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Enterprise Database Architect / Oracle Dba Resume

Denver, CO


Solutions - oriented, versatile Database Architect / Project Manager with 25+ years’ experience in providing operations and technology management; A skilled technician in all aspects of database management, architecture, warehousing, performance tuning and troubleshooting. Exceptional technology skills combine with product development and operational teams to enable business and deliver projects with a keen eye on stakeholder's satisfaction. A manager who nurtures talent by leading high performing dynamic teams; Out-standing technologist distinguished for developing two US patents on Standard Operating Procedure Automation in Database and Data Center Administration. Familiarity with TOGAF Enterprise Architecture principles and policies.


  • Leadership Enterprise
  • Database Management
  • Business Development
  • Business Strategy ITIL
  • Team Management
  • Cloud Computing
  • Business Continuity
  • Database Audit and Security
  • Project Management Budget Management
  • Innovation Operations Management
  • Talent Administration
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Vendor Relations Problem Solving
  • Compliance Risk Management


Software: SmartDraw, Concept Draw, Visio, Oracle SQL Developer, Oracle SQL Loader, Oracle RMAN, Oracle Data Pump, Oracle OEM, MS Office, MS Project, ThinkOrSwim, EDGE, Vector Vest, TAS Profile, Active Trade Pro, Mind Meister Mind Map, TOAD, KanbanFlow (Kanban Boards), Confluence, JIRA, Github, ERWIN

Scripting: SQL, PL/Sql, Unix/Linux shell scripting, python

Databases/OS: Oracle 10g, 11g and 12c, Real Application Cluster (RAC), Data Guard, Linux, Unix, AIX, HP-UX, Windows Server


Confidential, Denver, CO

Enterprise Database Architect / Oracle DBA


  • Documented Enterprise wide schematic database and application schematic diagrams.
  • Documented database and application procedures and policies.
  • Used SQL Developer Data Modeler to model new and existing database applications Migrated Oracle DB raw devices and cooked system implementations onto ASM environment.
  • Applied Oracle CPU, PSU and one off patches.
  • Aligned DB environment to comply to internal and external audit compliance based on CIS DB Security and Audit Standards.
  • Member of the business continuity team designing and formatting database backup and recovery process including simulation of disruptive event.
  • Worked on day-to-day DBA activities (resolve tickets, monitor maintenance tasks, address space and performance issues)
  • Worked on Capacity planning, database design, database application development, application and system performance tuning.
  • Performed research, development and testing on Oracle 12cR1 and R2 new features on AWS cloud environment in respect to upgrading Oracle 11g to 12c.
  • Performed series of automated installs of Oracle 12cR1 and R2 database using silent install on Linux O/S on Physical Hardware and on AWS cloud environment.
  • Migrated Oracle 11gR2 to Oracle 12cR1 and R2.
  • Upgraded Dev, QA/TEST, Integration and Production databases from 11gR2 to 12cR1 and R2
  • Applied Oracle Database one-off patches and Quarterly patches (PSU)
  • Documented Database Architectural Schematic Diagram and database operational procedures on Confluence
  • Aligned DB environment to comply to internal and external audit compliance based on CIS DB Security and Audit Standards.

Confidential, Centennial, CO

Owner/ PM / Database Architect / Consultant


  • Assist companies in troubleshooting and resolving database issues.
  • Worked on Oracle Database Upgrades and patches (CPU and PSU), data migration and database refreshes
  • Written scripts that captures database issues in an automated fashion and alerts stakeholders
  • Document incidents and resolutions on application/systems and/or database issues.
  • Documented databases and systems operational procedures
  • Used SQL Developer Data Modeler to model new and existing database applications
  • Helped companies aligned and managed database projects that have issues with regards to project implementation.

