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Database Dba/developer Consultant Resume

Temple Hills, MD


Oracle : Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g grid control, 9i, 8i (OEM), Oracle Application Server CORE ID, Oracle 8i/7.x/6.x/5.x, Data Warehousing 8.1.6, Oracle Forms 4.5, Oracle Developer 2000, Oracle Designer 2000, Oracle Content DB Administration, Oracle APEX Architect/Developer, Erwin 3.0, and MapInfo 4.0. Replication Manager & Performance Tuning 8i, Databases: Oracle 9i/7.x, MS SQL Server 2000, DB2, Paradox 4.5, dBase III, dBase IV and MS Access 97/2000.
Software: MS Visual Studios .NET 2003, Visual Source Safe 2003, PowerBuilder 4.0A, IMIS, Lotus Notes 4.6, Borland Turbo C, Citrix, WinRunner 6.0, Load Runner, Crystal Reports 8.x, IPRO 6.x, Microstrategy 6/7.x, Q Edit, TLC 8.0/Tk 8.0, Hot Metal Pro, AutoCAD R12, SPF Utilities, Norton Utilities, E-mail 4.0, Microsoft Explorer 4.X, Netscape 4.X, and Microsoft Office 97/2000, TSO/Rexx, Sun One Studio CE, Remedy Helpdesk 5.5, PlumDBA - Deployed Compatibility Validation and Build. Our team is seeking an Apps DBA with Oracle EBS with minimum 5 to 7 years of experience in Maximum High Availability (HA) Architecture with following must skills: Oracle 10g Database installation, Oracle 10.g Database patching , Oracle Application 11g installation, Oracle Application 11g patching , • Oracle Application 11g cloning , Oracle RAC database configuration
Oracle 11g Application on RAC configuration and Parallel Concurrent Processing (PCP) configuration
Oracle Database and Application, troubleshooting including Oracle workflow and concurrent manager, Excellent understanding of Oracle Automated Storage Management (ASM) and Cluster Ready Services (CRS), Additional considerations:tree Enterprise Portal Software,
Languages : Structured Query Language (SQL), Basic, COBOL, C Programming, HTML, JavaScript, VBSCRIPT, ASP, VISUAL BASIC, Transact SQL, JSP
OS/Platforms : TCP/IP, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 3.51-4.0, MS-DOS 6.X, Banyan Vines 5.53(6), UNIX (File Management Command and Text Editing), AIX 3.X, OpenVMS, MS/XA JES2, COBOL, CICS, TSO/ISPF, MVS JCL, VSE JCL, VSAM, and IMS Sun Solaris 6.x, Compaq 586 HD, IBM 3090 Mainframe, Caliber 486 CD, Digital VAX 8550, Dynex 486 HD, HP Laser Jet II, Cray 9000, and Prime 750 Mainframe.


BS, Information Systems
Diploma, Computer Information Systems
AA, Marketing & Management


Confidential, August-2011 – Present
Work as Multi Mass processing Database analyst/engineer/administrator. Gathering document, artifices and other pertinent database infrastructure documentation for integration into new EMC Green Plum Database. Manage data source feed, develop reports for the IRS Return Review Program Office.

Confidential, Silver Spring July-2011 – July 2011
Analysis of HUD Multifamily Database Applications & Program. Modify .NET application forms and coordinate changes with the SQL Server 2008 database.

Confidential, Washington DC October 2009 – May 2011
Maintain daily load of the Physical Disability Agency data load and migration. Maintain backups and recovery strategies. Develop ad-hoc reports. Maintain legacy database and process while gathering requirements for migration, testing and upgrades as needed. Set up user access to data repository and migrate data from clipper data source to Oracle and SQL Server for management reporting.

Confidential, Washington DC January 2009 – May 2009
Manage, administer and upgrade multiple Department of Justice Civil Division Office of Litigation Support Oracle 9i and Oracle 10g databases and servers up to 10 terabytes of data (DOJ, Office of Litigation support OLS). Manage Oracle Content Database, Oracle Fail Safe RAC, ASM Backup Strategies and TOAD for primary databases. Reconfigure backup and recovery strategy via Recovery Manager (RMAN) for upgrade. Backup to SharePoint OLS administer. Utilize, managing and monitoring hot standby database using (Data Guard) as well as monitoring primary database. Assist with EMC SAN deployment and coordinate implementation with Dell Engineers, Lockheed and other Server Engineers. Support Development Team throughout OLS. Integrate existing Oracle Content of OLS legacy systems into database technology using Oracle, SQL Server, and SharePoint of other database technologies. Upgrade and maintain other database daily responsibilities. Perform application testing of new DOJ migrations, applications and interface.

