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Sr. Oracle Dba Resume

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  • Extensive 12+ years of experience of CORE DBA from database designing, Migrations developing, implementing and administering, upgrading which includes installations, support, troubleshooting, backup & recovery, testing, networking, monitoring & managing of users,performancetuning of applications and thedatabasesOracle 18c - 19c/12c/11g/10g/9i, PostgreSQL as well Oracle Applications E-business Suite R12.x.x/11i;usingSQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, ORACLE RAC (Real Application Cluster), Standby (DataGuard) Database, Exadata, Golden Gate, Shareplex, Oracle Utilities, Oracle Enterprise Manager & Oracle Management Server on Unix (Linux, AIX, SUN and HP) & Windows platforms.
  • Experience in Installation and configuration of oracle EBS and cloned oracle applications R12.1.2.
  • Experience in supporting and administrating large 24x7 productiondatabases like Cassandra, Oracle 10g and 11g /12c r2 RAC, ASM, Golden Gate, Shareplex, Data Guard environments and PostgreSQL.
  • Design and Implementing the Environments with Oracle Apps Fusion Middleware components including Oracle WebLogic, Oracle Database 11g, Oracle Webtire, Service bus, SOA, PO, Payables and Procurement, Workflow work, GL, more4Apps and Oracle Identity and Access management, OTM, SCM for security stack for next generation requirements.
  • Expertise in installing, building, configuring, managing, upgrading and patching and trouble-shooting oracle databases in different operation systems environment like AIX, Linux, Sun Solaris, and Windows.Good hands-on knowledge in 10g/11g/12c Real Application Cluster (RAC) and its Setup & Administration. Hands-on knowledge on Implementation of Real Application Cluster 12c and 11gR2 with ASM on AIX/Linux platform.
  • Experience with SRVCTL, CRSCTL, Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 11g/12c/13c, Grid Control, DBCA, VIPCA, OIFCFG, OCRCONFIG, ASMCMD and SQL* Plus for administration of Services, ASM instances and RAC databases.
  • Experienced in Golden Gate 11g/12c installation, configuration of Extract, Pump and Replicate. Managing GoldenGate process, Trouble Shooting and Upgrade of software.
  • Experience in managing multi-tenant Cassandra clusters on public cloud environment -Amazon Web Services (AWS)-EC2.
  • Experience is migration across data center using Golden Gate, Rman, Data Guard.
  • Installed Oracle 12c/11g & 10g RAC software with ASM & OCFS2 file systems.
  • Deployed Oracle High Availability based on Streams Replication and Active Data guard.
  • Data replication using Shareplex, golden Gate Transaction Data Management Tool.
  • Experienced in Oraclemigration 9i to 11G and 11G to 12c for different Character Set using CSSCAN to identify data lossy and migration of database across platforms.
  • Expertise in Capacity Planning, Migrations, Patching, Maintenance, Performance Tuning, Refreshing/Cloning and Backup/Recovery of Oracle 19C/18C/12c/11g/10g RAC tiers.
  • Worked with systems admin team to successfully complete the P2V (physical to virtual) data center migration of our OLTP databases with minimum downtime by first migrating the standby database.
  • Experience in maintaining Oracle Data Guard & Standby Database and providing critical solution with strategic disaster recovery plans with different recovery procedures and methods.
  • Complete range of Oracle DBA activities including day-to-day production database maintenance and monitoring, Backup & Recovery using RMAN, troubleshooting production issues, performance tuning, export-import, client installation, high availability (HA), disaster, and recovery, management of physical storage of database in AIX and Linux platform.
  • Expertise in Monitoring and performance tuning, optimization, capacity planning, standby databases.
  • Coordinating several tuning efforts using ASH, AWR, Statspack reports, SQL tuning, OSwatcher with Dev and Test team’s that ensued in significant enhancements of response times for both application and data migration modules. Experience in backup and recovery, using RMAN, export/import and data pump.
  • Expertise in writing UNIX shell scripts and SQL / PL/SQL scripts for database monitoring and administration.
  • Experience in implementing multi-data center and multi-rack Cassandra cluster.
  • Experience inperformance tuningandmaintenanceof Cassandra Database.
  • Hands-on Knowledge in migrating databases to Oracle Exadata Database Machine.
  • Hands-on Knowledge in Configure, Maintaining and troubleshooting Exadata Cell disk/Grid Disk. Knowledge of OneCommand configuration on Exadata.
  • Knowledge on Shareplex replication and bidirectional replication between Mainframe and Oracle 12c on 64bit system
  • Working Knowledge on Develop/capture/document architectural best practices for building systems on AWS.
  • Experience Installed and configured Oracle Audit Vault to automate the audit collection, monitoring and reporting process for oracle databases.
  • Involved in production DBA support in solving the database problems and co-ordination with Oracle Corporation.
  • Extensively worked as Team Leader in performing task such as Strategic Planning, Installations, and Configurations. Excellent interpersonal, analytical, and problem-solving skills.


