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Oracle Dba Developer Resume Profile

Indianapolis, IN


  • Over 9 years of total experience in the IT Industry, inclusive of extensive 8 years of experience in Oracle 9i/10g/11g/12c Architecture, RMAN backups, Crash Recovery, Patch Installation, Migration, Cloning, Replication, Optimization, Database Security, Memory Management, Data Modeling, Performance Monitoring and Tuning, RAC, Data Guard, Grid Control and Enterprise Manager, Troubleshooting in Production, Test and Development Instance environment
  • Installed and Cloned Oracle 10g and 11g Grid Agents on Sun Solaris platforms.
  • Installed and Configured RAC using Cluster Ready Services software. Familiar with RAC background processes like OCSSD, CRSD and EVMD after the install. Configured /etc/hosts file with public, private and virtual IP Addresses for node configuration.
  • Experience of Oracle Golden Gate installation, configuration and troubleshooting Golden Gate issues.
  • Created ASM disk groups with failure groups for normal and high redundancy. Made disks sharable to all nodes.
  • Applied scheduled CPU patches every quarter on production, QA and development.
  • Schedule and Monitor RMAN incremental/daily and full/weekly hot backups for the databases. Maintained and monitored the jobs on a daily bases.
  • Responsible for supporting Oracle 10g databases for multiple applications. This involved maintaining various schemas/users along with their roles, profiles, privileges and objects. Made sure users are given access through synonyms.
  • Configured and implemented Oracle Golden Gate 11g/12c.
  • Perform recoveries for databases if needed. Performed a point in time recovery.
  • Migrated data using EXPDP and IMPDP across databases using the TRANSPORATABLE TABLESPACE parameter. Documented procedures for the same.
  • Scheduled jobs in UNIX via crontab.
  • Automated Oracle Startup and Shutdown shell scripts to start and shut the database, listeners and agents in a consolidated manner. Deployed them on 30 database servers.
  • Wrote shell scripts to mail any log files that are more that 100mb in Oracle Home.
  • Configured memory for automatic tuning by setting the SGA TARGET parameter. Suggested DB architecture and created the databases in accordance to the requirements.
  • Supporting an Oracle Internet Directory environment.
  • Used data stage to migrate data from SQL server to oracle database. Migrated from object oriented environment to relational environment.
  • Created and maintained database objects like Tables, Indexes and Partitions.
  • Ran AWR reports for performance tuning database.
  • Monitored Oracle Streams Environment. Checked status of streams and started and stopped streams. Informed developer if streams were not working. Created reports on streams using dictionary views.
  • Did database migrations using EXPDP, IMPDP, transferring database files etc.
  • Installed and Configured Enterprise manager OEM12C and 11g.
  • Installed and maintained the Oracle Grid Infrastructure. Startup/ Shutdown of Oracle Management Server. Securing Management agents.
  • Created and upgraded Oracle Databases using DBCA Database configuration Assistance in UNIX environment.
  • Testing and implementing different physical and logical backup and recovery methods including point in time, media recovery, full/partial, and data pump export/import.
  • Migrating the databases from one platform to another platform
  • Configured jobs for backup of database. Monitored database backups.
  • Setup Transparent Data Encryption for Table Columns.
  • Setup Data guards for High Availability. Familiar with Data guard Broker.
  • Wrote scripts to identify segments that are being used in queries but are not giving good performance.
  • Hands on experience With 11g new features like Real Application Testing, SQL Performance Analyzer, setting AWR baselines, SQL Profiling using SQL Repair Advisor, using Automatic Diagnostic Repository, using support workbench, Oracle Secure Files etc.
  • Extensive use of AWR to generate database statistics, ADDM to find the performance issues and get recommended solution to improve the performance.
  • Back up of voting disk and OCR using DD command and OCRDUMP.
  • Installed and configured Grid Control to monitor RAC and Non RAC instances, patched and upgraded the Grid Control to
  • Experience in maintaining various types of partitioning schemes like list, hash, system, reference, virtual.
  • Wrote SQL to find out candidate indexes to be rebuild using INDEX STATS dictionary view.


