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Oracle Database Administrator Resume

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  • 9 years of experience in Oracle Database Administration encompassing Installation, Configuration, Patch Installation, Migration, Upgrades, Backup and Recovery, Cloning, Replication, Database Security, Memory Management, Data Modelling, Performance Monitoring and Tuning, RAC, Data Guard, Grid Control, Oracle Streams Enterprise Manager and GlodenGate on Sun Solaris, Red Hat Linux, ETL tools, HP - UX, AIX, and Windows Platforms
  • Experience in Configuring Single instance, Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC). Expertise in Installing, configuring and tuning issues in automatic storage management (ASM) and RAC for high availability databases.
  • Good Experience in migrating Databases from Solaris, AIX Oracle 10g/11g to Linux Oracle 12c
  • Implementation of high availability solutions with Oracle 11g RAC and 12c RAC, Physical and Logical Standby database(Data Guard) and glodengate
  • Created development, testing, staging, production, RAC and standby databases for OLTP, DSS and data Ware-housing.
  • Good Experience in implementing Exadata Smart Scan for query processing and data mining scoring to scalable intelligent storage servers.
  • Experience on informatica (ETL) development, batch jobs and control M
  • Have implemented ORACLE STREAMS and worked on both types of standby databases supported by DATAGUARD (logical standby and physical standby).
  • Worked on all kinds of backup operations using RMAN (full database, datafiles, image copies, incremental back upsets, validating), using Flash recovery area, recovery operations (block media, full database, tablespace, datafiles, control files, point in time, validating) and catalog maintenance
  • Good Experience in Implementing Oracle Bi-directional and Uni-directional using glodengate
  • Good Experince in Hot/Cold Backup and Recovery and Cloning of databases using RMAN and schema level refresh using datapump expdp and impdp
  • Performed Strategic Planning, Logical and Physical Data Modelling & Application Tuning.
  • Experience in Performance Tuning (me/O, Memory & SQL Tuning etc) by using tools/utilities by Automated Workload Repository (AWR), Automatic Database Diagnostics Monitor (ADDM).
  • Experience in working with Grid Control and Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM). Grid Control for maintaining many databases together on separate servers.
  • Good experience in DBA task’s like installation, patching, cloning and upgrade of oracle database
  • Good Experience in implementing Gloden gate and replicating databases using Gloden gate and implemented unidirectional and Bi-directional replication on oracle databases
  • Experience with SQL, PL/SQL coding, stored procedures, triggers, cursors, functions, packages, UNIX- Shell Scripting, Indexes, Logical and Physical database design to implement teh business logic.
  • Solution with strategic disaster recovery plans with different recovery procedures and methods.
  • Experience in migration of oracle database to higher version and installing patches.
  • Exporting and Importing of dumps using expdp and impdp
  • Experience on handling very large database (vldb).
  • Expertise in PL/SQL, SQL and UNIX Scripting (Used to write UNIX Scripts & implemented by Using CRONJOB for Day - to - Day activities).
  • SQL statement tuning using Explain Plans, SQL Trace using TKPROF utility and AUTOTRACE utility. 10g, 11g and 12c OEM Grid Monitoring custom scripts troubleshooting oracle databases using sql trace utilities.
  • Data loading using SQL*LOADER, Logical backups using full export and DATAPUMP.
  • Good coordinator, understanding and presentation skills with all work departments. Work as teh subject matter in teh matter of performance issues, reorganization, auditing teh required down times and teh effect on teh business application between teh developers, system administration and teh end clients.
  • Experience as On-Call 24x7 production DBA support.


Operating systems: LINUX, SOLARIS, MS-DOS, NT, Windows 95/98/XP/7/2000, Windows

Advanced Server 2000/2003:

Databases: Oracle 12c, 11gR2, 10gR2 RAC, 9i, 8i, SQL Server 2005.

Oracle Database Tools: Gloden gate, SQL*Loader, TKPROF, Toad, OEM, SQL Developer, Grid Control, ASM, SQL server RMAN, TOAD, EXPORT/IMPORT, Data Pump, Data guard, Cron tab.

