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Oracle Identity And Access Management Architect/administrator Resume



Seeking a role as an Oracle Identity and Access Management Administrator.

Extensive work experience includes Identity and Access Management Implementations, Upgrades, Support and Maintenance of Oracle 11i/R12 E-Business Suite, the associated Oracle Technology Stack (Oracle Internet directory, Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Application server, Oracle portal) and Oracle Database 9i/10g/11g single and RAC instances in a multi-tier/multi-node environment.

Professional Summary

  • 7+ years of IT Experience as Oracle identity and Access Management Administrator, Oracle Apps DBA, Oracle DBA,Oracle RAC DBA and 10g Application Server Administration.
  • Provided architectural expertise for Oracle Identity Management solutions.
  • Protected multiple instances of EBS 12.1.3, some instances in the DMZ and the others in Production LAN, usingOracle Access Manager Single-Sign On solution.
  • Performed integration of OAM and OIM .
  • Performed installation, Administration and Maintenance of Web logic 10.3.5 application servers, fusion middleware 11g software, OID , DIP , multiple web gates and access gates.
  • Performed customization and developed necessary network adapters using design console in Oracle Identity Management to provide custom provisioning solutions into Active Directory 2008 R2, MS Exchange, OID, and EBS.
  • Installed and configured a wide spectrum of Identity Connectors and their respective connector servers required for Provisioning with OIM.
  • Provided Re-conciliation solutions using Oracle Identity Manager from Oracle HRMS
  • Performed SOA installation to enable workflow functionality in OIM
  • Performed user id generation tasks, and unique id checks within the Oracle Identity Management Solution.
  • Performed Installation, Administration and Maintenance of Oracle Databases 10g RAC, 9i, 8i and Oracle Applications versions 11i/R12 on various platforms like Sun Solaris 5.8, IBM-AX 5.3, HP-UX11i and RHL 4.6 X86,RHL 5.0 X86,RHL 5.5 X86.
  • Performed Backup and Recovery using Cold & Hot backups, RMAN Catalog Database and written shell scripts for scheduled online backups .
  • Experience in Installing Oracle 11gR2 GRID Infrastructure, 11gR1 CLUSTERWARE, 10g CRS on RHEL.
  • Experienced in upgrading 10g Grid Enterprise Control to 11g Grid Enterprise Control.
  • Performed Apps upgrade from 11.5.7 to 11.5.10 and from to 12.0.4
  • Performed Database upgrade from 8i to 9i, 9i to 10g and from 10g to 11g.
  • Platform migration from HP-UX to RHEL X86-64databases.
  • Installed, Implemented and Configured 11i/R12 Oracle Applications.
  • Involved in Oracle Internet Directory Administration (Oracle Identity Management), Oracle Discoverer and Apache, OC4J for R12 environment.
  • Troubleshooting and Managing Configurations of the Oracle Technology Stack mainly the Web server, Forms server, Reports server, Discoverer server and Concurrent Processing Server.
  • Experienced in working with ad utilities like ADADMIN, ADPATCH, ADCTRL and ADSPLICE and resolving all the issues during patching.
  • Proficient in cloning the Oracle Apps and database using RAPIDCLONE and AUTOCONFIG.
  • Tuning APACHE, JSERV for 11i E-business suite environment
  • Configured OC4J Clustering in R12 instances.
  • Proactive monitoring of Oracle Database,Network,Apache,Jserv,OC4J using tools foglight,spotlight,Oracle Enterprise Manager grid and using shell scripting.
  • Highly experienced as an 11i/R12 Oracle Financials ApplicationsSystems Administrator.
  • In-depth Knowledge of 11i/R12 Oracle Applications Architecture and the underlying File System Structure on the Application Tier and Database Tier.
  • Performance Tuning of 11i/R12 Oracle Application and Oracle Database.
  • Proficient in implementing and maintaining Database Security ( Users, Roles, Privileges ), space management ( logical structures such as table spaces and rollback segments ) and auditing of users.
  • Experience in using 11g features such as real application testing, SQL plan baselines.
  • Experience in using 10g features such as Data Pump, Flash Back Recovery, ASM, AWR, and ADDM.
  • Proficiency in standby database (Data guard) installation, configuration, maintenance, and administration for disaster recovery on 10g/11g RAC.
  • Proficient in SQL, PLSQL, Stored Procedures, Functions and Database Triggers.
  • Profound knowledge in Oracle utilities including export/import, SQL*PLUS. Data Loading using SQL Loader .
  • Adept in RMAN backups, hot backups and logical backups. Expertise in disaster recovery setups.
  • Experience in migrating the databases from HP-UX to RHEL 5 using RMAN transportable tablespace.
  • Adept in effective troubleshooting of problems encountered on a daily basis in production & development database environments along with the problems encountered in performance monitoring.
  • Experience in basic and advance replication using Oracle Streams , oracle golden gate.
  • Extensive Experience in writing shell scripts.
  • Strong experiences of RAC, RMAN and Data Guard configuration.

