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Senior Oracle Dba Resume Profile

Dallas, TX


  • Oracle 7, 8, 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g, 12c Database Administration:
  • SeniorOracleApplications DBA andSQLServeradministrator with over 17 years of experience on large DEV, QA, UAT, SIT and PROD environments OLTP Data Warehousingdatabases implementing DR HA with strongknowledge creating databasesadministration processesto meet security and compliance audit requirementsfor SOX, PCI andRCIM. Extensive experience implementingITIL procedures for the operation of databases improving customer satisfaction by documenting SLA's, procedures, baselines, runbooks andstandardsand by measuring incidents, changes, requests and problemswithRemedy, Service CenteroriTop. Allwell integrated withOEM, NetIQ, SolarWinds andShells Scripting monitoring tools.Worked as a team player to provide 24x7 on call support in an environment where I can contribute one way or another.
  • Hands on experience on clustering admin such as HP MC Service Guard and Oracle Exadata.
  • Proficiency using Flash-BackRecovery and performing manual recoveries by using RMANwith or without catalogforincremental, cumulative, full, cold and hot backups. Integration of NetBackup, Tivoli, Omniback II andVeritasto SepatonandStorageTeklibraries backups. Designing and implementing high-speed backups to disk,tape and silos. Data transfer by using conventional Exp/Imp and Data Pump utilities.
  • Installing, configuring and maintaining ActiveData Guard and RAC databases with ASM/ACSF.
  • Closing databasevulnerabilitiesby using several database scannerssoftwareand by applyingbaselines to configure SSL,initora file, auditing, profiles, passwords personalization, etc.
  • Tuned many databaseby usingUtlStat, Perfstat,TKProf, Explain Plan, SQL Trace, StatsPack, and AWR/ADDMand SQL Tuning Advisor. Tuned applications working with developers teams by analyzing queries engineering, data modeling, histograms analysis, hints, etc.
  • Installation and configuration ofOracle Golden Gate to manage data replications.
  • Configured and implemented different types of Advanced Replication Models by configuring Oracle Gateway for IBM mainframe.
  • Used Repository Manager to manage Very Large Scale Databases VLSD .
  • Quite experienced in flat files data transformation processing into large database tables by using SQL LoaderandShell Scripting with C, Pro C, AWKand by usingETL Tools like Polaris andData Stageto improveprocessing times.
  • Oracle Applications 11i / R12 and Oracle Fusion Middleware Administration:
  • Hands on experience on installations and configurations of Oracle Fusion componentssuch as: EBS, Java EE, OBIEE, SOA, OWF, OID, OEM, Developer tools, WebLogic/OAS Servers,etc well understanding ofBPEL, Web Services, XML,JDBC, ODBC, JDK, SDK,etc.
  • Quite experienced on monitoring for health check by programming shells scripts and byintegratingOEM Cloud Control 12c with databases and applications.Automated creation ofIncident tickets intoRemedy, PeregrineSCoriTopby using OEM Plugins, crontabs, jobs, and Web Services.Setupof OEM eventsmonitoring fordatabases, applications and servers.
  • Extensive experience writingStored Procedures, Functions, Triggers and Packagesandprogrammingon C,Pro C, PL/SQL,MOD PLSQL, Forms and Reports.
  • Hands on experience on conceptual, physical and logical databases design by using Erwin, SDesigner,Oracle Designer, SQL Developer, MySQL WorkbenchandQuest TOAD.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 6, 2000, 2005, 2008R2, 2012 Database Administration:
  • Extensive hands on experience oninstallations, cloning, maintenance plans, troubleshooting, tuningdatabases and queries, LogShipping configurations, monitoring, etc,
  • UpgradesofSQLServer 6 until 2012and migrations of SQLServer to Oracle and vice versa.
  • MySQL 5 Database Administration:
  • Installations, configurations, migrations, upgrades, cloning, backups, troubleshooting.


Languages Fortran, C, Pro C, Shell Script, PL/SQL, MOD PLSQL, Oracle Open Interfaces, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, HTML, PHP and OQL.

Hardware HP9000, Sun, Exadata, Intel, IBM Mainframe, IBM Intel, MAC, Sepaton, StorageTek, Clarion, DELL Equallogic, HP EVA, EMC, Cisco, Fortinet.

Operating System UNIX HPUX 10-11, Solaris 5-9, AIX 4-5, Linux SCO, SuSE RH 5.5.-6.2, Fedora , WindowsServersNT-2012, VM Ware, VMotion.

RDBMS Oracledatabases 7, 8, 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g, 12c, MSSQL Server 7 -2012, Sybase ASE 15, MySQL5.6.

Tools Sql Plus, Quest Foglight, TOAD, ERWin, SDesigner, DBArtisan, SQL Developer, SQL Loader, SQL Developer, MySQL Workbench, OEM, Orion SolarWinds, Remedy, Peregrine Service Center, iTop, MyOracle Support Metalink , ODBC, JDBC, JVM, SDK, JDK, jinitiator.

