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Sr. Oracle Database Administrator Resume

New, YorK


IT professional with over 16 years of industry experience. Functioned as a Database Administrator / Lead Database Administrator / Architect, providing extensive support in the areas of design, development, enhancement, and the implementation of systems developed in ORACLE/SQL Server2012. Excellent interpersonal skills leading application development teams as well as DBA teams.



ORACLE 12c/11G/10G/10g RAC, ASM, Oracle 11g/10G RAC, Oracle 9i RAC, ORACLE Web DB 2.2,Oracle 9i/10g Application Server Reel 1,2, ORACLE “Names” Server, Oracle RMAN, ORACLE 11G/10G Enterprise Manager (OEM) Grid Control, Database Console, Oracle Internet Directory, Oracle Advanced Replication, Oracle Streams 10G/11G, Oracle Golden Gate. Sharable 3.2/5.3, Oracle Data Guard, VERITAS Cluster Servers, EMC BCV SRDF, COGNOS 6, Informatics, SAS, ORACLE Developer 2000, SQL*Forms 2.3/3.0/4.5, database programming (PL/SQL, procedures, functions, packages, database triggers), SQL*Plus 3.1, Reports 2.5, SQL*Loader, SQL*Net, COBOL, C, Visual BASIC 5.0, Crystal Reports, shell programming (C shell, Bourne shell, AWK programming, corn),Perl programming, Java, HTML, ASP, SQL Server 2000.

Hardware/Operating Systems

Red Hat Linux 6.x/5.0, Sun Solaris 10, HP Superdome SD32000, HP9000 Series 800/700 Model I - 70, HP UX 11.11,11.00,10.20, AIX 6L/5L, AIX on RS 6000 RISC, SunOS 10.x/5.x, Open VMS 7.x/6.2, Alpha, Pentium, IBM 386/486, Zenith Mini, DOS 6.22,Wipro Mini 286 Series, SCO*UNIX, Windows NT/2000, PC Anywhere

ENTERPRISE BACKUP: RMAN and Legato’s Storage Manager, Tivoli TDP, Netback up Ver5.x, TSM

DBA Tools

Erwin/ERX 3.5/4.1, Data Modeling, Quest Central Software, Informatics Power center, DB Artisan 4.02, Prism CDC for ORACLE 3.0, BMC SqlBacktrack 3.2,3.3,3.4, Recovery Manager RMAN, Veritas Netbackup 5, Oracle Statspack,Quest Live Reorg, Oracle 12c/11g Grid Control, BMC PATROL, PRECISE, TOAD, QUEST, sar, vmstat, HP GlancePlus, Delphix


Confidential, New York

Worked as Oracle Database administrator for Asset and Trading company. Client manages $100 billion worth of assets for various clients and supporting live trading systems for various Trading applications, responsible for following tasks

  • Install, configure and troubleshoot Oracle 11G R2 RAC databases.
  • Install, configure and setup monitoring for Oracle 11G/12C grid control databases.
  • Experience with cross platform Database Migration using Transportable tablespaces and Datapump, Migrating Oracle database from Solaris to Linux.
  • Plugging the tablespaces between different platforms using Cross platform transportable tablespace Utility. Migration of Databases from Oracle 10G HP/Sun to Oracle 11G R2 RAC Linux environments.
  • Setup, configure support Oracle standby databases on multiple locations.
  • Refreshing production databases to Virtual databases for testing using Delphix software.
  • Upgrading Oracle 10g to 11g R2 databases.
  • Applying Oracle Security PSU patches.
  • Migrated database from one data center to other using SRDF and Oracle data guard/backup restore.
  • Resolving Oracle database performance tuning issues.
  • Support and Monitor SQL server 2012 databases.
  • Applying development changes to Oracle/SQL server databases using MicroSoft TFS tool.

