fully analyze performance issues in production Oracle databases by using AWR/ADDM/OEM 11g
  • Daily development / testing environment baseline backup and restore, develop and maintain administration scripts by using Perl/Korn shell.

Confidential, New York, NY

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Worked on daily DBA tasks in database Partitioning, Backup and Recovery, upgrades, migration, performance tuning, SQL querying, PL/SQL, code review and optimization, Materialized views, patching, troubleshooting, resource utilization, etc.
  • Proactively monitored and diagnosed symptoms using OEM (Enterprise Manager) to increase the probability of success of production database and application.
  • Performed a wide range of database administration functions (running test queries, troubleshooting database problems, maintaining version control of database entities, advising customers on new features and evaluating database efficiency)
  • Installed, configured, and maintained Oracle 11g/12g Real Application Cluster (RAC) / ASM on Redhat Enterprise Linux boxes.
  • Wrote and coded logical and physical database descriptions and specify identifiers of database to management system or direct others in coding descriptions.
  • Built sandbox, integration and test database environments for developers and testers and then recommended performance enhancements such as increasing storage capacity or modifying interfaces based on testing analysis results.
  • Designed, developed and maintained oracle database schema, tables, standard views, materialized views, synonyms, unique/non unique indexes, constraints, triggers, sequences, implicit/explicit cursors, cursor for loops, reference cursors and other database objects.
  • Monitored database systems and provide technical support for database system issues and application performance enhancement/improvement using both Oracle 11g/12g Grid Control & SQL*Plus, as well as UNIX shell scripts.
  • Designed, and developed Oracle PL/SQL ETL processes for loading data from internal systems using SQL Loader and External tables.
  • Designed and implemented Modular and Reusable ETL processes and associated data structures for Data Staging, Change Data Capture (CDC), Exception Handling, Surrogate Key Generation & Assignment, Data Lineage Tracking, ETL Auditing, etc.
  • Setup and configured the Oracle DataGuard 10g environments for the production system to support read-only reporting system.
  • Import/Export & Data pump, Capacity Planning, Replication standby databases, Oracle configuration, database cloning, refresh, and patch management.
  • Wrote and coded logical and physical database descriptions and specify identifiers of database to management system or direct others in coding descriptions.
  • Supported development teams for moving changes to different development, test levels and prepared documentations to move changes to the live production environment.
  • Created PL/SQL packages, stand alone procedures, and stand alone functions.
  • Wrote complex SQL queries with sub-queries, analytical functions and inline views
  • Applied Patches such as Oracle CPU patches & DB patches (OPatch/datapatch).
  • Installation and Administration of Oracle 10g Grid Control Part of the Data Architecture team which supports development, test and production databases.
  • Designed and normalized the databases, wrote T-SQL Queries, and created different objects like Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, User defined functions, Indexes.
  • Performance tuning and optimize SQLs using explain tables, TKPROF utility, by setting database parameters, by using optimizer hints and using Analyze to compute statistics on tables.
  • Designed and Implemented Database procedures and complex queries to retrieve data for different needs of the organization.

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