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Sr. Oracle Dba Consultant Resume Profile

Irving, TX


  • More than 8 years of experience as Oracle DBA ,provided frontline DBA support for 24X7 production and development support on Multi terabyte 11gR2/11g/10g/9i/8i RAC and Non-RAC databases. First stabilizing critical and/or deteriorating situations then working toward permanent self-sufficiency, stability, and maintaining defined/expected service levels.
  • Proficient in Oracle Database Design Administration, Backups Recoveries, Performance Monitoring Tuning and Shell Scripting. Good experience in Oracle RAC, ASM, OEM and Data Guard implementation and administration. Good practice in UNIX environments with EMC SAN Storage Systems, VERITAS Net backups, VERITAS Cluster environments on Midrange to Enterprise servers.
  • Experienced on Linux,AIX and Solaris with Oracle10g/11g/11gR2 RAC Real Application Clusters , including all options for storage and justifications for deployment.
  • Good history of creative, maintainable, and robust application-development solutions using UNIX shell scripting and SQL.
  • Experience and knowledge with different PeopleSoft modules HRMS Financial needed to support business critical applications.
  • Experience in database support for People Tools upgrades on both RAC and non-RAC instances.
  • Experience in creating and supporting11.2.0.3 Oracle Single instance using Active/Passive Configuration without RAC.
  • Advanced Performance tuning skills, resolved numerous performance issues, by analyzing trace, AWR base tables to compare explain plans from previous executions and AWR reports to indentify the bottleneck and use SQL profiles/SQL plan baselines, Indexes and hints to optimize the performance issue.
  • Worked with Oracle support team and have knowledge of many underscore parameters that brings consistency in the run time of the SQLs/Jobs and drastically improve the performance.
  • AuthoredUNIXKSH script which was deployed over 450 servers across Citigroup to monitor multiple critical server level and database level events.Script uses a template which can be modified based on the DBA preference of how and when DBA or DEV team needs to be notified. Script has over 2400 lines of code making it self aware and capableof notifying issue in the database or at the server.
  • Authored 30 UNIX scripts compatible in AIX, RHEL and Sun Solaris machines. Scripts include file system monitoring, automated script to take a RMAN backup of the source database and automatically use that backup to refresh the target database without DBA intervention. Script to take parallel export of tables using either conventional exp/imp orexpdp/impdp. Script to spilt a large SQL file with multiple commands and execute it parallel in a database to save the total runtime.
  • Extensive Experience on End-To-End implementation of Data warehouse and Strong understanding of Data warehouse concepts, ETL, Star Schema, Data modeling experience using Normalization, FACT Dimensions tables, Physical Logical data modeling, slowly changing dimensions and surrogate keys.
  • Solid understanding of PeopleSoft/Informatica/Cognos/Jive/IBM Optim technical architecture and tools.
  • Good experience in Transportable Table spaces, SQL Tuning Advisor, Data Pump, Flashback Table, Table space Management, Virtual Private Database, Materialized Views, and Oracle Streams.
  • Hands on experience in setting and maintaining Oracle Implicit or Explicit Oracle CDC Change Data Capture to reduce batch processing times in both OLTP and Data warehouse databases.
  • Experience in installing and configuring IBM Optim Archive tool in Oracle 10g/11g Production Environment.
  • Experience in installing and configuring BMC Patrol monitoring agent in the database server and installing post install packages in the database.
  • Efficient in Optimization, Disk Space management, performance analysis, capacity planning, sizing, analyzing performance statistics and Data modeling.

Technical Skill:


SQL,PL/SQL, Shell Script, awk, sed

Operating System:

UNIX AIX 4.3.3, 5.2, SunOS, HP-UX, AT T , UNIX Shells C, Korn, Bourne Windows NT/2000, NetWare 4.0,MS Windows 2003, 2005 and 2008


Oracle 8.x/9i/10g/11g/11gR2


Developer 2000/6i, SAN, Erwin data Modeler, DB Artisan, IBM Optim, PeopleSoft Financial 8.4/9.1,Peoplesoft HRMS 8.5/9.1, Jive 5.0,Workbrain 5.5,PeopleTools, ORACLE PL/SQL, Visio,Citrix,VMware,SQR,PSAE,PSQuery,BMC Patrol,ResolveIT, Remedy, Infoman change management for RFCs.ASM,Clusterware, Microsoft Excel, Project, Word, PowerPoint, Oracle Enterprise Manager, JIVE 5.2,Informatica 8.1- 8.4,Cognos 7.1 to 8.4, VeritasNetbackup for Oracle.

