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Sr Oracle Dba Resume

Dallas -, TX


  • 8 years of experience as Oracle DBA (11G, 10G, 9i, and 8i) on various platforms AIX, HP, SUN Solaris, SUSE Linux, RHEL, Oracle Enterprise Linux and Windows NT (Production, Development and Test environment Proficient)
  • Worked 4+yrs administering critical production set ups - SAP applications.
  • Specialized in Migration of Oracle databases from Oracle 8i, 9i, 10G to the latest releases – Oracle 10G and 11G.
  • Experience working in different/diverse environments such as OLTP, Data warehouse & Hybrid systems
  • Strong Troubleshooting skills, understanding of RCA Approach and RAC
  • Worked on multiple projects simultaneously, met project deadlines and worked under pressure. Worked independently with little or no supervision.
  • Experience in planning & implementation of Backup & Recovery strategy, RMAN. Performance Tuning AWR/ stackpack for as tuning of application, shared pool, buffer cache, I/O distribution, rollback segments, redo mechanisms and sql code.
  • Proficient in ORACLE DBA – Installation of Oracle RAC, ASM, SAN and disaster recovery – data guard setup and Streams configuration. Designing & Testing of database, administration, backup & recovery strategy implementation according to the volatility of the data, user management, performance monitoring/tuning and database security
  • Supported Oracle Data Warehouse databases, complex queries, de-normalized schemas, Performance related issues related to Data warehouses.
  • Experience on Oracle Identity Management Tools and Exadata.
  • Strong Ability to interpret business requirements & convert into technical specifications
  • Experience on Handling 50 + Production and 100 + Dev Databases
  • Exposure to Basic Architecture of 11i OAS, Installation, Up gradation, Cloning, Patch Application of databases of all versions.
  • Excellent in leading, team managing, mentoring, and coaching team members
  • Experienced in writing, debugging code using SQL, PL/SQL programming skils.
  • Strong documentation and reporting skills
  • Excellent interpersonal, collaboration, and problem solving skills
  • Process oriented, deft in preparing a technology road map with a clear framework for various processes to be implemented; competent in collaborating & engaging with the clients’ partners, third party advisors & vendor teams to develop appropriate metrics and measurements

Professional Experience:

Confidential, Dallas - TX

Sr Oracle DBA

  • Implemented new Oracle 11G R2 ( database set up for Dev, Test and Prod Instances.
  • Architecting and documenting the project details including physical storage, network layout, backup policy, service request, project implementation planning etc.
  • Develop and administer configuration management and User profile configuration with access grants.
  • Install, Upgrade and manage Oracle Grid Control.
  • Designing and building a reporting database.
  • Managing, developing scripts and execution of data replication.
  • Monitoring DBMS performance and develops procedures, where necessary, to improve the DBMS environment as required.
  • Performance tuning via AWR and Statspack. Fine tune Transaction intensive servers i.e. OLTP situations (I/O bottlenecks, SGA, Pinning objects, Sort space, Redo logs) using explain plan, tkprof and identifying the execution plan and tune queries, using Indexes, hints etc. Exporting dictionary statistics from production to stage for tuning.
  • Configure full db backups using rman.
  • Designing, developing and maintaining Oracle database structures and data in the support of Human Services initiatives
  • Supporting Oracle databases, with experience including requirements definition, data modeling, and logical/physical design
  • Install, upgrade and manage Oracle RAC databases with ASM and SAN.
  • Install, patch, upgrade, test and maintain all Oracle software.
  • Usage of MS SQL Server, DBMS tools and utilities usage for database administration, cloning, backup and recovery, database performance tuning and monitoring.
  • Coding PL/SQL & Shell Scripts, Design/Code reviews.
  • Involved in writing and modifying PL/SQL procedures and functions used in Java scripts.
  • Extracting Data from Mainframe and Loading flat file to Oracle Database.
  • Create and maintain database partitioning and indices as needed.
  • Building Development and Test Databases using flashcopy.
  • Configuring Oracle Goldengate to eliminate Informatica Tool.
  • Implementation of Golden Gate TDM for Real time Data Warehousing Live reporting.
  • Oracle Migrations without down time using Oracle Goldengate 10g TO 11G Cross platform.
  • Experience in use of Oracle Exadata.
  • Use OEM, Oracle Advisors for monitoring.
  • On boarding Oracle Identity Management (OIM) Tool for Oracle Databases
  • Set up SQL loader and Data Pump as required using shell scripts.
  • Schedules and coordinates database maintenance activities.
  • Verify that database entities follow approved standards and Enforce database standards for objects.
  • Approving all production schema changes and control all migrations of Oracle schema objects.
  • Assure that Security Policies are in place and Add/Remove new users as requested by data owners.
  • Work with Oracle support to resolve Oracle Support Requests (SR) as necessary.
  • Provide after hours and on-call support as required.
  • Prepare and maintain Documentation using Sharepoint and MS Office 2007

Environment: Oracle 10g/11g(RAC)/11G( HP-UNIX (64 bit),AIX (64 BIT) , ZLINUX, Grid Control (OEM), SQLPLUS,VNCserver, Xmanager, Putty.Netsecure,Humming Bird,Dbartisan 8.5,Erwin,Oracle Golden Gate, OID,Schema Manager,Toad 9.0, Toad, PL/SQL.

