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Oracle Dba Resume


Over 10 years of IT and Oracle DBA experience in Oracle 8i/9i/10g database implementation, administration, tuning and troubleshooting.

  • Good exposure in complete range of Oracle DBA activities including day-to-day production database monitoring, Backup & Recovery using RMAN, Troubleshooting production issues, Performance Tuning, Physical Database design, Extensive SQL and PL/SQL skills.
  • Proactive monitoring of the database using third-party tools, providing extensive support for Application Development Team for fine tuning applications and resolving the issues.
  • Good working experience with Oracle 10g on UNIX and Windows platforms supporting OLTP and Data Warehouse projects. Expertise in SQL code analysis and ETL transformations.
  • Experience in Oracle 8i/ 9i/10g Database planning, installations, upgradation and migrations.
  • Installed, Configured and Administered Production databases for 24x7 availability for auditing, monitoring.
  • Configured Standby database (Data Guard) for BCP/DRP (Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recover Plan).
  • Monitoring and optimizing the Database Performances through Database Tuning, System Tuning and Application Tuning using AWR, ADDM, DBMS_SQLTUNE, SQL ADVISOR, DBMS_STATS, Explain Plan, SQL*Trace, TKPROF.
  • Good Exposure to Spontaneous User support systems.
  • Expertise in ER modeling to enhance or correct any logical, physical database design.
  • 24*7 Production Database Support to ensure availability, efficiency and recoverability.
  • An excellent communicator with ability to work independently as well as collaboratively in team environment to contribute problem-solving strategies. At ease in interacting with people at all levels, able to work under pressure.
  • Excellent interpersonal, analytical, communication and detail oriented organizational skills.


Masters in Computer Science
Bachelors in Computer Science

Technical Skills

RDBMS : Oracle 8i/9i/10 g, SQL Server 2000, MS Access, MS SQL SERVER,
Data Normalization and ERD Design, E/R data modeling

Languages : Oracle PL/SQL & SQL programming embedded in Pro*C, C & C++,
Object oriented programming on Java, VB, Kernel Programming,
Network Programming on TCP/UDP, RPG II, RPG 400, Pascal,
GW-Basic, COBOL, FORTRAN, Prolog, Lisp, PC Assembly, UNIX
& Linux Shell Scripting, Perl Scripting

GUI Tools : VB, Python, Developer 2000, MS Visio 2000, Dream Weaver

Tools & Utilities : Data Pump export and Import, TOAD, ASM, Data Guard,
Flashback, AWR, ADDM, Statspack, Tkprof, DBCA, SQL Loader
Design tools, Real application clusters (RAC), RMAN,
Oracle 10g Enterprise Manager, REMEDY, Designer 2000,
MS-Visio, MATLAB, TCP/IP, UDP, Crystal Report Generator

Reporting Tools : Oracle 8i, 10 g Forms & Reports IDE Developer,
Crystal Report Generator

Hardware Platforms : UNIX, Linux, ETL, AIX, RAC, MS Windows, 95/98/Me, 2000, NT, XP,
Macintosh, Digital UNIX, Red Hat Linux, Sun-Solaris 2.6/2.5x,
AS 400 configuration, Microsoft and UNIX SQL Server

Professional Experience:

Confidential, Oaks PA Dec 10’ - Dec 11’
(10g ,11g Production Support, performance monitoring, Application tuning)

  • Implement Database design and improvements to existing systems.
  • Implement and maintain database security (create and maintain users and roles, assign privileges).
  • Database tuning and performance monitoring.
  • administer, develop, maintain and implement the policies and procedures necessary to ensure the security and integrity of the corporate database
  • Initiate, manage and monitor database deployments across platform for 10g, 11g.
  • Application tuning and performance monitoring.
  • Setup and maintain documentation and standards.
  • Plan growth and changes (capacity planning).
  • Work as part of a team and provide 724 supports when required.
  • Do general technical trouble shooting and give consultation to development teams.
  • Installation, configuration and upgrading of Oracle server/ Microsoft SQL server/MySQL/ software and related products.
  • Evaluate MSSQL/MySQL/Oracle features and MSSQL/MySQL/Oracle related products.
  • Establish and maintain sound backup and recovery policies and procedures.
  • Interface with MSSQL/MySQL/Oracle for technical support.
  • ITIL Skill set requirement (Problem Management/Incident Management/Chain Management etc)