Administration Tools:

O.E.M., Quest Tools, GRID, SQL Tracing, and Explain Plan,RMAN,SQLT, RDA, OSWatcher , AWR,ADDM,EMC,VERITAS

Netbackup,BMC Patrol

Professional Experience


SR. Oracle DBA Consultant

  • Working as a SR. Oracle DBA Consultant and providing Production and development support for PeopleSoftHRMS OLTP/Data warehouse on 10g/11g/11gR2 OracleRAC databases.
  • Lead DBA for Global Payroll support, which comprise several countries which includes North
  • America, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Barbados, Bermuda Cayman.
  • Implementing Oracle advanced technologies like Real Application Cluster RAC , Automatic Storage Management ASM , Data Guard Physical/Logical standby, partitioning, Database replication etc.
  • Setting up daily monitoring jobs, automatic alert notification when database is down or preset thresholds have been exceeded, installation of new database upgrades, patches, create databases, primary database objects like table spaces, tables, views, synonyms, snapshots, partitioning and sizing tables, indexes etc.
  • Experience in Supporting Oracle Active/Passive databases using Oracle Clusterware and ASM on RHEL 6.1 for Jive social business software Jive software integrates the most powerful capabilities of collaboration, community, and social networking .
  • Set up database users, manage database permissions and setup database roles, and enable database auditing for database security.
  • Performs database re-organizations as required to assist performance and ensure maximum uptime of the database.
  • Performed tasks associated with tuning of database systems for performance and efficiency enhancements, reviewing the logs, available space, configuring the initialization parameters based on application requirements, optimizing complex SQL queries, adhering to the OFA standards, using RAID drives to implement file systems.
  • Managed and maintained UNIX component of vendor and custom applications. Promoted shell scripts from UAT to Production environments. Developed shell scripts for automating environment maintenance jobs e.g. purging application log, monitoring long running SQLs and restarting failed daemons etc.
  • Installation and Configuration of Oracle 9i 10g Real Application Clusters RAC on 3 nodes with Automatic Storage Management ASM .
  • Responsible for maintaining security, implementing audit regulations and generating audit reports for code changes to production databases.
  • Performance tuning of application code as requested by Application Team. The essentials tools used in the process were explain plan, sql trace, tkprof, statspack, data dictionary views and sql query analyzer.
  • Developing and implementing database backup and recovery plans. Capacity Planning, maintaining space in File Systems and tablespaces, Maintaining Undo and temp tablespaces. Monitoring alert log, memory usage, disk I/O, CPU, database network connectivity etc. Tuning Oracle related kernel parameters, Oracle Parameters, SGA, PGA etc. Configuration, Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Oracle Network files like listener, tnsnames. Assisting developers in getting database connection from the client using SQL net. Implementing and troubleshooting ETL methods.
  • Developed UNIX shell scripts to perform the above tasks efficiently.
  • Installation and configuration of BMC Patrol for Oracle database monitoring.
  • Monitoring RAC interconnect traffic and eliminating contention
  • RAC specific performance tuning, implementing load balancing and TAF
  • Installation of Oracle on Standalone and Cluster environment with DMA. User Creation, Role Profile Assignment in DMA with workflow in Linux and AIX environment.
  • Database backup Recovery performed on Archive and non-archive database using RMAN and Data Pump export and Import. Create Backup workflow in DMA.
  • Resolved Performance issues by recommending creation of new indexes, Implementing SQL profile and SQL Plan baselines to stabilize performance of the SQLs.

Environment : IBM AIX 6.1, HP-UX 11i, Sun Solaris 10, RHEL 5.3 Oracle: 10gR2, 11gR2, RAC, ASM, OEM Grid,OID, Datapump, RMAN, SQL Backtrack, ERWin, HP DL580, Veritas Clusters,Veritas Storage Foundation, EMC SAN, Oracle 9i/10g/11g/11gR2, Oracle RAC, Oracle Clusterware, Oracle ASM, Oracle RMAN, Physical/Logical Standby ,Oracle CDC, OEM grid control, Jive 5.1, EMC SAN, EMC Powerpath, Informatica 6/8/9, Cognos, PeopleSoft HRMS 9.0,FIN 8.8.


