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Senior Database Administrator Resume

Malvern, PA

Career Summary: Certified Oracle DBA with over fifteen-year proven US working experience of database design, administration, programming and trouble shooting on UNIX, Windows and Linux. Administer UNIX system. Shell scripting. Implement, upgrade and manage Oracle, PeopleSoft and other applications. Good communication skills. Also have couple years SQL Server DBA experience. Technical guru strong at problems solving and quick learner with leadership abilities motivated to explore new technologies to drive profits, lead projects and acted as mentor for Junior Oracle DBAs. Work well independently and fit perfectly into team.

Work Status: Permanent Resident – Green Card Holder.
Telecommute: Yes.
Relocation: No.
Education: MS in Management Information Systems

Professional Training: Advanced system analysis, design, test and implementation. Oracle database administration, performance tuning, backup and recovery. Oracle Applications 11i installation, maintenance and upgrade. RAC configuration. Project management with SDLC. Solaris system administration. Shell scripts. Java programming.

Computer Skills: Oracle 7, 8, 8i, 9i,10g and 11g (SQL*Plus, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader, OEM/GRID, Recovery Manager, CRS, Data Replication, Streams, Designer, Net, Parallel Processing, Import/Export, Datapump, ASM, OPS/RAC, JVM, Jdeveloper, Data Guard-Physical/Logical Standby Database, Data Guard Broker, Failsafe, GoldenGate, Virtual Private Database, Label Security, XML DB, XDK etc) Oracle Application Server MS SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008 HTML SQL BMC Patrol/SQL BackTrack IBM Tivoli Precise/Indepth for Oracle Quest TOAD Quest SQL Navigator Windows UNIX (Solaris, HP, AIX) Linux shell programming perl X-Windows Java J2EE XML Three-tier System ODBC SDLC.

Hardware: SUN servers EMC Symmetrix and Clariion HP servers IBM Servers Red Hat Linux Servers Windows Servers virtual machine VMware Servers.

Application Packages: Oracle Financials PeopleSoft Financials, HR, CRM, SAP and various other applications.

Data Modeling and CASE Tools: Entity-Relationship Diagram Object-Oriented Model CA ERwin Oracle Designer.

Experience and Achievements:

Confidential, Philadephia, PA, 12/2011 to present
Database Consultant

Manage and upgrade oracle 10g and 11g databases supporting data warehouse with Cognos BI, Cost Point, Foot Print and other applications. Duties cover 24/7 database support, database trouble shooting, backup and recovery, performance tuning and optimization and solve other event driven issues. Install oracle 11g2, Failsafe 3.4.2 and upgrade 10g databases to 11g2 on active/passive clusters, virtual and physical computers. Refresh data between production, QA and test databases using data pump and rman.
  • Help to manage corporation SQL Server 2008 and 2005 databases that support Great Plains and other applications. Work on various kinds of service requests and tickets to generate reports, create records, refresh databases, resize database files to free space and other jobs.

Confidential, Malvern, PA, 7/2010- 11/2011
Database Consultant – Assigned to IBM Global Services to work remotely for Kaiser Permanente.

  • Join IBM Oracle DBA team to should oncall duties to support 24/7 high availability database support and solve various event driven incidents as batch job failures, database/instance/listener/agent crashes, space problem, job failures, alert errors, backup/export/datapump issues, locking sessions, database wait events, memory fragmentation, extended long transactions, slow queries, disaster recovery etc to meet stringent SLA and achieve clients satisfaction. Work and complete various service requests and problem tickets simultaneously on time.
  • Configure, build and maintain Standby Databases with RMAN, Dataguard Broker and other tools to support Call Center, PeopleSoft and other key applications. Backup, restore and recovery databases with RMAN.
  • Install oracle software, create and upgrade databases, apply patches on various platforms – UNIX, Linux and Windows.
  • Create detailed steps and checklist to upgrade CRS, ASM instances and RAC and single instance databases to from 10g to 11g. Apply various database patches.
  • Install 11g CRS. Configure, build and manage 11g ASM instances, 11g RAC and single instance databases. Install agents, configure GRID targets and trouble shooting GRID issues.
  • Support various database applications using Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g and 11g running on Solaris, HP, AIX, Linux and Windows. Create checklist and coordinate work among different teams to successfully apply Oracle cpu patches routinely.
  • Worked on pilot testing of Golden Gate as new replication tools.

Confidential, Malvern, PA – Phoenix, AZ, 11/2005 to 5/2010
Database Consultant – Assigned to IBM Global Services to work remotely and onsite for America Express, Ameriprise Financial and Panasonic Corporation.