Confidential, Arlington, VA October 2007 – August 2008
Manage, administer and upgrade Missile Defense Agency (MDA) Oracle database 9i and Oracle 10g database technologies. Manage backups and recovery strategies using Recovery Manager (RMAN). Modify Cluster expansion through node additions with existing infrastructure elements for secure BEA Plumbtree portal access. Cluster-ware monitoring and diagnosis for Integration of existing legacy systems into database technology using either Oracle Portal application server single sign-on technologies. Testing and Integration of 2 terabytes of data into MDA Portal. Implement hot standby database (Data Guard) for production database. Testing and implementation of database replication for move to Huntsville, AL. Integrate Oracle Content into BEA portal for upgrade and maintenance of other databases using SQL Developer and Toad to interface oracle daily applications as needed. Perform application testing of new MDA portal applications and interface.

Confidential, Alexandria VA March 2007 – July 2007
Manage Multiple Oracle 9i database. Integrate SQL Server 2000 database with Customized Chainbridge web development software. Responsible for supporting and tailoring commercial applications to meet unique VSE needs. Manipulate back-end Oracle and SQL servers and database tables using TOAD and primary interface. Integrate homegrown code and web-based utilities with commercial product. Perform rapid pace of change and fuzzy requirements. Able to evaluate business procedures and problems, break them down into component parts, and develop systems specifications and requirements; and evaluate computer system capabilities, work-flow, and scheduling limitations. May analyze or recommend commercially available software. Strong customer service ethic; able to smoothly provide staff and users with assistance solving computer related problems, such as malfunctions and program problems; able to train staff and users to work with computer systems and programs.

Confidential, December 2006 – January 2007
Develop & modify code for company billing. Upgrade and modify existing Communications client in Sun Solaris environment. Use of SQL Loader to update systems information to databases. Modify forms, reports, stored procedures models and other database objects, etc… for Oracle 9.i 10g, Microsoft SQL Server 2000. Develop additional forms, reports, etc… Modify backup & recovery strategy. Test infrastructure of for bottlenecks a performance enhancement. Test development & production environments for transfer guidelines. Consult on other issues as they arise.

Confidential, August 2006 – December 2007

  • Oracle 10g software installation
  • Oracle BI (Portal/Discoverer) configuration, Oracle XML Publisher configuration
  • Oracle 10g database administration
  • Oracle 10g, Linux 4 EAS, and Windows 2003 Enterprise trouble-shooting
  • FDCA application code migration to cluster and Test RAC environments
  • Developer problem solving support
  • Linux 4 Enterprise Application Server script development
  • Train (4) Junior Oracle DBAs on providing developer support
  • Train (3) Junior System Analyst on providing developer support
  • Monitoring of applications and Databases with Sun Solaris database farm
  • ASP with Arc IMS ActiveX Connector, HTML, JavaScript, DOM.
  • Testing for 4-5 years experience with using ArcSDE, ArcGIS
  • Desktop; at least an understanding of AJAX and web services.
  • Requires excellent writing and communication skills.
  • Experience with writing basic SQL statements; Knowledge of PL-SQL.
  • Oracle APEX Architect/Developer

Confidential, Reston VA September 2006 – September 2006
Oracle DBA/Developer Consultant
Develop & modify code to link to Law Enforcement agency systems. Upgrade and modify existing Local, state and federal law enforcement system data. Use of SQL Loader to update systems information to LINK databases. Modify forms, reports, stored procedures models and other database objects, etc… for Oracle 9.i 10g, Microsoft SQL Server 2000. Develop additional forms, reports, etc… Modify backup & recovery strategy. Test infrastructure of for bottlenecks a performance enhancement. Test development & production environments for transfer guidelines. Consult on other issues as they arise.