Technical Qualifications

Applications: Oracle Identity Management 10g, , Oracle Access Manger , 10g, Oracle Directory services ,10g, Oracle Applications R12.1.3,R12.0.4, R12.0.6, R11.5.0, R11.5.5, R11.5.7, Oracle Application Server.

Databases: Oracle 11g, 10g, 9i, 8i, 8 and 7.x

Modules: GL, AP, FA, PO, AR, INV, iProcurement, iStore, FND, AU, AD, AK, SYSADMIN and FLEXFIELDS.

GUI: ODSM , Developer 2000/6i, Discoverer 3i/4i, ADI

Tools: Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), SQL*PLUS, Oracle Export/Import, SQL*loader, RMAN, Toad, Autosys Job scheduler, MS office, MS Project,MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Visio, OID, SSO, AWR, BCV.

Languages: SQL, SQL*PLUS, C, UNIX Shell Scripting, HTML,AWK

Operating System: HP UNIX, IBM AIX, SUN SOLARIS 5.8, 9, 10, Win2000, Windows NT,Windows 2003, Red Hat Linux, Oracle Unbreakable LINUX.


CLIENT: Confidential, SEATTLE

Role: Oracle Identity and Access Management Architect/Administrator

Environment:OIM 11gR1, OAM 11gR1, OID 11gR1, EBS R12, HRMS R12, Redhat LINUX, Sun Enterprise Servers, SOA 11gR1, AD 2008R2, MS Exchange 2010, ICF 11gR1

  • Implemented Oracle Directory services and configured Oracle Internet Directory
  • Configured ou s and dc s within the OID to be consistent with Active Directory.
  • Performed data sync between OID and AD using the DIP tool.
  • Installed and configured Access management software on a web logic platform to enable Single-Sign Onsolution protecting multiple EBS Instances.
  • Configured EBSAuth schemes, protected resources policy resources, public and excluded policy resources within the OAM console for authentication and authorization purposes.
  • Configured User identity stores within the OAM console.
  • Extensive cloning and patching of the fusion middleware products involved in single-sign on and identity solutions.
  • Registered web gates in the OAM server using the remote registration tool (RREG).
  • Installed and configured multiple web gates to protect multiple EBS instances.
  • Deployed multiple Access gate s to provide context root for multiple EBS instances.
  • Used LDAP development tools to provide a custom solution to client s data requirements in password management.
  • Installed and configured Oracle Identity Management software on web logic platform.
  • Applied BP03 patch to the OAM, OIM, and SOA stack.
  • Installed and configured SOA to enable workflow capabilities to the Identity Management Software.
  • Configured the built in workflow capabilities of OIM to match the client requirements, like a manager would receive a notification with the username and password of a new hire.
  • Started the custom built OIM workflow API s through the BPEL engine on the SOA server.
  • Installed OID connector , EBS connector to provision user names, passwords into respective OID ou s and EBS FND USER tables.
  • Installed and Configured Identity Connector Framework server (ICF) to be able to install and enable provisioning into Active Directory using AD connector, create mailboxes for users in MS Exchange using the MSExchange connector.
  • Performed re-conciliation actions from Oracle HRMS into the OIM server using EBS HRMS connector.
  • Performed Maintenance on the web logic servers hosting OID, OAM, OIM, and Access gates.
  • Performed tuning, backup and recovery on the database hosting OID, OAM, SOA, and OIM schemas.
  • Configured EBS at the site level and server level to enable Application authentication agents, SSO parameters, password change functionality, forgot password functionality etc.
  • Production build and Maintenance for all of the above software.
  • Integrated OAM and OIM to enable password change functionality through the OIM
  • Implemented 11gR2 RAC for database hosting the OID, OAM, SOA, and OIM schemas created using Repository Creation utility(RCU) tool.
  • Implemented SSO solution for both internal and external users which involved working closely with the network team to configure F5 s and SNAT.
  • Worked with Oracle Corporation to resolve fusion middleware issues by opening TAR/SR.
  • Developed custom code for user-generation and password resetchallenge questions in OIM.
  • Installed necessary libraries in RHEL5 which are pre-requisites for some of the fusion components.
  • Enabled High Availability(HA) to all the components in Identity and Access Management stack for the production environment.
  • Enabled SSL for the components passing usernames and passwords over to the User Identity Directory.
  • Installed Security certificates on the ICF server to enable SSL for user provisioning
  • Resolved Issues with OID server stopping intermittently, OAM double login by applying bug fixes and patches.
  • Performed initial bootstrap from AD to OID using the bulkload tool.