  • Join IBM Oracle Team to handle STAR projects for disaster recovery, upgrade and migration solutions of distributed Oracle database systems.
  • Database clone with RMAN to recover accidentally truncated partitions and dropped tables. Full database and incomplete database recoveries. Recover tablespaces and corrupt datafiles.
  • Design and work on hot and cold backup procedures with RMAN using shell scripts and three-tier OEM GRID. Configure steps to access databases through web browser. Install and configure BMC Patrol to monitor Oracle servers.
  • Implement, upgrade, manage and trouble shooting RAC using CFS, OCFS and raw partitions on Solaris, Linux and AIX to support BIDS, GAN, Charles River, SAP applications. Shoulder on-call duties to solve event driven issues to meet SLA requirements.
  • Redesign BMCPP databases with partitioning, parallel processing, space management and other strategies to improve system performance by 30 percent.
  • Set up database audits and generate audit log files for analyses and monitoring to timely detect suspicious activities against company systems.

Confidential, Wilmington, DE, 04/2005 to 08/2005
Senior Database Administrator

  • Support Bank customer/transaction Oracle databases for 24/7 operations by thousands of concurrent users, marketing campaigns and PeopleSoft applications.
  • Rebuild big tables by range, hash and composite partitioning to improve performance and data manageability. Tuning SGA to add keep pool and recycle pool. Programming in shell and perl scripts to schedule database maintenance jobs, load data into databases and transfer data to company data warehouse.

Confidential, Wilmington, DE, 11/2004-03/2005
Database Consultant – Assigned to Corporation Service Company in Wilmington.

  • Lead project to move Oracle 8i and 9i databases from Solaris to Red Hat Linux to reduce cost. Create plans to test and configure Oracle RAC on Linux Red Hat AS.
  • Troubleshoot Oracle network issues among different servers. Solve severe security and performance issues caused by database links. Set up OFA and standardize other parameter values to improve database configuration and layout.
  • Implement and configure Oracle 11i Financials and 9i Application Server. Use RMAN to backup and duplicate production databases to QA and development to improve support for Oracle 11i Financials, Documentum and other applications.

Confidential, St. Louis, MO, 03/2004-11/2004
Database Consultant – Assigned to Mastercard International in St. Louis.

  • Join the team to manage company wide 15-terabyte Data Warehouse built with Oracle OPS/RAC on Solaris using EMC technologies and other Decision Support Oracle Database Systems and Oracle 11i Financials.
  • Redefine data mart with more complex star schemas to support OLAP functions to meet new business intelligence requirements. Implement data aggregation with Oracle ETL tools. Using composite partitioning, summary tables, parallel processing to improve reporting tools to keep the project within the schedule.
  • Detect resource intensive queries for SQL tuning with TKPROF, AUTOTRACE, SQL Analyze, EXPLAIN PLAN and Precise/Indepth for Oracle.
  • Migrate backup and recovery from BMC SQL BackTrack to Oracle RMAN to greatly lower cost.

Confidential, Lancaster, PA 05/2002-01/2004
Senior Database Administrator

  • Launch Phoenix – web-based system following J2EE standards to collect store data. Support terabyte system InfiNet to provide retailing information online. Create database design standards, maintenance procedures and access rules. Logical and physical design using Oracle Designer 6i as part of SDLC.
  • Set up OEM with OMS and STATSPACK to administer databases. Use Virtual Private Database to improve security and performance. Use Materialized Views to cut OLAP queries to minutes. Manage SQL Server 2000, Oracle 8i/9i on Windows.

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA 10/1999-02/2002
Senior Database Administrator -- Design and support online Store databases using Oracle 7/8i ensure 24/7 operations. Implement RMAN to cut database down time to few minutes. Redesign Data Warehouse with star schemas running Microstrategy OLAP and improve performance by 30 percent. Develop Accucast email system that saves company one million dollars annually.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA 1999-1999
Technical Consultant – Consult on Oracle and PeopleSoft applications.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA 1998-1999

Database Administrator/Developer -- Convert Virtuoso customer care and billing application from Sybase to Oracle 8 OPS on HP-UX to support ten million cell phone accounts in terabytes.

Confidential, St. Louis, MO, 1996-1998
Database/System Administrator -- Build SLIIIS with Oracle 7 and manage SUN server.

Business Functions: Internet Operations, E Commerce, Marketing, Consulting, OLTP, OLAP, Data Warehousing, Data Mart, ETL, Data Analysis, Data Mining, Insurance, Brokerage, Telecommunication, Health Care, Resource Management, Customer Relations, Trading, Inventory, Financials, HR, Banking and Credit Cards.

References: Available.

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