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Sr. Oracle Database Developer Resume

Jacksonville, Fl

Professional Summary

  • 7 years + Experience in Analysis , Design , development, testing , implementation, production support and worked on all stages of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) and AGILE Methodology.
  • Over 6 years experience for custom applications, preparing use cases. Logical and physical database data modelling, data flow diagrams, methodologies, and E R relationship and Normalization.
  • Good understanding and experience in ORACLE 12c/11g/10g//9i/8i, PL/SQL , T SQL , SQL, Pro*C, SQL*LOADER, Export, Import, UNIX Shell Scripting, Forms6i/10g, Reports6i/10g. Designed and developed client side and server side objects using Oracle8i/9i/10g & SQL Server.
  • Over 3+ years in Oracle environment, with extensive experience in designing relational databases and creating/maintaining databases, control/parameter file, redo log, data integrity, indexing, partitioning Backup/Recovery, Performance Tuning, data conversion, Data warehouse.
  • Experience in Data warehousing Dimensional Data Modeling, Star Join Schema Modeling, Snow Flake Modeling, FACT and Dimensions Tables.
  • Good Experience in Data Load Performance tuning process using PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Scripting, SQL*Loader and External Tables
  • Extensive experience in Oracle backend objects like Stored Procedures, Functions, Database Triggers and Packages using PL/SQL and T SQL .
  • Performance tuning of SQL , PL/SQL using Stats Pack, TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN, AWR reports.
  • Good experience in Data warehousing methodology, Automation of Batch Jobs and Data Load Process.
  • Experience in preparing user level and system level maintenance documentation (IOMAPPING , PSD, DATA FLOW DIAGRAMS, DIMENSIONAL MODEL and SNOWFLAKE) .
  • Having Good experience in using Informatica, TOAD, SQL Navigator, PL/SQL Developer, Erwin and Visio tools.



Oracle 12c/11g/10g/9i/8i/7.3, SQL Server 2005/2008, DB 2,MS Access


Forms 10g/6i/4.5, Reports 10g/6i/2.5, Oracle Discoverer 6i,

Crystal Reports 10, Java

Tool & Utilities

Informatics ,TOAD, SQL*Plus, SQL Navigator, Erwin, TK Prof, UTL File Packages, Business Objects6.1, SQL*LOADER, TKProf, Stats pack

Web Technologies



JSP, Struts 2, Spring 2.0, Hibernate

IDE Tools:

Eclipse, My Eclipse, Net Bean

Application servers

Apache Tomcat, Web logic

Version Control


Operating Systems

Windows NT/XP/2000,LINUX,Sun Solaris, HP UX.

Work Experience:


Role: Sr. Oracle Database Developer

iCollectionCore (ICC) is the most mission critical collection vehicle for the entire At& t footprint. Over 80 million no pay accounts are handling by ICC application. ICC has more than 300 active registered At& t users on daily basis. Accounts are given to Legal Collection Agencies (LCAs) based on different Level of collection methods like EasyCollect, HighRisk,LowRisk, uncollect etc. Accounts move through the process without any manual intervention. New invoices and payment receives daily from the Invoice Systems and process based on different methodology on new and existing accounts. In addition, Legal Collection agencies will receive daily new/updates for their collection process and they will get paid for their collection service based on the risk levels of customer. Different functionalities are used for collection, Payment Arrangements, Broken arrangements, Follow up reminders, letter process, disputes, claims and reminder process of payments etc.

  • Gathering requirement from business analyst, designing, data modeling. Prepared Data flow chart, ER relationship diagrams.
  • Sub queries and joins were extensively used in stored procedures, Performance tuning of the sql queries . Created complex functions, stored procedures, triggers and packages, DBMS Packages by using PL/SQL.
  • Worked with and developed testing scripts for Team leads, QA and Business Team to ensure the Quality of the applications and accuracy of data by unit testing and system integration testing.
  • Created Shell scripts to generate oracle error reports and send e mails in case of any discrepancies alerting all team member s notification.
  • Developed pl/sql scripts transferring and retrieving XML documents to Oracle database by Oracle

XDB and JDBC connection. Wrote many XQUERY to retrieve the XML data.

