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Data Modeler Resume

Ms State, MS

Professional Summary

  • Over 8 years of experience in Software development and consulting industry involves development and support project in Data warehouse, and Data modeling.
  • Experience in working in modeling in different environments like Supply Chain and Inventory, telecom, etc.
  • Expert knowledge in SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle).
  • 5 Years of Experience in the Designing the Data models and developing the Database Schemas using Erwin.
  • Experience in data warehousing (DW) and creation of Dimension data modeling.
  • Actively participated in JAD sessions with the subject matter expert, stake holders and other management team in the finalization of User Requirement Documentation.
  • Efficient in developing the Data model, ERD Diagrams and organizing the data as per the Business requirements using Erwin.
  • Extensive experience in Relational Data Modeling, Dimensional Data Modeling, Logical/Physical Design, ER Diagrams, Forward and Reverse Engineering
  • Proficient in Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS).
  • Experience in writing ETL Data Mapping, ETL design, and Data Governance.
  • Experience in data flow diagrams and document each and every process for future reference.
  • Proficient in designing Star Schema, Snow Flake Schema, OLAP and OLTP Data Modeling using Erwin.
  • Strong RDBMS concepts and well experience in creating database Tables, Views, Sequences, triggers, etc taking the Performance and Reusability into consideration.
  • Create specifications and loading data into database and sessions with functional team.
  • Proficient in writing Stored Procedures, Stand alone Functions, Nested Functions, building Packages and developing Sub-Programs using PLSQL and providing Documentation.
  • Performing Database Tuning by using various Hints and Optimizers on looking at the Explain Plan and using TKprof.
  • Improving the Performance of the SQL Queries, Functions, Procedures, Packages and Database Objects by creating Normal, Unique and Bitmap Indexes.
  • Experience in Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i
  • Performance optimization at Database level for SQL and PL-SQL scripts.
  • Creating and executing test scripts for development life cycle.
  • Excellent experience in problem solving and supporting applications comes under 24/7
  • Confidential,Ms State, MS
    Telecommunication Project 05/11 - 09/12
    The project addressed the challenge of visibility over order completion process both system wide and at each step of fulfillment. The high bandwidth telecommunication provider required reports on different intervals to capture the status of orders and performance of working teams at different executive and managerial levels.
    Data Modeler

  • Actively involved in JAD sessions with the decision makers, business users, Business Analyst and other management team in identifying and finalization of the Business Requirements.
  • Built Conceptual Models based on the business requirements.
  • Experience in identifying entities required and the relation between the entities to create Logical Models.
  • Identified the required entities, the relation between them as well as all the details to create Physical Models.
  • Experience in building data models using Reverse Engineering
  • Created and maintained documents regarding Logical Data Model (LDM) and Physical Model for the project
  • Created tables, triggers, sequence and synonyms by forward Engineering in Erwin tool.
  • Experience in creating the DDL scripts and Grants for created tables.
  • Experience in creating the Data Flow diagram and preparing Data Governance documents.
  • Identified data issues and provided recommendations for resolution to ensure optimal performance.
  • Experience the creating the Domain dictionary and creating star schema based upon the BI requirements.
  • Built and maintained SQL scripts, indexes, and complex queries for data analysis and extraction.
  • Confidential,Ms State, MS
    Supply Chain Management Project 10/08 - 04/11
    The expansion of supply chain network increase the complexity of management as well as planning throughout the supply chain network. The project captured all the supply and sourcing data and generated reports on the status of suppliers and orders at different intervals and managerial level to anticipate the late supplies. Also the goal of Material Requirement Planning component of the project was to provide a tool for issuing the order recommendations based on the upstream and downstream requirements.

    Data Modeler

  • Worked with business stakeholders, application developers, and production teams and across functional units to identify business needs and discuss solution options for OLTP System.
  • Identifying entities and the relation between the entities based on the business requirements and creating Logical and Physical Models.
  • Perform quality assurance and testing of SQL server environment
  • Documented and maintained Data Models for the project including documentation of all entities, attributes, data relationships, primary and foreign key structures, allowed values, codes, business rules, glossary terms.
  • Experience in creating Data Flow Diagram.
  • Used forward Engineering in Erwin tool to Create tables, Views, Materialized Views, Triggers, sequence and synonyms.
  • Ensured best practices are applied and integrity of data is maintained through security, documentation, and change management
  • Created the DDL scripts and Grants for created tables
  • Extensive experience in creating star schema based upon the business requirements
  • Experience in creating the Domain dictionary
  • Confidential,Tehran, Iran
    Procurement and Material Management Project 01/07 - 09/08
    The goal of the project was to facilitate the management of all the supply and outsourcing processes that is critical for an FMCG industry.
    Oracle Developer

  • Designed, developed, tested, tuned, and implemented relational databases and procedural database code
  • Created Indexes, Schema, Databases, Tables, Views
  • Created Stored Procedure, Function, and Packages using PL/SQL
  • Created partition tables, sizing the data and debugging the partitioning parameters
  • Created Package, functions and procedures in Development and Production environment using PL/SQL
  • Generated Business reports using the SQL queries
  • Extensively used Exception Handling for debugging and displaying the error messages in the application
  • Used Cursors
  • Developed new features with analysis, documentation, coding and testing in Oracle PL/SQL
  • Confidential,Tehran, Iran
    After sales services network and CRM 09/04 - 12/06
    A major challenge for an automotive industry in a competitive environment is to build a good image of itself in the market and among the customers. The goal of the project was to provide a tool to capture that image and provide a foundation for improvement action plans by frequent surveys as well as building a communication channel with customers. Also the expansion of the after sales services network increases the need of a database to capture the information of the network and effectiveness of the scale-up projects. The goal of the project was to facilitate performance measure reporting at different intervals at different managerial levels.

    Oracle Developer

    • Plan, design, and implement application database code objects, such as stored procedures and views
    • Used Oracle for Database modeling
    • Created Index for fast retrieval of records
    • Created Schema, Databases, Tables, Views
    • Developed the Triggers
    • Created Stored Procedure, Function, and Packages using PL/SQL
    • Created partition tables, sizing the data and debugging the partitioning parameters
    • Developed reports
    • Used Exception Handling extensively for debugging and displaying the error messages in the application
    • Created functions and procedures in Development and Production environment using PL/SQL
    • Created and used Cursors.
    • Prepared all the documents regarding the project

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