Tools: & Utilities: Export/Import, RMAN, Data Pump, ERWIN, ETL, Control M

Languages: C, C++, UNIX shell scripts, PL/SQL, perl



Confidential, NC

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Worked on 600+ databases on different Oracle versions 10g/11g and 12c of Oracle databases on RHEL, Solaris and AIX
  • Involved in installation and maintenance of oracle 11g and 12c databases.
  • Performing various tasks like Administering RAC using SRVCTL, adding nodes and instances, Administering Storage Components, Parameter Management, and Configuring High Availability Features for RAC.
  • Experience in monitoring SQL performance through TOAD and OEM, AWR and ASH reports, comparing execution plans of complex parallel statements, gathering statistics of large sub-partitioned tables, identifying schema object locks and resource contentions in RAC.
  • Implemented ASM, Migrate Databases from non-ASM file system to ASM file system with normal redundancy and external redundancy.
  • Created database links and multiple database instances within an application.
  • Using Recovery Manager (RMAN) and Enterprise Manager for various maintenance tasks like backing up of database, restoration and recovery of database.
  • Performed upgradation of databases from to and upgraded grid infrastructure from to release version
  • Applied patches in rolling fashion using OPatch auto and maintained GRID infrastructure and troubleshooting issues in RAC environment
  • Setup of Standby database for faster disaster recovery and data guard setup for high availability.
  • Converted physical standby databases to active Dataguard and snapshot standby for real time testing
  • Creating and managing users, roles and profiles, audited and monitored databases and user access.
  • Configured Bi-directional replication using GlodenGate active-active setup and troubleshooting issues in GlodenGate environment
  • Used logdump utility to investigate data on GlodenGate trail files to resolve out of sync issues in environment
  • Replaced materialized views with GlodenGate and improved performance of data ware housing jobs
  • Working with developers to tune their queries for high performance and less wait time.
  • Involved in Setting up OID (Oracle Internet Directory) for Single sign on feature of Oracle.
  • Involved in teh setting up encryption and decryption of secure data in Oracle and SQL server databases.
  • Writing shell scripts to monitor data guard status, taking backup and restoring databases using RMAN and data pump utility.
  • Involved in yearly off site disaster recovery testing for major applications.
  • Writing windows .bat and PowerShell script to backup databases and to monitor different audit and user settings.
  • Analyzed teh execution plans generated by optimizer and replaced bad plans with historical execution and improved performance of sql running on databases
  • Worked on Exadata x3-2 half and quarter rack servers and databases and supported and maintained different applications.
  • Used OEM 11g / 12c to manage Oracle databases Supported change control process and involved in creating implementation plan for teh change request
  • Extraction of data from different flat files into Oracle Database using SQL*Loader

Environment: Oracle 12c/11g/10g, SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2012 , Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 , OEM, RMAN, Data Guard, Oracle ZFS, DB2 9.7.

