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Sr. Oracle – Dba      Resume



  • Oracle Certified DBA with over 15 years of experience in Database, Architect, Administration,, Application Analysis, Design, Development and trouble shooting.
  • Expert level knowledge of Oracle 7.x / 8.0.x / 8.1.x / 9.2.x / 10.x and 11g, DB2 UDB v8.x and Sybase ASE 11.9/12.5 in an OLTP, OLAP and Data Warehouse environments.
  • Oracle RAC (RAW, ASM, OCFS2, VCS, VERITAS SFRAC managed Storage and clustering). Extensive design, implementation, load-balancing, tuning, troubleshooting, backup and restore.
  • Extensive hands on experience in Oracle Data Warehouse (4.5 TB plus) and OLTP applications.
  • Hands On experience supporting Oracle Enterprise One, Siebel, Agile, Trax, Vertex, Comergent /eCOM, AIA and WMS (Manhattan) Enterprise application databases.
  • Migration Expert: Migrated databases from SQL Server 2000/2005 and Sybase to Oracle.
  • Implementation experience with High Availability systems setup using Oracle Data Guard/Standby, Replication.
  • Business Intelligence Cognos 7.4/8.2 administration and automation.
  • Experience in multiple environments including Data Center (24/7), QA/Test, Development and Client Facing Application support.
  • Performance tuning at OS (UNIX utilities), Database and Application (SQL, PL/SQL) with utilities (scripts, trace/tkprof, eplan, Statspack/AWR/ADDM, Oracle Enterprise Manager and QUEST Spotlight/Performance Analysis/SQL Optimizer, TOAD and DBArtisan).
  • Development experience in Oracle backend coding with SQL, PL/SQL including Bulk Loading, complex joins and Error Management.
  • Knowledge in ETL (Informatica and Abinitio) and Dimension Modelling.
  • Implement Database Backup and Recovery with Cold/Offline, Hot/Online and Rman (Level 0 to Level “n”) on Oracle. Also backup/restore of DB2 UDB and Sybase ASE using internal utilities and SQL-Backtrack.
  • Data modeling with ERWin and ERStudio.
  • Good UNIX System experience on Solaris 8 / 9 / 10 and SUSE 10, Red Hat Linux 3/4/5, OEL 4/5.
  • Database SOX (Sarbanes Oxley) compliance Implementation.
  • Excellent Knowledge in SAN technologies like DMX / Clariion, SRDF and Snapshot Backup concepts. Good knowledge in EXADATA managing and tuning for both RAC and OLTP.
  • Good knowledge on HA concepts like Hardware, Software (service/package) Clustering, VERITAS VCS and SFRAC implementation.
  • Strong Troubleshooting skills (database and application).
  • Extensive knowledge in, UNIX Shell, Perl scripting in designing and automation scripts on Oracle, Sybase and DB2 UDB Databases and Data Warehouse.
  • Commended multiple times in Manager/Director’s All Hands meeting and Awarded for Performance by Supporting Groups, on achievements in various initiatives within and outside of JOB Role.
Technical Skills


Oracle (7.x/8.x/9.x/10g and 11g, Single, RAC and Data Guard/Standby), Sybase ASE (11.9/12.5) and DB2 UDB v8.2.


Cognos BI 7.4 and 8.2 (On windows and Linux)


Oracle Enterprise Manager, SQLDeveloper, DBArtisan, ERStudio, QUEST (TOAD, Spotlight, SQL Optimizer and Performance Tuning), SQL Navigator, Erwin, Visio, VMWare EXSi/Player, CAST (Impact Analysis Tool), Autosys (job scheduling tool), NETCool and, SQL-Backtrack (database backup and recovery tool), Sybase Command Center, Oracle Utilities (RMan, Data Pump, SQL*Loader, SQL Trace, tkprof, AWR/Statspack, Flashback etc.)


Sun Solaris 5.8/5.9, HP-UX 11.x, Red Hat Linux AS 3/4/5, SUSE Enterprise 10, OEL 4/5 and Windows Server 2000/3.


C, C++, Java 1.2, SQL, PL/SQL, HTML, PERL, Java Script, Unix Shell.