Oracle DB Components RAC, Active/PassiveDataGuard, GoldenGate, RMAN, ASM, Exp/Imp Datapump, SQL Loader, Upgrades, Patching, Partitioning.

Oracle EBS OM, AP, GL, AP, AR, Inv, TimeandLabor,HR and Payroll Modules OWF, Concurrent Programs, SecurityUsers, Plugins, Packages, etc.

Middleware Oracle Application Server 10g, Oracle Fusion MiddleWare 11g, WebLogic Server, PHP Server, Apache Server, Oracle Apex.Oracle Business Intelligence OBIEE , Oracle SOA Suite, OEM, OID.



Infrastructure Management

  • Confidential:eBusines Suite Upgrade: Initially started analyzing and estimatinginfrastructure needed for the migration of Oracle Applications 11i 11.5.9CU2 / 11.5.10 to Oracle eBusiness Suite 12.1.3.After customer approved it,coordinatedseveral sub-projects to upgrade all environments of EBS.Worked on the WBS and coordinatedactivities of Unix, Storage, DBA Applications, Functionalusers and developers teams to test and do the adjustments needed forDEV, UAT and PRODenvironments.Over production environment I was leading DBA Apps team activities working together with other DBAs in order to reduce down time windows.
  • ConfidentialS:eBusiness Suite and Oracle databases migration:The same activities as previous point but now for the migration ofall Oracle EBS environment's from old Sun Servers to the new ones with latest OS and EBS releases and patches.
  • Confidential:IBM Tivoli Access Manager Integration:Integratingall Oracle EBS environments with IBM TAMmiddle-tier application in order to reinforce security authentication of Oracle websites. Coordinatedsupport meetings with people of Oracle, IBM and McDonald s EBS functional users to solve issues found in the integration related with jinitiatorand OWF.
  • Confidential Global AS Critical Watch integration: After one year of IBM TAM softwareintegration mentioned in previous point, Customer decided to change it to Global AS Critical Watchtherefore I did the same activities but now also working with people of Global AS.
  • Confidential: HR and FinancialsEBS Modules support: Worked with Oracle Support and EBS functional usersto fix problems of Oracle EBS into modules such as GL, AP, HR, OTL, etc. and customized Concurrent Programs.
  • Confidential: MS SQL Server Migrations: Worked many projects for the migration of MS SQL Server Databases to the latest releases of 2008R2/2012 with Log shipping configurations.
  • Confidential Setup:Integration of databases into OEM and Shell scripting for backups.
  • RALCORP: High Availability Databases Projects:Migrationof standalone Oracle databases to RAC/ASM environments.
  • MConfidential Worked in small projects to fix issuesrelated to database backups,maintainjobsand tuning applicationsand database.
  • Confidential: Responsible to elaborate manuals/coursesfor Oracle EBStraining for new DBAs in the Company.


  • Supporting Red Hat, Fedora and Oracle Linux and Unixfor HP9000, Sun, Exadata, IBM AIX.
  • Recovering many times withRMANonRACand standalone databases to fix incidents.
  • RAC and ASM Support: Monitoring space usage by using ASMCMD command addingdisk to disk-groups and performing ASM disk-group rebalance when required.Good hands on experience in Oracle Grid Infrastructure by using SRVCTL and CRSCTL commands to start, stop, configure, modify and verify the cluster status and resources.
  • Implemented Data Guardand participated in Data Guard FailOverscheduled tests.
  • Implemented RMANwith standard configurations over new databases including testing.
  • Managing Golden Gate, installations, integrations, replication using GGSCI with Extract, Extract Pump and Replicateinstructions, etc.Oracle Gateway administration for IBM Mainframe,
  • Provided instance level tuningreports and action plans by using PerfStat, ASH, AWR and ADDM over stand alone, RAC and Exadata databases.
  • Worked extensively on performance tuning with development teams by maintaining Aggregates, Compression, partition, indexing and use of Hints, Stored outlines, Statistics, etc. Optimizing ETLprocessesand installation and configuration of Oracle APEX.
  • Applying scheduled changes for triggers, stored procedures, Reports, DB, RAC, ASM, RmanandOEM configurations, patches, upgrades, refreshes, etc.
  • Cloninglarge DBs and EBS Applications TB with RMANHot Backup and incremental and OS Applications Backups by using either NFS file systems or fast data networking.
  • Oracle EBSsupport: upgrades by using TXK and AD patching tools having hands on experience using adadmin, adctrl, adpatch commands. Troubleshooting on patching by analyzing ADOP log directories, setting up APPSORA files and ORAenv, compiling APPS, jars, forms, reports worked together with EBSFunctionalUsers and OracleSupport to figure out root causes and implement root solutions. Working on scheduling Concurrent Programs, responsibilities and security configurations.Tuning EBS and DB statistics, administering Forms andReports servers, uploading Reports, flexfields deployments, OID integration, etc.
  • Oracle OBIIEsupport: Installations, cloning, patching, upgrades, migrations, tuning of reports. Elaboration of runbooksforJDBC, ODBC, SDK, JDK, jinitiatior, OC4Jconfigurations and troubleshooting for connections.
  • Oracle SOA Suitesupport: Installations, configurations and backups. Support for issues with BPEL process manager, Web Services Manager, Business Activity Monitoring, Enterprise Services Bus, JDeveloper, etc. Installations and configuration of plug-ins into Grid Control and Cloud Control 12c for the monitoring of the application and Web Services.
  • Oracle OIM/OIDsupport: Installation and configuration of WebLogic Server and OID components. Integration of OID with MSActiveDirectory, SOA and OBIEE by using LDAP.
  • MS SQL Server support: Installation, configurations, upgrades, cloning, tuning, work plans and LogShipping configurations, NetBackups, IIS integrations, DR scheduledfailovers, etc.

