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Database Administrator Resume


  • Over 16 years of experience in Technical architecture definition, Capacity planning, Oracle Database and Data Warehouse Design and Administration on (24x7) VLDB production databases.
  • Expert skills in Oracle RDBMS (11g/10g/9i/8i) Installation, Capacity planning, Database Creation, Performance Monitoring & tuning and Backup & Disaster Recovery strategies.
  • Strong Data modeling, Data Conversion, Data & Volumetric Analysis, Application infrastructure & enterprise model management experience.
  • Worked in Oracle 11g/10g Rls2/9i Real Application Cluster environment with Oracle 10gAS/9iAS interface. Extensive knowledge of Oracle functionality & internals.
  • Worked with variety of clients in financial/public sector, federal/State government and E-commerce based organizations.
  • Good consulting and communication skills, with knowledge of client-relationship building techniques and project methodologies with good team building skills.

Technical Skills:

OPERATING SYSTEMS: Solaris 11/AIX/Linux (64-bit), HP-UX, Windows NT/2007 Server (64-bit).
DATABASES: Oracle 11g Rls 2/10g/, Oracle 11g SOA/BPEL, SQL Server 2005
APPLICATIONS: Oracle 11.0.3 Financials/HRMS, Siebel 6.3/7.8 eCommunications/Call Center.
Erwin ERX 7.3, Informatica Power Center 8.6.1, DB Artisan 8.1.3
OEM/Database Grid Control for 10g Rls2, TOAD 8.6, Shareplex.
MR TOOLS Clear Case, PVCS, MS Project 2007, Visual Source Safe, Remedy, Team track
HARDWARE: Sun E-10000 (E10K), HP 9000, Unisys ES7000, Net Apps, EMC SAN, VM
ware 6.5.2


  • Masters in Computer Applications (M.C.A)
  • BS (Mathematics)
  • Certification Course Oracle 10g Rls2 RAC for Database Administration
  • Certification Course in Oracle 11g Streams


  • Certified OCP (Oracle Certified Professional) in Database administration.
  • EMC Certified in Enterprise Storage Foundations.
  • CMMI Overview Certification.
Professional Experience

Confidential, Aug 2009 – Present
Senior Database Administrator (State of Texas) Sep 2011 – Present

  • Database administration support for State of Texas agencies TCEQ, DSHS, SOS customers on varying platforms for Oracle 11g/10g Rls 2 and 9i databases on Linux and UNIX platforms on RAC, ASM based architecture.
  • Well-versed with providing remote on- call pager support and rotation schedules for multiple projects and well-versed with handling Critical systems errors troubleshooting and escalation procedures for Oracle, on high bridges.
  • Implementing Database configuration management procedures using Remedy for handling of Incidents and Service Requests for development/test and production databases.
  • Advanced Performance Monitoring and Tuning using 10g Grid Control (, AWR, Metric baselines and ADDM. Query tuning using SQL Tuning and Access Advisors. Set up metrics and thresholds for real-time alerts and proactive monitoring.
  • Backup and Restore setup Database support using RMAN and tape backups.
  • Worked with Citrix, SOCKS and remote work utilities to provide Database support.

Senior Database Administrator Confidential, Aug 2009 - Sep 2011

  • Provided Database administration support for over 400 databases on varying platforms for Oracle 11g/10g Rls 2 and 9i on AIX, Linux, UNIX and Windows 2003 (64-bit) platforms on RAC, ASM based architecture and logical/physical standby using Data guard, with mission-critical custom and COTS (Custom off-the-shelf) product internal /web based front-end interfaces.
  • Provided recommendations and Vendor product evaluation reports for latest Oracle technologies and background to compare features and to Client for fulfilling their business requirements for Data retention and high availability.
  • Provided Project management support, Operations/Infrastructure/Development teams coordination, delegation of work and duties.
  • Provided remote on- call pager support and rotation schedules for multiple projects.
  • Database support for DB health checking using up Tivoli DB agent, BMC Patrol and Grid Control.
  • Provided Backup and Restore setup Database support using RMAN, SQL Backtrack and TSM tape backups.
  • Database support for tickets related to Data migration.
  • Provided Database support for Windows/AIX/Linux and TSM OS/client upgrades and quarterly security patches implementation.