Web/Application Servers

Apache, IPlanet/SunOne, WebLogic, ColdFusion 5/6/MX


HTML, PowerAnalyzer (Informatica Reporting Tool)


Clearcase, Clearquest and Remedy

Professional Experience
Confidential, USA
Title: Sr. Oracle – DBA
Project: Provided Architectural, Design, Implementation, Administration, Backup/Recovery and Migration support on all Oracle Databases including the centralized Global Sales and Manufacturing Data Warehouse (EDW – Enterprise Data Warehouse) on both Single instance and Oracle RAC (setup and migration). Project involved consolidation of Global Sales Marts (EU, APAC, NA and GLOBAL) into a consolidated Corporate Sales Enterprise Warehouse. Process incorporated migrating from SQL Server 2000/2005 to Oracle. Support ETL (Informatica) teams and, Informatica Data Quality initiative. Administer and support Cognos (Reporting and Analysis) including automation scripting for cube moves and maintenance between multi OS Platforms (Windows and Linux). Perform development (SQL, Pl/SQL), support, as and when required. Supporting Modeling Teams and Warehouse Architect on tuning and deign consideration for an optimized data warehouse. Provide Cognos BI admin and automation support (due to unavailability of cognos Admin within company resources) and end user troubleshooting. Managing Oracle OLTP databases for Oracle Enterprise One, SIEBEL, Agile, Trax, Vertex, AIA , WMS (Manhattan) and eCOM/Comergent, SAP in, Validated and SOX Compliant environments.

  • Supporting/ Managing Projects from Requirements to Go-Live and Post Go-Live.
  • Oracle Production / STAGE / (UAT/QA) / Development (OLTP and Operational Data-Warehouse) implementation, upgrades, administration, tuning, development and migration DBA support. Patching and Bug Fix support and all databases related activities. Supported Data Quality application on Informatica.
  • ORACLE RAC (10.2/11.2) Performed Single Instance to 3 Node RAC, migration on DL580 G5 (SUSE 10 SP2 ocfs2) with 10G network using CISCO Nexus 5020 switches, CISCO MDS 9513 Switches for HBA (4 dual channel/port Qlogic HBA cards) connectivity to SAN on dedicated Clarion CX4-120 (Raid 1+0) and dedicated 10Gb public network for cluster interconnect. Implemented OCFS2 cluster file system. Setup load balancing through Database Services defined on Business process for optimal access and minimal Interconnect traffic. Performed NODE delete and NODE ADD operations. Design shell scripts form RAC monitoring/alerting.
  • Enterprise Application Database support for Oracle Enterprise One v8, SAP, SIEBEL v8, AGILE, TRAX, VERTEX, WMS (Manhattan), AIA and many more.
  • Datacenter Migration documentation and project support including identifying components and assigning responsibilities to team DBA’s
  • Design and Implementation support for Modeling, Development, ETL (Informatica) and Informatica Data Quality initiative.
  • Cognos 8.2 Administer and support for almost 2 years.
  • Provide solution redesign and optimization using the latest features and technologies on Oracle and SQL Server.
  • Data migration from SQL Server 2000 databases to Oracle
  • SQL, PL/SQL design, development, tuning and implementation for Application Support.
  • Design and development and migration of procedural code from SQL Server 2000 Databases to Oracle.
  • Have strong skill to help Data Architect in associating database to Kimball’s Principles in Data Warehousing and Dimension Modeling implementation.
  • Automation using design and scripting in UNIX shell for both database and cognos.
  • Backup and Recovery support using EMC Snap Backup, SAN Copy, RMan.
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting Oracle Database and Client problems using shell scripts oracle internal DBA|GV|V$* Views, AWR, ADDR and Quest Spotlight, Quest SQL Optimizer, Quest Performance Analysis.
  • Managing Oracle Database in Virtualization technologies like VMware Player, VMware Server 2.0 and ESXi 3/4.
  • Design and implement shell scripts for process automation, maintenance, monitoring and reporting on UNIX servers for both HOST and Database (including Oracle RAC). Developing and implementing shell scripts for Application automation through ControlM.
  • Excellent knowledge in Virtualization technologies VMware Server 2.0 and ESXi 3/4.
Environment: Oracle RDBMS (10.x, 11.2), SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Server 2000/2005, Oracle Enterprise One, SIEBEL Medical, Agile, Trax, Vertex, SQL Server (2000) Enterprise Manager, SQL Server (2005) Management Studio, Shell Programming, Remedy, Exceed, SQL, PL/SQL, Compliance, HP-UX (11.23). Hardware: EXADATA, Rx4640 and Rx8640 Itanium2 Servers, BL580G5/DL380G5 (blade servers) with EMC/Clarion SAN storage Arrays. Monitoring Tools: Quest Spotlight, Quest SQL Optimizer, Quest Performance Tuning, ControlM Scheduling. Clustering: N1/N2/etc.., OCFS2, VERITAS Storage Foundation (SFRAC) clustering.