Database Administration: Oracle 8i-11g,12c/18c, SQL server, NoSQL Database, Cassandra, MongoDB

Platforms: UNIX, Solaris, Linux, Windows 2003-Server 2005, HP-UX, AIX

HighAvailability: Real Application Clusters (RAC) 9i-11g/12c, Data Guard, RMAN, HP ServiceGuard, VERITAS Cluster Server, Golden Gate, Shareplex

Enterprise Database Tools: Oracle Designer, CA Erwin, 11g,12c,13c OEM/EM Grid Control(Enterprise Manager),Patrol, Service Manager Toad & Quest Central Suite of Products, Oracle streams, Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB).

Other: Data Integration, Data Modeling, Data Architecture Design, Data Warehouse, OLTP and OLAP, Apache 1.3, APACHE Cassandra 3.0.17, Shareplex, Advanced Replication, Oracle Streams, Oracle financial application systems (GL, AR, AP, HR), Oracle CRM, TCA, UWQ, Forms, Report Writer, MS Project 2000/2002, ERP Systems, SDLC, EDI, MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Visio), ODBC,FTP.



Sr. Oracle DBA


  • Maintain and troubleshoot production Oracle Database 11g/12c RAC and supporting Advanced engineer system like Exadata and superclusters with Shareplex.
  • Automating routine server tasks and alerts using various scripting technologies like Unix Shell scripting, batch files, configure alerts through OEM.
  • Exadata patching, monitoring, space management, tuning Queries using Smart Scan, HCC, Flash Cache and Storage Indexes.
  • Work with Exadata feature like Flash cache, Storage Index, HCC and Exposer of CELLCLCI and DCLI of Exadata component.
  • Intensively used latest 11g/12c Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) & Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitoring (ADDM) reports for the health check of the databases, and used the notification tool to send the alerts in OEM Grid Control.
  • Implementing, troubleshooting and Monitoring Shareplex with Bidirectional replication.
  • Design, develop, and implement PostgreSQL database instances for the development and production environments in AWS.
  • Monitor database performance through (AWR) Automated Workload Repository and optimize when appropriate.
  • Implemented POC of Oracle security TED and DB vault on EC2.
  • Implemented OEM 12c,13c Repository database, OEM 12c Agent and golden gate plugin Installations
  • Used Pgpool for connection pooling and to load balance the read workload between two production instances.
  • Responsible for administration of PostgreSQL 9.4 / 9.6 instances including but not limited to backup, recovery, troubleshooting, optimization and end user support.
  • Administered and maintainedmulti rackCassandraclusterusingOpsCenterbased on the use case implemented consistency level for reads and writes.
  • Design AWS infrastructure to move local applications to public & private cloud. Design complex solutions, which integrate AWS cloud, on premise physical and Virtual server, EC2, S3 storage, networking and security. Conduct systems design, feasibility and cost studies and recommend cost-effective cloud solutions
  • Develop standardized AMI images and Cloud formation automation scripts for building non-prod and prod environments on AWS
  • Design, deploy and support highly available and scalable distributed Cassandra database solutions for high transactions mission critical applications.
  • Develop data models and perform planning of architecture, functions, modules, recovery, standards and implementation.
  • Managing Cassandra clusters usingDatastax Opscenter. Experience in Cassandra systemsbackup and recovery.
  • Installations, configurations and monitoring DataStax Enterprise cluster and open source Cassandra cluster.
  • Used import/export utilities for cloning/migration of small sized databases and Datapump import/export to move data between 9i, 10g, 11g, 12c, 18c, 19c environments.
  • Involved in requirements gathering andcapacityplanningfor multi data center Cassandra cluster.
  • Repairs and Compactions Tuning - Tuning of repairs by reducing vnodes per node in cluster as well as centralized repairs rather than primary range repairs.
  • Maintain and develop data models, structures, and procedures to ensure the integrity and performance of database components
  • Work with application team to develop new value-added programs and data solutions with existing data warehouse structure
  • Analyzes and determines information needs and elements, data relationships and attributes, data flow and storage requirements, and data output and reporting capabilities
  • Research and evaluate alternatives and recommend solutions for business issues

Environment: s: UNIX, Linux Servers, SUN Solaris10, HP-UX, Oracle 12c,11g/10g,9i 11i-12R, Golden Gate, Shareplex, Data Pump, OEM and Toad, Exadata Cassandra.

