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Sr. Oracle/mysql Dba Resume

Fort Meade, MD

Over 15+ years of IT professional experience in a variety of roles ranging from Programmer/Analyst to systems, ETL, and database administrator (Oracle/SQL Server/MySQL) for major commercial companies like: Thomson Financial, Sprint/Nextel, and Government Agencies: DISA (Defense Information System Agency), DHS (U.S.Dept. of Homeland Security), HUD, FDA, USPTO, SRI/GSA (U.S.Dept. of Education)


Confidential, Fort Meade, MD
Sr. Oracle/MySQL DBA

  • Contract in Defense Information System Agency. Support DoD DISA/NDSS (Network Design Support Systems) multiple Oracle/MySQL/SQL Server production and test database on UNIX and Windows platforms. Provide database architecture, design, database patches, and all its associated products to include applications tools.
  • MySQL 5.6 DBA, installation, configuration. Support GUI to create & view & modify data, and packages. PHP v5.x to access MySQL data to support NDSS. Using Java, JavaScript, Apache, .NET, Drupal v7 design Web server/UCEP, Python, form and report are for dynamic Web sites.
  • Database management, monitoring, clustering, ETL operations, query performance tuning and optimization. RAC, SharePlex v7 Replication, TOAD for Oracle 12.6, OEM 12c, PL/SQL, PowerPoint, package, function, loading and analyze weekly data, maintain production database, logical and physical data modeling , data migration, Global traffic engineering, performance assessment module (PAM), Network usage and GOS analysis and review, circuit sizing calculation, VoLP performance, partition table/index, weekly/monthly backups, export/import and refresh database, Perl data loading scripts.
  • Strong Oracle APEX (Application Express) 3.2/4.1 DBA/Dev for administration, design, development, deployment, workspace, application wizard, data loading, create page, and application, LOVs, validations for SQL, PL/SQL, forms/reports, and PLPDF report using functions.
  • Support customer facing web applications. Manage Oracle Communications Operation Monitor 3.3, and monitor communication process at Palladion/JITC labs. Use OBIEE 11g on repository, dashboards, ad - hoc analysis/query, published reporting from data source/models for Call data.
  • ETL processes, data modeling, DataStage v7/8, ERWin, ETL code for data migration, it includes database, package, functions, and procedures. Performance tuning and troubleshooting are on database and application. Weblogic servers are on forms and reports.

Confidential, Falls Church, VA

Sr. DBA/Data Analyst

  • Contract in U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
  • Support DHS/ICE Oracle/SQL Server/DB2 development team in architecture, design, standby database, replication, development of database schema and processes for new and existing applications.
  • Support DHS database, it includes baseline architecture, data modeling, new structure, production DBA file download, manual Informatica v8.x source, target, mapping, post-processing, data validation from legacy database to SQL Server and Oracle.
  • DDL, DML, TOAD, CMM, RAC, Dataguard. Erwin, write document for database design and mapping, Materialized Views, SQL*loader, RMAN, SSIS, SSRS, export/import schema/tables.
  • ETL processes, reporting load, package, procedure, function, trigger, troubleshooting, performance tuning use Explain Plan and Quest SQL Optimizer, bug fix, User Case mapping, Merant Tracker, and testing/testing plan.

Confidential, Vienna, VA

Sr. Oracle DBA

  • Contract in Thomson Financial.
  • Support Wells Fargo database, it includes Oracle bank financial, RAC environment using Unix and HP servers, troubleshooting, fix bug, different database's performance, monthly and weekly usage statistics, and public synonym switch.

Confidential, Washington, DC

ETL/Data Modeling

  • Contract in HUD (U.S. Housing/Urban Department). Support HUD database for mainframe application (IDIS), and Windows client application (SNAPS).
  • DBA is for multiple Oracle/SQL Server database. Main job is for ETL data conversion, analyze legacy database and table, federal financial like general ledger, fixed assets, data mapping, use data modeling tool CA ERwin for logical data, physical database to design reengineered tables, columns, and lookup tables, generate DDL, create new database, schema, database sizing, database security management, export/import, data conversion scripts using PL/SQL and loader.
  • After data loading, check error data, discuss with application team for data and datatype, recreate packages, procedures, and triggers for new database, performance tuning, and new architecture for conversion all HUD data (house finance and funding) from DB2/Sybase to SQL Server and Oracle on Oracle 9i, 10g, OEM, ETL, T-SQL, Batch Process, UML, Visual SourceSafe, Excel, MKS Source Integrity, Solaris, and Windows.

