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Associate Knowledge Engineer Resume Profile

Mclean, VirginiA


Over 20 years of extensive experience in performing all phases of Software and Systems Engineering, Systems Analysis, Data Analysis, Management, developing Client/Server and web applications, and ORACLE database administration in the telecom, financial, Department of Defense DoD , Federal government, Immigration agency, health, transportation DoT , and real estate industries.


C, C , Java, Fortran, Pascal, Basic, Assembly, Cobol, PL/1


Web Development: Oracle Application 9i/10g server, ColdFusion, JavaScript, JSP, Dreamweaver MX, Fireworks, Microsoft .NET, Adobe Photoshop, ORACLE JDeveloper, HTML, DHTML, XML, Microsoft FrontPage, J2EE, EJB, OC4J, Sybase EAServer, Apache web server, Microsoft IIS web server, Tomcat, SharePoint 2007/2010

Application Development: Oracle Forms 6i/9i/10g, Reports Builder, SQL PLUS, PL/SQL, PRO C, Oracle Designer 2000, Oracle CASE Tools, Power Builder, JDEdwards ERP Software , TOAD, PVCS Tracker, Merant PVCS Version Manager, Eclipse, ORACLE Business Intelligence OBIEE , Subversion, Microsoft Office, Visual Basic, SAP, ABAP, Configuration tools SCM SCSS, PVCS, StarTeam , Attachmate Products EXTRA , QuickApp for Windows , EHLLAPI, Novell NetWare, TCP/IP, IBM Host On Demand, Data Modeling tools, Rational Rose UML , ESRI ArcGIS, Crystal Reports, COTS, Cognos, MQSeries, Citrix, SharePoint 2007/2010, ETL, Siebel, Content Management CM , Quest Web part Quest Apps , Nintex workflow, Jasper Report, Agile methodology, Microsoft CRM/TMT

Database: Oracle Database 5.x/6/8i/9i/10g/11g, Sybase SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Access, MySQL, dBase


Intel Windows XP/Windows 7 , Windows NT/2003 Server, Sun SPARC Workstation/Unix, AIX, Solaris/Unix, DEC Alpha 2000,3000,4000 , VAX/VMS- 11/750, 780, 8600, 8650, 8700 - VAX Cluster Environment , MicroVAX II, Pyramid DC/OSx, IBM 4341 VM/SP, IBM/MVS- 360,370 , Linux, Data General AOS/VS-5500



Associate Knowledge Engineer

  • Conducted regular Tiger Team requirement meetings to develop SRS document for DISA Electronic Activity Report Solution. The SRS is developed utilizing a thorough requirement process that entails analyzing existing artifacts, customer surveys, feedback, questionnaires, and in-depth interview sessions, Developed requirement traceability matrix. This Electronic Activity Report solution was developed to collect weekly activities from multiple directorate offices for DOD reporting. Also, conducted requirement session meetings with Small Business Program SBP director, and recommended the effective solutions.
  • Developed DISA forms central site to be accessible throughout the DISA agency.
  • Worked closely with SharePoint team developers to develop and implement multiple solutions.
  • Developed the e-Package routing solution to streamline the paper based manual process to benefit CoS office and DISA command office. Demonstrated and trained the CoS office staff Admins, Command Editors, Action officer, Sergeants, and Major to use the e-solution.
  • Developed the CoS project task solution to manage/monitor various tasks and CoS issue tracker solution to track, manage, and fix issues Admin and/or Technical issues on DEPS portal .
  • Works closely with various seniors and executive staff such as Deputy Chief of Staff, DISA Directors, CIO Chief, Managers as well as team members Knowledge Engineers, Developers and Managers to develop the solution for the client. Performed data analysis for the team.
  • Participated in KM CAB, KM COI, and KM Caf meetings. Also, participated in various technical discussion meetings Topics: planning, Course of Action, hardware/software, cost, timeline etc. with various senior level staff to implement the new dynamics Microsoft CRM/TMT system which will replace the legacy system. Edited the CRM/TMT COA report. Also recommended the contingency plan.


Sr. Technical Project Lead

Served as technical project lead to develop and deploy DEP ARC web systems related to the Defense Environment Programs Annual Report to Congress for the Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense - Installations and Environment ODUSD I E . The ARC analyzes DoD's 4.5 billion environmental budget and environmental performance. The system includes the DEP ARC reporting web site for client and public users, the DEP ARC installation narratives data entry and reporting system, Munitions Response Site MRS Inventory, ESRI Geographic Information Systems GIS Search to locate major active and BRAC installations and FUDS properties with environmental restoration sites capability, workgroup website available for DoD services and the Non Site Level Information Collection System NSLICS collection of Conservation, Compliance, Restoration, Pollution Prevention data from DoD Services. Performed project management activities include scheduling, resource management, financial management, and overseeing the implementation of various systems. Manage the technical team and task budget/resources. Also, leads the ARC technical team of java developers and a Database Administrator DBA . Developed VM migration plan and migrated physical servers to VM virtual servers environment. Performed DBA and deployment activities. Worked effectively and performed multitasking on newly Fixed Priced contract to meet deadlines. Served in lead technical role on DoD's Restoration Management Information System RMIS - Tracking system for the Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Installations and Environment ODUSD I E /Environmental Management EM office, Emerging Contaminants Management System, and Underground Storage Tank UST System, and production of ARC reports. Served as the System Architect for all Servers deployment and a project lead to develop Environmental Award System for CNO Chief of Naval Operations Awards System. It recognized exceptional Environmental Stewardship by navy ships, installations, individual, or teams. Responsibilities included data analysis, loading of environment related data received in different formats from the components into ORACLE database, performs database administration duties such as oracle installation, export/import, etc. Perform Data acquisition, Verification, Maintenance, Analysis, Interpretation and Evaluation. Updated and generated the database scripts. Lead the task of communicating requirements between functional team and the Systems team to produce ARC web system. Developed Installation Restoration Program IRP and Military Munitions Restoration Program MMRP reports Summary/Individual installation format for DoD's Annual Report to Congress. The report contains DERP and BRAC funding information and is based on data collected from all services including Army, Air Force, Navy, DLA, and FUDS. Developed QA reports using SQL queries to inspect the data quality of KBCRS Web based System. Coordinated with KBCRS System team to collect data and loaded into ORACLE database. Led the effort on redesigning and implementing new reports IRP and MMRP Status reports on searchable ARC Annual Report to Congress - DOD's environmental restoration report website. Performed Windows 2003 servers administration Development, Test, and Production servers , configuration management, and production system deployment. Worked on .MIL DoD systems migration effort Defense Information Assurance Certification Accreditation Process - DIACAP standards . Worked with developers and hosting facility administrator to resolve system security issues. He performed security test and evaluations. Produced ad hoc reports based on the environment restoration database ORACLE for clients. Worked with outside vendors to purchase and upgrade the system/software. Mentored and led personnel within a technical team environment.


