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Database Administrator Resume

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Tampa, FloridA


  • About 7 years of experience as ORACLE DBA with 11g,10g, 9i, 8i on different Unix environment - AIX, Red Hat Linux, Zlinux, HP-UNIX, Sun Solaris, and Windows 2003, 2000/NT.
  • Experience in installation, upgrades, TAR support, patches.
  • Duties included database creation, backup/recovery, tuning/reorganization, cloning, user and security management, general troubleshooting, auditing, and configuring servers.
  • Designed backup policies for Single node and multi node environments using RMAN and other 3rd party tools.
  • Expertise in Installation, Configuration, Upgradation, Patching, Migration, Trouble shooting and Performance tuning of oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g databases on UNIX, LINUX and Windows environments.
  • Expertise in using backup/recovery strategy, designing and implementation using cold backup, hot backup and RMAN methodologies.
  • Performance tuning of application using tkprof, explain plan, auto trace, statspack and SQL tracing.
  • Good experience on replication using materialized views, advanced replication.
  • Configured Data guard environments for disaster recovery and high availability.
  • Good experience in writing UNIX Shell scripts to automate business process and daily backup enhancement, designing of data dictionaries, physical and logical database models, and performance tuning.
  • Experience in on-call support and 24x7 DBA support for production environment.
  • Cloning databases for development/testing environments using traditional backup methods as well as using RMAN.
  • Experience in Data modeling using Data modeling tools such as Erwin, DBartisan.
  • Experience in database auditing including fine grain auditing and strong knowledge of oracle streams.
  • Proficient in OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager), Oracle Data Guard, SQL* Net, SQL * Loader, SQL Navigator, TOAD, Export, Import and SQL*PLUS.
  • Good experience working with Oracle 11g technologies like ASM, AWR, ADDM, temporary table space groups, Flashback technology, data pump import/export.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills.


Database: Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g Enterprise/Standard Edition, MS SQL Server 2008,2005,2000, 2008 R2, My SQL

Platforms: Sun Solaris, Suse Linux, AIX, Red hat Linux, HP-UX 11i, Win2K

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX shell scripting, Perl, Erwin, DB Artisan, C++, JAVA, XML

Tools: SQL*PLUS, TOAD, OEM, RMAN, SQL* LOADER, SQL NAVIGATOR, EM Grid Control, Imp/Exp and Data pump, STATSPACK, SQL Developer, Crystal Reports 8.0, Informatica.


Confidential, Tampa, Florida

Database Administrator


  • Responsible for support of global Oracle Databases of sizes ranging from 100 GB to 4 TB.
  • Responsible for design, installation, administration, capacity planning, upgrade, security, management, performance tuning, backup & recovery, patch management, shell scripting, 24/7 technical support of Oracle 11g, 10g databases, on Development, Test, QA and Production environments.
  • Part of DB support team, providing 24/7 support for Production databases.
  • Responsible for implementation and administration of disaster recovery strategies for 24/7 operations and deployment of high availability systems on Oracle 11g, using Oracle RAC, Data-Guard, Streams, ASM, RMAN.
  • Configured deployed and administered 4 node RAC clusters on Solaris 10 and Redhat Enterprise Linux 4.0, using ASM and Raw Devices on Oracle 10gR2.
  • Table created with Daily Range partition, indexes and script automated which add/remove partition as per client requirement.
  • Assisted developers in application performance tuning by using Explain Plan, ADDM and AWR reports.
  • Performance tuning of SQL queries and advising the application programmer of the opportunities in tuning the application.
  • Monitor and Configured Oracle 10g databases using OEM and Grid Control.
  • Participated in migrating Oracle database server from 10g to 10g in Solaris 10 Environment to RHEL Environment and then Participated in upgrading Oracle database server from 10g to 11g.
  • Designed Data Models using ERWIN forward-engineered into DDL and executed on large scale to create database.
  • Written Functions, Procedure, triggers, synonyms and profiles for database management using PL/SQL.
  • Configured dblinks across different databases for pulling data across the schemas
  • Managed on Auditing and security with Oracle databases.

Environment: Oracle 10/11G, AIX, Solaris 10, Linux, SQL, PL-SQL, Stream, Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Grid Control, TOAD, DB Artisan, RMAN, Informatica.

Confidential, Plano TX

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Installation, Configuration and Administration of Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g & 11g databases.
  • Migrated oracle databases from 9i to 10g and 10g to 11g version.
  • Experience in designing databases, planning database configuration and installation, maintaining databases, managing database security, building database backup and recovery routines, monitoring database activities, conducting performance monitoring & tuning, establishing infrastructure procedures and guidelines, and providing consultation to application developers.
  • Helped the Production teams in Applications Performance Tuning and providing 24*7 Production Support.
  • Experience in database design, performance monitoring and tuning, capacity planning, database backup and recovery, SQL statement tuning, and Unix shell scripting
  • Experience with RMAN, OEM/GRID Control, and Data Guard.
  • Experience in Oracle database upgrade from 9i/10g to 11g and Character Set conversion and migration.
  • Strong experience with database compliance, security, and auditing.
  • Strong knowledge in the area of Unix/Linux Serves and various storage types like DMX, HDS, and NAS.
  • Ability to perform project management roles as required and capable of supporting and implementing technology projects as a facilitator and knowledge expert.
  • Experience in managing new technology evaluations. Ability to work effectively in a team environment, leads peers to decisions, identify issues, and prepare solutions
  • Energetic and self-motivated team player with ability to work effectively and cooperatively with project and infrastructure teams and create and maintain positive and professional business relationships with both internal associates and external customers and vendors.
  • Proficient at time and priority management.
  • Developed or modified some Oracle backup and recovery scripts. Used Oracle backup utility RMAN to implement Oracle backup and performed a number of times of disaster recovery.
  • Implemented database refresh with the hot backup using DUPLICATE or full export. Used EXPORT/IMPORT to do table level and full database defragmentation.
  • Performed database tuning using Explain Plan, Toad and Enterprise Manager.
  • Created users, tablespaces, tables, indexes, views, triggers, synonyms and sequences.
  • Trained a new DBA in our environment.