Confidential, Nashville, TN

Lead Oracle DBA


  • Database software Installer 12c/18c, and creating pre-configure CDB and PDB Data encryption and Database security using database Vault and wallets.
  • Installation of third-party SSL using Wallet manager for secure web connection over Internet.
  • Consolidation of Datacenter and moving DB using RMAN backup and Transportable Tablespaces (TTS) Data pump for restoration.
  • Implemented tighter controls and processes with security teams for developer access within Oracle database. Provided support for data masking project across all non-production environments using the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c (OEM) Cloud Control Masking Pack.
  • Unix scripting, database performance tuning and administration and system administration of various platforms of Unix systems.
  • Implementing Goldengate unidirectional in heterogenous database environment for data warehousing and reporting service.
  • Troubleshooting Goldengate for trails lags, replication and extract abending.
  • Configuring, managing and monitoring both physical standby and logical standby database using Data Guard.
  • Installation, Configuration and Administration of Oracle 11gR2 RAC and 12c CDB.
  • Configured the Public Network/Private Interconnect for Oracle 11gR2 RAC.
  • Optimization and tuning SQL queries using ADDM, AWR,TRACE FILE, TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN.
  • Implemented OEM 12c,13c Repository database, OEM 12c Agent and golden gate plugin Installations.
  • Use of Service Now (SNOW) for tracking deployment changes and track incidents.
  • Database structure changes, table/index sizing, SGA sizing, SQL, I/O and Application tuning, transaction monitoring, detecting lock contentions, tuning sort operations.
  • Install patches, upgrade, cloning & refresh from production and UAT to other environments (UAT, DEV,, Marketing etc.).
  • Installed and Configured Oracle EBS R12.1.2. Oracle apps cloning/refresh activity.
  • Timely Reorganization of the tables and rebuilt of indexes to improve the performance of the SQL queries as part of scheduled maintenance window.
  • Developed, maintained and monitored: RMAN backup/recovery for production and non-production databases and database refreshes, automated background jobs and administrative scripts. Developing Hot, cold and logical backup scripts to automate the backup procedures.
  • Monitoring the table growth, database growth, current users, Loading data in no logging mode 18c and system resource usage.
  • Periodic Database Refresh/CLONING from production to Development and QA environments.

Environment: s: UNIX, Linux, AIX Servers, Informatica, Windows Servers 2008, Oracle 12c,11g/10g, 11i-12R, Service Now (SNOW), Exadata, Data Pump, OEM and Toad

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Oracle DBA / DATA analyst


  • Involved in the installation, configuration of multi node -- 2, 3, 4,6 Node Oracle 10g/11g RAC with ASM.
  • Provided 24x7 support on-call for production Database and worked with incident manger during on-call.
  • Designed, document and implement new installation for Cassandra 5 Node cluster infrastructure on Linux and CentOS.
  • Working on Cassandra schema, CQL query, Cassandra command line utility and Datastax Ops Center.
  • Architect for the cross-platform database migration comprising of VLDB multi-terabyte databases from Sun Solaris, HP-UX to RHEL using Cross platform Transportable Tablespaces (XTTS).
  • Build from scratch an Oracle EBS 11i environment on 2 and 3 node RAC with 11g Grid & ASM and setup RAC services.
  • Installation and configuration of Oracle EBS apply patches on R12 instance for product enhancements using adpatch.
  • Applied Bug fixes patches, Quarterly Security Patches for RAC and non-RAC servers for issues when upgrading, DR switchover testing.
  • Setup, reconfigured and monitored single instance and multimode RAC to RAC Dataguard for DR.
  • Created new databases/ instances on 11g/10g RAC and single instances using customized scripts, DBCA.
  • Handled all daily DBA activities SQL scripting, PL/SQL coding, stored procedures, functions, packages, triggers to enforce the referential integrity constraints and business rules.
  • Performance monitoring and Database/Instance/clustered Application tuning using Dictionary views, AWR (Statspack), ADDM, ASM reports, OEM Grid Control, tuned SGA/PGA parameters, initialization parameters and reorganized physical objects (tables & indexes) and tablespaces to improve the performance.
  • Create test database for ODA/ Exadata environment for TDE implementation projects.
  • Golden Gate Configuration of Manager, Extract and replicate processes to set-up uni and bi - directional between different data centers.
  • Monitoring the CPU, memory usage, I/O contention on servers using top, iostat, sar, glance, vmstat, etc.
  • Designed daily, weekly Backup and Recovery procedures for production, non- production databases using RMAN backups taking periodic Complete, cumulative and differential Incremental Backups.
  • Data Refresh/Cloning from Production environment to setup QA/ DEV using RMAN Duplicate.
  • Develop/capture/document architectural best practices for building systems on AWS.
  • Working with technical and non-technical teams across Amazon (AWS).
  • Used OpsCenter to monitor prod, dev, and test Cassandra clusters.
  • Set Cassandra backups using snapshot backups.
  • Scheduled UNIX scripts in crontab jobs to automate daily tasks like backups, monitoring the alert logs, backup logs, cleaning the old archive logs, old log files, tablespace monitoring to send notification emails.
  • Oracle Database monitoring, troubleshoot, resolve the issues, monitoring alert log, trace files.
  • Partitioned of large tables and indexes to improve performance, availability, creating and rebuilding the Indexes, database reorganization to improve performance of the queries and the database.
  • Performed capacity planning, space monitoring like tablespace growth, ASM disk space.
  • OS level activities like space monitoring of Mount point and relocating data files for better disk I/O.
  • Interacted with system and storage administrators, data modelers, developers, application owners for gathering the required information and resolving various issues.
  • Resolve critical issues by raising SR with Oracle Support and Root Cause Analysis (RCA).

