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Sr. Oracle Dba Resume

Tampa, FL


  • LAN/WAN Networks Server and Workstation Support DBA Web Development
  • Senior Oracle DBA
  • Large database/network topology
  • Oracle Security
  • Oracle 10g R1/R2, 11g R1/R2
  • Golden Gate
  • Performance/SQL Tuning
  • Oracle Grid control/OEM
  • RMAN backup with catalogs
  • Good document/communication
  • Policies and Procedures Documentation
  • Oracle Application
  • Budgeting / Cost Control
  • Oracle patching and break fix

SUMMARYHighly qualified professional with 17 years of IT and 6 years or Oracle DBA support, working on many different platforms and versions of Oracle, 9i, 10gR1/R2, and 11gR1/R2, utilizing RAC and standalone databases, supporting a wide range of applications with resourceful problem solver with a proven ability to conceptualize solutions in challenging situations and implement practical, cost effective action plans, then implement that technology while being proactive and using common sense. In short, I enjoy what I do.PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:Confidential, Tampa, FL

Sr. Oracle DBA

  • Contracting to GSX, support production Oracle 11g R1/R2 and set up Golden Gate in a production active to active and active to passive configurations
  • Setup Golden Gate standards for company while Golden Gate plan
  • Support Real Application Testing (RAT) for upgrades to latest Oracle version
  • Support Oracle QA and developers in non - production environments


Oracle DBA 9i/10/11g, Golden Gate

  • Support very large Oracle database structure with 10g/11g and Golden Gate in RAC and standalone environments running on Solaris, HP-UX on VCS system
  • Build, support and assist everything Oracle.
  • Setup Golden Gate standards and procedures for production
  • Performance and SQL tuning

Confidential as a contractor only

Oracle DBA for 11g on RAC systems

  • Support as a DBA on Oracle RAC systems on production and development systems. Work with different teams and Remedy tickets to support requests and/or performance tuning. Assist applications and production DB with 24/7 support.
  • Setup RMAN catalog for complete backup process of all production databases.
  • Initial setup and bring Golden Gate into the production environments
  • Work with server hardware and network systems for the Oracle environments

Confidential, Inc - GA

Oracle DBA 10g/11g, EMC SAN, with Linux RedHat support

Oracle DBA, SAN support and Linux admin

  • Install, setup, admin Oracle RAC 10g on 5 nodes running on SUN blades
  • Install, setup, admin Oracle RAC 11g for production and testing
  • Install, setup, admin Golden Gate 10.1.x and 11.1.x in production environment
  • Patch and keep all Oracle servers/database current and work with Oracle as needed
  • Setup/admin Grid Control for monitoring, backup (RMAN) with catalog and process control. Use Grid control as central alert system.
  • Setup second site exact copy of first site for standby using Data guard and DR.
  • Create a test environments for certification development, patch testing, etc
  • Performance monitoring and perform any changes for optimum performance
  • Setup and admin EMC SAN CX3 at both sites and support them in ASM configuration
  • Support Production and development in a DBA roll
  • Performance tuning and statpack and AWR reports for 10g and 11g
  • Support Redhat Linux Enterprise 5.x version
  • Build procedures and processes for all related Oracle functions
  • Test data, and make sure 100% consistent at all times.
  • Use Golden Gate to move data to report server, Mysql, test and QA and other Oracle db
  • Use Golden Gate Director and Veridata as tools for Golden Gate
  • Support JBoss, Tomcat, and Weblogic

Confidential - GA

Senior network/analyst and support DBA

  • Support 300 + Linux/UNIX/Windows servers in a complex development environment using JAVA, Jboss, and Oracle RAC 10g (R1, R2) and 11g. Support all environments and interface with developers, DBA and clients in a support roll on break-fix, upgrade, and coordinate to streamline the each process and automation.
  • Worked closely with development on JAVA/Jboss apps by tuning, debugging, and working within design method and perimeters of applications.
  • Design and administered 200+ server development project using Redhat, HP-UX, and Windows. Design very large environments and assisted developers with network monitoring, bottlenecks, and general application support from development software to standard support.
  • Oracle administration on 9i and 10g systems including RAC clustering, ASM using SAN storage, install, configured with DBA roll.
  • Develop backup strategies on HP Openview and TSM in development and product environments.
  • Senior administer on Redhat and HP-UX with Windows, including creation of scripts, from kickstart to admin functions. Automate most processes.
  • Senior EMC storage administer on CX500, CX700 systems.
  • Assisted in support of a 800+ data center servers (development and production)