Confidential, September 2005 –January 2006
Oracle Lead DBA/Developer
Upgrade FDA ORA database 9i to oracle 10g technology. Modify existing infrastructure elements for secure portal access. Integrate existing legacy systems into portal technology using Oracle application server single sign-on technologies. Manage J2ee development staff. Integrate present web applications into the Portal. Provide update documentations and reports to client as needed.

Confidential, Detrick, MD April 2005 – July 2005
SQL Server DBA/Developer Consultant
Upgrade and modify existing DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE SQL Server databases forms, reports, stored procedures models and other database objects, etc… for 7.0, 2000. Develop additional forms, reports, etc… Modify backup & recovery strategy. Test infrastructure of for bottlenecks a performance enhancement. Test development & production environments for transfer guidelines. Consult on other issues as they arise.

Confidential, March 2005 – April 2005
Oracle DBA Consultant
Install, upgrade, and modify DOD Oracle database from 9i to 10g for Contract transfer. Develop backup & recovery strategy. The application and RDBMS will transfer to a Sun Solaris platform. Modified internal oracle packages and application PL/SQL Block for effective system integrity. Test development & production environments for transfer guidelines. Consult on other issues as they arise.

Confidential, February 2005 – March 2005
Database DBA/Developer Consultant
Support develops and migrates Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA Production\Development applications and database back-end by SQL Server & Oracle. Administrator for Development & Production Enterprise Manager for both SQL Server 2000 & Oracle 9i-10g Coordinate & document web based applications for turnover to primary & sub contracting FEMA groups for support and management. Develop web based application interface for scheduling and reporting. Create reports for users on demand and summary reporting as needed

Confidential, June 2004 – February 2005
Database DBA/Developer Consultant
Act as team DBA and Database architect for development staff that support of .Net & C# development Knowledge Management team for SQL Server & Oracle back-end applications & databases development for conversion projects of OUSD (AT&L) Department of Defense Under Secretary of Defense applications. Backup to primary oracle enterprise dba for enterprise applications for OUSD (AT&L) for Department of Defense Under Secretary of Defense Primary DBA for SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition in production environment. Administrator for both Development & testing environment backups.

Confidential, December 2003 – June 2004
Database Developer/ DBA
Modification of existing National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) NCCOS database for Docks & Piers, National Products Database, Restoration Monitoring database using Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft .Net Framework Technologies. Develop Web based application interface for scheduling and reporting. Create reports for users on demand and summary reporting as needed.

Confidential, August 2003 – November 2003
Oracle Database Administrator
Database administrator for existing Navy DOD national RESUMIX application & database. Responsible for repositories of Oracle version 7.4, 8I and 9I databases configuration using Oracle Enterprise Manager as the main database interface. Implement Backup and Recovery Strategy using Oracle Management Server technologies. Provide user administration to Resumix application based on characteristics of system schema & management hierarchy. Modified internal oracle packages and application PL/SQL Block for effective system integrity. Maintained security, backup and recovery processes. Support development teams with access method, JavaScript, (ASP) Active Server Pages and user and web interfaces.

Confidential, December 2002- August 2003
Database Developer/Administrator
Integrate existing Patent and Trade office computer parts Access database into single SQL SERVER 2000 using internal DTS packages. Maintaining tracking repository for system and software resources. Design & Maintain Web based database used for scheduling and reporting installation of deployments and relocation. Create reports for installations, deployments and summary reporting. Account for asset management information in the database. Create procedure for reconciling data and configuration (CFG) inconsistencies and problems. Create specifications, documentations and ensure backup and data reliability. Train client and in-house group users as necessary. Create data transfer using DTS & SQL Analyzer utilities for loading data between other databases. Act as a consultant to other groups both internal as well as PTO client. Access and JSP pages backed by stored procedures. Modify existing parts Access database for upgrade to SQL Server. Cleaning of data and systems testing prior to system upgrade, user group account setup and coordination of various relevant departments models for deployment. Monitor and upgrade existing database Stored Procedures, View, table etc… via SQL Server Enterprise manager. Develop reports and other duties as requested. Maintain backups and establish recovery procedure.