Environment: Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g: RAC, ASM, Exadata, Rman, Golden Gate, DataGuard OracleApplications 11i, R12: HR, OTL, OWF, GL, AP and AR modules, Oracle Fusion Middleware, ODBC, JDBC, SDK, JDK, NetBackup, Tivoli, Veritas, Oracle Gateway, Remedy, Peregrine SC, OEM, Orion SolarWinds, NetIQ, MySQL, HPUX, Solaris, AIX, Linux, MS SQL Server 2005/2008/2012, VMWare, VMotion.


Senior Oracle DBA

Daily activities:

  • Installation and configuration of Oracle11g/10g on Windows, Solaris and AIX Servers.
  • Successfully installed Oracle 11gR2 on Linux platforms and built standalone databases.
  • UpgradingOracle 10g and Oracle 11g databases and applying required patches.
  • Successfully implemented oracle 11gR2Physical Standby database using Oracle Dataguard in high availability configuration.
  • Enforced database security on Useraccounts and Roles assigning and revoking Privileges.
  • Implemented disaster recovery procedures documenting Rman, RAC and ADG activities.
  • Worked closely with application developers in troubleshooting application tuning.
  • Created, scheduled and worked on database maintenance tasks such as upgrades, patching, Golden Gate configuration changes, tuning analysis, indexrebuild, materialized views refresh.
  • Monitoring through Oracle Enterprise Manager to diagnose database problems.
  • Developing Unixshell scripts and setting up cron jobs.
  • Used Secure SCP SFTP extensively for the file transfers from machines to remote servers.
  • Managed CRONTAB file, rescheduling the failed jobs due to errors , changing timings for the scripts to run if the job fails.
  • Diagnosed Oracle bugs with Oracle support through Metalink to resolve them in timely manner.
  • Implemented Data Guard with high availability.

Environment: Oracle 11g/10g,RAC,ASM,Grid Infrastructure Clusterware , Golden Gate, Data guard, Sun Solaris 10, PL/Sql, AIX 5.1, Data guard, Shell scripting, OEM, Putty, Toad, Fedora Linux.


SeniorOracle DBA

Daily activities:

  • Installation and configuration of Oracle 11g/10g/9i on Windows Linux and AIX series.
  • Performed Database Refresh from Production to QA, UAT and Development databases.
  • ExecutedRMAN recoveries onRAC and standalone databases.
  • Recovered huge Database when UNDO table space got corrupted in RAC.
  • Cloned Databases using RMAN on remote Server and used SRVCTL commands for RAC.
  • Implemented backups withRMANincludinghot backups and Cold backups.
  • Cloned schemasconsistently by using Exp/DataPump with FLASHBACK SCN option.
  • Implemented Data Guard with high availability and performance configurations.
  • Tuning databases for event waits, sessions, physical and logical IO and memory usage.
  • Performance tuning of queries by maintaining Aggregates, Compression, partitions, indexing and use of Hints, Stored outlines, statistics, etc.
  • Supported development teams optimizing ETLprocesses by fixingquery performance bottleneckswithEXPLAINPLAN, STATSPACK, AWR/ADDM reports, and TKPROF tools.
  • Configuration of notifications for monitoring events and adding them to the 10g Grid Control.

Environment: Oracle 11g/10g, Oracle 10g/RAC, RedHat/Fedora Linux, Solaris 10, Informatica, TOAD, Veritas, OEM, Erwin 7.2, SQL, PL/SQL, TKPROF, WebLogic, EXPLAIN PLAN, Business Objects XI, DataGuard.