Confidential, VA, USA
Title: Sr. Oracle DBA
Project: Provide Primary Production Support DBA support on Restatement Financial Data Warehouse (RFDW), Managing a 4.5 Tb Warehouse with Data Marts in a 24/7 support, administration, tuning and, monitoring environment. Design and, implement better resource management using Oracle Resource Manager in a Parallel Query environment. Design and Implement SOX compliance structures and processes for the Restatement Data Warehouse. Provide 24/7 both Oracle and Sybase support as an Application and Production DBA Support role. Provide High Availability solutions and support using Oracle Data Guard and Oracle RAC. Provide process definition, design and implementation for SOX compliance at database and application level. Provide Model to database conversion and migration using ERStudio. Perform design and implementation and tuning of DBA scripts and database structures for proactive monitoring and alert system based on shell scripts and database structures. Prepare process and controls as a part of the Sybase Tech Team, for System Transfer/Takeover and Support of Sybase Databases from another Group. Prepare and manage Version Management Structures and Processes within the Database. Provide backup and availability solution for the Financial Data Warehouse multi-user query intensive environment with large batch ETL (Abinadi) load processes.

  • Production / Integration / Acceptance / Test and Development and Disaster Recovery Primary Support DBA for both Oracle (Restatement Financial Data Warehouse and Data Marts) and Sybase (STATS, STAMPS and Verification Databases) servers.
  • Perform Database upgrades (9.2 to 10.2) and patch Installations.
  • Perform Database Audit and Security setup reviews, recommendations and implementation on improved implementation.
  • Review Database System parameters and Storage Layout for optimal performance.
  • Support multiple Oracle Data Marts for GL, Securities, Commitments and Loans (Single Family, Multi-Family etc.).
  • Design and implement better resource utilization by the large application and end user community, through Oracle Resource Manager.
  • Implement and Support High Availability solutions with Oracle Data Guard (9.2.x/10.x) on Financial Data Warehouse and Oracle RAC (10.x on Three Nodes) on Loans Data-Mart for large concurrent data transactions and volumes.
  • Application DBA Support like FAS91/FAS105 (Financial Accounting Standards), LOANS (Single Family, Multi-Family), SECURITIES, COMMITMENTS, SCBS (Securities Cost Based Sub-ledger), WLSCBA (Whole Loans Securities Cost Based Sub-ledger), GL (General Ledger).
  • Support Development effort in Model-To-Database, Database-To-Model, Model-To-Model and Database-To-Database migration, conversions and comparisons across versions and upgrades of applications, using ERStudio.
  • Generate DDL using ERStudio and modify code to tune for performance. i.e. Tablespace Name, initrans / parallel and logging value setting.
  • Provided both Database and Query Performance Tuning support.
  • In-depth tuning from data cardinality to indexing, statistics collection and partitioning strategy.
  • Design and implement internal monitoring, reporting and alerting scripts on both Oracle and Sybase servers.
  • Design and implement SOX compliance standards and processes (including documentation) at database level.
  • Prepare Autosys JIL file and follow up scheduling with the Autosys Team. Provide Management and Technical support on Automation JOBS for RFDW Production Support Team in relation to all Autosys and NETCool implementations.
  • Create, Implement and Resolve Remedy and CQ (Clear Quest) Tickets for both internal requirements and external requests.
  • Use PCM (Clear Case) as a CM (Change Management) tool for development, Integration and deployment versioning.
  • Design and Implement Automation Process and Scripts for Both Oracle (export, import etc..) and Sybase (bcp etc..).
  • Provide Mentoring and support to new Oracle and Sybase DBA’s on internal Processes and Technical evaluations.
  • Provided technical and business expertise to Management in technical reviews and recruitment (interviews) drives.
  • Provided Technical and implementation reviews on various processes and technologies.
  • Conduct technical interviews for new DBA’s
Environment: SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle 8.x / 9.x / 10.x, Oracle Data Guard, Oracle RAC 10.1.x, Sybase 12.5, Sun Solaris 8, Oracle Enterprise Manager, DBArtisan, ERStudio, Autosys, Netcool, Unix Shell, Perl, Clear Case, Clear Quest, Remedy, Infovista (Unix performance monitoring), Exceed, SQL, PL/SQL, isql, bcp, SOX Compliance. Hardware: Sunfire 4800 and E10K with EMC SAN storage Arrays.

