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Dba Lead Resume



Possess total 16+ Years IT experience including 12+ years extensive experience in DB2 System and Database administration and 4+ years of experience as lead/programmer analyst in the mainframe application software industry involving analysis, design, development and implementation of lar Confidential -scale software applications. Well versed in all DB2 system administration including installing, Migrating, Maintaining DB2 Data Sharing subsystems, Converted non-DB2 subsystems to data sharing subsystems, installed multiway DB2 Data sharing groups, expertise in SMP/E to install, Configure z/OS software products, lead DB2 Disaster recovery exercise & DBA aspects including logical and physical data modelling, normalization, database/tablespace/table creation, GBP tuning, bufferpool tuning, monitoring tablespace growth, reorg/recovery of more than 8 Terabytes(VLDB), ZPARM tuning, maintaining partitioning strategies, and synchronizing Data Model with physical DB2 schema using ER-Win, use of Platinum tools, and on call support for production 50 DB2 data sharing subsystems around 2800 databases. Providing level 2,3 escalation support. Developed implemented Optim Archival and Restore, Move process for CMS ICD&A applications. Install DB2 Queue Replication software, DB2 Data Propagator and third party vendor software using System Modification Product/Extended (SMP/E) across System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) from Sandbox, Development, Validation and production regions Proficient in DB2, CICS, COBOL, JCL, VSAM, TELON, Omegamon, Mainview, TMON for DB2, and CA-Platinum DB2 tools. BMC DB2 tools, Expert in full lifecycle development Projects. Strong team player and has excellent leadership qualities. Solid experience with Fortune-100 companies.

Technical Skills

Hardware: IBM 3090, MVS/ES-9000, z/Series z/900,z10, z/VM, z/196, HP Proliant servers, Windows NT/2000/XP, UNIX (Solaris, HP UX, AIX) platforms.

Operating System: MVS, MVS/XA, MVS/ESA, OS/390, z/OS 1.3. z/OS 1.5, z/OS 1.10, z/OS 1.12 IBM AIX, z/Linux, Windows xp, DOS, UNIX,z/OS USS,Linux, SMP/E, OPTIM


RDBMS: IMS,IDMS,DB2 UDB,SQLServer 2005,Oracle, z/OS DB2, Teradata,DB2 LUW

Replication: DB2 Queue Replication, DB2 Data Propagator: SQL replication, IBM Shark PPRC,EMC

DBA Tools: DB2 Tools, CA-Platinum unicenter suite, RC/Migrater,RC/Query, Database analyzer, RC/Mer Confidential r, BMC Tools, Dasd Mana Confidential r for DB2, Catalog Mana Confidential r for DB2, Chan Confidential mana Confidential r for DB2, System and SQL performance products, Opertune for DB2, Recovery Mana Confidential r for DB2, Backup and Recovery Products. Princeton Move for DB2, Optim,WDI, EDI, CDB, QMF, Princeton Archive for DB2, Omegamon, Mainview, Storbe, TSO, ISPF, VSAM, ACF2, CA7, CA11, CA1,APC,PANVALET, Optim, Omegamon for DB2

ApplicationServersMiddleware: WEBSPHERE, HTTP servers, DB2 connect

Stora Confidential Devices/ Backup Software: EMC, IBM SHARK, FDR,Flash copy process,EMC

ETL-/.Data-Modelling Tools: Erwin3.x/4.x/7.x/8.x, Informatica 8.x,9.x (PowerMart&PowerCenter).


DB2 DBA Lead


  • DB2 Version 10.1 Version application Database migration support.
  • Optim Move,Archive/Restore. Developed and implemented for CMS ACO project
  • Development/Validation/Production support, on-call support, database logical design, physical design, data modelling, normalization, creation of new database objects, altering existing database objects, performance monitoring, partitioning, analysis & tuning of batch and online programs, data recovery, data archival process, disaster recovery exercise, stored procedures, DB2 dump reading and job schedule analysis and design.
  • Providing application support for CMS ICD&A application team including DB2 Connect, Websphere, Data Studio, Informatica Tools. Cognos Reports
  • IBM DB2 Control Center, Data Studio Application Support
  • Responsible for CMS ICD&A application Local DBA activities
  • Database Support and Problem Determination and Analysis on ICD&A J2EE application components.
  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Database Audit Compliance support
  • RACS/Spring Batch frame Database Configuration Support in J2EE environment.
  • CMS ICD&A IBM Websphere Portal Database Support/Configurations
  • Database migration chan Confidential s thru CMS procedures.
  • Coordination with Centrals DBA and System DBA Teams
  • Created & Migrated ACO/EES/ICD&A application Databases releases from development, integration, validation, production DB2 regions.
  • DB2 Version 10.1 Version application Database migration support.
  • Regular database maintenance including very lar Confidential databases (> 8TB).
  • Creating, scheduling & automating housekeeping jobs and utilities like COPY, LOAD, MODIFY, QUIESCE, RECOVER, REORG, REPAIR, REPORT, RUNSTATS and UNLOAD, Space utilization mana Confidential ment, DB2 object access control, Group Bufferpool monitoring and Tuning etc.
  • Created automation process for all of the IBM utilities using DSNACCOX and REXX process, this process reduced more than 40% of CPU consumption for DB2 utilities.
  • Creation of a performance tracking database to track avera Confidential response times, CPU times, and overall CPU utilization
  • manaaging application and database design for enhancements, estimating software chan Confidential s, escalating key issues, interacting with client counterparts, managing software chan Confidential s, and researching critical problems.
  • SQL reviews, performance sug Confidential stions to application teams and training on new DB2 features to the programmers.
  • Managing Internal projects, coordinating with the stakeholders for developing & implementation of the new projects.

