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Warehousing And Distribution Logistics System Resume

Columbus, OH



  • RPG III, RPG IV, RPG ILE, RPG free, CL, SQL, embedded SQL, subfiles, service programs, binder language, subprocedures, APIs
  • Java limited to JavaMail and RFID application noted below
  • COBOL limited to WINS & ASI modifications


  • Design with DDS and SQL using iSeries Navigator
  • DDM, remote SQL
  • Triggers, stored procedures and commitment control
  • DBCS
  • SQL/400, AS/400 Query, Query Management, DB2 Web Query, DBU

Web Integration

  • Net.Data with HTML and Java Script

Data Integration

  • IFS stream files
  • SQL Server Integration Services

Development Tools

  • Aldon Lifecycle Manager, Abstract, MKS Implementer, Hawkeye


Confidential,Columbus, OH (May 2010 – March 2011)

  • Warehousing and Distribution Logistics System (WDLS)
    • Analysis, database changes and RPG III program changes to increase field size for all transaction number fields
    • Part of development team for new RPG ILE CGI program models with focus on database access using embedded SQL
    • RDP used extensively

Confidential,Pittsburgh, PA (August 2009 to April 2010)
(Ground International Applications Development group)

  • Electronic Trade Documents (ETD)
    • Database and program changes to Customs Data Entry application for new ETD product using remote SQL, RPG free and service programs
    • Responsible for test data and post implementation follow up
  • Transit Time Improvements
    • Test and debug enhancements to programs that facilitate shipments between US and Canada
  • Genesis Imaging
    • Create SQL tables and indices using iSeries Navigator
    • Write trigger programs with embedded SQL
  • RDi used extensively

Confidential,Newburgh, NY (March 2008 to May 2009)

  • Medical records retrieval from 3rd party
    • Worked with vendor to set up FTP with SSL
    • Integrated with A/P system using ILE and RPG free with embedded SQL
  • Mass Tort financials
    • Analyze, design, and code system to process receipts using ILE, RPG free, service programs, binder language, subprocedures and activation group
    • Data base access with embedded SQL under commitment control
    • Implementation and user training
  • Migration of release printing from iSeries to Windows server
    • Created stored procedures written in RPG free for accessing complex data
  • WDSc used extensively

Confidential,Englewood, NJ (May 2007 – Feb 2008)

  • Website integration with ERP system (MAS 500)
    • Helped manage integration and testing
    • Helped resolve disputes between web developers and ERP implementers
    • Reporting using SQL Server Reporting Services
    • Created tables and stored procedures with SQL
  • Data warehouse
    • Gather requirements, design, develop and document ETL process using SQL Server Integration Services

Confidential,Maywood, NJ (May 2005 to April 2007)

  • Rewrite of outbound Telemarketing system (RPG III to RPG IV)
    • Used embedded SQL to give users more flexibility when filtering, grouping and ordering subfile data
    • Coordinate screen design with Jwalk programmer

Confidential,Newburgh, NY (May 2005 to April 2007)

  • Case management system enhancements using RPG IV and RPG free
    • Enabled emailing of imaged documents
      • Extensive use of Integrated File System APIs
      • Java code to wrap JavaMail functions
      • ILE RPG code to call Java classes

Confidential,Columbus, OH (April 2004 – April 2005)

  • Warehousing and Distribution Logistics System (WDLS)
    • Rewrite of Dock Scheduler module with RPG III & RPG ILE
      • User Defined Functions for complex calculations
      • Create user documentation
    • RFID reader to iSeries interface
      • Set up Apache Tomcat on iSeries
      • Wrote J2EE program to retrieve tag data from reader

Confidential,Newburgh, NY (Feb 2004 to March 2004)

  • Interface to 3rd party software (Rippe Kingston LMS) for general legal practice
    • Developed FTP scripts for import and export of data
    • Wrote RPG free programs to extract data from DB2/400
    • Integrate with in-house general ledger

Confidential,Newburgh, NY (Jan 2003 to Jan 2004)

  • Workers’ Compensation financials using RPG IV
    • Database design and programming to facilitate legal action against insurance carriers for nonpayment of fees
    • Responsible for implementation, user documentation and attorney training
  • Migration of Bill of Particulars generation from iSeries to Windows server
    • Analyze existing process
    • Develop extract database tables and programs (CL and RPG IV)
    • Design and develop user interface..

Confidential,Purchase, NY (2001 – 2002)

  • Automatic Partition Resource Manager (APRM)
    • Wrote XML parser using ILE RPG
    • Developed green screen user interfaces and documentation
    • Worked on product installation process

Confidential,Maywood, NJ (2001)

  • Rewrite of customer service order management software in RPG IV
    • Used modules and service programs to isolate database I/O

Confidential,Columbus, OH (1999 – 2000)

  • Warehousing and Distribution Logistics System (WDLS)
    • Enable 3pl warehouse customers to access inventory and order functions via the web using Net.Data with SQL, java script and HTML
    • Customize WDLS (using RPG III) for use in warehouse supplying parts to truck manufacturer
      • Set up MQ Series queues to receive orders from manufacturer’s mainframe

Confidential,Maywood, NJ (1997 – 1999)

  • Enhancements to Order Fulfillment application written in RPG III
    • DBCS for expansion to Japan

Confidential,Rock Hill, NY (1995 – 1997)

  • Wheatley Insurance Systems (WINS)
    • Modified direct billing module to enable multi-level commissions
    • Export WINS data from AS/400 to data warehouse using LANSA

Confidential,Dover, DE (1991 – 1994)

  • Rewrite of Trade Incentive Payments system in RPG III
  • Enhancements to Sales Quota application using CL and Focus/400

Confidential,Fairfield, CT (1990 – 1991)

  • Instructor for basic AS/400 courses


AB in Economics

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