Confidential, VA, USA
Project: Provide Production/Disaster Recovery/QA/Test/Development DBA Support on internal applications (Optical Management System, Network Fault Management, AROS/ACUITE (Automatic Routing and Management System/Least Cost Routing), NTP (Network Timing Protocol), QOS (Quality of Service), SNAM (Signaling Network Activation Manager), Converged Packet Switching, Broadband Assignment Activation and Inventory System and Pre-subscribed Inter-exchange Carrier Care. Support applications providing a comprehensive Network Management System for the Verizon Global Networks Inc. Network. Oracle Data Warehouse support on Active View to provide a historical analysis of customer support and network utilization for DSS reporting using Informatica PowerAnalyzer and Crystal Reports. Provide high availability using Data Guard and RAC implementation.

  • Production/Disaster Recovery/QA /Test and Development Database support DBA.
  • Group Pont-of-Contact on supported application databases for Application Managers, Vendors (Lucent, TelCordia and Vero Systems), Unix Admin and Development Team.
  • Install, Upgrade, Patch, Track (centrally record) and Identify Oracle, DB2 UDB and Sybase ASE Database software and new options/functionalities.
  • Design, Review and Implement Database installations.
  • Perform Pro-Active and Active Database monitoring, capacity planning, review at pre-defined intervals and review future anticipated bottlenecks.
  • Provided database backup solutions and scripts.
  • Define, Review and setup High Availability solutions (Oracle Replication, Data Guard and RAC) for internal and vendor provided applications.
  • Define, Review and setup High Availability with Oracle 10.1.x RAC (Three Instances) on Linux (Prototype) and Solaris (Production) for internal call accounting application for high loads of internal user activity and reporting.
  • Design, develop, analyze and implement data models for business processes (DFD, ERD and Physical Entity Scripts).
  • Support end user support on all database and database related application issues including network connectivity and client setup.
  • Develop backend code using SQL, PL/SQL for process implementation.
  • Provided Unix Admin on Solaris for internal group servers (Sun E250, E450 and Sunfire v220).
  • Provided automation solutions using Unix Shell and Perl scripting.
  • Provided migration scripting and support on database application upgrade.
  • Provided Documentation on all current and new databases as per company standards.
  • Provide mentoring for junior DBA’s and Developers.
  • Provided insight into emerging Oracle Technologies.
  • Provide 24/7 support.
Environment: SQL, PL/SQL, OEM, Rman, Oracle 8.x / 9.x / 10.1.x, Oracle Data Guard, Oracle RAC 10.1.x, Sybase 11.9/12.5, DB2 UDB v8, Sun Solaris 8, HP-UX 11.0/11.11, Weblogic, Webservers, TOAD, QUEST Spotlight, Oracle Enterprise Manager, DBArtisan, SQL-Backtrack, Autosys, Unix Shell, Perl, Clearcase, Clearquest, Remedy.
Title: Oracle/Sybase DBA
Project: Responsible for providing Production, Development and Testing DBA (Level 1 and 2) support during the night shift for the CTB (Closing the Books) project. Managed Oracle and Sybase environments for, the reinstatement project.

  • Provide night shift DBA support for Production and Development Databases.
  • Perform backup and restore operations on both environments.
  • Troubleshooting and resolving database issues during the shift.
  • Performing support role for development teams in tracking processes and identifying contention during testing and implementation.
  • Implementing Tickets opened in ClearQuest, including scripts execution from ClearCase.
  • Open tickets in Remedy for resolved issue tracking.
  • Monitor and manage job tracking using Autosys and local scripts in Shell and Perl.
Environment: SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle 8.x / 9.x, Sybase 12.5, Sun Solaris 8/9 (Sparc/x86) AIX, Windows, DBArtisan, SQL-Backtrack, Autosys, Shell, Perl.