Confidential, MI

Oracle Database Administrator


  • 24/7 Production Database Administration Support
  • Planning hardware and software requirements for installing Real application cluster (RAC) 11gR2.
  • Installation and Database Administration of multiple Oracle 11gR2 instances, in a development and in multiple BETA-TEST, and Production environments on Oracle Linux and Red Hat servers, and VM’s.
  • Managing, troubleshooting,and resolving oracle database, RACand applications issues.
  • Involved inUpgrade/Migrationof teh oracle databases from Oracle11g to Oracle 12c and Sun Solaris to OEL (Oracle Enterprise Linux)
  • Designed and implemented OracleReal Application Clusters (RAC)on Solaris withEMC Storagefor anOLTP applicationwithTransaction Application Failoverandhigh transaction volume
  • Monitored/managed2,3 node RACenvironments, databases using OEM-Grid control, and RMAN database backup and recovery
  • Extensive Performance tuning using teh AWR and ADDM reports from time to time to Analyze and enhance teh database performance.
  • Expert-level performance monitoring and tuning using OEM, TOAD DBA SUITE, Spotlight.
  • Implemented RAC installations and configurations, database and table space restructure and redesign, partitioning and compression.
  • Configured and implemented best practices, monitoring, performance tuning, backups, security and auditing, patch and software releases on Oracle11g databases.
  • Implemented Database Backup and Recovery strategies and policies.
  • Successfully, planned and implemented Oracle database installations and upgrade from Oracle databases to Oracle databases on Oracle Linux Servers for teh development and production environments.
  • Troubleshoot various Database instance tuning issues and maximize performance.
  • Performed cloning of teh databases from teh production to test.
  • Architected and implemented Gloden Gate replication in Oracle RAC Multimode and Oracle RAC One Node.
  • Worked with Oracle Service Requests, escalations and high severity requests.
  • Regular Monitoring of databases: growth, performance, health of Cluster and archive log destination on Day to Day Basis using OEM and TOAD.
  • Planned and implemented Table partitioning strategies for teh Oracle Database in teh BRM Application.
  • Database monitoring and creation of reports of grow.
  • Resource monitoring (servers, storage, services) using SiteScope.
  • Working on teh Linux Operating System user commands, crontab, and performance check.
  • Closely work with teh developers, performance testing engineers and program managers to recommend teh best practices and troubleshoot prodigious problems.
  • Troubleshoot Web Logic Server, collected, analyzed, archived and accessed diagnostic data generated by deployed applications with teh Web Logic Scripting Tool.
  • 24x7 on-call support for critical database issues to halp meet teh deadlines.
  • Installation, Configuration and Administration of Oracle BRM Application and Database.
  • Change and Release Management of teh IPC, BRM, Siebel Applications.
  • Moreover than Oracle Databases, me was responsible of teh SQL Server and Progress Databases Administration (Installation, Maintenance, Performance, User Administration, Storage Management, Monitoring, Upgrade, Backup and Recovery)

Environment: Oracle 11g/10g/, Solaris, TOAD, ERWIN, RMAN, SQL server, Data Guard, OEM, Grid Control, Gloden Gate, Data Guard, STATSPACK, AWR, Explain Plan.

Confidential, Cheshire, CT

Oracle DBA


  • Served as Oracle DBA in a 24x7 Production environment managing several Database instances.
  • Monitoring System Resources, understanding and troubleshooting Database issues in Production Environment.
  • Configured and maintained 2 node RAC cluster.
  • Setting teh parameters, maintaining Data Files, Control Files, Redo Log Files, managing Tablespaces, segments, extents, indexes and managing Undo Data.
  • Carrying out EXPORT and IMPORT operations on Oracle Database using teh DATAPUMP utility.
  • Monitoring teh performance of teh database using of OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager).
  • Responsible for database Backups and Recovery, maintain 24 hours uptime for teh database.
  • Upgraded from Oracle 10g R2 to Oracle 11g R1 database.
  • Mentored and provided oversight and backup for teh production Databases.
  • Installed, configured and implemented 10g Dataguard as a physical standby database.
  • Developed backup and recovery strategies with teh use of incremental cumulative and differential backups using RMAN
  • Involved in Capacity planning meetings & operations.
  • Automating teh daily routine activities backups using teh DBMS JOBS, DBMS SCHEDULER.
  • Knowledge in oracle super cluster.
  • Used Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) for analyzing teh database performance.
  • Use TOAD to Optimize and test SQLs, PL-SQL statements developed by teh Development Team.
  • Automating teh routine DBA tasks through CRON.
  • Creating and managing schema objects such as tables, views, indexes, procedures, triggers and maintaining Referential Integrity.
  • Perform User Management, creation, monitoring and management of database users, altering passwords of users and granting and revoking system/object privileges, roles for user actions.
  • Used Flashback feature to return database objects to a previous state.
  • Communicated with Oracle support via teh Metalink in order to troubleshoot important issues.

