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Sr. Oracle Dba/developer Resume


  • Sixteen years Experience in full life cycle software development, including business requirement gathering, system analysis, design, development, documentation, testing/quality assurance and deployment.
  • Four years Experience with Agile methodology
  • Extensive experience in eGovernment applications development
  • Excellent multiple hardware, Operating System platform and programming language skills
  • Solid background in data modeling and database design,
  • In depth experience in Oracle database architecture, Oracle database development, Oracle database administration, database/SQL performance tuning, Data Warehouse
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, ability to isolate and resolve problems in timely manner
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Highly motivated, flexible with assignments involved in wide range of skill sets


Databases: Oracle 9i/10g/11g, MySQL 5.x, MS ACCESS, ODBC, JDBC, SQL Server
Database/ETL/BI Tools: OEM, RMAN, EXP/IMP, Data Pump (expdp/impdp), SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader, SQL*Net, Oracle Data Warehouse Builder, Oracle BI Discoverer, Crystal Reports, SQL Developer, Oracle Developer Suite, TOAD, SQL Navigator, DBArtisan, Erwin, ER/Studio, ModelRight, MySQL Administer, MySQL Query Browser, mysqldump
Operating Systems: IBM AIX /Sun Solaris/HP-UX, Linux, Windows NT/2003/XP, Mac OS X
Programming: SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Scripting (bash, korn,etc), crontab, Java, C/C++/ Pro*C, OCI, JavaScript, XML/DTD/SCHEMA, DOM/SAX, HTML,/XHTML
Supporting Tools: Eclipse, Subversion, PVCS/CVS, SSH_SCP/PuTTY


Senior Oracle Developer Confidential, 11955 Democracy Dr. #1620, Reston, VA 20190 (03/2010 – 04/2012)

  • Developed and maintained US Forest Service IWEB applications.
  • Provided IWEB backend supports such migrating old system into redesigned system; customizing cascading database deletion; automating email delivery on scheduled Oracle jobs; Tuning complex queries in Oracle Views, Oracle Materialized Views, code development (PL/SQL), ensuing Row-level security; Developing Oracle triggers; Fixing Oracle mutating trigger table errors
  • Performed Data Steward responsibilities to ensure IWEB enterprise data integrity.
  • Developed Oracle Discoverer reports from CDW data warehouse
  • Trouble-shoot Oracle 11g migration problems and provided solutions

Senior Oracle DBA (08/2007 – 02/2010)
Confidential, 24725 W 12 Mile Rd., Ste 115, Southfield, MI 48034

  • Worked at DTIC (DoD Technical Information Center) supporting various DOD websites on over 75 Oracle and 50 MySQL databases hosted on NIPRnet and SIPRnet
  • Provided guidance to web application development teams on the best use of the databases and applying DBMS technologies in web environments.
  • Provided troubleshooting expertise on Sun Solaris database issues
  • Created highly customized reports for the Military Interdepartmental purchase request (MIPR) which boosted the productivity of the end users
  • Applied Agile method to better adapt to the business requirements changes; quickly designed and coded/implemented the following applications with scrum teams:
  • DoD Annual Freedom of Information Act Report (FOIA) Web system
  • Defense Solution Web application
  • The Science, Mathematics, and Research for Transformation (SMART) Web program
  • DITC Registration Access Control Web application
  • Installed Oracle 10g R1, upgraded it to R2 and applied database patches
  • Redesigned JIS Oracle database. Migrated legacy JIS database to the new design using PL/SQL.
  • Developed a comprehensive Unix bash script to generate shell scripts based on FAST environment configuration XML files, this simplifies tedious FAST Personal Search (the DTIC Online Expert Search application) administration tasks
  • Developed a recursive function in MySQL to maintain tree structure data (unlike Oracle, MySQL lacks native support for hierarchical data)

Senior Oracle DBA /IT Specialist (03/2006 – 08/2007)
US Postal Service Office of Inspector General,Confidential, Arlington, VA 22209