Operating Systems OEL, Red Hat Linux RHEL 2.1, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, 6.x HP-UX 10.x, 11.x, Sun

Solaris 9.0/10.0, AIX 5.1, 5.2 and Windows 98/NT/2000/2003.

Data Bases Oracle 12C,11g RAC/10gRAC/10g/9i, SQL Server 2005/2008

Languages SQL, PL/SQL, C, C , UNIX Shell Scripting, JAVA

Tools/Utilities RAC, OEM Grid Control, SQL Navigator, SQL Loader, ASM, SQL Server,

Export/Import, STREAMS, RMAN, TOAD, Golden Gate, Patch Management,


Export/Import, Data pump, Data Guard, VERITAS Net Backup, VMware,

Logminer, CronTab, Performance Monitoring and Tuning


Terminal Emulation Putty, Telnet, FTP



Role: Oracle DBA

Environment: Oracle 10g, 11g, 12C, RAC, ASM, Linux, RMAN, Flashback, SQL,

Data Guard, Oracle OEM, Import/Export Data pump. OGG Oracle Golden Gate OEM,


  • Involved in 24x7 supports for Production database and applications with on-call pager.
  • Installation and creation of 11g RAC, 10g RAC and 9i databases for Testing, Development and Production.
  • Supported upgrades from oracle 9i to 10g, 9i/10g to 11g.
  • Performed migration from 10g to 11g.
  • Supported development, implementation and maintenance of SQL server database.
  • Supported migration, and performance tuning on SQL server database.
  • Implemented Data Guard with maximum availability, protection and performance configurations and worked with Data Guard Fail over and Switch over cases at the times of up gradation and migration.
  • Installed and configured oracle 10g/11g RAC for high availability.
  • Creating and Managing Table spaces with different block sizes to prevent row chaining.
  • Data Refresh from Production to Test and Development environments using manual method and RMAN Duplication.
  • Resolving Performance issues.
  • Implemented Data guard, creating physical standby databases in 10g and 11g RAC environment for production database.
  • Up gradation of Grid Infrastructure and Oracle Databases from to on 3 node RAC environment.
  • Scheduling the backups for the database using EM 12C cloud control.
  • Installed and Configured GOLDEN GATE Extracts/replicate for multiple databases.
  • Configured and built heartbeat monitoring in Golden Gate.
  • Configured error handling for restart, logging, production support and status reporting in Golden Gate.
  • Identified and produced documentation of best practices.
  • Trouble shooting and performance tuning golden gate replications.
  • Implemented ASM on RAC and stand-alone databases. Managing disks and disk groups with ASM.
  • Implemented necessary monitoring scripts for Golden gate in Unix/Perl scripting.
  • Cloned environments to create patch test, development and QA environments.
  • Performance tuning for optimized results using tools like EXPLAIN PLAN, SQL TRACE, TKPROF, STATSPACK.
  • Setup of Standby Database Data Guard . Performing Failover and Switchovers.
  • Load balancing, Database/Schema/Table Re-Organization for faster performance using export/import move procedures.
  • Daily Health Check Up of the Database using STATSPACK, AWR, ADDM
  • Rebuilding of Indexes for better performance, maintenance of Oracle Database.
  • Implemented Database Replication using ORACLE STREAMS.
  • Experience in Monitoring and Tuning system resources associated with the database performance, hit ratios, I/O, lock, and latch contentions.
  • Taking periodic Backup of the Database and the software using RMAN and VERITAS NETBACKUP
  • Performed conversion Non RAC single instance to Real Application Cluster RAC database instances.
  • Scheduled jobs using Oracle Job Scheduler.
  • Partitioning large objects for better performance.
  • Scripts for Cold Backup, Startup and Shutdown, Health Check of Databases, Analyzing of Tables and Rebuilding of Indexes.
  • Recovery of Database Recovering from Media Failure, Recovering tables dropped accidentally, Recovering data files, Recovering from Block Corruption
  • Installation and configuration of Oracle Client software and Tools.
  • Performed Cross platform migration using transportable tablespaces and RMAN.
  • Effective Production Support and off hour support, support handover, off-shore co-ordination.
  • Created Scripts to query performance views to reduce parse times and tune memory structures such as the database buffer cache, shared pool, library cache and the PGA.
  • SQL scripts to monitor Table spaces and Extent growth.
  • Writing UNIX shell scripts for backup and recovery, import and export procedures.
  • Experience in using UNIX utility commands such as grep, awk and sed.
  • Monitoring and Optimizing Database Performance.