Environment: s: UNIX, Linux Servers, SUN Solaris10, HP-UX, Oracle 12c,11g/10g,9i 11i-12R, CA Erwin, Data Pump, OEM and Toad, Mongo, Exadata Cassandra.


Oracle DBA


  • Database capacity Planning and Volumetric Analysis for the database more than 0.5 PB. Involved in the Implementation of Data Guard and RAC technologies in mission critical systems and configured Switch over and Failovers with Physical standby database on UNIX environments.
  • Upgrade/Migration databases from Oracle 9i to Oracle 10g
  • Installation, Configuration and Administration of Oracle 10g RAC
  • Configured the Public Network/Private Interconnect for Oracle 10g RAC
  • Converted a single instance database to Oracle 10g RAC.
  • Installing ASM environment and migrating database from NON-ASM to ASM.
  • Setting up and testing the backup and recovery strategies.
  • A 10 member of oracle DBA team database size was half petabytes (500 Terabytes) with 100 test data instances and 15 production instances.
  • Fulfill customer service requests for SQL and database tuning, software patches and upgrades, as well as database migration and duplication. Major projects include migrations to upgrade Oracle 9i database to Oracle 10g and hardware and software testing.
  • Responsible to trouble shooting requests for Oracle bugs, suggestion as an expert development and implementation of backup/recovery strategies, configuring replication environments, as well as database process automation.
  • Proactively monitor 10g Oracle environments for multiple customers. Resolve database incidents to ensure database availability and stability.
  • Performed disaster recovery for a production database which went offline after the server was moved to a new Sun box. Recovered a testing server after accidentally deleting all its syslogins entries including sa login.

Environment: s: Data Guard, OEM, Oracle 10g r2, RAC, non-ASM and ASM, AIX, Linux Servers Crontab, Oracle 10g, Window Server 2003, Solaris, Export-Import Utilities, Putty


Oracle DBA


  • Worked as a team member to provided 24x7 support for Production and Development databases.
  • Installation of Oracle binaries, administration of oracle 9i/10g/10g RAC production, test and development environments on RHEL, Sun Solaris platform in OLTP and Data Warehouse environments.
  • Installed, configured 2 node 10g RAC with ASM for billing systems, account detail databases.
  • Administrated Very Large Data Warehouse Databases (VLDB) ranging from 500GB to 20TB.
  • Migrated databases around 1.7 TB (VLDB) across platforms from Sun Solaris 10 to RHEL 3.2 using TTS.
  • Upgraded databases in production, test and development environments from to (Oracle 10gR2).
  • Applying high priority, security patches, patchsets to oracle using OPatch Utility, run Installer.
  • Data Refresh/Cloning from production to setup test (QA) and development environments.
  • Planned and implemented Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions using Oracle Standby Database/Data Guard.

Environment: RHEL, Sun Solaris, Oracle 10g, 9i, ASM, RMAN, Data guard, SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Scripting, OEM Grid Control

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