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Sr Oracle Database Administrator Resume

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San Antonio, TX


  • Around 7 years of IT experience working as an Oracle Database Administrator, having hands on experience in Production, Development, Implementation and Testing of Relational Database Management systems for Business solutions. Proficient in an assortment of technologies wif Oracle Software 11g/10g/9i/8i on Windows, Linux and Unix Environment.
  • Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i Database Administration.
  • Performance Tuning& Capacity Monitoring.
  • Standby/Failover Administration, Data guard.
  • Oracle RAC & ASM Admin/Installation.
  • RMAN, Data Security, Backup & Recovery.
  • Database - Backed Web Solutions, OEM.
  • Experience in Configuring Single instance to multimode, Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) and Automatic Storage Management (ASM) and Data guard.
  • Excellent experience in Performance tuning of oracle databases using Oracle Grid Control, AWR, ADDM and tuning of SQL scripts using SQL Trace, Explain Plan, and Hints.
  • Good exposure of Oracle DBA tasks Installation, Patching, Cloning, Upgrade of Oracle Databases.
  • Management of schemas, objects & Partitioning the tables & indexes, USERS and PRIVILEGES.
  • Worked extensively on created development, testing, staging, production, RAC and standby databases for OLTP and Data Warehousing.
  • Excellent noledge in Hot/Cold Backup, Recovery, Cloning of databases using RMAN, VERITAS Net Backup and Experienced in Linux and Solaris using 11g network configuration (NETCA) Listeners, UNIX Shell Programming.
  • Backup of Databases (Making Backup Schedules depending upon Business Strategy: Daily Backup, weekly Backup etc.) using RMAN and other backup techniques.
  • Recovery of Databases (Recovering from Media Failure, Recovering tables dropped accidentally, Recovering data files, Recovering from Block Corruption etc.)
  • Point-In-Time Recovery through RMAN and Monitoring the Alert Logs of all databases.
  • Experience in using Tools like OEM, TOAD, Data Migrations & export/import.
  • Skilled in developing RMAN scripts for database back up including hot and cold backup options for both RAC and standalone instances.
  • Data loading using SQL*LOADER, Logical backups using full Export and DATAPUMP.
  • Ability to function successfully in a highly stressful, 24x7 mission critical environment.
  • Responsible for interacting wif business partners to identify information needs and business


Operating systems: LINUX, SOLARIS, MS-DOS, NT, Windows 95/98/XP/7/ 2000, Windows Advanced Servers 2000/2003.

Databases: Oracle 11gR2, 10gR2 RAC, 9i, 8i, SQL Server 2008.

Oracle Database Tools: SQL*Loader, TKPROF, Toad, OEM, SQL Developer, Grid Control.

Tools: & Utilities Export/Import, RMAN, Data Pump, ERWIN, Tableau.

Languages: C, Unix shell scripts, PL/SQL, Perl.



Confidential, San Antonio, TX

Sr Oracle Database Administrator


  • Installation and Maintenance of Oracle 10g, 11g on LINUX, IBM-AIX and Windows platforms.
  • Configuration, Installation and maintenance of Oracle 11g RAC databases including ASM and CRS.
  • Performed upgrades from Oracle 10g to 11g and applied patches.
  • Worked on this project as Oracle Core DBA. Planning and scheduling Backups, Database Recovery, taking Logical Backups (wif Export /Import), Database backup (Hot & cold).
  • Worked on Features: Data Pump, ASM and RMAN. Data Base Recovery (complete & Incomplete).
  • Proficient in managing Oracle Instance, database storage structure, schema objects.
  • Experienced wif SRVCTL, OCR and Voting Disk of 10g, 11g RAC.
  • Involved & performed Production Change Requests for PRD major DB changes. New DB creation, Existing DB deletion and Implemented 10g RAC on a test basis.
  • Administration of all database objects, including tables, Indexes, views, sequences, packages and procedures.
  • Installing ASM environment and migrating database from NON-ASM to ASM.
  • Experience in Planning Database, Sizing table space, Create database, scripts, Monitor databases, Interact wif developers, Oracle Install, Upgrade, 24x7 production support.
  • Skilled wif STATSPACK, AWR, ADDM, SAR to check health of database & hardware.
  • Adding the required User Logins, Groups and Users, Granting and Revoking Permission to/from the users. Co-coordinating wif on-site counterpart as well as Clients and understanding requirements.
  • Installation of Oracle database 10g software wif RAC using Oracle Cluster ware, Oracle Data Guard setup done for RAC. Installation of Oracle 10g management agent and grid control.
  • Experience in Performance and Tuning databases using various techniques. Collected performance statistics memory usage, data storage.
  • Supported off-hour on call support for database related issues.
  • Created logical and physical design installed and upgraded databases.
  • Experience in implementation of enterprise databases on enterprise Storage Solutions using Storage area Networks (SAN) and Network attached storage (NAS).

