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Programmer Resume



Operating Systems
Windows 7.0, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000

Sybase 12.5, Microsoft SQLServer 7.0

Language and Tools
PowerBuilder 2.0 – 10.0 (16+ years), Cast SQL Builder 4.0 (11+ Years), PVCS(11+ yrs.), Microsoft Project Management, Working knowledge of Microsoft Visual Studio and C# (In process of learning C# when laid off from previous company)

Fast Track to PowerBuilder, Advance Datawindows, Performance, Tuning & Techniques, Building Object Oriented Applications, Effective GUI Design for PowerBuilder, FastTrack to Sybase, Visual C++, Visual Basic.net, Java2, and currently Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft C#

Software Proficiencies

  • Microsoft Office 10 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Lotus Notes
  • Internet Explorer 9.0
  • Microsoft Project Management (user in team projects)
  • PowerDesk File Manager
  • Winzip
  • Clipmate 8.0
  • NetMeeting 4.4
  • WebX


08/2004 – 06/2012 Confidential,FL
Programmer IConfidential,

08/2004 – 12/2008

  • Client Implementation Development
    • Created new Client windows based on input from Business Analyst
    • Created PowerBuilder data windows to input Client benefits
    • Commented programming code in each function or event within a window
    • Created Sybase store procedures to process data entry entered by the user
    • Performed functional testing of Client windows
    • Checked the new Client windows and data windows into the PVCS Version manager for QA testing

12/2008 – 07/2010 Programmer 1 (Programming Support)

  • Support internal users through a support call system
  • Determine if the error was caused by the user’s lack of understanding or by incorrect programming code.
    • If user error, more instruction given to the user
    • If programming error, found and corrected the programming error; verified end user test results before entering back into the production environment
  • Documented support calls and emails issued to the IT manager and the reporting user

08/2010 – 12/2011 Programmer 1 (QA Tester – Manual Testing)

  • QA tested a new web application to replace current PowerBuilder application
  • Created Test Cases from Business Requirements
  • Created Black Box tests from Test Cases
  • Reported program errors to Project Manager

12/2011 – 06/12 Business Analyst

  • When web application was decommissioned by the new President of the Company , took part in removing three years of work from system
  • QA Testing for a new EDI process
    • Created tests based on developers’ input
    • Filed comparisons when Client files were imported in HIPAA format and translated into FBMC file format
    • Tested the EDI MoveIt application to insure that incoming files were moved to the appropriate user folders
    • Reported software errors to Team Leader
  • Performed various researches for pertinent database information

08/1997 – 06/2004 Confidential,A TLANTA, GA SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER – Procurement Maintenance Department

  • Customer Focus -this was the number one responsibility for all developers
  • Program, test defect corrections, rebuild application using Sybase\'s 4GL Language PowerBuilder
  • Document technical issues and code changes in a defect concisely for customers and co-workers
  • Work with application expert to prioritize assignments and to deliver solutions, cumulatives and service packs
  • Document the Customer’s defect on Internet application (Answerlink) for the customer to see the changes
  • Make performance recommendations on product design
  • Correct complicated defects and work on major enhancements and apply solutions/defects to MS SOL Server, Sybase SOL Server, and Unix AIX, HP, and SUN file and database servers using FTP, Telnet, Continuus, and Powergen
  • Work with Customer Support group on defect correction and case resolution. Help frame the problem, suggest workarounds, and handle escalations to maintenance as required

05/91 - 08/97 Confidential, GA Programmer Analyst

Project: Customer Database (11/96- 8/97)

  • Redesigned an inherited a customer query and maintenance system written with PowerBuilder 4.0.06 and PowerTool (PowerCerv) Class Library, creating a more ‘user-friendly application.

Project: SIGMA (2/94- 11/96)

  • Took part in design, development, and training for a quotation, order entry, shipping, and invoicing system for the International Business Unit of Siemens

Project: Client/Server Research (09/93- 01/94)

  • Assigned to research Client/Server possibilities for Siemens Energy and Automations

• Evaluated two separate 4GL\'s, choosing PowerBuilder for Client Server interface

Project: PC Support (01/93 – 05/93)
Contingency Planner (05/91 – 01/93)

08/79 – 05/88 Confidential,GA

  • Taught all subjects for the middle-school class


Bachelor of Arts, Secondary Education, Minor: English

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