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Project Lead Resume


  • 6.7 Years of experiencein the IT industry, backed byM.Tech (Master of Technology)in Electrical Engineering from IIT Roorkee (One of the oldest and leading Engineering Institution of India) and B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) Degree in Instrumentation Engineering from SLIET, Longowal, Pb.
  • Actively involved in process audits of projects
  • Well conversant of CMMI processes.
  • Excellent team handling skills. Successfully handled team of 8-10 people at Fiserv and also at HCL.
  • Produced outstanding results in client management while being at CBS Lake Mary, Orlando FL USA. Improved client satisfaction drastically.
  • Worked for six months at client side DST Health Solutions at Birmingham, AL, USA.
  • Selected as a MDP (Management Development Program) trainee in Fiserv. Attended MDP sessions on “Multicultural Sensitivity”, “Spin Selling”, “Complaint is a Gift” etc.
  • Extensive experience of maintaining and enhancing AS400 applications.
  • Received Banking Star award in a very short span in Fiserv.
  • Worked for three months at CBS (Comprehensive Banking Solution) Lake Mary, Orlando FL USA.
  • Have hands on experience in the Health Insurance, Financial and Supply Chain domain.
  • Worked extensively on various constructs of AS400 applications e.g. RPG (III, IV, Free Format), COBOL/400, CL/400, DB2/400 etc.
  • Sharp analytical skills.
  • Received outstanding rating consecutively third time in Fiserv.
  • Cleared Digital University, CUES & Fiserv level 1 banking online certification.
  • Knowledge of various banking modules like Loan, Transaction, EFT etc.
  • Received Healthcare employee of the month in CSC.
  • AHM-250 Certified.

Technical Skills




RPG/400, CL/400, RPG ILE, CL ILE, COBOL/400, Free Format RPG


SEU, SDA, DBU, RLU, QUERY/400, ACMS, Turnover, Aldon E-Team, JIS, JACADA



Operating System

OS/400, Windows


Health Care, Banking, Supply Chain

Assignment Summary

Project : Confidential
Client : Confidential
Duration : 6 Months
Technologies Used : RPG/400, CL/400, DB2/400, OS/400, XT-UI

Summary and Responsibilities:
Currently working as a Project Lead; Leading a team of 8-10 resources, for a development project named “Project Unity”, under the umbrella of IBS product and development, Sweden. Project unity is all about uniting modifications developed for different clients in different countries with standard version of IBS Enterprise. IBS Enterprise is a flagship product of IBS. Product caters to middle to large manufacturing organizations in the domain of Paper, Electrical appliances etc. Basically it is an supply chain solution.

In order to merge modifications developed for different clients my responsibilities include analysis and preparation of design documents, coding, understanding the functionality and describe that to the team, preparation of test cases; performing code reviews, performing peer reviews.

Project : Confidential
Client : Confidential
Duration : 1.8 Year
Technologies Used : RPGIV, RPG/400, CL/400, DB2/400, Free Format RPG

Summary and Responsibilities:
Worked as Technical Lead at Confidential., was associated with CBS Domestic Professional Services Pool project, catering to domestic clients based in US. Project includes custom modifications and Integration services for over 100 banks using CBS. CBS is one of the flagship products of Fiserv catering to some of the largest banks situated all over the world.
As a technical Lead my responsibilities were to lead a team of 5 technicians in order to deliver solutions to client issues. Involved in all phases of software life cycle, ranging from Functional Specification preparation, Technical Specification preparation, Code development etc.

a) Integration Services:
Under this category worked on Confidential. Retrofitting and harmonization is being carried out in order to integrate client’s changes with the changes done in the base release. Recently Integrated Release 8.1 of CBS. CBS uses aldon’s harmonizer for harmonizing release and customer sources. Harmonization includes, Harmonization of user code with latest release code through Aldon Harmonizer.

b) Custom Modifications:
Developed various custom modifications; for different banks. One isA897 (Description)and the other one isA726 (Description). Developed code, Unit tested changes and reviews of the code developed by colleagues are some of the responsibilities. A897 includes changes in updating date of last activity for all the accounts related to a particular customer. While A726 incorporated population of some additional fields in BCAS extract file. For other two modifications designed technical specifications after receiving Functional Specifications from the business analyst and guided coding and reviewed code developed by colleagues. One of the modificationsB5904(FDIC ODP Extract)is for FDIC (US Federal government organization). FDIC requires some data from the banks to check the effectiveness of NSF Products. Developed an application; for extracting this data in FDIC required format. Other modification isA923 it is regarding modification to CAMPlus reports. CAMplus is an CBS application for analyzing service charges applied to various accounts. Worked for First Source customizations required for Aperio front end. Creating various message sets consisting of inquiry and response for loan application like Collateral search, Create Loan, Collateral user defined fields, Boarding of 99 Payment schedule, Update Loan etc.

Project :Confidential
Client :Confidential
Duration : 3 Years
Technologies Used : COBOL/400, CL/400, DB2/400, OS/400, Clarify, Test Director

Summary and Responsibilities:
Confidential is third largest IT Company in the world. Worked as Sr. Software Engineer in PowerSTEPP Development team at CSC India. PowerStepp was CSC’s one of the prestigious MHS (Managed Health Care System). Complete healthcare business of CSC was later sold to DST Health Solutions, so worked for both CSC as well as for DST Health Solutions. This India based development team comprised of 15 software developers. All of us work on the modifications as well as maintenance issues. Successfully completed, AHM-250 (Associate of Healthcare Management), certification.

As a Senior Software Engineer, responsibilities included analyzing, designing, developing and testing solutions for client requirements. Involved in reviews during all phases of software development life cycle He was among the chosen people who were given the responsibility of designing a complete solution of client’s requirement.

During three-year tenure with CSC, He worked extensively on AS400 platform using programming languages COBOL/400, CL/400, RPG. Used tools like Aldon, Clarify and Test Director in order to follow processes defined by the client and CSC. As per domain certifications requirement he had successfully cleared AHM-250 (Academy of Healthcare Management) certification. Worked on variety of issues ranging from production fixes to big modifications in the application e.g. ECM, NPI phase 1 & 2 etc. During this tenure worked extensively on COBOL/400, CL/400, DB2/400 on AS400 platform.

Project Name :Confidential
Client : Confidential
Duration: 14 Months
Technologies Used : RPG/400, DB2/400, OS/400, CL/400

Summary and Responsibilities:
Confidential is also one of the worlds largest IT services company. Mr. Ross Perot was the founder of term outsourcing. Perot is one of the largest IT companies in the world. I joined HCL Perot Systems (A joint Venture of HCL, India and Perot Systems, USA) in March’2004.

After joining the organization as a trainee, recruited through campus interviews, underwent training in Mainframes and AS400. After the successful completion of three weeks training, worked in an AS400 based project titled “TENET-PABR LOH (Lab on Hire)”. As the name suggests it was basically a Lab on Hire being set up by Perot Systems (One of the parent company of HCL Perot Systems) at the Noida facility. This lab caters to the maintenance and development issues of TENET’S Hospital Management System. TENET is one of the largest chains of healthcare units located all over USA. TENET’S IT department is maintained by Perot System USA.


M.Tech. (Master of Technology)

B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering)

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