Confidential , New Jersey

  • As a Database administrator managing multiple Bank applications - Cash, Equity, Wealth management and Remedy database on Oracle 11g/10g RAC databases.
  • Installed, configured Oracle 11G RAC Release 2 databases on Sun/Linux/AIX environments.
  • Applying PSU/CPU patches and TNS Poison security fixes.
  • Worked with developer for database deployments.
  • Creating change control process thru Remedy for database changes.
  • RMAN backup setup/config thru TSM media.
  • Restoring database using RMAN utility from TSM Tape backups.
  • Setup, configure and monitor VCS clusters for Oracle Physical Standby databases on Oracle 11g databases.
  • Installed, configured Oracle 12c Grid Control for monitoring databases.

Environment: Oracle 11g/10g RAC, Oracle 11g Data Guard, EMC SRDF, Oracle 11g/12c OEM Grid, Redhat Linux, AIX , Solaris, Oracle ASM, Veritas Cluster Servers

Confidential , Jersey City, New Jersey

Sr. Oracle Database Administrator/Database Engineer

  • As a Database administrator supporting UBS Trading,Prime Brokerage, Cash Equities and PeopleSoft ERP applications on Oracle 11G RAC R2/R1 and 10G RAC.
  • Install configure Oracle RAC 11G R2/R1 and 10G on Linux/Sun/AIX with ASM storage.
  • Monitoring databases thru Oracle 11G/12c Grid control.
  • Define various migration Strategies and Migrate PeopleSoft databases from Oracle 10G to 11G Rel 2. Migrating database from one data center to other.
  • Monitor troubleshoot databases using Oracle 11g/10g Grid control.
  • Setup Backup/Recovery strategy thru RMAN, restoring database using RMAN restore/recovery process.
  • Troubleshoot performance issues in Production and development database.
  • Setup Oracle 11G physical Data Guard , EMC SRDF, VCS high availability for DR solutions. Switchover/failover of databases using DataGuard Broker, EMC BCV SRDF.
  • Monitoring and Sync up of Oracle Standby databases.
  • Implement Oracle Streams for Replication between RAC nodes. Troubleshoot various Streams conflict resolutions and data issues sync issues.
  • Implementing Databases changes (DDL’s) , Releases thru Change management process.
  • Automate database jobs thru Autosys job schedule.
  • Preparing Unix Korn Shell scripts to maintain database jobs.
  • Involved in Data Center migration from New York to Richmond,VA

Environment: Oracle 11g/10g RAC, Oracle 11g Data Guard, EMC BCV SRDF, Oracle 11g/10g OEM Grid, Redhat Linux 5.x, AIX 5/6.x, Oracle ASM, Veritas Cluster Servers , Oracle 11g Streams , Oracle Internet Directory.

Confidential , Dept. of Commerce ,MD July 2009 - Sept 2010

Sr. Oracle Database Administrator/Database Engineer

  • As a Database administrator supporting PBOCS Census 2010 Project on 8 Node Oracle 11G RAC R2/R1 and 10G RAC.
  • Install configure Oracle RAC 11G R2/R1 on Linux with ASM storage.
  • Monitor troubleshoot databases using Oracle 11g Grid control.
  • Setup Backup/Recovery strategy thru RMAN.
  • Troubleshoot performance issues in Production and development database.
  • Setup Oracle 11G physical Data Guard solutions for DR solution.
  • Monitoring and Sync up of Oracle Standby databases.
  • Implement and Configure Oracle Streams Replication between 8 RAC nodes.
  • Troubleshoot Oracle streams performance issues by implementing Streams parameter settings.
  • Resolve Conflict Resolution in streams by implementing Rules.
  • Implemented Oracle Streams TAGs to exclude data replication.
  • Migrating Oracle databases from Oracle 10.x to Oracle 11G.