  • Complicated Sql Loader scripts were used to convert the data from the CSV, flat files to oracle tables.
  • Given support includes being available on call ( 24x7) overnight to resolve production batch issues.
  • Used Collections, Ref cursor, nested tables, Dynamic SQL, BULK DML to speed up performance .
  • Worked to maintain Oracle software, worked with development team to fulfill their requirements like design and creation of objects, used CVS version control software .
  • Table/Index Creation, Materialized views and Global Temporary Tables for processing expensive reports and Data processing.
  • ZExtensively used Data replication from 10G to 9i for schema objects by using Advanced Queue (AQ).
  • Tuning of SQL after analyzing the table by Explain plan, auto trace, TKProf tools and TOAD Tool, by Table partitioning.

Environment :
Windows NT, Sun Solaris, Oracle 12c/11g/10g , PL/SQL Oracle Forms & Reports 6i/10g , PL/SQL Developer, Oracle Application Server 10g, Oracle Enterprise Manager, , SQL*Plus, KSH Shell Scripting, Toad.9.0,

Confidential,Jacksonville, FL

Role: Sr. Oracle Database Programmer

Intranet General Ledger (ERP) Financial application has modules to maintain group of accounts, regular and is Intercompany finance data entry and financial statements generation.

  • Design and develop packages, store procedures, configuration files, tables, views, and functions implement best practices to maintain optimal performance in PL/SQL & T SQL.
  • Conduct code walkthroughs and review peer code and documentation and best ETL code practices.
  • Build and maintain T SQL scripts, indexes, and complex queries for data analysis and extraction. DTS packages.
  • Provide database coding to support business applications using T SQL programming.
  • Sub queries, Adhoc queries and joins were extensively used in stored procedures, Adding queries to existing queries for enhancement. Creating complicated views as a heart for entire annual, monthly, weekly reporting. Optimization of the sql by cost based optimization, Applying golden rules in sql queries to increase the performance of query. Apply hints.
  • Created Shell scripts to automate the load of data from Text files to Oracle Tables by Oracle scheduler. Wrote Stored Procedures for effective insertions and updations of data to the tables when the application is online reducing the network traffic.
  • Involved in extensive coding using Oracle PL/SQL using Bulk DML Operation, context switching, varrays, pl/sql tables, cursors, ref cursors and collections.
  • Extensively used the Oracle replication for the whole database 10G to by using advanced Queue .
  • Used Informatica tool for heavy data transformation (ETL) for large tables.
  • Extensively worked with table partitioning and table space creation etc.
  • Used UTL File Packages and SQL LOADER to Load data in different strategy (flat file and excel sheet) to Oracle Tables.

Environment :
Windows NT, AIX, SQL Server, Oracle 11g/10g, PL/SQL, SQL Server 2005, Oracle 9iAS, Unix Shell scripting, SQL*Plus, Toad, Visio, Oracle enterprise manager, Informatica


Role: Oracle Developer/ DBA

Health care System software designed to record medical insurance transfer control from place to place, customer transaction details, payment settlement and financial statement generation . Developed Purchase order management for purchasing health care items. Sales order management, Invoice settlement, Voucher creation.