Confidential, Sep 2005 – Aug 2009
Project 1 - Confidential, Alexandria, VA August 2006–Aug 2009
Senior Oracle Database Administrator

  • Technical Architect for Oracle 10g to 11g Rls 2 (64-bit) upgrade, configuring Grid Control and Advanced Security (ASO) configuration for TDE and Network encryption for financial data, with CGI -Momentum Financial ERP package.
  • Installed Oracle 11g/10g/9i, Capacity planning, Disk/Volume layout, RAID definition and Database creation for Strategic Acquisition Management (BPM) & Network Event tracking projects (16 tera bytes).
  • BCV backups/restores for the databases on EMC SANs. RMAN configuration using Vertias for Backups and Data Guard for physical standby.
  • Creating ASM instances and DATA/Flash Recovery disk groups (for storing full/incremental backups, flashback database logs and archive logs).
  • Oracle 11g RAC installation in multi-node Solaris/Linux Red Hat (64-bit) environment for Oracle Fusion/SOA/BPEL implementation.
  • Configured RMAN backups using 10g OEM/scripts and configure with Veritas Netbackup.
  • Performance monitoring and tuning using OEM 10g and custom scripts for Oracle memory and applications.
  • Setup Oracle 10g/11g (Active Data guard) for physical and logical standby in Production environments.
  • Provided on- call pager support and followed/implemented escalation procedures in case of Critical systems errors troubleshooting.

Project 2 - Confidential, Vienna, VA Sep 2005 - July 2006
Senior Oracle Database Administrator

  • Development and Production Database Support for Oracle with Siebel 7.8.2 Call Center application on AIX server (64-bit).
  • Upgrade Oracle databases fro to
  • Configuring Oracle Fail Safe 3.4 with MS Clusters for Active-Active db nodes in Windows 2003 environment.
  • Logical/physical data model definition using Erwin and Capacity planning for monthly/yearly data loads.
  • Performance monitoring and tuning using STATSPACK, OEM and custom scripts.
  • Supporting Rational tools administration and Siebel, Business Objects and Informatica administration.

Confidential, Sep 2001 – Aug 2005
Project 1 - Confidential, Harrisburg, PA Jan 2005 – Aug 2005
Sr. Oracle Solutions Architect

  • Provided Oracle Solution architecture for Oracle 11g and 10g databases (24x7support), sizes over 5 TB, on HP 9000 and Windows 2000 advanced servers using Oracle Failsafe.
  • Provided research and recommendation to the client for successful implementation of Performance monitoring and tuning techniques using BMC patrol and Statspack reports and implementing DB security procedures using User Roles classification and data encryption.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery strategy and procedures implementation using BCV backups and RMAN.
  • Oracle 10g (Enterprise Edition) installation and research available methodologies for replicating data between MCD’s (Mobile Computing Device) and Master DB server on Windows 2000 Advanced Server.
  • Re-architecture of current Oracle 9iAS Rel2 (Forms and Reports) configuration, for load balancing (active-active) using Web Cache in a cluster based environment (active-passive) and upgrade to 10gAS.
  • Maintaining the existing data model in Erwin to conform to the Standard naming conventions and Abbreviations document. Mentoring other DBA's on Data modeling techniques & principles.
  • Communication of issues/scope and requirements to Data warehousing/Reporting, infrastructure teams and end-user groups.

Project 2 - Confidential, Harrisburg, PA Jan 2004 – Jan 2005
Lead Production DBA

The CAPS System at Pennsylvania Insurance Department (PID) centralizes the administration of 2 public health insurance programs (CHIP and adultBasic) via seven private health insurance contractors.

  • Production DBA for Oracle 8.1.7/9i and SQL Server 2000 databases (installation, database creation and 24x7support), on HP/UX 11.5 and Windows 2000 advanced server.
  • Upgrade of Oracle 8.1.7 database to 9i and latest patch set install for the Oracle binaries. Defining the Database architecture and physical storage design.
  • Maintaining application data model/data dictionary using Erwin and synch with physical database schema.
  • Data Migration from SQL Server databases to Oracle tables using “Oracle Safeswitch Data”.
  • Performance monitoring and tuning the Application (SQL, PL/SQL) code using Explain Plan, TKPROF and Statspack reports. Memory and database parameter tuning.
  • Testing and implementing the Disaster Recovery strategy for building the TFP environment.

Project 3 - Confidential, Seattle, WA Jul 2003 - Dec 2003
Lead Production/Development DBA

  • Production DBA for Oracle databases (installation, database creation and 24x7support), for Siebel 6.3 to Siebel 7.5 conversion on Sun Fire 15K server.
  • Installing patch for the Oracle binaries. Defining the Database architecture and Capacity planning (RAID) for database over 7.5 terabytes, with physical storage design (data file distribution).
  • Object level space allocation & mapping large partitioned tables to locally managed table spaces.
  • Automation of daily database maintenance procedures using UNIX shell scripts. Monitoring OS level performance for CPU and I/O waits.
  • Parallel DML/Query, Memory (database parameter) tuning and temp table space configuration.
  • Performance tuning of Informatica ETL mappings (75GB tables) and Siebel EIM (inserts/updates) with 20 concurrent processes; using Statspack report, Session level trace and OEM.
  • BCV backups/restores for the databases on EMC SANs, using Vertias Net Backup and RMAN.

