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Senior Oracle Database Consultant Resume

North, PotomaC


Looking fora position in an organization seeking ahighly-experienced, highly-skilled and motivated Oracle or MS SQL professional. Seeking Senior Oracle or 11i Financial Application Administrator position; MS SQL Database or Web Applications DBA.

Summary and Career Highlights:

  • Over fifteen years of I.T. experience with ten years on large scale Oracle database and financial applications in Federal Government and Fortune Top Twenty Companies (I.B.M. and Fannie Mae).
  • A Certified Oracle Professional (11g/10g/9i) experienced in Oracle E-Business Suite 11/11i/R12 (EBS) administration, including Oracle Commercial and Federal Financial Modules with General Ledger (GL), Accounts Payable (A/P), Accounts Receivable (A/R) Purchasing, Fixed Assets (FA), iProcurement, Cash Management, Self Service Web Applications (SSWA), Human Resources (HRMS/Payroll), CRM, Manufacturing, and CGI-AMS Momentum Federal Financial Management Systems.
  • With over four years of SQL Server database administrator. I have an exceptional understanding of the Transact-SQL language. Extremely capable of handling multiple SQL Server instances at one time. Highly capable of monitoring, troubleshooting, SQL Server Clustering and repairing SQL Server Instances and Web Applications.
  • Extensive background in Oracle /11g,10g, 9i, 8i, and 8 database administration, including installation, configuration, migration, maintenance, backup and disaster recovery, upgrading, troubleshooting, Data Guard and RAC.
  • Experienced in supporting application programmers during all phases of the software lifecycle.
  • Successful team player, with excellent interpersonal skills, able to work equally well with managers, developers, contractors, and end-users.

Hardware/Software Experience
Databases: Oracle 7/8/8i/9i/10g/11g database, Failsafe, Oracle Data Guard, RAC, Data Warehouse, and
Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 / 7.0/2000/2005/2008, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM), VmWare, Microsoft Access 2000/97 and dBase.
Applications: Oracle 11/11i/R12 Financial including GL, AP, AR, Cash Management, Assets, iProcurement, PO, Self Service Web Applications (SSWA), Human Resources (HRMS/Payroll), Oracle 9i/10g Application Server (9i/10AS), Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), PeopleSoft, Federal Momentum Financials 3.7.1, OA Framework ,Weblogic, Webadi, OID, SSO
, API and Apache Web Server, IIS Server 6
Database Tools: Oracle Enterprise Manager, Grid Control, OEM, Oracle Designer 6i/2000, Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Data Integrator(ODI), Control-M and ADSM, Erwin, Oracle Developer 4i and Forms 6i/2000, Oracle Reports 3.0, Visio, AD Utilities, Exceed, Citrix, Import/Export utilities, RMAN, ODBC, OCI, OID, BI, Toad, I-Watch, IBM MQ Series, EMC, Tivoli storage Manager, Cognos Impromptu, Veritas NetBackup, Business Objects, Crystal Reports, Oracle Workbench, DBArtisan, Veritas file system, ER/Studio 7.1, Remedy 6.03 Autosys, Telecom/Cable/IP Network .
Programming Languages: PL/SQL, Transac-SQL, SQL*Plus, SQL Loader, Visual Basic, HTML, Pascal, Basic, C, Java, Perl, UNIX Korn Shell scripting, NT scripting, ASP.NET, C#, javaScript, vbScript, Classic ASP
Operating Systems: Sun Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Windows NT/2000/2003, MVS/OS390.
Office Applications: MS Project, Visio, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS Outlook, MS PowerPoint, MS FrontPage, WordPerfect, Lotus Notes, HP OpenView Service Desk 4.5 and Service Center 5.1 (Peregrine).

Professional Experience

Senior Oracle Database Consultant
Confidential, MD Oct 2011-Present
Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Rockvill, MD (FINRA)

  • Responsibilities included: Oracle database 10g/11g database creating, capacity plan, migratting, patching, performance tuning, security, installation/upgrading, configuration, troubleshooting, end-user support and Oracle product evaluation.
  • Migrated Oracle database 10g to 11g for Finra data center.
  • Maintain and Support Oracle Databases in 9i/10g/11g running on Linux platform that includes backup and recovery, performance tuning, utilization etc.
  • Perform DB/Apps patching, DB/Apps Cloning, DB/Apps Installation, Tablespaces reorganization as proactive maintenance, troubleshoot issues/errors/incidents, Collaborate with Oracle support for bugs & issues resolutions and personal research.
  • Perform Oracle Application's typical administration tasks such as Concurrent Program registration, configuration and registration of printers both UNIX and APPS level, Creating Users and Responsibilities, Menus and form Functions, DML/Non DML execution in PROD env't. and etc.,
  • Resolve Incident and Service requests in the ticket queue and proactively resolve DBA related problems, based on request and alerts triggered.