  • Developed Logical and Physical Data modeling and designing, writing server side stored procedures/ triggers. Shell scripting for data transformation.
  • Analysis, designing, coding. Studied the entire existing system and developed the system architecture design, dataflow diagram (Visio tool) of the system. Providing a liaison between the ETL and BI architects. Prepared ER diagram through ERWIN tool. Implemented data models and database designs, data access and table maintenance codes.
  • Developed several procedures, triggers, packages, functions, cursors, SQL queries. Implementing Materialized views for Reporting applications. Partitioning, Index.
  • Analyze the existing code and make new Enhancement as per different customer s request. Developed complicated SQL queries using crystal reports .Created many database objects. Matrix report using adhoc queries.
  • SQL loader, analytical SQL, involved in Dynamic cursors, data analysis and trouble shooting.Pl/sql, varray nested tables, bulk DML operation. Global temporary tables.
  • Design, modify and analyze existing business applications and processes and provide recommendations for system improvements or enhancements for improved efficiency and/or process improvement.
  • Performance tuning, SQL tuning.. Analyze Oracle instances for performance bottlenecks. Tuned the SQL s procedures, Oracle Tools Explain Plan, TKPROF, stats pack. Oracle partitioning, indexing.
  • Defined various facts and Dimensions in data mart (Fact less Facts, Aggregate and Summary facts) .
  • Extensively used Data replication from 10G to 9i for database by using Advanced Queue (AQ)
  • Purchase order and Sales order trouble shooting and fixing several over night on call batch process
  • Creation of users, roles and procedures for data clean up to protect the database

Environment :
Windows NT, Sun Solaris, Oracle 8i/10g , PL/SQL ,Informatica ,Oracle Forms & Reports 6i/10g , Discoverer, Oracle Application Server 10g, Java , JSP , Oracle Enterprise Manager, SQL*Plus, Unix Shell Scripting, Toad.9.0


Role: Oracle Programmer

A Web based application Online Event Organization where people organized their events online. I was part of a team developing an application for organizing events using the J2EE and Oracle specification.


  • Development of user interface windows for sales order processing, invoicing, customer billing & inventory.
  • Created various applications using Oracle forms and created numerous reports using Oracle reports.
  • Validation rules were implemented by writing procedures during data input.
  • Created Custom reports using Reports 2.5.
  • Created stored procedures, Packages, Functions and triggers using SQL & PL/SQL.
  • Developed database triggers where ever necessary.
  • Involved in analyzing user/business requirements and mapping into technical specifications.
  • Performed in depth of data analysis and prepared weekly, biweekly, monthly reports by using reports 2.5.
  • Implemented a whole new security for the reports in the oracle database to prevent confidential data from being displayed to all users. The security is based on the standard concept of roles and privileges.
  • All the security roles and privileges are stored in the database tables and the logic is implemented using functions and views. Promoted the security feature to the existing reports with a very minor code change in the actual reports.

Environment: Oracle 8i, PL/SQL, SQL * PLUS, Forms4.5 and Reports 2.5


Role: Database Programmer

Ahold is an international group of quality supermarkets and foodservice operators based in the United States and Europe. They provide an easy, convenient and appealing shopping experience through continuous customer focus. EDI data drives the supply chain and procurement business for the company. Any delay in data transmission may cause the delay in order fulfillment and CRP processes. Also the Project is covered under HIPAA, so I had undergone an internal certification (client based) which gives enhanced knowledge on the ACT.

Environment: JavaScript, Oracle, HIPAA, Remedy


  • Gathered the requirement from the client and translated the business design into Technical design.
  • Monitor performance and changing performance requirements through application of database tuning and performance optimization techniques.
  • Designed forms and reports using Developer 2000 according to the client requirements. In various applications
  • Created Triggers, procedures and functions are developed in this reports using PL/SQL.
  • Created database objects such as tables, views, synonyms, indexes, sequences and database links as well as custom packages tailored to business requirements.
  • Prepared Mapping documents and design documents for data conversion.
  • Developed validation procedures and error reporting on the data in the intermediate tables. Created user defined Exceptions while handling exceptions.
  • Troubleshooting production problems and worked effectively with other team members to identify and address problem.

Environment: Oracle 8i/7.3, PL/SQL, SQL * PLUS, SQL * Loader, Pro*C, Forms4.5 and Reports2.5.

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