Sr. Oracle DBA Applications 11i


  • ExperiencedOracle Applications 11i/R12assigned to work with Bimbo Bakeries USA BBU Company, worked inmeetingswithBBU functional users, Amdutch and Softtekpeopleto analyze requirements of new projects for GL, OM, AP, PO, INV, WIP and WIP Modulesand Open Interfaces Developments. I also was reporting status of projects to BBU and Softtek managers.
  • Cloned schemas by using Exp/Impand tablespaces transported in 10g and 11g.
  • Installing patches, and providing support to install and configure APEX.
  • Worked on monitoring DB with Grid Control 10g, configuration of error notifications.
  • Responsible to analyze and to understand functional requirementsand assigningand supervising activities of Oracle Reports, JDeveloper and Shell scriptingteams.
  • Coordinated interfaces integration project between Oracle EBS and Amdutch applicationby using Oracle Open Interfaces.
  • Worked doingminor and mayorupgrades into EBS and databases.

Environment: Oracle Applications 11i/R12, Oracle DB 10g/11g, Solaris, JDeveloper, Forms, Reports, Pro C, Shell Script. Oracle APEX, JDBC and ODBC.


Senior Oracle DBA


  • Worked with CITMP divisionin order to implement ITILproceduresand software for the service operation of databases such as: Incident Management, Problem Management, Changes Control, Vulnerability Management, Access Management and Event Management.
  • ImplementingCITMP advancedsecuritybaselines into databases and servers. Installing and setting up software such as IIS and Database Scanner to scan DBvulnerabilities. Programmingshell scripts to implement Event Monitoring automated processes. Responsible to apply and maintain databasesbaselinesupdated with best practices of IT security software vendors and Oracle Support Metalink in a quarterly basis accordinglyofIT SOX processes.
  • Implementing DRP and High Availability Procedures for databases by using Data Guard.

Daily activities:

  • Installation, creation,configuration and upgrades of Oracle 8i/9i/10g databases.
  • Installation and implementation ofOracle StandBy and DataGuard for production databases including procedures for Data Guard fail overscheduledtesting.
  • Performed Database Refresh from Production to DEV, QA andUATenvironments.
  • Tuning DBfor Event Waits, Hit Ratios, Sessions, Physical and Logical IO and Memory Usage.
  • Extensive experience in RMANconfiguring Hot and Cold Backups and recovering huge Database when UNDO, TEMP, SYSTEMtablespacesand control filesgot corrupted. Integration of Omniback II and Veritas with StorageTek silos devices.
  • Cloned Databases using RMANand OS Cold Backups.
  • Worked extensively with development teams to improve performanceof Queries by maintaining Aggregates, Compression, partition, indexing, Hints, Statistics, etc.
  • Supported development teams by elaborating manuals for SQL statement tuning and optimizing ETL by using EXPLAIN PLAN, STATSPACK, PERFSTATand TKPROF. Fixing issues of SDK, JDBC, ODBC, datasources connections, etc.
  • Daily SQL Server 7/2000 DBA support activities: Troubleshooting, installations, backups, tuning, scripting for backups and programming scripts for maintenance,etc.
  • Installations, patching and configurations of HP9000 servers with HPUX by using Ignite, LVM

Environment: Internet Applications 9i, Oracle DB 8i 9i, Storage Tech, Meta4, SAS ERP, HPUX, SQL Server, OEM 9i, Omniback II, Veritas, Database Scanner, ISS, MOD PLSQL, PLSQL, Forms, Reports, Pro C, Shell Script. MS SQL Server 7/2000, ODBC, JDBC, SDK, JDK.


Oracle and HPUX Consultant

  • HPUX administrator: troubleshooting, LVM, tuning, parameters kernel configurations, HP Omniback II Integration, MC Service Guard cluster administration.
  • Oracle DB 7.0.4 8.1.5: Installations, tuning, cloning, RMan, migrations, etc.
  • Tuning databases with UTLSTATS and TKPROF and personal health check queries scripts.
  • SCOLinux administrator:JDBC, ODBC, JVM Installations, troubleshooting, Apache admin, etc.

Environment: Oracle 8i 9i, Solaris, HPUX, Solaris, Pro C, Shell Script, Forte, SCO Linux, Omniback II, HPUX MC Service Guard, OEM.


Oracle DBA Applications 11i Lead

  • Responsible to analyze and understand functional operation of old Bimbo legacy systems in order to design Open Interfacescommunication with Bimbolegacy systems.
  • Leadingand supervising programmer's activities to migrate data from Bimbo legacy systems to Oracle Databases by using Exp/Imp, SQL Loader, Pro C, C ANSIILanguage with sockets and shell scriptingwithAWK and Make.
  • Oracle DBA activities such as database links, Tablespaces, Tunings, Rman Backups.

Environment: Oracle Applications 11i, Oracle DB 81 9i, Solaris, JDeveloper, Forms, Reports, Pro C and Shell Script.

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