Consultant, System Engineering and Administration/DB2 System Programmer

Confidential, Columbus

  • Over 10+years of expertise in installing/migrating/maintaining DB2 Data sharing subsystems and non-Data sharing DB2 subsystems, Database administration for complex databases. Converted Non-DB2 Data sharing DB2 subsystems to DB2 Data sharing groups. Installed DB2 Data Sharing subsystems with multi-way Data sharing members.
  • Expertise in SMP/E. Installed multiple z/OS vendor products including DB2 versions 6.1 to 10.
  • Install DB2 Queue Replication software, DB2 Data Propagator and third party vendor software using System Modification Product/Extended (SMP/E) across System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) from Sandbox, Development, Validation and production regions
  • Experience with all components of the mainframe including; DB2, CICS, IMS, MQ, WAS, VTAM, IDMS, DFSMS, z/Linux, java, zIIP, zAAP, SMPE, TCP/IP, Unix System Services, MVS, OS/390 and z/OS, Data Propagator, Websphere Replication Server, DB2 Connect and Installed and upgraded numerous third party software; CA,, Platinum, IBM
  • Over 10+years of expertise as DB2 DBA responsible for z/OS DB2 mainframe database administration including, BMC, IBM DB2 Database Administration Utilities, CA Platinum DB2 database Administration tools, BMC DB2 Database tools.
  • Expertise skill in maintaining DB2 Data sharing sub systems and applications across multiple platforms and computing environments. Analyzing and resolving the most complex issues related to information flow and content. Developed, implemented and maintained database support tools, database tables and dictionaries, recovery and back-up procedures.
  • Expertise skill in maintaining DB2 higher availability and Rolling DB2 Maintenance, version upgrades. Installed DB2 subsystems with three way Data Sharing by having two members in same lpars. This implementation increased continuous availability for DB2 data sharing subsystem whenever there is a Planned or Unplanned Outa Confidential Production/development environments.
  • Accomplished new disaster recovery procedures/Process DR testing and performed DB2 system recovery in 4hrs for DBG1 DB2 subsystem, New disaster procedures implementation provided higher business recovery time.
  • Involved in several P0 incidents, Analysed RCAs to find the root cause based on the root caused requested vendors to enhance their product to reduce real time production outa Confidential s, Action item for internal team to proactively prevent production outa Confidential s.
  • Extensive knowled Confidential in DB2 Data sharing Implementation/Backup/Recovery and Support.
  • Accomplished connectivity for websphere /DB2 environments. This was a added business value for ECIF business applications .Successfully Implemented Web sphere/JDBC connectivity in development and production environments.
  • Knowled Confidential of Hard Configuration Definition Tool.
  • Initiated and actively conducted Knowled Confidential sharing sessions with team, Motivated teams to share their product expertise thru information sharing, Knowled Confidential sharing sessions.
  • DB2 Security. Installed & customized DB2 security in z/OS assembler routines for Nationwide DB2 environments.
  • Extensive knowled Confidential on Data Replication, Data Sharing Implementation, Data Sharing Disaster recovery.
  • DB2 Data sharing System architect and implemented muti-way datasharing groups in parallel simplex environment
  • Backup & Recovery Support for more than 900 Databases in IBM Mainframe Production environments
  • Strong experience in Installing/migrating DB2 subsystems, Applying DB2 maintenance, Rolling DB2 Maintenance in parallel simplex environments.
  • Worked in DB2 UDB applications involving DB2 UDB databases in AIX, z/Linux, z/OS multiplatform.
  • Extensive experience in development and tuning of Packa Confidential s, Stored Procedures with WLM environments.
  • Experience in DB2 System Recovery & application recovery in Disaster Recovery exercise with Quick turn-around times using the corporate DR standards..
  • Migrated Content Mana Confidential r (CM) V7.1 data to CM V8.4 environment by using phased migration process with collaboration from IBM. Maintaining Content Mana Confidential r 8.4 and 85 OAM Databases. Implemented auto rotation process and single DASD pool allocation to avoid DASD constraints.
  • Supporting DBA with their r regular database maintenance including very lar Confidential databases .
  • For vendor DB2 database and application disaster recovery Creating, scheduling & automating housekeeping jobs and utilities like COPY, LOAD, MODIFY, QUIESCE, RECOVER, REORG, REPAIR, REPORT, RUNSTATS and UNLOAD, Space utilization mana Confidential ment, DB2 object access control, Group/Buffer pool monitoring and Tuning etc.
  • 24/7 Production support, on-call support, data recovery, data archival process, disaster recovery exercise, stored procedures, DB2/CICS dump reading and job schedule analysis and design.
  • Tuned database for high response time. Developed Stored Procedures and integrated the stored proc with Java Stored Procedure programs, Implemented SQLJ/JDBC, JDBC-WEBSPHERE connectivity. 24x7 on call support for production 50 DB2 Data sharing subsystems around 2800 databases. Level 3 escalation for any database related problems.
  • Implemented Procedures/Process for DB2 HFS/zFS implementation.
  • Knowled Confidential of Resource Mana Confidential ment Facility (RMF) and System Mana Confidential ment Facility (SMF)
  • Installed/configured DB2 Data Propagator SQL-Replication, Knowled Confidential of Q-Replication
  • Installed and applied Maintenance for DB2 Tools like Platinum, Princeton Move for DB2, WDI, EDI, CDB, OAM,QMF, Princeton Relational Tools, Omegamon
  • Creation of High level interface flow charts for Mission critical application and its interfacing systems