Confidential, NYC - NY

Oracle DBA

  • Managing databases large production ranging from 10 to 40 TB. Configuring shell scripts for back up and monitoring alerts.
  • Proficient in Installation and Setting up of Oracle 10G and 11G on RAC databases and non RAC- databases.
  • Implementation of Oracle Security Standards Audit Checklist.
  • Quarterly refresh Activities like rebuilding indexes and tables and resolving Fragmentation issues on Database.
  • Extensive experience with database replication technologies (Data Guard/Standby)
  • Performed day-to-day activities: Such as, daily error checks and database health, monitoring of physical resources (disk space, memory, CPU, etc.). Performance parameters adjusted as needed.
  • Implementation of Transactional Data management for High Availability (Active-Active)
  • Upgrading from Oracle 9i/10g RAC to Oracle 11g RAC Database
  • Migration onto heterogeneous environments that is from Windows to Red Hat LINUX and 32 bit to 64bit environment from Red Hat LINUX to SUSE LINUX Itanium 64 bit
  • Performing quarterly CPU patching
  • Install and Configure Oracle 10G Grid Server and Clients for 600 Instances.
  • Extensive usage of Oracle 10g Grid for scheduling backups, alerts and monitoring
  • Performance tuning via AWR, Statspack, Tkprof. Fine tune Transaction intensive servers i.e. OLTP situations (I/O bottlenecks, SGA, Pinning objects, Sort space, Redo logs) using explain plan, tkprof and identifying the execution plan and tune queries, using Indexes, hints etc. Exporting dictionary statistics from production to stage for tuning.
  • Configure complete / incomplete backups using data pump, rman and hot backups.
  • Setup Database Audit for KFS Databases (Key Financial Databases) for SOX-AUDIT and restrict access for external access.
  • On boarding Oracle Identity Management (OIM) Tool for Oracle Databases
  • Presented and explain technical information of diverse type of audiences such as management, users, vendors and technical staff in a way that establishes rapport, persuades other and gains understanding.
  • Adherence to policies, procedures and controls especially in regard to outage and change management, licensing, and information protection.
  • Enable and Configure Database Auditing for Class 1 Production databases
  • Managing offshore team and setting up 24X7 monitoring.
  • Involved in Oracle database designing using ERWIN tool for development projects.
  • Involved in design and development of the project using PL/SQL queries, functions and procedures.
  • Proficient in raising tar with Oracle Support and using Metalink/Oracle Support to resolve the bottlenecks in the database environment.
  • Signing off on newly created databases for new requirements and the servers migrated from Windows to LINUX and Oracle RAC databases from Red Hat LINUX 32 bit to SUSE LINUX 64 Bit Monitor Performance of database using Grid Control, Creation of standby databases with Data guard Broker. Involve in writing Scripts for the newly signed oracle servers.

Environment : Oracle 11g (RAC)/ 10g (10g RAC)/9i/8i, RHEL 3.0, Zlinux, ImpExp , Grid Control (OEM), Enterprise Manager Console, SQL PLUS, PL/SQL, VNC server, xmanager, Putty.

Confidential, Seattle - WA

Oracle DBA

  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of Oracle 10g RAC database.
  • Upgraded databases from 9i to 10G
  • Created test, production and archive database and its application table spaces. Created admin users and granted the role to the users with high-level security to protect the database from unauthorized access.
  • Oracle Database Administration including Installation, configuration, Analysis, Design, Backup and Recovery (RMAN).
  • Monitoring the application related jobs and data replication activities.
  • Installation and Configuration of SAP application and working on Performance of Application.
  • Performed application tuning and performance monitoring.
  • Worked as part of a team and provided 24/7 support when required.
  • Interface with Oracle Corporation for technical support.
  • Actively involved in designing, developing and testing the application.
  • Creating roles and users and Space management.
  • Optimize databases queries and recommend tuning enhancements.
  • Performed troubleshooting of the database.
  • On-going SQL tuning using Explain Plan and SQL Trace.
  • Support Developers and QA testing.
  • Involved in writing shell Scripts for Backup and recovery methods.
  • Database maintaining including backups, cloning restores, imports, exports.
  • Management of Tablespaces such as dropping/creation and modification of storage parameters for disk optimization, coalescing tablespaces regularly in case of fragmentation and Analyze the statistics periodically and taking remedial action.
  • DR testing for Class1 Databases on Half Yearly Basis
  • Creating the database, tables, tablespaces, data objects, setting privileges, indexes, user logins, passwords (security).
  • Monitor CPU usage, I/O contention, memory paging on UNIX server. Identify resource and performance bottleneck. Provide technical direction to system administrators in Linux kernel tuning and server configuration.
  • Configured hot backup shell scripts for large databases > 3 TB and data pump (expdp/impdp) for selective tables. RMAN backup for specific instances.
  • Providing RCA for node evictions and other database issues.
  • Use of 3rd party tools like Remedy, DB Artisian, and Toad
  • Configuring cronjobs for gather statistics, rebuilding indexes, tablespace alerts
  • Performing activities viz explain plan, Tkprof, AWR, statspack (Library Cache, Buffer Cache, Wait sessions ,Hit Ratios , Pin Ratios , Scattered Reads), Analysis , packages and procedure pining, Index creation, Sql–Hints ,Partitioning , statistics gathering , undo management , created snapshots

Environment: Oracle 10g/9i/8i, IBM-AIX,HP-UX,Redhat Linux, Solaris, OEM, SQL, SQL Plus, Toad,Erwin.


Software Engineer

  • Installation, configuration and upgrading of Oracle server software and related products.
  • Applying Critical patch updates for every quarter.
  • Cloning the production database from a cold/hot backup.
  • Scheduling regular backups for all the production databases.
  • Creating primary database objects (tables, views, indexes).
  • Implement and maintain database security (create and maintain users and roles, assign privileges).
  • Assisted in software installation and development environment creation by creating databases and modifying scripts that access them.
  • Prepared documentation on software and application installations for training purposes.

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