Environment: Oracle 10g /11 g, Sun Solaris 10, Linux, SQL*Plus, UNIX Shell Scripting, KSH, SQL*LOADER, OEM, RMAN, Export/Import, SQL * Loader, TKPROF, Materialized Views, Replication, Informatica ETL

Confidential, Knoxville TN May 09’ - Dec 10’
(9i, 10g Production Support, Performance Tuning)

  • Manage and maintain all production and non-production databases and replication servers, Implementation of best practices for database administration.
  • Proactively monitor data and replication servers for resource utilization and provide ongoing trend analysis for determining current need and forecasting future resource requirements.
  • Plan, coordinate and implement security/audit measures to protect data in accordance with company policies as well as statutory requirements.
  • Responsible for database operations, security administration, object administration, space management and database auditing, cost-savings and efficiency improvements.
  • Perform backups and recover, consistency checking, and loading and unloading data,
  • Schedule and perform upgrades to the development test and production versions, Database migration, replication, performance tuning and monitor
  • Manage elements including the creation, deletion and copying of schemas, tables, views, indexes, stored procedures, triggers and declarative integrity constraints, Implement and improve workflows, as well as assign projects.
  • Approve, schedule, plan and supervise the installation of new tools and applications, as well as new databases
  • Designing and implementing database backup plans, disaster planning and recovery strategies.

Environment: Oracle 9i/10g, UNIX/Linux, Sun Solaris, RMAN,PL/SQL,UNIX Shell Scripting, Oracle OEM ,Impdp/Expdp, STATSPACK, AWR, EXPLAIN PLAN, TKPROF, Cron scripting, DBMS Scheduler, RMAN backup scripting, SQL Server, Sybase.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC Aug ’08 – May ’09
Oracle 9i, 10g Installations, Performance tuning, Implementation of RMAN


  • Managed Installation, Configuration and Administration of Oracle 8i/9i/10g Databases. Applied Oracle Software patches as required.
  • Actively involved in transferring into new database systems, created instances, reengineered database objects like table, index, DB Link, table space, rollback segments, and views and analyze relevant objects to collect statistics to tune the system performance of the new system.
  • Tested and Implemented different physical and logical backup and Recovery methods like crash point in time recovery, Full/partial export/import.
  • Defined backup procedures alert checking, and remote archive copying, monitoring and tuning database using Cron jobs.
  • Tuned application with EXPLAIN PLAN and TKPROF, analyzing database objects, maintaining the security of the databases.
  • Participated in the development and testing of backup and restore strategies for development and production system.
  • Implemented RMAN on 8i/9i/10g targets on 9i/10g catalogs and formulated shell scripting.

Environment: Oracle 8i/9i/10g, UNIX/Linux, Sun Solaris, Linux RAC, Import/Export,AIX 5.2, RMAN,PL/SQL,UNIX Shell Scripting, Oracle OEM ,Impdp/Expdp, STATSPACK, AWR, EXPLAIN PLAN, TKPROF, Cron scripting, RMAN backup scripting.

Confidential, Alpharetta, GA April 06 – June 08
Upgrade 9i to 10g, Performance tuning and Monitor and Maintenance


  • Typically involved in database designing, creation and maintenance of Oracle 10g on UNIX/Linux and Windows platform.