ENVIRONMENT: Oracle 10g and 11g, RHEL 4, HP-UX, Windows 2008, Oracle Enterprise Manager - OEM, Toad, Sun Solaris

Confidential, OMAHA, NEBRASKA

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Installed, configured, and maintained Oracle 10g and 11g R2 on Linux and also Upgraded from Oracle 10g to 11g.
  • Up gradation of Grid Infrastructure and Oracle Databases from to on 3 node RAC environment.
  • Database Refresh from one version to another version.
  • Focusing on Exadata administration. With nodes ranging from 2 to 8 and incorporating Dataguarded Exadataclusters for maximum availability.
  • Disaster recovery of Exadata Dataguard Physical Standby.
  • Failover/Switchover/Loss of service/Rebuild/Corruption/Loss of datafile testing.
  • Use of RMAN for backup operations with Exadata.
  • Worked on X3-2 machine where backups, restores are run across all database instances in Exadata system with two or four RMAN channels allocated per instance.
  • Scheduling teh backups for teh database using EM 12C cloud control.
  • Migration of database from one server to another server.
  • Responsible for setup and implementation of 2 Node RAC on Linux in 10g and 11g R2.
  • Implemented Data guard, creating physical standby databases in 10g and 11g RAC environment for production database.
  • Installed, Configured and Administered Gloden gate.
  • Configured parameters for teh Bi-directional replication.
  • Implemented ASM on RAC and stand-alone databases. Managing disks and disk groups with ASM.
  • Done migration of non ASM database to ASM database.
  • Scheduling and maintaining level 0 and level 1 RMAN (Recovery Manager) backups.
  • Used cross platform transportable table space (TTS) to transport tablespaces across platforms.
  • Data Refresh in Test and Integration Databases using Transportable Table spaces.
  • Performed conversion Non RAC single instance to Real Application Cluster (RAC) database instances.
  • Using Oracle Data Pump utility making faster exports/imports on large databases and saving lot of time.
  • Performed patching on Oracle Database Server 10g and 11g using Opatch utility.
  • Daily Health Check Up of teh Database using AWR, ADDM.
  • Perform Daily Monitoring of Oracle Instances, monitor users, and tablespaces, Memory Structures, Rollback Segments, Logs and Alerts.
  • Performed day to day administrative tasks by analyzing teh database like checking for failed processors, verifying teh query for particular issues and validating disk space.
  • Created Users with limited rights as per specific module under specific client. Granting roles and profiles as per system study to users.
  • Replication of tables to cross platform and Creating Materialized Views.
  • Configured and Implemented Cold/Hot Backups Also configured database cloning using RMAN.
  • Efficient in using teh Oracle Tools like OEM, SQL* Plus, SQL* Loader, TKPROF, LOGMINER, STATSPACK, SQL*Net, IMPORT/EXPORT, and RMAN.
  • Developed Scripts for transferring data from production server to testing/development servers.
  • Shell scripting and PL/SQL programming to resolve business problems of various natures.
  • Experience with UNIX and SQL commands.
  • Managing databases on multiple servers.

Environment: Oracle 10g, 11g, Linux 4/5, OEM, DBUA, RMAN, Gloden gate, Grid, RAC, ASM, Exadata X3-2, Data guard, SQL*LOADER, AWR, ADDM, ASH, TTS, Data pumps, Exports/Imports.


Jr. Developer/Oracle DBA


  • Involved in 24x7 support for both production and development databases with on-call pager
  • Installed Oracle Streams for Basic and Advanced Data Replication between Oracle Databases and other databases.
  • Used Oracle Streams for propagation and management of data, transactions and events in teh data stream to ensure smooth and transparent data flow
  • Upgrade and Migration of Database from to later and applying patches whenever required.
  • Automation of data load using Korn shell scripting and SQL*Loader
  • Responsible for setting and managing user accounts, Granting required privileges to users
  • Defining and Implementation of backup and recovery strategies
  • Performing all daily Maintenance tasks. Interacting with Oracle Customer service when required
  • Writing scripts for teh system and database for effective functionality and report generation
  • Applied High priority, security patches downloaded from Metalink.
  • Involved in Logical and Physical database design.

Environment: Oracle 10g with RAC, Oracle 9i, Oracle 8i, TOAD, Solaris8/9, PUTTY

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