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Senior Software Engineer Resume


Self Profile

PMP certified (Project Management Professional) ERP Consultant and PMI member (Project Management Institute) with over ten years of experience. Field of expertise includes ERP, IBM Mainframe, UNIX, Windows 2000/2003 servers and other legacy systems. Highly motivated and professionally experienced in the administration of systems and databases. Worked on all phases of the software system development life cycle. Well experienced in the off-shore/on-site model of projects. Excellent project management skills.

Skill Set

  • Operating System : Unix SUN Solaris, HP-UNIX, Windows 2000/2003 servers, MVS/ESA, OS/390,

Windows NT, MS-DOS

  • Utilities / Tools : Lawson Design Studio, Lawson Portal, Form Designer, Chart designer,

Lawson Process Flow, MS-ACCESS, SQL-PLUS, CICS, TSO / ISPF,
VSAM, File Aid, Endeavor, Xpeditor, VAI-SOFT, Platinum, SDFII,
PVCS, Net Manage, FTP (Version 7), SnagIt, Visio Professional, Lotus
Notes, BSI Tax-Factory, 4GL, Sun-One5.2, WebSphere

  • RDBMS : Oracle (10G,9I,8I), Teradata Datawarehouse, Lawson Database, DB2, IDMS,


  • Languages : JAVA, C, VS-COBOL II, MF COBOL, SQL, JCL, Shell Scripting, 4GL,

Teradata SQL, JavaScript, HTML

  • Hardware : SUN420R, SUN4500R, E10000, IBM ES/9000, IBM S/390,AIX

Unisys 2200, IBM Pentium, Windows server.

  • ERP : Lawson Application (9x,8.0.3, 8.1) , Lawson Environment (9X,8X)

Work Experience

  • Confidential, (Present)

Designation: Senior Software Engineer (Lawson)
Gordon Food Service runs HR and Financial suites.

  • Perform Lawson system administration.
  • Technical lead on
    • Converting Retalix financial data to Lawson 9.0.
    • Implement Finance Automation using kofax and OnBase products.
    • Design, develop and implement new functionalities using design studio.
    • Design new process to automate conversion.
  • Upgrade BSI tax Factory.
  • Plan and upgrade Tivoli. Web sphere, Lawson environment and application.
  • Install and upgrade the design studio, Security Admin tools.
  • Customize and support ESS and MSS products.

Environment- Lawson Application 9.0, Portal 9.0, Lawson 9.0, Oracle 11g, AIX 5, Design Studio.

  • Confidential, (Jan 2009 – Feb 2010)

Designation: Lawson Consultant
LVH is a hospital network which runs its HR and Finance functionalities on Lawson system.

  • Design and implement Lawson 9.0 security.
  • Meet with business owner to understand the required security for various departments.
  • Create roles, rules, security classes. Test the new security and implement in production.
  • Mass load the users as per the new security design into LDAP.
  • Maintain the environment develop new scripts to automate the day to day processes.
  • Create new productline for the project.
  • Install and upgrade the design studio, Pflow, Security Admin tools.
  • Support and resolve sorts of technical issues on the system.
  • Migrate the Health Network labs data over from 8x to LVH’s 9.0 environment.
  • Migrate the LVH old system from people soft to Lawson 9.0.
  • Run analysis against the SA to validate the stability of the system.
  • Developed new interfaces programs in cobol, korn shell and sql.
  • Developed new Process flows and smart notes.
  • Install BSI and maintain the product.

Environment- Lawson Application 9.0, Portal 9.0, Lawson 9.0, Oracle 10g, SmartNotes 9, AIX 5, Oracle 10G, Smartnotes, Process Flow

  • Confidential, ( May 2007- Dec 2008)

Designation : Technical Advocate
Velocity Technology Solutions is an ERP hosting company which specializes in hosting Lawson products.
Responsibilities included:

  • Install the LSF environment on velocity servers.
  • Responsible in migrating customers from Siemens server’s 8.0.3 environment to velocity servers 9.0.3.
  • Providing technical support to the migrated customers during and post migration.
  • Train customers in managing security for the customers on 9.0 platforms.
  • Train the customers on how 9.0 platform works.
  • Perform database copies and backups.

Environment- Lawson Application 8.1/8.0.3,Environment 9.0.3, Portal 9.0, Lawson 9.0, Oracle 10g, SmartNotes 9, AIX 5, Oracle 10G

  • Confidential, ( Mar 2007- May 2007 )

Designation : Lawson Consultant
Crowley Maritime is shipping company which was upgrading their Lawson application suite to 8.0.3.
Responsibilities included:

  • Plan for the upgrade as per Lawson preferred methodology.
  • Perform the upgrade and train the customer.
  • Support the customer during and post upgrade.

Environment- Lawson Application 8.0.3, Oracle 10g, AIX 5


    • Bachelor of Science.

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