Confidential . Reston, VA

Sr. Oracle DBA

  • Contract in EDS/Sprint/Nextel.
  • DBA support Nextel production, QA and test multi-terabyte sized databases (24x7).
  • Provide expertise and recommendations for Physical Database Design and Architecture, testing, performance tuning, and implementation.
  • Participate in the strategy, design, and implementation for backup, restore, high availability, data migration, and environment creation on Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g, OEM, Sqlnav3, SOLARIS, PL/SQL, PVCS Tracking, SQLHOGE, and SharePlex replication.
  • Maintain Schema objects, estimate sizes, space maintenance. Export/Import of statistics, and refresh QA/Dev databases from Production on parallel server in Sun environment.
  • OLTP and VLDB database tuning, and debugging. Perform technical troubleshooting and give consultation to development team. Wrote PL/SQL to support data migration scripts.
  • Develop Advanced Query for data access with SQL, PL/SQL, Pro*C, ETL, Parallel Execution, BI with 10g, JIRA to tracking, Discoverer, 9iAS, Oracle Forms/Reports, JDBC, SQLJ, Subversion, Packages.
  • Review and manage Nextel/Sprint CSSA Database Security Access Form database.
  • Take training class Oracle Warehouse Builder for administration and operations on Nextel.

Confidential, McLean, VA
Sr. Oracle/SQL Server DBA/Developer


  • Supported Internet Wireless Services on Oracle 8i/9i, Solaris 8, Microsoft Internet information Service Web Server Windows, and Windows 2000.
  • Provided database services and database support for Web Application Infrastructure Support (WAIS terabyte-sized databases) on a daily basis, including all maintenance and support services related to multiple database in test, development and production environment.
  • Performed application tuning on using SQL Navigate, Oracle Enterprise Manager, optimizer hints.
  • Updated schema design with new features: range and list partitioning.
  • Supported web data marts, implemented and monitored the replications.
    Evaluated system update architecture (RAC, OPFS, OPS, Solaris 8, and Sun Cluster).
  • Contract for SRI (Department of Education). Designed db on SQL Server for educational system.
  • Installed and configured SQL Server2000/7.0 on Windows 2000.
  • Performed logical and physical data modeling (data warehouse/stat query), entity relationship diagramming, dimensional modeling with ERwin.
  • Created database schema, table structure, indexes, constraint, stored procedures, users, and developed database backup and recovery strategy. Performance tuning, ASP, T-SQL and VB coding.
  • Using DTS tool to convert all data from MS Access to SQL Server.
  • Utilized BCP utility to import and export data, and BULK INSERT to load data into SQL Server

Confidential, Fairfax, VA

Oracle DBA/Application Developer

  • Contract for TRAM Data Conversion and Migration system on Windows NT/Unix platform for Confidential (Patent Trademark Office). Transfer and convert all Confidential data from COBOL (on VAX) to Oracle8i.
  • Participated in large-scale system (TRAM) life cycle activities including requirement analysis, design and implement, detail system design, system development, parallel DML and queries, partitioning tables and indexes, data mapping, filtered error analysis, validation, and synchronization testing.
  • Generated Crystal Report, Oracle forms/reports 6.0 modules to query data and check testing data. Worked with the client business analysts to create Unix shell scripts for different testing systems.
  • Designed Confidential secure gateway for service secure authorization's database and system.

Confidential, Falls Church, VA


  • Contract in AHCPR (Agency for Health Care Policy and Research System), which supports FDA Department of Human and Health in managing GIANT (Grants Information and Tracking System) on Oracle8 and Sybase.

Confidential, Silver Spring, MD
Sr. Developer

  • Contract in developing the PGPUB for Confidential on Oracle 7.3/Sun Solaris.

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