Senior Oracle Database Consultant
Confidential, MD April 2011 - July 2011
U.S. Department of Commerce, Suitland, MD

  • Responsibilities included: Oracle database 10g/11g and 11i /R12 application administration, involving all aspects of database and application capacity planning, upgrading, migrating, maintenance, patching, performance tuning, security, installation/upgrading, configuration, troubleshooting, end-user support and Oracle product evaluation.
  • Upgraded from Oracle 10g to 11g for Commerce Business Systems (CBS).
  • Migrated Oracle database and Financial Application from Sun Solaris and HP to Linux.
  • Resolved problems and performance tuned Oracle Financial Modules OM, AP, AR, HRMS, Assets, iProcurement, PO (public sector/Government) and Oracle Discoverer.
  • Collaborated with onsite staff to evaluate and recommend configuration changes relating to load balancing, failover and fault tolerance.
  • Provided environment refresh and application of patches as required.
  • Configured and updated OEM grid control to monitor and set alerts for production environments.

Senior Oracle database Consultant / Administrator / Principal Engineer
U.S. Department of Labor, Washington D.C. Oct 2007 - Sep 2010

  • As the sole Oracle 9i/10g Administrator I am responsible to support the full software lifecycle, from design through development, implementation and production maintenance, of the Oracle database andthe11i Financial Applications (11i/R12) on Sun Solaris. I support the Oracle Assets Management system (FA), iProcurement, and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) for more than twenty government agencies within the Department of Labor. I supported our migration from Oracle to MS/SQL server 2005. Configured and monitored database system details within the database, including stored procedures and execution time and implement efficiency improvements using OEM grid control. Develop, implement, and maintain change control and testing processes for modifications to databases. Create, or support creation of, required reports in response to business user needs.
  • Performed database transaction and security audits. Establish appropriate end-user database access control levels.
  • An MS SQL Database & Web Administrator'sresponsibilities include: Perform day to day Database Maintenance tasks -- Clustered & Non-clustered Database Monitoring, Backups, Space Management, Resource Utilization, responsible for performing object migration between all production database Servers.Work with application development staff to develop database architectures, coding standards, and quality assurance policies and procedures. Efficient response to database events and Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) alerts in a production environment including resource management, performance monitoring and backup issues of Cluster & Non-clustered Database administration and VMWare.
  • Setup and configure SQL Server and IIS server for other business functions. Index & Data Management to determine Defragmentation level; whether to Update Statistics or Rebuild Indexes.
  • Installed and configured relevant web application to ensure database access as well as database consistency and integrity. Respond to and resolve database access and performance issues.
  • Troubleshot database performance issues and tune database objects. Set up traces and Profiler to troubleshoot performance issues. Analyze deadlocks & diagnose issues on the server.
  • Troubleshot Infrastructure issues related to SQL database server such as memory, CPU, I/O, Disk, etc. Monitor log files to proactively resolve issues.
  • I provided excellent support to our eProperty users, business owners and developers. I am involved in troubleshooting, upgrading, configuring, patching and performance tuning, security, auditing, reporting, migratingOracle Apps SYSADMIN functions and Unix Administrator.

Senior Oracle DBA/Application Consultant, Fannie Mae
Confidential, Reston, VA Nov 2006 - April 2007

Responsibilities included: Oracle 9i/10g database and Application servers includingData Guard,RAC and Data Warehouse, Production, Staging, Q/A,and development and testing environments. Worked on: installation; upgrading; patching/debugging impacts; configuration; troubleshooting; design; data modeling; performance tuning and security.

  • Establishment and maintenance of database Backup/Restore/Recovery/Security strategies andtuning.
  • Supported Fannie Mae'sE-mortgage online applications and Automatic Underwriting Data Warehouse.
  • Successfully managed over 15 OLTP databases. Maintained Data Guard and RAC for first class databases which including monthly failover testing; Supported many developer teams during quarterly software release development,user acceptance testing and production implementation phases.
  • Successful implemented NPI data in all databases and on the UNIX server.
  • Managed migration databases and schemas for new servers.
  • Supported and developed scripting (PL/SQL and Perl).

Senior Oracle DBA/ Application Consultant/ Functional Financials Consultant
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.), Nov 2005 - Oct 2006
Confidential, Alexandria, VA (A Public Trust Position)

  • Pioneered the use of Oracle at the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, as the sole Oracle DBA responsible for the full software lifecycle design, development, and maintenance of the Momentum Financials database migration from Sybase 11.9 to Oracle 9i/10g. The Momentum application supports SEC financial department operations which include: GL, AP, AR, Assets, purchasing, budgeting, billing, and travel.
  • Pioneered the implementation Oracle Failsafe on a Clustered server environment
  • Managed RAC databases and Data Guard instances to increase high availability and scalability.
  • Successfully migrated all Momentum application data from Sybase 11.9 to Oracle 9i using Oracle Workbench.
  • Successfully managed the Oracle server hardening project to strengthen SEC's database security to comply with the U.S. General Accountability Office's security requirements.
  • Oracle DBA responsibilities include: installing, upgrading, configuring, migrating, patching, auditing security, performance tuning, managing server resources, troubleshooting, testing, implementing backup and recovery procedures, Perl scripting, and documentation.

Senior Oracle DBA, IBM Global Services at Capital One, June 2005 - Oct 2005
Confidential, Richmond, VA.