Confidential, April - 2002 – October – 2002
PC Technician
Analysis of all PC’s throughout the Washington Hospital, Veteran Hospital and the Childcare’s Hospital complex for PC upgrades, general maintenance and memory upgrades

Confidential, January 2002 – April 2002
Database Specialist
Update and maintain multiple Access membership databases in accordance multiple association’s policies and procedures. Develop ad-hoc reports on demand, generating lists, labels, statistics, and reports as requested; create/modify tables and reports in iMIS and Crystal. Assists office staff when needed. Developing data access pages and (ASP) Active Server Pages for user web interface.

Confidential, November 2001 – December 2001
Oracle Database Administrator
EOP Executive Office of the President
Tune existing EOP Oracle 8I social databases and UNIX/AIX systems configuration management using OEM as the main database interface. Implement replicate data for 24/7-database use base on characteristics of system schema. Modified PL/SQL Block for implementation. Replicate database from Unix to Windows environment for testing. Maintained security and backup and recovery processes. Support Java Development Team with access method, JavaScript, (ASP) Active Server Pages, user and web interfaces.

Confidential, April 2001 – October 2001
Access Developer/SQL Server Database Administrator
Responsible for developing import procedures and maintaining existing Dept. of Education (DOE) MS SQL Server 2000 & Access 2000 databases for DOE reporting purposes. Managed and modified how data is stored in terms of physical characteristics based on system schema, amount of space, access method, user and web interfaces using SQL Server Enterprise manager. Developed and modified Access 2000 tables, queries, lookups, reports Developed data access pages and (ASP) Active Server Pages for user web interface and forms using Visual Basic. Converted SQL statements as well as data conversion from earlier versions of Access and Excel files. Setup, scheduled and publish web based database updates.

Confidential, Rockville, MD
Confidential, Washington, DC February 2000 – February 2001
Database Administrator (Consultant)
Imported, migrated and maintained existing CICS & IMIS client production MS SQL Server 7.0 and MS Access 2000 databases using SQL 7.0 Enterprise manager. Utilized Citrix to connect users to IBM Mainframe applications and databases from external and remote sources. Maintained database architecture of Freedom of Information ACT (EFOIA) via IPRO software to scan in Information request into database and track through the VBA interface for tracking of FOIA documents while referencing database, Correspondence Tracking System (CORRTRACK), Waivers & Exemptions (Waivers) and Software Library database (Library). Managed modified and developed forms, reports, and tables as needed. Supported and enhanced web front-end to Microstrategy projects on Intranet servers. Worked with Microstrategy consultants to develop and implement QBE-like web interface to Microstrategy. Maintained security deficiencies were identified and appropriate countermeasures implemented to protect information processed, stored and transported by computer systems. Implemented how data is stored in terms of physical characteristics based on system schema, amount of space and access method. Imported copies of MS Access databases to MS SQL Server testing environment. Modified existing Access forms using Visual Basic. Installed, developed and maintain existing SMS Reports using Crystal Reports 8.0 software tool. Assisted help desk staff with logging calls and maintaining helpdesk database. Provide monthly status reports of database activities and progress of modifications and implementations.

Confidential, Oxon. Hill, MD March 1999 – January 2000
Database Administrator and Test Engineer (Consultant)
Worked as lead analyst for updating and maintaining Oracle database to track IRS Y2K compliance of COTS/GOTS, Unisys 4800/2200, IBM, COBOL, MVS, JCL, TSO/IPF, IMS and CICS products. Worked with consulting team member’s to design, test, setup and maintain MicroStrategy infrastructure test network. Developed methods to reduce company IT costs and helped create improved availability and monitoring of mission critical systems. Created and maintained an Y2K Compliance Tracking Warehouse on MS Access 2000 for interface with system schematic and test plans. Modified string diagrams for connection to MS Access 2000 database. Managed database and produced reports on demand. Tested DB2 and Unisys 2200/4800 modules and code for Year 2000 Compliance. Documented testing parameters and developed interface for documenting mainframe system job runs.

Confidential, Rockville October 1998 – January 1999
Senior Test Engineer (Consultant)
Documented and tested Year 2000 compliance of MS Access 97 databases and COTS/GOTS client/server and CICS applications. Documented and tested applications modules using WinRunner 6.0. Worked as Liaison to Network Administrators group, end user, test bed administrator and Government personnel.

