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Oracle Database Administrator Resume


7+ years of experience in IT field with strong conceptual skills in development, production database administration. . Extensive experience across multiple DBMS and platforms provides a strong aptitude for multidimensional database design coupled with a robust operational architecture.

  • Oracle DBA expert with primary proficiency in installing, upgrading, administering of multiple Oracle Enterprise Edition 8i,9i,10g,11g databases in Linux, HP-UX, IBM-AIX, Sun Solaris and Windows Environments.
  • Oracle DBA, providing 24/7 support of both development and production on different versions of database on Various Platforms.
  • Experience with installation and configuration of Oracle RAC(Real Application Clusters) 11gr2 and 10g including ASM
  • Experience in configuring & upgrading OEM Grid control from 10g to 11g
  • Expertise with Backup & Recovery (complete & incomplete) of database using hot, cold procedures and RMAN.
  • Experienced in troubleshooting traditional export/import and datapump export/import.
  • Experienced in installing Oracle 11g Agent on DB server.
  • Worked on implementing Disaster recovery system, using RMAN for the data guard configuration
  • Expertise in Upgrade of oracle database to higher version and other platforms.
  • Expertise in Migration of oracle database to other platforms using Oracle Data Migration Assistant.
  • Experience in SQL query tuning & database tuning using AWR, STATSPACK, Explain Plan and tkprof.
  • Good experience in Transportable Table spaces, SQL Tuning Advisor, Flashback Table, Table space Management, Materialized Views, and Oracle Streams.
  • Worked as a team with Middleware & IDM to solve those application related issues from the Database side.
  • Handling tools such as Toad, SQL*Navigator, SQL*Advantage and OEM.
  • Experience in capacity planning, space management and resource management.
  • Involved in installation of Oracle 10g ( Application server with various middle-tier components (portals & wireless) and infrastructure.
  • User & security management including creating users and granting privileges.
  • Monitoring and Management of various Database Components (Logical & Physical) like Table-spaces and Segments for space management.
  • Experience in shell scripting and scheduling jobs using cron utility.
  • Monitoring and managing the space usage and table partitioning.
  • Experience working with the client side, doing requirements gathering, providing innovative solutions, client interfacing and support for application and queries.
  • Effective troubleshooting of database and performance problems.
  • Deploying custom scripts in quality developed by the application team.
  • Expertise in reorganizing tables and rebuilding indexes.

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s in Computer Science Engineering


Operating Systems : HP-UX 10.x, 11.x,, AIX 5.1, 5.2, Red Hat Linux RHEL 2.1, 3.x, 4.x
and Windows 95/98/ NT/2000/XP, Sun Solaris
RDBMS : Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i
Languages : SQL, PL/SQL, C, C++, UNIX Shell Scripting
Tools : Recovery Manager (RMAN), OEM, SQL*NET, SQL* LOADER, Oracle


Client: Confidential, Palo Alto, CA June’11 to Present
Oracle Database Administration


  • Experienced working on Oracle 11g/10g RAC databases which includes upgradation of the database to the latest version
  • Configured ASM and handled issues and suggested feasible workarounds for ASM Metadata corruption.
  • Monitoring, identifying areas that need to be improved in the 4-node RAC database using AWR, ADDM, Grid Control
  • Plan, develop and Schedule of the production refreshing, dependency checking and setting up the initialization parameters for standby database as well as tuned SPFILE parameters.
  • Experience in working on performance issues on BI production databases, large OLTP systems
  • Experienced in identifying the high resource consuming queries and worked on their execution plans for the BI loads
  • Handled over 30 Production databases, includes Oracle 11g RAC and NON-RAC, which are of minimum 1TB size.
  • Utilized RMAN for backup and Recovery strategy
  • Implemented disaster recovery system, using RMAN and custom written shell scripts. Create and maintain Oracle Data Guard configuration
  • Experienced working on non-prod databases which are resided on Virtual Machines and understanding the working process.
  • Worked with different middleware & IDM teams to resolve their issues from the database side.
  • Refreshed non-production environment with production using datapump & RMAN
  • Applied patches and database re-organization using oracle enterprise manager (OEM).
  • Rebuilding indexes when needed to avoid fragmentation and improve performance, monitoring index usage and removing unused indexes.
  • Good at managing and monitoring grants, roles, privileges to users, analyze tables to generate and gather stats including verify daily alert logs
  • Database Capacity Planning & configuration (redo and stream sizes), design staging schema.
  • Experience in Identifying the queries utilizing high system resources and advising the solution for those.
  • Regular DBA activities like Undo segments, Rollback segments, database auditing, space management, database issues, locking, managing user groups and tuning.
  • Refreshing schema’s in non-production environment with production backup.