Confidential, Highlands Ranch, CO

Database Architect/Engineer / Oracle Subject Matter Expert


  • Provided technical expertise to design most efficient and cost effective solutions for Oracle-based database (DB) systems.
  • Prevented and minimized operational disruptions by capacity planning, sizing and designing of new DBs for application.
  • Satisfied employer by providing Tier-3 support and expertise for production databases including performance tuning, trouble shooting, problem determination and root cause analysis.
  • Assisted in defining backup/recovery strategies, database standards, database automation
  • Increased throughput, performance and saved money by developing consolidation deployment methodologies and cost-effective solutions for Oracle RAC and Data Guard environment.
  • Developed auditing tools with automated alert generations for anomalies performed within production DBs ensuring user compliance with organization rules and policies.
  • Migrated multiple large DB (7TB - 16TB) from old Oracle 9i to 11gR2.
  • Provisioned Oracle RAC and Single instance on VMWare environment.
  • Performed Oracle 11gR2 RAC, Data Guard and single instance DB installs on Linux RH, Sun Solaris and AIX via silent installs to ensure compliance effective enforcement, consistency and meeting Service Level Agreement (SLA) above expectations.
  • Improved DBE confidence by sharing industry best practices through leadership and mentoring.
  • Made recommendations to hire best DB engineers in the industry to fill in DBA specialty gaps by performing Oracle DB interviews for incoming DB Engineering requirements.
  • Streamlined Oracle database provisioning
  • Architected and migrated large unsupported oracle database version running unsupported hardware and O/S to the latest version of Linux and Oracle DB in limited resources and time frame.

Confidential, Fort Collins, CO

Oracle SME/ Database Architect/Project Manager


  • Wrote User Stories, tasks, specs, user requirements and use cases where Software Engineers develop workflows in automating Oracle’s complex product provisioning.
  • Re-designed existing workflows to accommodate HP’s cloud enablement ensuring product execution.
  • Renewed support services and increased revenue through the provision of excellent customer support by aligning Oracle team’s direction in respect to business goals.
  • Increased sales 100% by participating in pre-sales activities through Proof of Concepts (POC), demo Work Flows (WF) that automates complex Oracle processes.
  • Managed Oracle development team, conduct daily standup scrum, managed backlogs and prioritize user stories.
  • Facilitated understanding on Work Flows (WF) developed for user documentation by conducting whiteboard sessions with DMA documentation specialist and QA group.
  • Conducted retrospect sessions with Oracle SME and dev team to identify/correct missed opportunities. What and where did we did great, lessons learned and further suggestions and recommendations to better team development and collaboration.
  • Some of the Work Flows developed for automation were: Oracle 10g, 11g, RAC, Data Guard provisioning, trimming log files (alert, listener, trace, etc.), RMAN backup and recovery, Database Refreshes, applying of Oracle CPU and PSU, database version upgrade, storage allocation, gathering of Oracle stats for performance consideration.
  • Integrated Data Palette to HPs Database Management Automation (DMA) software.
  • Added more robust and yet flexible workflow offerings.

Confidential, Denver, CO

Co-founder/Co-CTO/Database Architect/Project Manager/Board Member


  • Created and developed best industry standards by generating standard operating procedure workflow and self-healing intelligent engine by co-architecting Data Palette (formerly known as RoboDOC) in respect to Data Model, bare metal and DB provisioning, monitoring and alerts, performance tuning, patching and root cause analysis.
  • Participated in the recruitment process of company’s CEO, VP of Sales, VP of Marketing and engineers to build and sell the product.
  • Established DB Audit Compliance based on Center for Internet Benchmarks.
  • Developed product road map utilizing market studies, end-users feedback to enhance Data Palette to be in the leading edge and gain competitive advantage.
  • Managed Database Automation Work Flow projects from requirements gathering, design, development, testing and deployment via daily standup meeting and use of Kanban boards.
  • Coordinated and analyzed feedback from program/product management team and sales group in respect to clients’ product usage, features feedback and product feature recommendations.
  • Analyze, manage, prioritize feature requests and decides which features goes and where to in corporate onto the product’s Road Map.
  • Sold the company to Confidential .
  • Developed and patented 2 standard operating procedure automation in database administration.
  • Landed Series A/B funding by strategizing with CEO and Chairman of the Board.

Confidential, Denver, CO

Vice President of Operations and Database Services, Project Manager


  • Created and developed Remote DBA managed services, participated in the interview and recruitment process of nearly all ExtraQuest/Stratavia personnel from hiring CEO, VP of Sales and Marketing, Engineering, Finance to DBAs and Software Engineers.
  • Saved Fortune 1000 companies IT operations expenditures and raised levels in the Operations Maturity Model by performing operations maturity level studies on Fortune 1000 companies.
  • Standardized processes and increased efficiency by adopting the use of ITIL based processes and service level metrics ensuring consistency in service quality.
  • Managed 70+ DBAs and other related Technical Professionals performing 24/7 remote DBA services in the US and off-shore.
  • Satisfied clients by developing monitoring and self-healing database related automated scripts.
  • Increased revenue by directing recruitment, training and staff development initiatives to maximize productivity and revenue potential through development of Remote DBA team.
  • Sold the company to fuel Stratavia marketing, sales and engineering projects.
  • Secured angel and Series “A” funding to expand business.
  • Increased organization’s IT Operational Level of Maturity.

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