Confidential . Feb2006 - June 2009

Sr. Oracle Database Administrator/Database Engineer

Responsibilities -

  • Currently supporting multiple Large mission critical Confidential Oracle database applications like Orchestria, Total Cost Ownership, GcaTs, NAS replication, Salesforce, MLR, trading applications etc.,
  • Implemented and Supporting Oracle 10g RAC databases on Multinode environment for Merrill Email Orchestria application using Oracle 10gR2 RAC on LINUX RedHat 4.0 using OCFS, ASM, EMC-SRDF, Veritas Cluser Server for high availability and Disaster Recovery(C&R).
  • Troubleshooting Oracle RAC environment issues on production databases, migrating Oracle RAC environment from Linux 4.0 to 5.0. Removing and adding nodes to RAC environment based on application and database load. Converting single node database to multinode RAC environment. Setting up multiple services to load balance and improving performance of RAC environment. Guideline application vendor and team to effectively write SQL queries to improve performance of RAC databases.
  • Upgraded Oracle RAC cluster ware components.
  • Upgraded Oracle 10g RAC database from OCFS filesystems to ASM storage.
  • Architect and created IBM MLR content management application and database on AIX UNIX servers.
  • Expert in Oracle database recovery using RMAN and Manual process.
  • Involved in Monthly Capacity plan meetings with Merrill Oracle Managed Services to estimate CPU, Storage and adding nodes to the cluster. Used TeamQuest to analysis of server capacity.
  • Implemented OMS migration project for all Merrill current service groups from current tier-1, tier-2 Dev, QA and Production, CNR environments to PA and Teleport Data Center. Provided timelines for the migration and prioritized the migration process.
  • Implemented Oracle Range and Hash Partitioning, Automate the partition drop and create process.
  • Created Materialized views to replicate data between databases.
  • Analyze and Reorg the databases to gain space and improve the performances of application.
  • Architect and Created Oracle Advanced replication synchronization process on 3 way replication process UK, EMEA, North America. Leading all regional DBA’s in Replication Environment.
  • Setup and supported Oracle 10g Streams.
  • Installed Oracle Software on Solaris, Linux , AIX and NT - Product installation Oracle 11g, 10g and 9i applied patches and upgrades.
  • Implemented Oracle physical Data Gurad for database high availability.
  • Migrated databases and application from Oracle 9i to 10g & 11g.
  • Troubleshoot and Tuned Database Performance for optimal I/O and memory.
  • Tuning and rewriting SQL queries for optimal performance issues. Fixing vendor application SQL queries for performance issues.
  • Worked extensively on Performance tuning which involved in Session tracing, Query tuning using Oracle 10g AWR, ADDM, ASH, SQL Tuning Advisor, SQL profiles.
  • Defined and Implemented Backup & Recovery using RMAN and Legato/TDP.
  • Provided 24 hour support to database operations and the Development community to ensure daily production business requirements are met.
  • Refreshing development and QA databases with Production data.
  • Involved Data Center Migration from 101 Hudson to PA location using SRDF.
  • Implemented Sarbanes Oxley audit and security procedures according to Merrill Complaint.
  • Planned the Database related to performance during access, backup and recovery procedures, archivelog mode, replication, nightly refresh, disaster recovery-Oracle Replication/Streams
  • Implemented logical and physcial Database Design - Created tablespaces, rollback segments and database objects, constraints, monitoring temp tablespace issues.
  • Automate DBA tasks using Oracle PL/SQL and UNIX shell scripts.
  • Involved in development team to implement ETL process on Data warehouse project.
  • Design/Architect Merrill RecordsNet Data warehouse project on Oracle 10g database.
  • Wrote PL/SQL Packages, Stored Procedures, Functions and Triggers for application releases like Total Cost Ownership, Orchestria, GCat etc.
  • Confidential -ordinate with development team to assist application code changes and implementing Oracle 10g features.
  • Implementing applications changes/releases on QA and Production databases.

Environment: Oracle 11g/10g/10g RAC/9i , Oracle 10g Data Guard, Oracle 10g OEM Grid, Redhat Linux 3.0/4.0/5.x, Sun Solaris, AIX, EMC-SRDF , Veritas Cluster Servers , Oracle Streams.

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