Environment: Oracle 10g/11g, OEM 10g/11g Grid, AWR, Statspack, ADDM, Red hat Linux 2.6, Virtual Machines, Toad, Datapump, SQL Developer

Confidential, King of Prussia, PA Aug’10 to May’11
Oracle Database Administration

SEI is a leading global provider of asset management. It offers solutions for financial advisors, Institutional investors, private banks and trust institutions. This project deals with Database Migration and Hosting Operations. Upgraded all the databases to be on 11g and RAC for High Availability and scalability. Our team work involves applications to be migrated from different versions and platforms which are located globally in to DCC servers.


  • Worked as an Oracle 10g/11g DBA on Linux & IBM-AIX Environment
  • Administrating Real Application Cluster (RAC) databases running on Cluster File system.
  • Binary installation of Oracle 11g implemented on Oracle Cluster File System (OCFS). Created, Configured and supported several 11g RAC databases with Enterprise Manager Database Grid Control feature. Oracle Critical Patches applied periodically. Served as senior DBA in major installation and creation of large 10g databases for multimode RAC configuration of Production, Development and Functional environments.
  • Configured ASM and handled issues and suggested feasible workarounds for ASM Metadata corruption.
  • Monitoring, identifying areas that need to be improved in the application and database using AWR, ADDM, Grid Monitoring.
  • SQL Queries are tuned using explain plan, AWR report and hit ratios, advise by OEM 10g web grid control.
  • Utilized RMAN for backup and Recovery strategy
  • Cloned database for test environment.
  • Automated UNIX shell scripts to load data into Fact and Dimension tables.
  • Responsible for scheduling and holding design reviews as needed to support the development processes.
  • Expertise on working with data replication & integration using Oracle Streams
  • Created Materialized views, groups for performing SQL*Loader jobs for data loading and use datapump jobs for loading the subscriber and history related data at replicated site.
  • Regular DBA activities like Undo segments, Rollback segments, database auditing, space management, database issues, locking, managing user groups and tuning.
  • Experience with Oracle Streams which enable the propagation and management of data, transactions and events in a data stream either within a database, or from one database to another.
  • Assisting developers in getting database connection from the client using SQL *net and Net8.
  • System wide tuning using UTLBSTAT and UTLESTAT (stat pack).

Environment Oracle 10g/11g OEM GRID, LINUX & IBM-AIX, SQL*Loader, TOAD, RMAN, RAC, Data-pump, Data Guard, Flashback, ADDM, AWR, Statspack

Client: Confidential, Malvern PA Sep’09 to July’10
Oracle Database Administration

Description: Cephalon is a global bio-pharmaceutical company which is driven to expand the science regarding human health. Cephalon science is driven by our commitment to scientific exploration to deliver breakthrough medications to people in need. This project deals with oracle 10g RAC installation including ASM on linux environment, performance tuning using AWR, backup and recovery issues and maintenance of standby database.


