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Application Developer Resume


A distinguished Director of Information Technology and Software development with experience of more than 14 years and expertise in wide range of technologies with multiple industry settings. Demonstrated success in managing Software Development, Software Architecture, Application support and Infrastructure. Well-organized, result oriented with proven ability to implement standards, processes, procedures and policies that improve business functionality. Solid Management skills, capable of leading and motivating individuals to achieve maximum level of productivity while forming cohesive team environments. Experience in managing the teams of size more than 30 people. Extensive experience in evaluating software and making appropriate recommendations to upper management, developing prototypes, proof of concepts, design patterns and enforcing industry standards and business standards.



  • Flight Hour Services Application for Airbus; Performed requirement analysis, Architecture, design, development and delivered the application on time, generating more than $3M in revenue. Managed project from scratch to delivery and throughout the SDLC.
  • KLM Aero Component; Designed developed and delivered the application on time, generating more than $2M in revenue.
  • Login Portal and Products Integration: Managing, architecting and designing the Enterprise portal for Aeroxchange. This application will allow us to replace existing Aeroxchange Login portal and it’s integration with Aeroxchange product suite. This is a huge project and very important project for Aeroxchange.


  • Enterprise Application Integration; Successfully designed, developed and implemented enterprise integration of Siebel CRM, TBS Provisioning System, and Singleview Billing systems.


Java 1.5+, C++, J2EE, JSP, Struts, JMS, EJB, RMI, CORBA, Spring,Hibernate,EJB,SOAP,JPA,.NET, Struts, Tiles, XML, XSD, DTD, Metasolv TBS, Siebel CRM, Web logic , Web Sphere, Jboss, OpenESB, Drool, SAP PI, ANT, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, CGI with PERL, Eclipse IDE, RAD, Oracle 11g, HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP, REST, Vitria BusinessWare 3.1.7, IBM MQ, Enterprise Architect, Rational Rose, Castor, Windows, Solaris, TOAD, Rational Clear Case, Clear Quest, Jira, CVS, Webmethods, Cognos, BI, PHP,MySQL, Apache


Confidential,Irving, TX February 2007 – Present
Director of Application Development
Aviation Supply Chain Management company (SaaS company) owned by 13 major Airlines including AA, FedEx, NorthWest, Lufthansa, KLM and Singapore with 7 different products to include Technical Procurement, Commercial Procurement, Repair and AOG and 60+ suppliers.

  • Managed cross functional teams, implemented development strategies, enforced business and technology standards and policies.
  • Experience in IT staffing, retaining, promoting the better work environment and budgeting projections on a company-wide basis.
  • Design and lead Enterprise Architecture for business needs, providing direction and technical oversight, applying industry standards, formulating as well as implementing long term goals and strategies.
  • Responsible for overall enterprise architecture, design, implementation and production, as well as management of all administrative and business aspects of the Architectural group.
  • Implemented SOA architecture and SaaS applications as well as created coding standards for development group and ensure standards are adhered to.
  • Lead Enterprise Applications, B2B integrations, Catalog management, Infrastructure operations and Enterprise Architecture using various technologies in J2EE domain and Open Source technologies.
  • Built and currently manage/mentor a team of 30 which includes Managers, Architects, Senior Developers and Developers, Infrastructure Specialists, and Customer Support Specialists.
  • Produced technical solution documentation to be used by developers, infrastructure team as well as solution delivery.
  • Engage with multiple internal and external clients for business case development and to cultivate business opportunities.
  • Manage vendor, client and offshore team relations.
  • Designed and Developed frameworks for new products and applications.
  • Designed secured and interoperable web services for enterprise application integration and product integration.
  • Managed and designed various products/applications from Requirement analysis to deployment to production.
  • Code and monitor the direction of each project while in design, development and QA cycle.
  • Prototyped solutions using OpenESB and Drools.
  • Automate loading catalogs, configuration, punch-out and Shopping cart techniques; identify performance bottlenecks, tuning the applications and DB for improving performance.

Environment: Unix Solaris 5.8, WSAD, RAD, Eclipse, MyEclipse, J2ee, EJB, Hibernate, JPA, WebSphere, Spring, Castor, JBoss, Struts, Tiles, JMS, JDBC, Java, XML, XSD, DTD, HTTP, OpenESB, Drools, SOA, Webservices, UDDI, CVS Log4j, SAP ECC6.0, SAP PI, Cognos,PHP,MySQL, Apache,SOAP,REST

Confidential,Plano, TX November 2002 – February 2007
Team Lead/Sr.Developer XO Communications

  • Designed, implemented and trouble shoot various applications in XO communications including Enterprise Application Integration between Siebel and other enterprise systems, Business Center, Network Application Pricing Tool, MACD OI, ESPI to TBS, Post Install Survey Email and Network Trouble Ticketing.
  • Designed Interface and Control Documents, Detailed Design Documents and Capability documents.
  • Mentored a team of 20+ other developers, identifying and escalating the critical issues prior to development to the Manager and worked on solving the issues.
  • Designed application framework and developing a prototype solutions.
  • Created use cases, sequence diagrams, class diagrams and deployment diagrams using Enterprise Architect.
  • Implemented various design patterns (Session Facade, MVC, Data Access Object and Service Locator etc.).
  • Designed and developed various Internet/Intranet applications for XO using struts framework.
  • Designed and developed JSPs, Session Beans, Message Driven Beans and Entity Beans.
  • Implemented Struts frame work for web applications. Implemented various security frameworks using BASIC and Form Authentications for web applications. Implemented security for EJBs. Implemented EJB timer service for reading the Database in intervals.
  • Developed various web services with JAXRPC, SOAP, JSE and Session Bean end points as well as .Net Interoperable web services. Used Castor framework for converting XML to Java and Java to XML.
  • Implemented Hibernate persistence with Spring framework.
  • Used JMS API for sync and Async message constructions.
  • Implemented event driven architecture and SOA with JMS, MDBs, HTTP and web services. Used Jakarta commons for configuration files and Database pooling.
  • Deployed applications to Web sphere and Jboss application servers.
  • Implemented various build scripts using ANT and shell.
  • Used Log4 j for logging. Implemented various JUnit test cases. Used Clear case for Configuration management.
  • Used profiler to identify memory and performance issues in various applications.