RAC accomplishments:-

  • Involved in Oracle Cluster ware installation and configuration.
  • Created and maintained databases on Oracle RAC on ASM clusters.
  • Handled maintenance of RAC databases during outages.
  • Managed backup and recovery of RAC databases.
  • Tuned the RAC to gain overall 40% performance improvement.
  • Performed workload distribution strategy for optimal application response time.
  • Performed various OCR recoveries using physical, logical and mirror backups.
  • Performed Node additions whenever needed.
  • Performed Patch upgrades using rolling strategy, with zero down time.
  • Configure database control parameters for database performance, tuning and Monitor the growth of the database objects for capacity planning. Upgrading from 9i to 10g.
  • Monitoring of the archive log transfer at the production site. Day to day monitoring of the Production database and attending to production related issues.
  • Enforce Database Security by Managing user privileges and efficient resource management by assigning profiles to user domains. Data partitioning to improve i/o access, availability.
  • Monitoring Memory , CPU utilization using VMSTAT,IOSTAT, SAR
  • Performing Database Refreshes for testing and development, cold and hot backups and also used Recovery Manager (RMAN) utility to back up, restore, and recover data files, control files, and archived logs.
  • Export and import of database objects using Data pump utilities EXPDP and IMPDP.
  • Tested and Implemented procedures to detect poor database performance, collecting required information, root cause analysis
  • Developed shell scripts and PL/SQL procedures and scheduled Cron Jobs and DBMS_SCHEDULER to monitor the database performance and for user management.
  • Monitoring and tuning of the database performance using STATSPACK, Explain Plan and TKPROF.
  • Optimized tuning of user sessions and system level performance using SQL_TRACE and gathered statistics using DBMS_STAT.
  • Using OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager) for routine administration, database monitoring, replication process and performance tuning.

Environment: Oracle 10g/9i, UNIX/Linux, WINDOWS NT/2000, RAC, RMAN, SQL*Plus, SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Scripting, SQL*LOADER, Oracle OEM, Putty, Import/Export, TOAD, FTP, STATSPACK, AWR, EXPLAIN PLAN, TKPROF

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN June 04 – Mar 06
Upgrade 9i to 10g, Performance tuning and Monitor and Maintenance
DBA - Installation, Tuning and Backup & Recovery


  • Installation and configuration of Oracle 9i on servers Solaris /IBM AIX 5.2
  • Proven experience in defining and implementing Backup/Recovery schemes and Disaster recovery strategies including testing of multiple fail over/ Crashes.
  • Data Analysis & Modeling, User, Security and Space Management.
  • Developed fully automated database Monitoring tools using Scripting, SQL, PL/SQL for administration of Databases, including Alert logs, Wait events, hit ratios, performance / cleaning logs. Also includes scripts for backups [exports / hot backups]
  • Installation, configuration and Upgrading Oracle 8i to Oracle 9i from one server to another with minimum down time.
  • Performance trouble shooting, with reorganization of Databases.
  • Perform Daily monitoring of instances by database auditing, alert log and trace file checking and automatic script scheduling.
  • Implemented 9i new features like Undo tablespace management, reusable space management features.
  • Optimized data loading using SQL*Loader to load different typed of data from flat files to the Oracle server.
  • Net8 Set-ups and configuration for Client-Server connectivity.
  • Actively involved in Replication, Backup Management of Disaster Crash recovery supporting 24-7 assurance.
  • Oracle 8i/9i High-Performance monitoring/tuning with Oracle supplied utilities and third party utilities.

Environment: Oracle 9i/8i, Solaris 8.0, IBM AIX 5.2, SQL*Plus, UNIX Shell Scripting, KSH, SQL*LOADER, OEM, RMAN, RAC, Export/Import, SQL * Loader, TKPROF, Materialized Views, Replication.