  • Worked as Sr. Oracle DBA Consultant supporting,performancetuning and upgrading 9i/10g Databases and data warehouse. Worked as Sr. Oracle DBA which includes Installation, maintenance and Support of various Oracle 10g/11g/11gR2 Real Application Cluster databases on Sun Solaris, Windows and Linux OS Environments.
  • Setting up environments, access methods, device allocations, validation checks, database Security, user management and database object Management synonyms, privileges, roles, quotas, table, index, sequence etc. .
  • Tuning, Application Tuning, Security Administration, Data Warehousing, Data Guard, Oracle Advanced Replication
  • Authored KSH scripts to automate refreshing and cloning of databases per customer requirements using RMAN, Data Pump or export import method. The time taken for refresh and restore of a database has been reduced with the scripts and automation.
  • Installing, maintaining and troubleshooting CRS Cluster Ready Services .
  • Implementation of High Availability solutions with Oracle 10g RAC, Physical and Logical Standby Databases Data Guard and Replication using Oracle Streams.
  • Involved in building 2-node RAC with ASM Oracle10g Clusterware for PeopleSoft GL Finance system which is also one of source system for ODW.
  • Involved on testing various failover scenarios while building RAC Instances.
  • Implemented DR in the form of Data Guard -Physical Standby set up for 2 nodes RAC - GL System and single instance for ODW warehouse system.
  • Implemented Supplemented logging Oracle Streams/CDC and also created publisher, subscriber, AQ Tables and streams administrator schema with appropriate privileges and also developed the Deque and Enque procedure.
  • Database performance tuning in order to improve application and database performance give recommendation to application team e.g. Index Scan or Full table scan. Run ADDM, AWR report etc.
  • Troubleshoot critical issue on call like resolving ORA errors in production, check alert log file, trace file etc.
  • Help to design a database and database size and configure Database parameter according to requirements of the application.
  • Worked on tuning long running ETL loads, Cognos OLAP cube build/refreshes and other complex ad-hoc reporting. Used AWR, ASH, SQL Tuning Advisor, ADDM, Explain Plan, Stats gathering etc
  • Worked on facilitating production database implementations like Data fixes to meet the Data quality per Data Governance, huge history data loading etc.

Environment:HP-UX 11i, IBM AIX 5.3, RHEL 5.3 Oracle: 10gR2, 11gR2, RAC, ASM, OEM Grid,OID, Datapump, RMAN, Veritas Clusters,EMC SAN, Oracle 9i/10g/11g/11gR2, Oracle RAC, Oracle Clusterware, Oracle ASM, Oracle RMAN, Physical/Logical Standby ,Oracle CDC, OEM grid control, Informatica 8/9, Cognos, Windows 2008, , SAN, Cognos 7.3-8.4, Informatica 8.1-8.5, GRID, RMAN, DBArtisian, RAC, Datagaurd, Oracle Streams, TOAD, IBM OPTIM, RDA, SQLT, OSWatcher, Peoplesoft Fianancial 8.4.


  • Worked as Sr. Oracle DBA Consultant supporting and upgrading Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11gDatabases RAC on IBM AIX 5.2 Servers.
  • Installation and Configuration of Oracle 10g/11g Real Application Clusters RAC on different nodes with Automatic Storage Management ASM and VERITAS Cluster File system to support large volume.
  • Created Dataguard physical standby database as DR Solution for production database using RMAN create standby database command, also setup Data Guard Broker to manage data guard environment.
  • Worked on Setting up database users, managing database permissions and setting up database roles, and enable database auditing for database security.
  • Configured Oracle Change Data Capture on some of the critical batch tables to reduce the run time of many batch jobs significantly.
  • Worked to set size of System Global Area SGA . Shared pool constituents like cache, checkpoints, storage parameters of application objects like indexes, tables and clusters.
  • Installed Oracle Clusterware, Created ASM Disk groups, Configured public and private network and VIP.
  • Experienced with SRVCTL, OCR and Voting Disk of 10g/11g RAC
  • Developing and Implementing Disaster Recovery DR Plan.
  • Analyzed Tables, Indexes periodically to optimize the SQL queries and assigning proper indexes such as BIT map or B-Tree Index according to requirements.
  • Involved in DATAGUARD Standby setup for high availability and disaster recovery purpose.
  • Setting up daily monitoring jobs, automatic alert notification when database is down or preset thresholds have been exceeded, installation of new database upgrades, patches, create databases, primary database objects like table spaces, tables, views, synonyms, snapshots, partitioning and sizing tables, indexes etc.
  • Installation of Oracle software 10g/11g and configure Physical Standby Database for Disaster Recovery.
  • Implemented backup and recovery using RMAN in development environment. Documented the process for implementation in production and staging environments

Environment:Oracle 8.1.7/ RAC, IBM AIX5.2, RHEL 5.3,SAN, Erwin Data Modeler, Oracle RMAN, Physical/Logical Standby ,Oracle CDC, OEM grid control, Informatica 6/8/9, Cognos, RDA, OSWatcher, SQLT, PeopleSoft HRMS 8.5., Datagaurd, IBM Optim,Windows 2005 server, Windows 2008 server, Cognos 8.1, Informatica 8.5

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