Environment: Oracle 9i/10g/11g, VCS, SQL Plus, Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Grid Control, TOAD, DB Artisan, RMAN, UNIX, Sun Solaris and HP-UX.

Confidential, Houston, TX

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Installation and configuration of Oracle Database Software 10g.
  • Creation and configuration of Oracle database.
  • Migration of database (from to on SUN Solaris 2.7.
  • Installed and Configured RAC on RedHat Linux Advanced Server with 4 nodes server side load balancing using Automatic Storage Management.
  • Written Stored Procedures and Triggers for database maintenance and management using PL/SQL.
  • Production support of Databases on HP-UNIX.
  • Worked on FTP, ZIP files on cross platform.
  • Involved in disaster recovery planning; detailed out the processes and procedures of implementing disaster recovery; implemented database backups and disaster recovery strategies using RMAN.
  • Performance tuning of SQL queries and advising the application programmer of the opportunities in tuning the application.
  • Involved in performance monitoring and tuning of the database by fine tuning the database implementation.
  • Successfully implemented physical standby database using Oracle Data Guard feature for High availability configuration
  • Have experience on Logical Data modelling for the Data warehousing.
  • Designed and Implemented database security using Oracle roles and privileges.
  • Troubleshoot Database performance issues using Automated Workload Repository (AWR) and Automatic Database Diagnostics Monitor (ADDM). Tuned database for optimum performance.
  • Communicate and coordinate with Oracle using TAR system for major database issues/ problems; apply the required patches, test (unit test/ system test) and roll out and implement the patches into production.
  • Debug Perl database backup script, and other Monitoring script
  • Configured Oracle Streams (Advanced Replications) and exchanged data between two databases in remote locations.
  • Proactively managed the databases; set up alarms for managing any exceptions in day to day management of the databases; pre-empted and prevented issues disasters from happening.
  • Successfully configured the databases to switchover, failover and fallback scenarios.
  • Schedule jobs in crontab including RMAN backup and other memory maintenance, security jobs.
  • UNIX Shell scripting for backup and monitoring of databases.
  • Extracted data from Oracle database into XML format for EDI requirement.
  • 24x7 production support DBA working on a primary/ secondary pager rotation; and supported on holidays, weekends and beyond regular hours.
  • Initial build script development and maintenance
  • Database Backup Configured implemented and using RMAN catalog.
  • Implemented Data Guard (Standby) for our Protection Application Support.
  • Creating the database, tables, tablespaces, data objects, setting privileges, indexes, user logins, passwords (security).
  • Worked Data Guard, Cloning using copy from production to Test Supported development and test databases for on going development and testing
  • Implemented Data Guard (Standby) for our Protection Application Support.
  • Implementation and maintenance in production database.
  • Designed Logical and physical database for business transaction functionality
  • Review data load processes and suggest enhancements and quality checks
  • Used TOAD, PL/SQL developer tools for faster application design and developments
  • Done the documentation and provided on-site production support

Environment: Oracle 8i/10g (RAC), Erwin 4.1, PL/SQL Stored Packages/Procedures, Informatica V 8.5 Quest Shareplex, SQL Plus, Toad, Windows XP, AIX and UNIX Korn Shell Scripts.

Confidential, Seattle, WA

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Develop, document, implement and maintain data models to revise existing tables and create new tables.
  • Designed Logical and physical database for business transaction functionality
  • Moved database Schema changes to stage or production
  • Database and SQL tuning to improve performance of loads.
  • Review data load processes and suggest enhancements and quality checks
  • Monitor database performance and modify queries, packages, and stored procedures as required.
  • Load data extracts from legacy to Oracle systems
  • Created all SQL Loader control cards and scripts to load replicated data.
  • Used TOAD, PL/SQL developer tools for faster application design and developments
  • Done the documentation and provided on-site production support
  • Involved in database Tuning using init parameters, optimizing rollback segments, redo log configuration, and I/O distribution.
  • Tuning of I/O, which includes separating data files and redo log files on different locations, separating of data files and index files on different locations, reducing disk contentions.
  • Security administration i.e. managing privileges and roles
  • Backups and Recovery i.e. exports/imports, hot backups and cold backups, etc.
  • Performance tuning using parallel query.
  • Involved in Analysis of accounts department requirements.
  • Extensively used SQL Queries (Sub queries, correlated sub queries and Join conditions) to handle data mapping for Bank statements transactions data with Bank master.
  • Implementation of Cold and Logical backup and recovery procedures.
  • Involved in user management by assigning appropriate roles and profiles.

Environment: SQL*Plus, Windows-NT, Red hat Linux, Oracle 9i/Oracle 8i/10g (RAC), Erwin 4.1, PL/SQL Stored Packages/Procedures, Informatica V 8.5 Quest Shareplex, SQL Plus, Toad, Windows XP, AIX and UNIX Korn Shell Scripts.

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