CLIENT: Confidential, SAN JOSE, CA

Role: Oracle Identity and Access Management Administrator

Environment:OAM 10gR1, OIM 10gR1, OID 10g, EBS R12, Redhat LINUX, SOA 11gR1, AD 2008R2, Apache http servers, TC spring web servers, Fed let application, SAML, Horizon Managerapplications

  • Worked effectively in an on-shore-off shore model to handle the day to day responsibilities
  • Configure SOA web services to use the identity services and develop the workflows involved
  • Configure single sign on capability for the Digital Rights services using SAML assertion
  • Configure applications to consume SAML assertions and generate obssocookie.
  • Configured the OVD 11gR1 to add custom attributes, custom adapters and custom access control lists which are used in the Obsso cookie generation
  • Performed data sync between OID and AD using the DIP tool
  • Provided blue prints of IDM stack for the project that auto- provisions instances using blue prints from various applications
  • Providing support and maintenance to the IDM stack by performing partial health checks and full health checks as necessary, regularly creating policies on specific requests, troubleshooting tasks for issue that arise in the numerous portals that seek information from IDM, user management tasks, etc.
  • Providing support and maintenance of various BPEL processes in SOA 11gR1 which are invoked from the portals which in turn make SOAP calls to IDM
  • Providing support and maintenance of portals making IDXML calls to IDM
  • Taking regular backups and performing Refresh Activities
  • Maintenance of various Access server SDK s and Webpasses providing identity services
  • Providing support to partner applications which use the IDM token service.

CLIENT: Confidential, TAMPA, FL

Role: Oracle IAM Administrator

Environment: Oracle 9i, 10g and 11g Database, Oracle Apps 12.0.4,,10gAS Application, Redhat LINUX, Sun Enterprise Servers, RMAN, EMC Symmetrix.

  • Provided SSO solution for EBS using OAM 10gR3.
  • Implemented LDAP identity stores like OID 10g for use with OAM 10g.
  • Provided maintenance and support for 2003 R2 Active Directory.
  • Implemented cross-domain SSO by providing an end-to-end federation solution using OIF 10g.
  • Implemented Oracle Entitlement Server(OES) to create and manage profiles and permissions.
  • Installed and Maintained Oracle Application Server IAS 10g application servers to host SSO solutions
  • Performed Password management tasks and some party of identity tasks using OAM.
  • Performed Identity provisioning into OID and EBS using OIM
  • Worked as a team to implement custom developed OIM API s for workflow solutions.
  • Developed Process definitions within OIM to match the client’s workflow requirements.
  • Integrated Infra, SSO and Portal with Release 12 EBIZ.
  • Migrated 10.1.2 application server from Solaris to Linux.
  • Implemented High Availability replication and OC4J clustering for Infrastructure tier services.
  • Implemented Sitemindernetegrity single sign on along with Oracle single sign on.
  • Involved in installation of Oracle database 11gR2 GRID INFRASTRUCTURE, 11gR2 RAC and upgraded database from to
  • Production support Maintenance activities, written shell scripts for Monitoring production activities.
  • Implemented Oracle 11g Data Guardfor production standby database.
  • Improved the running of SQL and PL SQL programs.
  • Tuned the long running concurrent servers.
  • Perform general technical troubleshooting and working with Functional teams for possible solutions for various issues.
  • Applied patches using KINTANA and also in various modes using adpatch utility.
  • Concurrent manager administration and Oracle Apps sysadmin functions.
  • Performed Backup and Recovery using RMAN and written shell scripts for scheduled online backups.
  • Troubleshooting RMAN backup and recovery related issues.

CLIENT: Confidential

Role: Oracle DBA

Environment: HP-UX, IBM- AIX, Oracle 8i & 9i, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Red Hat Linux.

  • Installed and configured oracle 9.2.0 on Solaris 8, Performed database upgrades from to 9.0.1 and applied patches for bug fixes 9.0.1 to 9.2.0.
  • Worked on resolving performance issues, delay in running stored procedure and batch jobs.
  • Ran sqltrace and explain plans to investigate potential problem with some queries.
  • Performed several refreshes of UAT, TEST and DEV environment using RMAN.
  • Writing shell scripts and SQL scripts for monitoring the database activities.
  • Maintained schemas with partitioned tables and indexes, extended partitions as needed.
  • Renaming the databases and performing a reorg of the table spaces and schema's to follow the company’s standard naming convention

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