Confidential - Seminole, FL

Network and Web Engineer / Web Developer

  • Developed, setup, and configured the internal network structure for an Internet web hosting company using Redhat 7.x-8.0 and Windows 2000 by setting up firewalls, Cisco Routers, and all web servers using Apache and IIS web servers. Setup/configured T1 Frame Relay and High speed DSL/T1 using routers while focusing on network security
  • Setup DNS servers, mail servers using Sendmail, Imail and Exchange 5.5/2000
  • Setup SQL servers using MSSQL 7.0, 2000, and MySQL
  • Installed redundancy systems for UPS, backups, and key systems
  • Develop the online sign up process using PHP, JAVA, MySQL, all develop in Dreamweaver and/or hand coded.
  • Setup an online help desk system using PHP and MySQL base on email to assist in support.
  • Also assisted in the setup billing process using ISPBilling software, and internal procedures
  • Develop web sites using HTML, DHTML, PHP, JAVA, PERL, and Flash
  • Trained personal to maintain and manage all servers, usage, and small changes.
  • Generate all policies and procedures on security, Internet usage, and mail

Confidential - Seminole, FL

IT Manager, Network Engineer, PC Support Manager, Web Developer

  • Built, configured the IT department from the ground up, to a high state-of-art technology level
  • Generate, and installed the master network topology including cabling, routers, switches, firewalls, all servers, and workstations.
  • Built, installed, configured, and maintain all Windows NT, 2000 and Linux 7.0 servers to select environments.
  • Implemented, installed, and configured the following network services: TCP/IP, WINS, DNS, DHCP, LDAP (Active Directory services), Proxy, SMS, SMTP, POP3, Exchange mail, MSSQL, Web, FTP, and Cisco Router on T1 Frame relay.
  • Develop Access applications for different usage and environments using Access 2000/2002.
  • Serviced and maintain 15 servers, 350 workstations with over 1,000 students and staff of 350 with a small support staff (mainly me). Managed all PC support personnel and setup a point and click trouble shoot system to manage all workstations from one remote location
  • DBA with MS SQL 7.0. Maintain and service Shelby 2000 application. Develop internal applications using Shelby, IIS, and Exchange for Palm Pilot and web base applications.
  • Manage the web and publication dept, while being lead on web development using Dreamweaver, Photoshop, PERL, MySQL, PHP, with some ASP and a few other products.
  • Generate all policies and procedures on security, Internet usage, servers, workstations, and mail

Confidential - St. Petersburg, FL

Senior Network Engineer/ SQL DBA

  • Head Network Engineer for a very large Windows 4.0 and 2000 network with over 90 servers, having over 15,000 user’s world wide.
  • Lead Engineer for Novell 4.11, and conversion from Novell 4.11 to Windows 4.0. Main application support engineer on all servers applications.
  • Setup all backup process using Arcserve and BackupExec on both Novell and NT
  • Main DBA for MSSQL 6.5 and 7.0 running over 12 different locations for global call center.
  • Setup SQL procedures, views, maintenance, backups, on all MSSQL servers
  • Work closely with the operation department to generate IT policies and procedures for all server operation and PC Support
  • Supported number of applications covering from helpdesk to web base applications, and assisted system implantation of ADP CSS Horizon for human resources on HP system using Oracle while working closely with the developers and end users.

Confidential, Largo, FL

PC Support - 4.0 Network - Administrator, Consultant to Lucent Technologies

  • Installed and configured NT servers 3.51 and 4.0 to a WAN on Lucent’s back bone.
  • Setup Exchange mail servers and administered the network, including workstations with windows 3.11, 95, and NT.
  • Traveled to different sites to setup network and train support personnel for NT server network, workstations connections and support.
  • Had extensive training over a period of 6 months on Amercast Cable TV using Mpeg-2 decoders for digital signal, and programming the decoders for audio and video frame page. Also had extensive training over a period of 3 months on the master control server equipment using HP UNIX on DEC platform, Maintain and service the equipment on a daily bases.

Confidential, Inc Tampa, FL

3COM Administrator, Consultant to GTE (Verizon)

  • Consultant with DCI, at GTE Data center in Tampa Florida.
  • Name Administer for 3-COM 38,000 + users, and assisted in GTE mailing system, and assisted in conversion to Banyan from 3-COM

Confidential, Inc, Largo FL

System Administrator/ Lead Help Desk

  • Help start the company’s helpdesk. Responsibilities included supporting three 250 User N ovell 3.21 s ystems based on a Compaq Proliant and supporting a SCO UNIX V on a large ALR 3000 system. Duties included supporting several users’ applications running on both systems including TCP/IP and NFS.

Confidential Largo, FL

Electronic Technician / Repair

  • Responsibilities included building, testing, and repairing electronic surgical medical equipment
  • Assemble, solder, and build different types of surgical medical equipment to blue print instructions and engineering specification
  • Ran ECM equipment to build different types of surgical drills

Confidential, Inc. St. Petersburg, FL

PC Technician

  • Responsibilities included installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting IBM compatible micro computers and peripherals (standalone workstations and on a Novell LAN). Running DOS 5.0, 6.0 and Windows 3.11

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