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Postdoctoral Researcher Resume

New Jersy, NJ


  • Awarded U.S. permanent resident status under the Exceptional Ability and National Interest

Waiver program.

  • Research experience on solving Probabilistic Traveling Salesman Problem using dynamic

programming and branch-and-bound algorithms (jump-tracking technique).

  • Teaching experience at both the undergraduate and graduate levels such as Stochastic

Operations Research (forecasting models, decision making, Markov chains, queuing theory,
simulation and game theory) and Relational Database Management System.

  • Design experience using SolidWorks, Pro/E, AutoCAD, MasterCAM and EdgeCAM.
  • Solid mathematical ability, algorithmic problem-solving and programming skills (e.g., C++,

Python and Matlab).

  • Well-developed communication and interpersonal skills.


  • Society of Women Engineers

Ph.D. Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Operations research, optimization, regression analysis, linear programming, dynamic programming, forecasting, information systems, automatic data collection systems, inventory analysis, neural networks, statistics, quality control, industrial cost and budget, engineering economics, simulation, manufacturing systems, sampling techniques, experimental design, marketing management, life insurance mathematics, time and motion study, fuzzy logic, computer-aided design/ computer-aided manufacturing, product design for manufacture and assembly, automatic assembly, industrial robotics, structural analysis, theory of elasticity, programming languages.


  • Code writing in Matlab (10 years), Python, C++, Fortran, Linux shell script, Pascal, Cobol

and Assembly.

  • Graphical user interface building in Matlab.
  • Experience with different operating systems (Windows and Linux).
  • Experience with modern development environments (Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse).
  • Knowledge of SAS, R, SQL, MS Access, MS Excel, LINDO, Arena and ProcessModel.
  • Experience in CAD/CAM software (SolidWorks, Pro/E, AutoCAD, MasterCAM, EdgeCAM).

Postdoctoral Researcher, Confidential,11/2007-09/2011

Operations Research/Optimization

  • Developed dynamic programming algorithm for the Probabilistic Traveling Salesman

Problem with Return (PTSP-R) using Matlab and Python.

  • Solved PTSP-R using FI-FO branch and bound algorithm, written in Python.
  • Solved PTSP-R by a branch and bound method with jump-tracking technique using C++ (up to around 1,400 cities with 2,000,000 nodes expansions, 99 percent of all nodes killed, 2.5 hours of computation time on my dual-core laptop).
  • Converted existing Matab code to Python.
  • Do parallel computing in C++ with MPI.

Optimal Engineering Design

  • Established numerical procedures to find optimal layouts by using Matlab as the programming language with the use of matrix operators.
  • Developed matrix operators to generate solutions for each type of boundary conditions.
  • Investigated optimal product design with different strength in tension and compression members.
  • Created solid models to build 3D prototypes using rapid prototyping technology.
  • Created graphical user interface in Matlab for illustrating optimal material distribution of a structure (e.g., beam and cantilever).

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