Project 4 - Confidential, (State of Florida) May 2002 to Jul 2003
Production DBA

  • Oracle 8.1.5 installation & Data Base Creation on Sun E-10K’s, Windows 2000 server for Fire Wall based Child safety application based on J2EE/EJB and .NET technologies.
  • Using Erwin to Lay out Logical and physical design of the Database server and Creation of Database (approx. 710GB) using Oracle Installer on Sun Enterprise 10000 server (E10K).
  • Rollback and Undo Segment configuration in multi-instance database configuration
  • SQL, PL/SQL procedures, database triggers for application and data validation and improving the query performance. Used custom SQL’s and OEM for performance monitoring.
Project 5 - Confidential, Louisville, KY Sep 2001 to Mar 2002 Lead DBA
  • Database Operations Lead for managing the Development, Staging and Production database environments under Oracle 8.1.5 and 9.0.1 on Windows 2000 server and Sun E10K.
  • Upgrading Oracle install to RAC Server installation and configuring the SPFILE, UNDO management and TAF (transparent application fail over) on Sun E10K servers.
  • Communicating issues and changes in scope to DBA, testing and infrastructure teams and end-user groups. Performance tuning of Real Time Loads for 140K transactions per hours.
  • Using Informatica (ETL) for the Enterprise Datawarehouse, Mapping Sources and Targets, Populating the Data Mart while dealing with the Dirty/Missing Data.
  • Configuring UNIX shell scripts and PL/SQL procedures for automating the RMAN backup’s and database maintenance procedures.

Confidential, Oct 2000 – Aug 2001

Team Lead for Database Administration
  • Implementation, administration and maintenance of Core technology Development and Production Oracle 8.1.7 /8.1.6 and Sybase databases with Oracle 9iAS front-end.
  • Performance Monitoring and Tuning of the Siebel Call Center Application and databases.
  • Determining the scope, requirements & time frames for migrating Oracle 8i to Oracle 9i. Communicating issues and changes in scope to DBA and infrastructure teams.
  • Oracle Installation and Production Databases (approx. 1.5 tera bytes) creation for Deloitte ASP Data Center under Oracle 8.1.7/8.1.6 on Unix E4500/HP servers, using Oracle Parallel server architecture and high availability features.
  • Setting up Oracle Advanced Replication for Production systems using SharePlex.

Confidential, May 1998 - Sep 2000
Project 1 - Confidential, San Francisco, CA Dec 1999 to Sep 2000
Production DBA Lead

  • Physical Database Operations Lead for managing the Development, Staging and Production database environments under Oracle 8.1.5 and 8.0.5.
  • Migrating Development databases currently under Oracle 8.0.5 to Oracle 8.1.6.
  • Resource planning, Disk Volume Analysis and Data/Index Segment Volumetric analysis for Production (65GB) / Warehouse (135GB) on NetAPP Filer F720, using RAID 4 disk arrays.
  • Planning, Implementing and documenting Backup/Recovery and Disaster Recovery strategy for the Production environment. Automating UNIX shell scripts for backup scheduling.
Project 2 – Confidential, Jacksonville, FL July 1998 to Oct 1999
Production DBA

  • Oracle Database and Data Warehouse Design and Administration for production environment under Oracle 8.0.5 and working with a team of 7 other very senior and experienced DBA’s.
  • Laying out physical design of the Database server and Creation of Data warehouse (approx. 640GB) using Oracle Installer on Sun Enterprise 10000 server (E10K).
  • Planning, Designing and implementing a complete Backup and Disaster Recovery strategy using Recovery Manager (RMAN). Automating the backup’s using Shell scripts and CRON TAB.
  • Performance monitoring and tuning of the databases. Generating database performance reports using UTLESTAT and UTLBSTAT scripts, EXPLAIN PLAN and TKPROF.
  • Upgrade and Migration of Database running under Oracle 7.3.4 to Oracle 8.0.5 using the Migration Utility.
  • Setting up backup procedures for the Production using Archival log and Recovery Manager (RMAN).
Confidential, INDIA Nov 1995 to May 1998

Team Lead (DBA/Operations Lead)

  • Installation, Upgrade and Administration of Oracle 7.3/7.2/7.1/7.0, 6.0 on Pentium - II server with UNIX SCO V Open Server. Managing a database of 60 GB size (24x7).
  • Maintaining the logical and physical organization of the database, like organization of database into different tablespaces & data files on different disks to reduce disk contention.
  • Monitoring the performance, sessions, users, and tablespaces for the database using Oracle Server Manager, SQL TRACE, UTLBSTAT and UTLESTAT, EXPLAIN PLAN.
  • Regular backups (different levels) & Recovery. Writing automated Regular daily backup procedures. Performing regular backups using different utilities like export, import for online backup/restore.

Confidential, INDIA Jul 1994 to Nov 1995
Database Administration

  • Team member for administration of financial database.
  • Maintaining the logical and physical organization of the database, creation of tablespaces and datafiles, users and assigning them roles and privileges.
  • Tuning of the running and newly implemented applications and database.
  • Monitoring the system activity on the Operating System as well as Oracle level.

Environment: Oracle 6.0, Forms 3.0, Pro *C 1.2, AT&T UNIX

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