Confidential, Newark, DE Nov 02 – May 04
Installation, Security, SQL tuning


  • Responsible for installation, configuration and production support of Oracle 9i Server databases Win NT Servers / Sun Solaris.
  • Optimized tuning of user sessions and system level performance using SQL_TRACE, Oracle-supplied tuning utilities.
  • Coordinated Design, Development, Testing and Phases to ensure high user performance and system throughput.
  • Implemented standard Database Security features using profiles, password files and Audited Database Activity all levels.
  • Optimized init.ora parameters dynamically to tune application design and user level applications.
  • Actively involved in strategic Backup, Restore and Recovery using RMAN for complete recoverability.
  • Wrote PL/SQL scripts for loading the Data and checking the performance issues.
  • Monitoring and sizing of the undo table space using Undo Advisor to accommodate bulk transactions.
  • Creating database links for data transfer to support distributed transactions.
  • Extensive performance tuning, memory (SGA) tuning using Explain plan, SQL Trace, Tkprof.
  • Implemented multiplexing of control files and redo-logs for disaster recovery.
  • Movement of databases and data as part of database consolidation.
  • Migration/Conversion and up gradation of Database (V8i – V9i).
  • Developed shell scripts, PL/SQL procedures to monitor the databases and scheduled UNIX cron jobs and Oracle DBMS_SCHEDULER.

Environment: Oracle 8i/9i, SUN SOLARIS 8, RAID, OEM,Import/Export, SQL* LOADER, XML DB, RMAN, STATSPACK, OEM,EXPLAIN PLAN, TKPROF, SQL, PL/SQL, TOAD, Windows NT/2000, K-Shell Scripts , Cron Scripts.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA Jan ’01 – Sep ’02
Installation, Monitoring, Tuning and Maintenance


  • Database Installations, Creations and Upgrades of 8i/9i on Sun Solaris / Linux.
  • Enhance Database Logical and physical models of databases and migration & conversion of existing data
  • Structuring Data Migration & Data Cleansing activities
  • Worked closely with Vendors, in house developers to achieve maximum application performance.
  • Tuned and Configured Oracle databases for better performance in OLTP and OLAP environments.
  • Developed shell scripts, PL/SQL procedures to monitor the databases and scheduled UNIX Cron jobs and Oracle DBMS_JOBS.
  • Worked closely with developers in Tuning PL*SQL/ SQL code, getting database connection from the client using SQL * net and Net8.
  • Planned /tested /documented /Implemented backup-recovery policies, including auto export / hot backups.
  • Performed Database Tuning for Oracle 8i & 9i server’s kernel parameters, SGA, CPU utilization and redo log tuning.
  • Actively involved in Managing, Monitoring, Supporting a mission-critical system for disaster recovery.

Environment: Oracle 8i/9i, SUN Solaris, Windows NT/2000, Data warehouse, SQL* LOADER, Materialized Views, Replication, Net Backup, Import/Export, TCP/IP, EXPLAIN PLAN, TKPROF, SQL, PL/SQL, Perl scripting.

Confidential, Austin, TX Aug 99 – Dec 00
Installation, Logical Physical Design, Monitoring, Tuning and Maintenance


  • Installed and migrated Oracle Servers on Sun Solaris, Linux and Windows. Performed database maintenance using Oracle Tools and Utilities like Server Manager, Clintrace, and SQL Plus.
  • Installed, configured and maintained hot standby database for high availability. Cloned databases for developers testing. Loaded data SQL*Loader. Executed hot, cold and logical backup and restore procedures. Managed system resources creating user profiles and roles.
  • Managed databases including Space Management, Rollback segments and Extents management, tablespaces and datafiles management, monitoring and resizing. Multiplexed control files and redo groups’ members and replicated data using snapshots and db links.
  • Performed Performance monitoring and tuning through Alert and Trace logs for problem queries, tuned Shared Pool size, Library Cache, Buffer Cache, used oracle database block size efficiently, optimized sorts operations, monitored tablespace I/O, tuned rollback segments and monitored and detected locks and latch contentions and eliminated the dead locks.
  • Coordinated with database administrators, application developers ensure that applications code and databases were configured for optimal performance.
  • Scripts for Complete and Hot backup, tuning the database, Security Management using roles and privileges.
  • Developing stored procedures, packages, functions and database triggers.

Environment: Oracle 8i/9i, Computerization of Ration Card – A Database where daily around 50MB transactions were getting inserted. Data warehouse, SQL* LOADER, Materialized Views, Import/Export, VAX-VMS, Shell Scripts, EXPLAIN PLAN, TKPROF.

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