Confidential, DC June 1998 – September 1998
Documented and tested Year 2000 compliance of software applications running in Oracle 7.3, SQL Server 6.5, DB2, C, Powerbuilder, dBase, COBOL, MVS, JCL, TSO/IPF, IMS as well as client/server COTS/COTS applications. Liaison engineer between the government and the local reporting agencies for all issues related to computer systems. Developed 96 published reports in Microstrategy Architect/Agent and deployed. Serve as Network Administrators for testing group, end users, and test-bed administrator and government personnel.

Confidential, Washington, DC January 1997 – May 1998
Oracle Consultant
Performed logical and physical design of PL/SQL blocks to filter data from various regional Air Traffic Services Systems into Y2K Compliance Database System running on Oracle 8.0. Maintained security to implement and protect information processed, stored and transported by computer systems. Used Oracle Developer 2000, Designer 2000, and Report Writer 2000 to develop Air Traffic Services, Y2K Warehouse Database & Web pages, and Web forms/reports and link them to the Main FAA Y2K Web site. Managed database and produced Data Mart for regional Management reports on demand.

Confidential, DC April 1996 – December 1996
Oracle Programmer (Consultant)
Maintained Oracle 7.0/7.1/7.3 databases and SQL programs for production of the Glenn Asset Management Information Mainframe System (GAMIS). Verified Oracle PL/SQL triggers data and managed SQL statements to convert Oracle data through INFOPUMP to Lotus Notes 4.x National Database. Managed information processed, stored and transported by computer systems. I also developed and modified SQL statements and Oracle Forms for users as needed. Worked as team member for configuration management and version control. Coordinate activity with other GSA systems such as Comprehensive Human Resources Integrated System (CHRIS), Oracle US Federal Human Resources (OFHR) application and Payroll, Accounting, and Reporting (PAR). Integrated and developed MapInfo software mapping designs and produce a variety of maps for use by regional access groups in the field, for local government partners, for public use with Client data releases and congressional redistricting.

Confidential, Washington, DC October 1995 – March 1996
Oracle Applications Developer (Consultant)
I developed and modified Oracle 7.0 tables, queries, and SQL statements as well as C programs for data conversion from dBase IV, Paradox, and Clipper database files. Ran a dual test of Oracle Databases to ensure client data is in proper payment and campaign format. Converted and maintained database architecture for merging of daily system work. Maintained sales and management reports daily. Assisted Network Administrator with additional duties and responsibilities as requested.

Confidential, DC July 1993 – September 1995
Oracle DBA/Adabas Natural Support (Consultant)
Provided national DBA support for Oracle 7.0 Database of the Third Party Draft system. Maintained and modified PL/SQL triggers updated, treasury limit for drafts produced from Oracle Database. Developed forms and reports using Oracle software product provided. Responsible for migration from Oracle 6.0 to Oracle 7.0. Act as Liaison with the region to maintain data integrity, speed, maximum performance of data resources and to reduce redundantly storing of third party common data to system. Responsible for maintenance of C Programs as well as several multi-users Anabas Natural applications programs utilizing COBOL, MVS, JCL, TSO/IPF, IMS applications. Maintained sharing of data from Database and Natural2 system among users. Produced reports on demand from mainframe system for management.

Confidential, Arlington VA September 1992 – June 1993
Mounted tapes for system request on VAX 8550 system. Logged tapes and maintain the database of quarterly jobs. Run Biweekly backups of Oracle 6.0 file. Modified and developed C Programs for users. Back-up to system Administrator for system monitoring. Modify forms and reports, as needed using Oracle software product provided.

Confidential, DC December 1987 – August 1992
Managed and processed tapes library of financial institutions that are participants in the Government National Mortgage Associations (GNMA) program. Test tapes for conversion from hard copy to magnetic media. Act as Liaison between data processing and system personnel in order to maintain proper COBOL Reporting specifications. Managed information processed, stored and transported by computer systems. Prepared files for batch processing and transmission to mainframe system via gateway technologies utilized COBOL, MVS, JCL, TSO/IPF, IMS, SPSF and CICS technologies. Also, responsible for system backup files and operation and maintenance of office database using DBASE III Plus software.

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