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Sr. Oracle Dba Consultant Resume


  • Strong and Solid ORACLE database administrator skill, through oracle 7, 8i, 9i, 10g, 11G on Unix (Solaris, AIX, HP, Linux) and Windows Server, 10 years .
  • Extensive experience on supporting high availability Enterprise mission critical OLTP database and data ware house ( 7 TB), 6 years.
  • Expert on performance tuning ( PL/SQL, Application, Configuration), 6 years
  • Expert on cold & hot backup, RMAN and SQL-BACKTRACK technology , 6 years
  • Strong Perl and shell scripting skill, 11 years
  • Good knowledge on OEM Grid Control , 5 years
  • Extensive data modeling, database designing and configuring experience, 12 years.
  • Good knowledge and hand-on experience on high availability with oracle RAC (+ASM), Data Guard ( logical and physical standby), Oracle Data Replication (Stream) and VERITAS, 4 years
  • Support SQL server and ACCESS database, migrate databases from SQL server and ACCESS to oracle, 5 years.
  • Strong and extensive web based application skill (JAVA, XML, ASP, JSP, EJB, Java script, VB script, Apache, CGI, ATG Dynamo server, BEA WebLogic, Servlets/JSP, JDBC ... )
  • Familiar with Rational Clear Case software ( version control )
  • Experience in C, C++,VB, Assembly, OpenGL
  • Operating System: Unix (Sun Solaris, HP, IBM AIX), Linux , Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/2003 server, MS-DOS
  • Strong interpersonal and relationship building skills, good team player


  • Sr. Oracle DBA, consultant , Confidential ( August 2006 - April 2010)


    • Primary DBA for mission critical database ( Reporting Solution System, 7 TB)
    • 24X7X365 rotating on-call to support multiple high availability enterprise databases systems
    • Design and implement Disaster Recovery Architecture.
    • Troubleshoot all kind of RAC or non-RAC database issues
    • Install and configure oracle Data Guard and Stream on EON database for disaster recovery and fast data replication
    • Install and setup VCS ( Veritas Cluster server) on OIS database
    • Upgrade EON ( Enhanced Outage Notification), GEMS ( GAS and Electric Mapping System), PT&T ( Pole Test and Treatment ), CMM ( Customer modeling management ) databases from oracle 8i to 9i to 10G.
    • Migrate multiple databases from Windows server to Unix server
    • Perform quarterly ORACLE CPU patches
    • Life cycle server replacement
    • Design, implement, configure, tune and maintain new Fleet Application and database
    • Refresh QA, TEST and DEV databases from production or roll out production database from QA environment
    • Work with application team, system admin and network people to solve all kinds of problems
    • Create Perl/Shell scripts, configure OEM Grid to automate jobs, administrate and monitor database performance
    • Perform databases backup (RMAN, SQL-BackTrack ), restore and recover
    • Maintain SOX report scripts.
  • Sr. ORACLE DBA / Sr. Computer System Analyst and Programmer, Confidential ( January 2005- August 2006)


    • Design, implement, configure, tune and maintain Silk Performer database for CC&B ( company biggest database, 22 TB) new roll out testing
    • Migrate GEMS database from Windows server to Unix AIX server
    • Upgrade EON database from oracle 7 to 8i
    • 24 X 7 oncall duty to support company mission critical OIS and EON database
  • DBA/Computer System Analyst and Programmer, Confidential ( January 2001- Dec. 2004)

Responsibility: - Design and implement Critique database and application

    • Design, implement and maintain OETI /OIS oracle database
    • Design, build and implement Electric Outage Notification oracle database and application
    • Migrate and consolidate multiple SQL Server databases and ACCES databases to oracle system
    • 24 X 7 oncall duty to support OIS ( Outage Information System) and EON (Electric Outage Notification) oracle database
    • Build manager for JE22 (ATG platform) project
    • Develop and maintain web application on ASP, J2EE/JAVA, PERL, CGI Apache platform
    • Create PERL and shell script for monitoring and alerts
  • Programmer (20 hrs/week work load, full time graduate student), Confidential (January 2000 - December 2000)

Responsibility: design and implement web based database application using oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Active Server Page technology and JAVA .

  • Programmer (20 hrs/week work load, full time graduate student), Confidential, Pullman (August 1998 - December 1999)

Responsibility: implement and maintain CoolGenes Database and application on Unix Solaris System

  • Consultant and Project manager, Confidential


  • Master of Science in Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Science and Technology Information Management (MIS),


  • Performance Recognition Award Winner for OIS
  • Performance Recognition Award Winner for OIS
  • Performance Recognition Award Winner for EON
  • President's Honor Roll
  • Outstanding Employee
  • Received First Prize Award from China Chemical Industry Ministry for Paper in Chemical Information Retrieve System

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