Role: Remote Oracle DBA

Environment: Oracle 10g 11g RAC, ASM, AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows, RMAN, SQL Plus, SQL,

PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Scripting, Data Guard, Streams, Golden Gate, SQL LOADER, Oracle OEM, Import/Export Data pump.


  • Configured Data Guard to provide high availability by implementing Physical stand by database.
  • Used RMAN duplicate database feature to move/clone databases on Linux, AIX and Solaris.
  • Cluster Installation and Configuration, Administering databases in RAC for high availability.
  • Installation, Configure, setup of 11g RAC on Linux.
  • Add new nodes to RAC 11g Cluster to distribute the load.
  • Installed and implemented 10g RAC with 4 nodes with ASM.
  • Upgraded Databases from 10g to 11g and applied patches as per requirement.
  • Worked extensively on data center migrations on multiple database versions. i.e., 9i, 10g and 11g.
  • Responsible for installing and configuring Golden Gate for Oracle using 11g R2.
  • Database migration from 9i to 10g to 11g.
  • Implemented 11g new features in Data guard i.e Active Data guard for Database Disaster Recovery.
  • 24x7x3 65 production support.
  • Designed, configured and maintained backup and recovery policies including RMAN backups.
  • Data Guard using physical standby database, Data guard / Standby both physical and logical standby perform switchover/failover and monitor using Data Guard manager command line and GUI.
  • SQL, PL/SQL Tuning and Monitoring.
  • Implemented Streams replication for table and schema.
  • Compared and contrasted multiple snapshots using AWR.
  • Experience in monitoring and tuning SQL Server and database performance using SQL Profiler, Index Tuning Wizard, and Windows Performance Monitor.
  • Responsible for setting up Oracle Golden Gate to help in propagating information between databases.
  • Recovered databases and clone applications Using RMAN.
  • Responsible for resolving several complex recovery scenarios including RMAN with critical production database.
  • Extensively used AWR, ADDM, TKPROF, and SQL Trace for database performance statistics.
  • OEM Grid Control installation and configuration for monitoring and performance tuning.
  • Proactive performance monitoring, and capacity planning for future database and server growth.
  • Performed Range Partitioning as a cause to improve the performance of the database.
  • Performed Import and Export using Oracle Data pump utilities
  • Administered and maintained database security policies and procedures. Experience with administration of high-performance and large-scale multi-terabytes databases.
  • Handled all standard database administrative tasks, such as: proactive performance tuning and monitoring, trouble-shooting, back-up and recovery, installations and configurations on an as needed basis.
  • Used external tables and SQL Loader to import data from flat files.
  • Monitored database space requirements and adjusted for future needs.
  • Preformed version upgrades and patch installs.
  • Designed and implemented database backup/restore methodologies, responsible for Troubleshooting performance and networking issues. Basic OS system administration.