Environment: Unix Solaris 5.8, WSAD,RAD, Eclipse, MyEclipse, J2EE, EJB, Hibernate, Web Sphere, Spring, Castor, JBoss, Struts, Tiles, JMS, JDBC, Java, XML, XSD, DTD, HTTP, Web services, UDDI, ClearCase, ClearQuest, Log4j

Confidential,Rochester, NY December 2001 – October 2002
Senior Consultant

  • Enterprise Application Integration between Metasolv, singl-e-view and a custom defined front end for simple order entry.
  • Developed user interface screens using JSP and Servlets as well as session, entity and message driven beans.
  • Deployed EJB’s into Weblogic App Server.
  • Developed connectors, connection models and transformers using Java and Vitria.
  • Defined Siebel Integration objects for data flow from Siebel to Vitria and onto multiple downstream systems.
  • Designed and developed Automator flows for order Business Process Management using Vitria and maintained BPO persistence.
  • Implemented code for execute the Automator control sequence for Automator received events.
  • Tuned the performance of Business ware by configuring connection models, communicator servers, Business ware servers and automator servers.
  • Wrote UNIX shell scripts as well as installed, compiled and started the EAI flow on Solaris.
  • Trouble shot shell scripts, XML structures, Vitria Automator, Siebel Integration objects (work flow) and vitria Business process model for Customer, Order and product flows in EAI environment.

Environment: Unix Solaris 5.8, J2EE, EJB, Weblogic Server 7.0, Vitria Businessware 3.1.7, Struts, Tiles, MVC, JMS, JDBC, Java, JBuilder, XML, HTTP, ClearCase, ClearQuest, Log4j

Confidential,Butte, MT April 2001 – November 2001
Senior Consultant

  • Enterprise Application Integration of Provisioning System (TBS) and Billing System.
  • Implemented IDL interfaces.
  • Developed connectors, connection models and transformers using Java and Vitria.
  • Developed publishers and subscribers using C++, Java and Vitria.
  • Designed and developed Automator flows for Business Process Management using Vitria.
  • Automated customer and order process in Business ware using Automator flows.
  • Migrated data from a legacy system to TBS using Corba clients and written in C++.

Environment: UNIX Solaris 5.8, Vitria Business ware 3.1, C++, Corba, MetaSolv TBS, SingleView, Siemens BOSS WareJbuilder, Orbix 3.3

Confidential,Fort Lauderdale, FL February 2001 – April 2001
Senior Consultant

  • Integration of Trendium Application service provider with business process management of a network service provider (Worldcom).
  • Developed connectors, connection models and transformers using Java and Vitria.
  • Developed publishers and subscribers using C++ and Vitria.
  • Implemented naming service and integrated application service provider with a network service provider.
  • Implemented DII clients and DSI servers using Java and C++.

Environment: UNIX Solaris 5.8, Vitria Business ware 3.1, Orbacus 4 for C++, C++, Corba, Forte for C++, Java

Confidential,Irving, TX June 2000 – February 2001
Senior Consultant

  • Enterprise Application Integration of Metasolv, Cygnet and Daleen.
  • Involved in the design, development and implementation of an integrated solution for Telecom.
  • Business Solution, Daleen and Cygent using Vitria middleware.
  • Developed usecases and sequence diagrams using Rational Rose.
  • Developed publishers, subscribers, connectors, connection models and transformers using Java and Vitria.
  • Designed and developed Automator flows for Trouble Ticket Business Process Management using Vitria.
  • Created JSP pages and EJBs to meet business requirements for Cygent.

Environment: Windows NT, Unix Solaris, Oracle 8.06, Java, Vitria Business Ware 3.02, VJ++, Orbix Web3.2, Corba, WebSphere, JSP, EJB, TBS, UML, Rational Rose 2000

Confidential,FL November 1999 – May 2000
Senior Consultant

  • Healthcare activities maintained over the Internet.
  • Developed Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) and user interfaces with Swing components.
  • Defined remote and home interfaces.
  • Weblogic was used for deploying the EJBs.
  • Involved in membership registration and doctors appointment modules.

Environment: Windows NT, Java 2.0, Enterprise Java Beans, JSP, XML, JDBC, Weblogic Server, Swing, Symantec Caf and Oracle

Confidential,INDIA May 1997 – October 1999

  • Involved in development of various applications including Web Commerce, Online Evaluator, Web Classifieds, Mail Anywhere and Inventory management.
  • Developed user interfaces, code for DB connections, data retrievals and data updates.
  • Developed code for validating credit card transactions over the Internet.
  • Involved in defining IDL interfaces, developed Corba clients and servers.

Environment: C++, CORBA, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, Visual caf Pro, Custom web servers, Windows NT/95, Java, Servlets, JDBC, HTML, JavaScript, CGI with PERL

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