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Senior Design Engineer Resume

New Jersey, NJ

Design Engineering Management Senior Design Consultant Corporate Project Director
Serve within executive management and consultant roles for large design projects, serving as master planner, designer, and subject matter expert when working with Owners, Construction Managers, and other Contract Teams. Direct design efforts for national and international projects on behalf of top Fortune 1000 American employers.

Manage large-scale design/planning, with an increasing number of green building design projects. Active in all project phases, from initial quote and bid submission to participating and collaborating in contractor meetings with other on-site personnel; i.e. architect, engineers. Possesses 20+ years of design experience working with owners and project executives in tandem with third-party inspection, engineering, and building code compliance agencies. Specialized professional who is comfortable designing projects throughout an array of industries (hotels, hospitals, government facilities). Identify wasteful/abusive, unsafe equipment or improper layouts, as well as propose the equipment and floor plan changes that encourage lean manufacturing and efficiencies by identifying proper ergonomic functionality and aligning human factors.

Overview of Design Services & Skills

  • Clients — Administrator for a wide assortment of new design, rehab/redesign projects for sports stadiums, military bases, casinos, resorts, hospitals/medical facilities, and universities. Oversee design and project management services for a "Who's Who" list of national and international clients, such as:


  • Project Management — Supply preliminary planning, design development, individual/team management consulting services, equipment procurement assistance and construction planning/management as dictated by the requirements of each laundry processing and central laundry facility.
  • Team Collaboration — Coordinate between Architects, General Contractors, Engineers (civil, structural, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, lighting), Owners/Developers, Field Teams, and Equipment Technicians. Coordinate with utility contractors and city/country code reps pertaining to set-up requirements for various equipment brands.
  • Bidding Phase — Lead the complete bidding and contract award process, starting with an initial client assessment and reviewing of project budget restrictions. Analyze complete project specs, such as forecasted production levels, ergonomic layout/human factors, and quality/efficiency requirements to aide with bidding/contract selection.
  • Cost Controls & Budget Compliance — Analyze the quality of vendors and equipment choices, substituting models based on performance, initial cost, long-term profit margin, and intended cost savings. Leverage extensive knowledge of the functionality and overall quality of certain brands — routinely saving clients upwards of $75,000 per project while increasing production by 10% without adding unnecessary staff or overhead.
  • Staff Selection/Management — Research, recruit, and evaluate the performance and production of a worldwide team of associates that assist with national and international client projects. Arrange and schedule the projects' milestones with staff and in coordination with the Construction Manager and project Owner.
  • Bottom-Line Business Growth — Led the sales, marketing, and business expansion efforts of Dsquared Design Solutions, securing an annual growth of over 15% year-over-year. Spearheaded the business development efforts of Doggett Cook Consultants Group, LLC, generating an annual growth of 10%-12%.
  • LEED Design Compliance — Design with water conservation and energy restrictions in mind to comply with locale ordinances and geographic concerns; i.e. scarcity of water in the Middle East. Design projects to reduce the carbon imprint such as waste water reuse or heat reclamation, integration of gray water systems and repurposing dryer exhaust to heat water or pre-heat makeup air requirements of equipment.
  • Green Building Technologies — Determine and integrate green design technologies. Consult with decision makers when green technologies are to be integrated into the construction phase. Propose systems that often reduce the client's utility costs by up to 30% per year with a ROI of 3 years or less.

Professional Career

Founder and CEO

  • Confidential
  • 2004 - present

Consulting Principal

  • Confidential
  • 2006 - 2010

Engineering Manager / Senior Design Engineer

  • Confidential
  • 1998 - 2004

Senior Designer

  • Confidential
  • 1994 - 1998

Equipment Prototyping Designer

  • Confidential
  • 1992 - 1994


  • Confidential
  • 1986 - 1992

Highlight of Select Projects

  • Confidential, Durham, NC - 74 million pounds of linen processed annually within a 60,000 sq. ft. laundry facility.Project budgeted for approx. $5.2MM for equipment only. Automatic sorting and storage system with multiple equipment delivery options.
  • Confidential, Doha, Qatar - Automated systems with robotic linen transfer to various building levels and locations servicing 6,000 students. Outlined a rail transport system throughout the 25,000 sq. ft. facility to include an area for uniform assembly, storage, and delivery to student or employee. Projected equipment budgeted at $7MM.
  • Confidential - Las Vegas, NV (project funding failed) - 35,500 sq. ft. laundry facility processing 25 million pounds annually (expandable to 50 million). Designed a secondary automated laundry system that included uniform assembly, storage, and delivery to employee.
  • Confidential, Boise, ID— Consult and draft design of healthcare laundry built to process 20 million pounds of linen annually within a 28,000 sq. ft. area. Integrate critical equipment selections to satisfy specific project intent. Project equipment budgeted for approx. $3.2MM.
  • Confidential - Las Vegas, NV - Project budgeted for approx. $14MM. Developed a centralized laundry facility to service multiple casino hotels with up to 18 individual sorts per property. Scope of project involved designing a facility that was capable of 80 million pounds of laundry each year within a 114,000 sq. ft. area.
  • Confidential, Anchorage, AL — Designed and modified drawings for the Alascom Toll Center construct and remodel. Provided design services for a multitude of telecom construction projects throughout rural Alaska for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), AT & T, Raytheon, Mactel, GCI, Fluor-Daniel, HEA, and MEA.

Education & Advanced Training

Career includes over 30,000 hours using Autocad. Currently learning Solidworks and Revit.

Certified Drafting Technician (CDT)
A.A.S., Technical Drafting (Emphasis: Mechanical)

Safety and Environmental factors seminar training
Total Quality Management / Implementation of Kaizen Techniques

AutoCAD Release 9 through 2010LT, Buzzsaw, Voloview, MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, GeneriCad 6, DesignCad,
Edge Diagrammer, Visio, and Bluebeam

Willing to Travel up to 60%

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