Role: Oracle DBA

Environment: Oracle 9i, 10g, 11 g RAC, ASM, Streams, Linux, Solaris, Data Guard, STATSPACK, OEM, OID, UNIX, Sun Solaris, Apache, VERITAS Net Backup. Data guard, Performance Tuning, RAC


  • Oracle DBA duties involving development and production support such as installations, configurations, backup/restore recovery, database monitoring operating system configurations, database performance tuning, assisting in the logical/physical database design, applications profiling, tuning queries and providing support to developers.
  • Performing Hot/Cold backups of the database through RMAN or User Managed method.
  • Generated and analyzed STATSPACK reports and monitored statistics for performance tuning of databases
  • Build and configure physical standby Data Guard as a high availability solution.
  • Review alert logs and dump files to check for any problems related to the database.
  • Perform database cloning/exp/imp to setup identical databases in the production and development environments.
  • Involved in configuring Real Application Clusters RAC on Oracle 10g Automatic Storage Management ASM .
  • Set up primary and standby databases for 24/7 availability using Oracle Data Guard.
  • Implemented Database Replication using ORACLE STREAMS.
  • Discoverer Administration including the design and administration of Business areas.
  • Maintained Oracle Application Server 10g for use with Discoverer, Portal and J2EE deployments.
  • Developed PL/SQL based program for loading Data Mart.
  • Oracle Applications server including OID. Implementation of Oracle Applications Server for use with Portal, Custom Forms and Reports and Discoverer 6i.
  • Create and maintain users, roles and privileges.
  • Upgrade/Migrated the production and development databases from 9i to to
  • Involved in discussions with the management regarding the advantages/disadvantages and upgrade plans.
  • Used Oracle 10g AWR ADDM to monitor database activities and performance tuning.
  • Involved in Database sizing, Capacity Planning.
  • Perform Space Management Troubleshooting the database issues.
  • Upgrading OEM Repository and Installing OEM 10Grid Control to monitor all the databases.
  • Configured and managed agents to work efficiently with Grid Control.
  • Lead coordinator between technical operations team DBA and applications users/information systems/processing specialists
  • Generated ASH, AWR, ADDM reports from Grid Control and command line.
  • Setting up privileges to create local and remote objects
  • Create materialized views to refresh data at regular intervals.


Role: Oracle DBA

Environment: Oracle 9i, 10g, AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows, RMAN


  • Pre-Upgrade Planning, study and analysis of Applications and database
  • Analysis of requirements upgrades from Oracle 9i to 10g.
  • Database sizing, Capacity Planning
  • Estimate System/Database performance
  • Created/Configured test and development environments using Oracle export/import.
  • Database refresh from production to test and development environments
  • Implemented Oracle Reporting database using snapshots, materialized views from production environment.
  • Install and configure Oracle 9i databases
  • Performed various Unix Administration tasks and automated with cronjobs. Developed SQL scripts and shell scripts
  • Applied various database and Application patches
  • Configured and implemented Backup and Recovery using RMAN
  • Performed Export/Import of Oracle 8i Database
  • Installed and configured Oracle 9i in test environment for Oracle Applications.
  • Successful installation and configuration of Oracle 9i in test and production environment
  • Applied Oracle Database patches
  • Database space management and Reorganization
  • Performance Tuning of the Database for better memory, I/O and OS Performance
  • Reallocation of tablespaces to accommodate growth in data volume
  • Assisted development team in Application tuning, query optimization and troubleshooting
  • Day to day System Administration tasks on NT
  • Automated tasks using Bash shell scripts.
  • Database and System monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Creation of new Database views and indexes
  • Installed databases ranging from version 8 to 10g R2.
  • Installing client and upgrading them to satisfy clients need for application.
  • Communicated with Oracle and open TAR on handful of occasions to troubleshoot various issues.


Role: Jr. Windows Admin and Jr. SQL Server Jr. DBA

Environment: Windows 2000, SQL Server 2005


  • Support various prod and non-prod SQL server 2000 databases
  • Worked on Windows Server Installation.
  • Worked on SQL Server Installation.
  • Configured SQL Server Backup Restore databases
  • Migrate Databases
  • Restore Windows Servers.
  • Writing batch scripts.


Windows 2000, SQL Server 2000, LAN / WAN

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