  • Supported multiple 24x7 Oracle (8i, 9i, 10G) production databases on Sun Solaris (8/9)and HP UNIX.
  • Worked with the development team and data modelers to design the data model and build the Logical and physical databases.
  • Primary DBA on more than 20 databases. Responsibilities included developing and maintaining database health check dashboards; backup and recovery using Veritas NetBackup and RMAN; Performance and SQL tuning; Data migration from 8i to 9i on multiple production databases; maintaining data integrity and security, managing users, privileges, roles, profiles and database resources; database structure changes, table/index sizing, SGA sizing, SQL, I/O and application tuning, transaction monitoring, detecting lock contentions, tuning sort operations and Oracle expert.
  • Supported 9i RAC, OPS (Oracle Parallel Server), Data Guard, OLTP and OLAP. Supported multiple data warehouse databases (VLDB) that were more than 20 terabyte in size.
  • Automated many database administration tasks by writing UNIX shell and Perl scripts, SQL*PLUS, SQL*LOAD scripts, and system generation scripts.

Senior Oracle Database and Application Administrator,
Confidential, Nov 2003 - Oct 2005
Confidential, Richmond, VA.

  • Responsibilities include: Oracle database and 11i application administration, involving all aspects of database and application capacity planning, maintenance, backup/recovery, performance tuning, security, installation/upgrading, configuration, troubleshooting, end-user support and Oracle product evaluation. (Windows NT environment)
  • Successfully resolved problems and performance tune Oracle Financial Modules GL, AP, AR, Assets, iProcurement, PO (public sector/Government) and Oracle Discoverer.
  • Implementing Oracle database 8i/9i and application 11.5.8 Rapid Clone, in order to provide the ability to effortlessly clone the production into a test environment, for the purpose of database and application troubleshooting, upgrading, testing, and training.
  • Developed approach that was approved by customer for implementing hot backup utilizing Veritas NetBackup and Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN). Successfully implemented this in the production environment. Implemented Veritas NetBackup hot and cold backup policies.
  • Had sole responsibility for all database administration needs of the Oracle production, test and development servers.

Oracle Database and Application Administrator/ MS SQL Server DBA, March 2000 - April 2003
Confidential, Waterloo, ON

  • Responsible for Oracle database administration and Oracle 11/11i application administration of the production servers at the headquarters of The Economical Insurance Group. This role involved all aspects of application and database maintenance, cloning, backup/recovery, performance tuning, security, installation/upgrading/patching/debugging, configuration, troubleshooting, user and developer support, logical and physical database design and implementation, application customization release testing and support, legacy data migration, UNIX administrator, UNIX shell scripting, PL/SQL development, Oracle product evaluation, and report development. (IBM AIX environment)
  • Proven ability to successfully administer and resolve problems in GL, AP, AR, Assets, Cash Management, Self Service Web Applications (SSWA), CRM and Human Resources (HRMS/Payroll) modules.
  • Worked with system administrators, developers, and testers on a regular basis to migrate stored procedures, custom forms and reports from development environment to test environment for regression testing, and then to production.
  • Implemented and performed all administrative functions for the MS SQL Server systems.


  • B.S. Computer Science
  • Bookkeeping Certificate & Computerized Accounting Certificate
  • Database Developer Diploma

Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)

  • Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) - Oracle 11g Certified Database Administrator: Oracle 11g: New Features for Administrators, April 2011
  • Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) - Oracle 9i Certified Database Administrator: Oracle 9i: New Features for Administrators, April 2003
  • Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) - Oracle 8i Certified Database Administrator: Oracle 8i: New Features for Administrators, April 2002
  • Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) - Oracle8 Certified Database Administrator:
  • Oracle 8: Database Administration, April 2000
  • Oracle 8: Performance Tuning, Mar 2001
  • Oracle 8: Backup and Recovery, Apr 2001
  • Oracle 8: Network Administration, May 2001
  • Oracle 8: Oracle SQL & PL/SQL, Nov 1999


  • SQL SERVER 2005 for Administrators, Microsoft Service, March 2009
  • Security Role Based Training, Department of Labor, Aug 2008, 2009, 2010
  • Oracle 10 New Features for Administrators, Fannie Mae, Internal Training, Mar 2007.
  • IT Security Awareness and Training Course, S.E.C Internal Training, Apr 2006.
  • Privacy Awareness Training Course, S.E.C Internal Training, Aug 2006.
  • Oracle 9i New Features for Administrators, Oracle University, May 2002.
  • Oracle 8i Database Administration, Oracle University, April 2000.
  • Oracle 8i Backup and Recovery, Oracle University, September 2000.
  • Oracle 8i Performance Tuning, Oracle University, May 2001.
  • Oracle Application 11i HR Management Systems, Oracle University, November 2000.
  • Oracle Application 11i Accounts Receivable, Oracle University, December 2000.

Activities and Interests

  • Active participant and member in Toastmasters.
  • Actively pursuing a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and good diet.
  • Enjoy traveling and reading.


  • Available upon request


  • Public Trust Clearance

Visa status

  • U.S. Citizen

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