Sr. Software Engineer

Served in lead technical role on Highway Maintenance Management Systems HMMS and Maintenance Asset Management Information Systems for Department of Transportation DOT . I supported many DOT states clients such as New York, New Jersey, Alaska, Maine, and Tennessee. Developed and supported WEB applications using Oracle 6i/9i/10g Forms and 8i/9i/10g database, Oracle Reports Builder, PL/SQL, Oracle Application Server, and TOAD. Developed an interface program for JDEdwards ERP based payroll system. Also, involved in conversion of ORACLE database, tools, and applications from Version 6 to Version 9 and later, Version 9 to Version 10g. Performed all phases of software engineering SDLC including requirements gathering and analysis, design, coding, testing, integration, implementation, documentation, and training. Performed data analysis on various projects. Responsible for collecting, compiling and tracking project status for the Project Manager. Developed code standards, ideas, and shared with his team members. He worked closely with team members, contractors, and all levels of functional staff. Mentored new hires on the engineering team and brought them up to speed. He also assisted in the hiring process.


Sr. Systems Development Specialist Principal Engineer

Served in key technical role for several financial applications Project Planning, Budget Planning/Execution, Manage Payroll Reporting System, and Classified Material Inventory System for Naval Air Command Systems NAVAIR . Developed a WEB application section 508 compliant using Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, Oracle 8i database, and Oracle Application 9i Server. Also, developed a tracking and dual-posting system, posts Navy funding allocations and documents both locally to Oracle database and remotely to the Navy Standard Accounting and Reporting Systems STARS and DISA systems through internet using Powerbuilder, Powerbuilder PFC, QuickApp, IBM Host On Demand, HACL products based on object oriented Methodology OOA/OOD . Assisted in the initial phase of conversion of multiple NAVAIR multiple applications to ERP SAP based systems. Deployed Powerbuilder NVO to EAServer to convert into web application. Served as a task leader on Mishap Accounting and Reporting System MARS . Provided technical assistance to other projects. Studied and improved application performance issues by tuning the applications and reducing the overhead by more than half. Performed all phases of software engineering including requirements gathering and analysis, systems analysis, design, programming, testing, integration, implementation, documentation, and training. Performed data analysis on various projects. Performed DBA duties including Oracle installations, export/import database, design, setup database, storage allocation, table/index creation, database tuning, and database security. Worked closely with users. Identified users' needs and provided solutions in a timely manner. Played a key role as a Windows NT administrator in setting up offsite local TCP/IP network Communication Hubs, Windows NT Server linking Windows clients to Windows NT and remoter servers. Also, set up a development environment by installing Oracle database server, client workstation, and communication software for team members. Recommended WEB technologies for NAVAIR applications.



Responsibilities included requirements gathering, analysis, system analysis, design, coding, testing, integration, implementation, documentation, maintenance and training of the Purchasing, Inventory, Account Receivable, Shipping, General Ledger, and Order Processing application systems. Enhanced existed Just in Time JIT financial application system. Developed standard validation code and shared with his team members. The system was implemented using ORACLE RDBMS v6.0/7.0, SQL FORMS 3.0, PL/SQL in HP9000/UNIX, DEC Alpha/UNIX, Macintosh, VAX/VMS v.5.5 network environment. Developed and provided software package training to provide telecommunication services management functions to users. The system was implemented in ORACLE RDBMS v6.0, Pro C, SQL FORMS V3.0, PL/SQL, SQL ReportWriter, SQL MENU, and ORACLE CASE in client/server environment consisting of SUN SPARC Workstations, and Pyramid minicomputers operating under UNIX.

Systems Engineer


Responsibilities included requirements gathering, analysis, design, coding, testing, integration, implementation, documentation, maintenance, and training of the Investigation Module of the Alien Enforcement Tracking System ENCATS , Acquisition Control Tracking Systems ACTS , Personnel Security Systems PERSECS for the Immigration and Naturalization Service INS . These included development of a consolidated Client-Server prototype database applications using ORACLE. Identified and used standard, algorithmic, and programmatic approach to define, plan, organize, design, develop, test and integrate database systems. Researched and prototyped application software in designing and developing, significant modifications, and adaptation of standardized techniques.

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