Confidential, Fortmyers, Florida

Confidential is a global infrastructure, finance and media company taking on the world’s toughest challen Confidential s. From everyday light bulbs to fuel cell technology, to cleaner, more efficient jet engines, Confidential has continually shaped world with groundbreaking innovations for over 130 years. Confidential has a strong set of global businesses in infrastructure, finance and media aligned to meet today’s needs, including the demand for global infrastructure; growing and changing demographics that need access to healthcare, finance, and information and entertainment; and environmental technologies.

  • Project to include Confidential Payroll system from Mainframe IDMS legacy applications to people soft/Oracle systems
  • Extract procedures to retrieve data from IDMS/Easytrieve
  • Trouble shooting and fixing of abends within Service Level Agreements
  • Analyze, Data and responsible to load the data to oracle databases
  • Discuss with people-soft consultants to map data to oracle/people soft applications and customizations
  • Developed Programs to extract the data from mainframe and upload the data to interfacing systems.


Confidential is a leader in nationwide distribution of maintenance, repair and operating supplies (MRO) and a provider of related information. The company was established in 1930 and providing service to commercial, industrial, contractor and institutional markets. It is head quartered in Lincolnshire, Illinois, with operations throughout the United States and its neighbouring countries. The Project involved maintenance of the System on a day to day basis ensuring smooth flow of the Online and Batch Processing on Mainframe system and also catering to the request from the end-users (numbering more than 2000) as part of the Business Sustenance Requests. This project is split into three modules like CUSTOMER SALES GROUP, SUPPLY CHAIN GROUP and FINANCE GROUP.


  • Acts as a source of direction, training and guidance for peer team members. Monitors project schedules and costs.
  • Independently supporting five separate applications under the Finance group.
  • Monitor the Night-time batch production jobs.
  • Trouble shooting and fixing of abends within Service Level Agreement.
  • Analyze, identify and provide permanent fix for recurring abends.
  • Analysis, Design, Coding and Testing for Business Sustaining Requests.
  • Developed Programs to extract the data from mainframe and upload the data to interfacing systems.
  • Converted Supply chain applications from IMS to DB2 databases
  • Responsible in deciding the testing strategy for various converted applications both in batch/online
  • Implementation of converted applications to production.
  • Develop new programs to create ad-hoc reports.
  • Delegation of work and monitoring for productivity, quality and delivery.
  • Conducting Lessons learnt meetings.
  • Providing presentations and training new members of the team.
  • Providing cross system training to the group members.
  • Analysis of weekly activities and collecting/analyzing metrics.
  • Conducting Internal Quality Assurance for deliverables.
  • Study and sug Confidential st improvements to the process for increased productivity and quality.
  • Conducting External Quality Assurance audits for other projects.
  • Support for onsite primary.
  • Need based Day time (CT) support.
  • Update System Documents.
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery.

Environment: MVS/ESA, OS/390, WINDOWS-95, IBM 3090, MVS/ES-9000, DB2, VSAM, TSO, IMS,ISPF, File-Aid, SPUFI,DB2I,Abend-Aid, Panvalet, XPEDITOR, SEEC, PRINCETON, SUPER-C, EASYTRIEVE, IDMS,ADSO,MAPC,IDD, TELON, CICS, JCL,COBOL, DB2 Tools for Platinum uni center, Princeton Move for DB2, WDI,RACF

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