Environment: IBM-AIX, REDHAT LINUX, Windows 2003/NT, Putty, Oracle 10g,11g, RAC, TOAD, OEM, DATAGUARD, RMAN, Data Pump.


Oracle Database Administrator.


  • Involved in team management, team building exercises for the DBA team.
  • Involved in RAC administration including 10g Database cloning, tuning, patching and monitoring concurrent manager processing etc.
  • Wrote several shell scripts for checking oracle errors in alert file and database backup log files.
  • Cloning of application from production environment to test environment and application of patches.
  • Performing Backup/Recovery of all the Oracle databases using RMAN, also setup RMAN catalog for the same.
  • Experience in ORACLE SERVER ADMINISTRATION. Created Users, Implementing Backups, Cloned the Databases, Backing up and Refreshing ORACLE DB’s.
  • Creating table spaces, sizing the system table space, allocating default table spaces for users.
  • Creating users wif restricted access, wif default and temporary table spaces. creating different kinds of partitions on tables and indexes
  • Creating roles and granting to users based on their group requirements.
  • Creating profiles and attaching them wif users, performing hot and cold backups.
  • Restoration and recovery from backup.
  • Sizing the SGA, sizing the db buffers, shared SQL area, log buffer based on the requirements.
  • Oracle Export, Import, SQL*Loader and data pump utilities.
  • Installing & configuring Oracle 10g, 10g RAC on Linux & AIX.
  • Installation, Configuration, Upgrade, patching of Oracle RDBMS.
  • SQL issues and Tuning Considerations for Different Applications.
  • Redesigned a thorough backup and recovery strategy for all major production systems.

Environment: ORACLE 9i/10g, RAC, OEM, RMAN, DATAGUARD, SQL, Import/Export, PuttyRH Linux, UNIX AIX, Windows NT.

Confidential, Milwaukee, WI

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Installing, Creating and Migrating the Oracle database on 10g.
  • Involved in performing migration from Oracle 9i, 10g to Oracle 10g Release2 RAC database.
  • Configuring database entries and monitoring all of the databases using Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM)
  • Troubleshooting on the databases for Application Server and Oracle database related issues.
  • Used ERWIN for logical and Physical database modeling.
  • Physical Database Capacity Planning and data-files mapping.
  • Data Refresh from Production to Test and Development environments using RMAN Duplicate Database.
  • Daily Health Checkup of the database using AWR, ADDM.
  • Install, Configure and implement Oracle Advanced Replication as the lead DBA.
  • Management of schemas, objects partitioning the tables & indexes.
  • Tested the loaded data and documented the errors and reporting.
  • Taking Periodic Backup of the databases and the software using RMAN.
  • Recovery of Database(Recovering from Media Failure, Recovering tables dropped accidentally, Recovering data files, Recovering from Block Corruption).

Environment: HP -UX, Solaris, Windows XP, Oracle 9i/10g, RAC, OEM, RMAN, DBCA, Data Guard, Putty, XML, Load Runner, TOAD.


Oracle Database Administrator.


  • Installing Oracle 9i and upgraded it to latest 9i patch set on HP-UX 11.23.
  • Migrating applications from non-clustered oracle 8i/9i databases to new
  • 10g RAC Database environments.
  • Monitoring and supporting Applications using OEM 9i Grid Control.
  • Configured two node Oracle 9i RAC cluster.
  • Applying patches.
  • Implemented Oracle Streams for Replication.
  • Implemented schema level, table level and bidirectional oracle streams.
  • Registering Databases to RMAN Catalog.
  • Planning and scheduling Backups, RMAN, taking Logical Backups.
  • Experience in Export/Import and Data pump.

Environment: HP -UX, Windows XP, Oracle 8i, 9i, Import/Export, OEM, RMAN.


Jr. Developer/Oracle DBA.


  • Installed and configured Oracle RDBMS on UNIX and Windows environments.
  • Responsible for administering and supporting production and development Oracle 8i Databases.
  • Responsible for installing, upgrade and configuring the Oracle Server, Creating Databases, Storage Structures and Objects, Database Backup and Recovery, Monitoring and Optimizing Database Performance.
  • Responsible for setting and managing user accounts, Granting required privileges to users.
  • Creating primary database storage structures (table spaces, rollback segments, etc).
  • Monitoring Scheduled jobs of the daily activities for the performance of all the databases
  • Prepare the documents of the process and noledge transferring about the project to the new team members.
  • Applied patches, keeping applications software bug free, and improving data integrity.
  • Developing, Testing and Implementing Sound Backup and Recovery Strategy.
  • Developing Hot, cold and logical backup scripts to automate the backup procedures.
  • Planning for storage spaces requirements and placing them for optimum me/O performance.

Environment: ORACLE 8i, SQL, Import/Export, UNIX AIX, Windows NT.

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