Confidential, VA, USA
Title: Developer Capacity Assurance Tools and Database Admin
Project: Responsible for providing DBA and Development support to TWO Critical Projects. Project “Platform Plannning and Deployment” (PPD) for Network Engineering Group to keep track of Milestones and Schedules on Network implementation projects. Project “Network Element Store” (NEST), an NMS (Network Management System) tracking the entire GREEN (Equant) Network, performing Network discoveries (network components like Node, Card and Port) across the entire Equant Global Network. NEST was a 1.6 Tb database system into development for over 8 years with multiple development teams working alongside with an outsourced component, requiring keeping track of baseline code and version tracking. The NEST database has downstream systems interacting for DSS reposting elements.

  • Provided Production, QA and Development support for development and reporting teams due to the uniqueness of the systems and lack of a complete process knowledge base.
  • Provide 24/7 production support in a server-farm and datacenter environment.
  • Perform Oracle and DB2 UDB and Sybase design and installations.
  • Provide and implement database backup solutions and implementation, including tape backup scripts.
  • Provide Oracle Replication implementation from Virginia (USA) to Montreal (Canada) for the PPD application, reporting component on Customer Network Circuits and Segments.
  • Provide SQL*LOADER automated load solution for data provide on flat files from a group located in Britain (United Kingdom)
  • Provided Migration scripts for the Oracle development team using shell scripting to Minor and Major releases.
  • Provided database monitoring support using shell scripting and tools for contention management and pre-active trouble shooting.
  • Provided Oracle development support for the GREEN (GLOBAL ONE) and BLUE (EQUANT) network merger.
  • Provided Oracle development and tuning support to both the PPD and NEST teams on releases.
  • Provided Application server support on ColdFusion since no admin was available in the organization.
  • Provided Unix Administration on Solaris for multiple internal test databases for the PPD team due extensive release cycles.
  • Provided unix shell and perl scripting for database monitoring and backup process automation.
  • Provided JAVA development support on a Applet GUI for the PPD group.
  • Provided Web and Application server standby support.
  • Provided Documentation on all application and processes as per standards.
  • Provided mentoring of Junior DBA’s and Developers.
Environment: SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle 8.x / 9.x, Sybase 12.5, Sun Solaris 8/9 (Sparc/x86) and Red Hat Linux 8/9, ColdFusion, Weblogic, iPlanet/Apache/Netscape/Tomcat Webservers, DbServer, QUEST TOAD, Quest Spotlight, Unix Shell, Perl.
Title: Oracle Developer/DBA
Perform oracle database installation and maintenance. Provided oracle coding, using PL/SQL and SQL. Assist in the design and development phases of product development. Performed backup, recovery and tuning. Performed Oracle, Client / Server connectivity, installation and, trouble shooting. Assisted in installing and maintaining, the OS for both Linux and NT.
  • Developed stored procedures and triggers to handle the various scheduling processes.
  • Created and implemented the database schema.
  • Provided Oracle database administration support on Linux and NT production systems.
  • Part of a two-member team, involved in installation and administration of Linux and NT Operating Systems.
  • Responsible for daily database monitoring, troubleshooting, backup and recovery, installation of Oracle (7.x, 8.x) and database creation.
  • Part of a four-member team, responsible for application development, on two major projects, for Delhi Transport Corporation and ASA Machine Tools Ltd.
  • Involved in design and end user screens using Forms 5 and Reports 3.0.
  • Part of the team for client testing and process modification
Environment: SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle 7.x, 8.x, Sun Solaris, Linux, Oracle developer 2000 Forms/Reports.

Confidential, A.P, India
Title: Software Programmer
Performed Oracle backend coding. Generated user interface using Oracle Forms. Assisted in design and tuning of database schemas and oracle backend applications.

  • Involved in Enterprise Application Development as an Oracle Application Developer for a major client (Coromandal Cements Ltd. India) in the cement industry using Oracle 7.x and Forms 4.5 environment.
  • Also provided On Site Client requirement gathering and analysis support.
  • Responsible for design, development, tuning, bug identification/fixing and creation of database schema objects for master and transaction data.
  • Involved in generating code for procedures, functions and triggers. Created views and scripts for data monitoring.
Environment: SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Developer 2000 Forms and Reports.

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