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Teachers Assistant Resume

Providence, RI


Confidential 12/2011 – Present
Teachers Assistant/Aide

  • Teaches most math and all sciences except biology
  • Helps with ADD & ADHD students
  • Helps with one on one instruction of multiple subjects
  • Assists with the feeding of breakfast and lunch to those unable to do so
  • Assists children with getting on and off school bus
  • Helps maintain classroom discipline
  • Helps with grades k through 12

Confidential —Seasonal Position Only 2/2009 – 5/2009
Tax preparer of Corporate, Partnership, and Individual returns1/2010 – Present

  • Prepares tax returns garnered from working for the State of Rhode Island as a Revenue Agent
  • Sets up accounting software for corporate clients to make report making easier
  • Advisor for start up business or those looking to expand
  • Process clients payroll
  • File all required tax returns/forms

Confidential 1/2007 –Present
Tax and accounting consultant

  • Uses knowledge garnered working for State of Rhode Island as Revenue Agent to help clients on taxability and non-taxability issues
  • Personnel issues of all types
  • Performed contract work for Liberty Tax Service as their instructor for the upcoming tax season.
  • Reconcile of all journal entries
  • Helped with adjusting and closing entries
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Reconciliation of clients bank statements and general ledger entries.

Confidential,Providence, RI7/2005 – 01/2007
Revenue Agent

  • Excise Tax Division
  • Lead Agent for Sales & Use Tax for State
  • Audit Sales & Use Tax filings
  • Audit of automobile, textile, and jewelry industries
  • Determine what is taxable and non-taxable
  • Answer technical questions of complex nature.
  • Represent State in any court cases involving the interpretation of law and statutes.

Confidential,Providence, RI2001 – 6/2005
Revenue Officer II

  • Collection of all delinquent tax accounts
  • Field audit of all the records of company and or individuals
  • Arrange payment plan with those individuals that cannot pay entire assessment

Confidential,Cumberland, RI1980 – 2000
Accountant (1984 – 2000) Started and worked 4 years on a part-time basis

  • Managed all aspects of small business management and client consultation in the public accounting arena
  • Preparation of income and credit statements for client loan approval
  • Personnel issues of any and all types
  • Implement cost analysis research to determine profit margins for business clients
  • Preparation of personal and business tax returns
  • Provided tax advice to clients interested in new business prospects
  • Negotiated contractual agreements for the company
  • Planning and forecasting budgets and spending plans
  • Supervised the business staff; ensured all financial and operational procedures were in compliance to the satisfaction of both the internal and external auditors.
  • Reconciliation of all ledgers and bank statements
  • All Human Resources duties

Internal Auditor (1980 – 1984)

  • Audited internal records of the business to ensure compliance
  • Tested random samplings of a variety of transactions for accuracy
  • Worked with the Management Team to provide training to staff to improve efficiency in accordance with GAAP
  • Prepared technical, complex audit and other reports; and other related duties as required.

Confidential,Ledyard, CT9/1999 – 9/1999
Income Auditor (3rd Shift) Left after one month-unable to secure day position

  • Supervised all staff working in gaming and non-gaming income areas within the casino;
  • Provided reports for the Connecticut Gaming Commission
  • Provided technical training to two (2) income auditors in all aspects of company policy and procedures and in accordance with the GAAS
  • Reconciled and balanced all credit card activities for the non-gaming department
  • Prepared Accounts Receivable reports

Confidential,North Providence, Rhode Island1977 – 1984
Manager of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll

  • Managed all aspects of outgoing company disbursements for trade and non-trade accounts
  • Reconciled reports of the payables, receivables, and payroll for upper management
  • Responsible for all taxation and disbursement of company payroll
  • Did cost research (Work in process, conversions of raw materials to finished product).
  • Worked with New York sales to secure best possible price for finished product
  • Assisted in inventory audits, creating a system of checks and balances designed to reduce swings in inventory variables
  • Designed comprehensive customized payment plans for delinquent accounts to keep receivables at a workable level
  • Shopped and negotiated material purchasing contracts securing the best possible pricing for long and short term contract acceptance.
  • Worked with bookkeepers to ascertain correct conversion figures used for WIP
  • Assisted with Human Resources

Confidential Norwalk, CT 1973 – 1977
Field Auditor

  • Conducted in-store audits and reconciliation for cash deposits and retail location payroll
  • Worked with store management in making sure that store was ready for external auditors

Bachelors of Science: Accounting

Confidential, Bryant CollegeManagement/Accounting

SKILLS:QuickBooks, Excel; Access; PowerPoint; MS Word, CS, Master Tax, TurboTax, Tax Cut

Cumberland Little League. Past Member of Board of Directors and also fund raiser. Train all old and new umpires.

C.E.R.T. Community Emergency Response Team. first aide. shelter management, search & rescue, traffic control

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