  • Configuration of Oracle 10g R2 Grid OEM to monitor database and report on events as defined by the DBA group.
  • Worked on 10g RAC Database and performed all regular tasks
  • Configured and supported several 10g RAC databases with Enterprise Manager Database Control feature. Served in major installation and created large 10g databases for RAC configuration of Production, Development and Functional environments.
  • More than 2 Terabytes of data migrated from Oracle 9i legacy databases to Oracle 10g databases DCC using migration utilities Data Pump, Export and Import (schemas and full database) and Transport Tablespaces for different character sets of databases
  • Involved in troubleshooting of Data Guard problems in RAC
  • Involved in 10g RAC Database cloning and monitoring concurrent manager processing etc.
  • Involved in writing Unix Shell Scripts for concatenation of flat files and getting data from all systems to Data Warehousing System.
  • Installed and configured Oracle RDBMS on UNIX and Windows environments. Creating primary database storage structures
  • Applied patches, keeping applications software bug free, and improving data integrity.
  • Developing, Testing and Implementing Sound backup and Recovery Strategy.
  • Developing Hot, cold and logical backup scripts to automate the backup procedures.
  • Planning for storage spaces requirements and placing them for optimum I/O performance.
  • Tuning the databases for optimal performance.
  • Maintained all documents of Oracle database operations. Prepared documentation of database backup and recovery standards.
  • Oracle Database and Oracle Applications cloning/refresh.

Environment: Oracle 10g RAC, LINUX & IBM-AIX, TOAD, RMAN, Data Guard, SQL Developer, 10g OEM

Confidential, Denver, CO April’08 to Aug’09
Oracle Database Administration

Description: TIAA-CREF is a leading financial services organization. This company is vastly experienced in helping for academic, research and medical fields plan for and live in retirement. This project deals with installation of oracle 9i on windows operating system. Performance tuning was done using the statspack reports and using explain plan, tkprof for the sql statements. Worked on all types of backup and recovery strategies.


  • Worked on Oracle Windows Environment.
  • Experienced Performance Tuning on Oracle 9i
  • Created a script to check the status of running database.
  • Improved a number of monitoring scripts that improve database performance and disk space utilization.
  • On the results of Index monitoring scripts, dropped unused Indexes and moved couple of Indexes to new tablespace.
  • Developed a script to sort the most I/O i.e. read and write operations performed by the Data files.
  • Modified and updated the Performance tuning scripts.
  • Administered Oracle repository for data modeling and database design.
  • Performed Logical backup using and full/partial export/import and Data Pump.
  • Proactively managed the databases; set up notifications, alarms using shell scripts for managing any exceptions in day to day management of the databases.
  • Tuning SQL statements using Explain Plan and STATSPACK. Optimized SQL statements for maximum performance by using TKPROF and EXPLAIN PLAN.

Environment: Oracle 9i, Windows OS, SQL*Loader, Datapump, STATSPACK, RMAN, RAC, DBCA, DBUA

Confidential, India. Jun’06 to Feb’08
Oracle Database Administration


  • Installation of Oracle on UNIX and Windows.
  • Performed installations of oracle 8i and 9i including huge databases.
  • Writing Oracle scripts for the SQL and PL/SQL requirements for various applications.
  • Applied patches, keeping applications software bug free, and improving data integrity.
  • Developing, Testing and Implementing Sound backup and Recovery Strategy.
  • Developing Hot, cold and logical backup scripts to automate the backup procedures.
  • Optimization of the SQL queries to meet the performance requirements.
  • Worked with database export & import scripts to backup database structures and automation procedures.
  • Creating users, granting required roles and allocation of table space quotas.
  • Installation and using Oracle Enterprise Manager for some of the maintenance tasks.
  • Worked with DW team for loading data to warehouse databases.
  • Performed Table space Management and Rollback table space Management.
  • Transaction Management and Security Management.
  • De-fragmentation of database objects
Environment: Oracle 8i&9i, UNIX, Windows NT/2000

Confidential, Hyderabad, India May’05 to Apr’06
Oracle Database Administration

Description:Various management reports are generated and extracted via the product administration systems like the Client Server databases. As a result, it has taken a toll on the response time of daily operations.


  • Export and import utility used to take backup of schemas. Automated jobs using dbms_job package
  • User, roles, profiles and schemas are created. Created Materialized Views to improve database performance
  • Taking Full and incremental backups using backups using RMAN. Manage storage in segments efficiently by reclaiming wasted space, reorganizing tables online, and estimating growth trends. Created tablespaces, and monitored spaces. Tables are Partitioned and indexed to improve performance. Tuned SQL statements using explain plan and tkprof. Created shell scripts, stored procedures, triggers, functions, cursors.

Environment: Oracle 8i, MS SQL SERVER 2000, MS windows 2000.

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