  • Supported US Postal Service Office of Inspector General (USPS OIG) Computer Assisted Assessment Techniques (CAATs) Continuous Monitoring System (CCMS)
  • As an Oracle DBA, performed day-to-day database administration including software installation, migration, network configuration, performance tuning, backup/recovery, security, etc.
  • Developed backup and recovery policies and procedures on 500GB CCMSP data warehouse
  • Recovered a corrupted production database
  • Developed Windows scripts to automate routing database maintenance tasks.
  • Configured Windows Registry on the database servers to automatically start up databases in case of unexpected database server shutdowns
  • Trouble-shooting various Oracle related problems such as in using database links, materialize view, SQL*loader, Export, Import, SQL hanging issues, etc.
  • Performing application/SQL tuning, employing advanced Oracle technologies such as partitioning, function indexes, bitmap indexes, etc.
  • Identified loopholes and fixed the bugs in the ETL processes that load data into CCMSP from various USPS operational systems.
  • Provided consultations to USPS auditors to conduct their audits on USPS production database systems
  • Coordinating with the system and network group on server and database maintianace activities
  • Developed the New Generation CAATs Continuous Monitoring WEB system (CCMS WEB)
  • Built and configured a new Oracle 10g development database CCMSD by cloning the production CCMSP
  • Collected user requirements, writing user requirement documents, developing project plans
  • Performed logical and physical modeling on CCMS Finance subject area
  • Designed CCMS WEB security features
  • Recommended and implemented the table-driven solution in controlling CCMS WEB accessibility based on the user’s roles of auditors, investigators and managers in the OIG
  • Promoted best practice, setup naming convention standards and write coding guidance in CCMS Oracle development
Senior Software System Technologist (05/2005 – 03/2006) Confidential, Alexandria, VA 22314
  • Supported US Patent and Trademark Office PASS and EPOSCAN system
  • Tuned PASS staging database to make a day-lasting-cascading delete SQL statement executed in seconds
  • Developed PL/SQL stored procedures with the implementation of Oracle binding variables and dynamic SQLs to gain performance for PASS reporting system, designed the interface to Jasper Reports
  • Worked closely with clients to understand their needs/requirements and provided solutions
Application Software Engineer Staff IV(07/2002- 05/2005) Confidential, Information Technology Business Unit in Arlington, VA 20222
  • Supported US Patent and Trademark Office Patent Application Security System (PASS)
  • Migrated Oracle 8i PASS multi-million records database to 9i on HP-UX platform.
  • Performed database, SQL tuning, and java beans coding in supporting ePASS Struts WEB application
  • Resolved a PASS production crisis that PASS was freeze up due to a database deadlock. My code ensures the WEB accesses concurrency without paralyzing the system
  • Developed PL/SQL stored procedures/packages to simplify tedious and error-prone data loading routines. The package improved an average 4-hour-manual process down to a 15-minute-background process and reduced the maintenance effort greatly
  • Supported US Patent and Trademark Office Patent Application Examination and Post-Examination system (EXPO)
  • Effectively interfaced with users to gather requirements, developed and maintained Crystal Enterprise web reporting system
  • Combined with Crystal Business Intelligence features and JSP technology, developed an EXPO decision support navigating reporting system that allow users to access reports on-line in drilling down manner
Senior Oracle DBA Confidential, Reston, VA 20191 (09/2000 – 06/2002)
  • Developed US Copyright Office Electronic Registration, Recordation & Deposit System (CORDS)
  • Worked with Subject Matter Experts and analyzed CORDS business requirements and CORDS legacy system
  • Design, modeled and built CORDS data warehouse using Star dimensional modeling techniques
  • Performed sizing of fact and dimensions, table storage management, scalability studies on different dimensional schemas;
  • On IBM AIX, Installed Oracle 8i, performed disk space allocation, storage capacity planning, created and configured CORDS database, developed database backup/recovery strategies
  • Performed a crash recovery on CORDS database due to power outage
  • Developed the ETL processes to extract/load legacy from the Berkeley DB to CORDS data warehouse
  • Designed Copyright application XML document DTD/Schema and tried to adopt industry best practices
Oracle DBA Confidential, Vienna, VA 22182 (04/1999 - 09/2000)
  • Provided database administration and supported FDA regulated America Red Cross 38 regional production blood bank database systems in Sun Solaris platform
  • Senior Consultant II Booz-Allen & Hamilton Inc., McLEAN, VA 22102 (05/1997 - 04/1999)
  • Supported US Patent and Trademark Office Patent Application Location and Monitoring system (PALM)
  • Developed ETL process to extract data from PTO’s A16 legacy system and loaded to PALM database
  • Supported US FDA Field Accomplishments and Compliance Tracking System (FACTS)
  • Developed ETL process to integrate FDA legacy system to FACTS database

Senior Systems Analyst Confidential, Falls Church, VA 22043 (12/1996 - 05/1997)

  • Worked on US IRS Tax System Modernization project
  • Modeled and built terabyte benchmark database in Oracle and DB2
  • Supported US Congress database for congressional related material publications and online full text searching services
  • Software Engineer Echo Management Group, Oakland, CA 94612 (06/1991 - 06/1995)
  • Developed client tracking and billing system for mental health organizations
  • Developed US Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) automated Medicaid/Medicare claim system in SQL Server database
  • Developed highly customized reports and state mandatory reports for Texas Mental Health and Mental Retardation Authority (TMHMRA) and for Ohio Department of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities (MRDD) involving database design, analysis and evaluation

M.S. in Computer Science
B.S. in Computer Engineering


Oracle workshops on Oracle Database Security, June 2009
Various Oracle workshops on BI, 10g RAC, 10gR2 Grid Control, July 2008
MySQL for the Oracle DBA by carahsoft, January 2008
EclipseWorld 2007, November 2007
Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment, July 2007
Microsoft Project by New Horizons, May 2007
Data Warehousing by Kimbal Group, October 2004
Oracle 10g: New Features by Oracle, July 2004
Build a Data Warehouse In Ninety Days by Informatica, March 2004
Rational Rose (CBT) by IBM, October 2003
IBM Websphere by Lockheed Martin, July 2003
Crystal Report I & II by Seagate, September 2002
Oracle 9i: New Features for Administrators by Oracle, October 2002
XML/DTD/XMLSCHEMA by W3 Schools, August 2001
Oracle 8i: New Features for Administrators by Oracle, April 2001
Understand UML by TRW, April 2000
OO Concepts for Developer & Integrators by TRW, December 1999
Developing a Web Site by Learning Tree International, November 1998
Introduction to Capability Maturity Model for Software by TRW, February 1997
Administer the Oracle7 Database by Oracle, March 1996
RDB Administration by DEC, February 1993


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