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Sr. Process Engineer Resume


Sr. Process Engineer, Confidential, 2003-2009
Sr. Module and Integration/Yield Engineer, Confidential, 2009-current
Working as an etch engineer in the Portland Technology Development group. PTD is responsible for bringing Intel’s industry-leading microprocessor manufacturing process from early path-finding through high volume. Developed etch processes for 65nm CMOS, 45nm and 32nm high-k metal gate, 22nm finFET and 14nm nodes. Processors built on these processes include Intel Core, Core 2, Core i7 and IvyBridge.

  • Owned etch modules on a development manufacturing line, modifying processes as necessary to optimize the yield and performance. On-call coverage 24/7. Zero safety incidents, while exceeding operational and defect goals.
  • Designed, executed and analyzed module experiments to meet process specifications.
  • Worked collaboratively with equipment manufacturers and factory automation engineers to identify shortcomings. Proposed and evaluated modifications to mitigate issues.
  • Operated in-situ ramps to manufacturing volumes to demonstrate the technology met requirements.
  • Transferred technology to high volume manufacturing: Trained 20 new factory engineers and their technicians, providing daily supervision during their six-month training periods in Oregon.
  • Audited new factory installations and supervised the first full loop lot at new production sites. Transfer sites included Israel, Ireland, Oregon, New Mexico and Arizona.
  • Exceptional process developement allowed etch equipment to be used four years longer than for other etch layers, resulting in over $40 million in savings.
  • Quarterly Divisional Award, 2008. For rapidly developing and integrating a new dry etch poly opening process for Intel’s gate-last high-k 32nm process. Gate height control was improved
    ten-fold versus a polish process, Transistor gate height wafer-to-wafer variation was less than 4 Angstroms.
  • Excursion Protection committee: Selected and implemented a new system for all Intel factories. Real- time statistical analysis of tool parameters enabled control limits to abort and prevent excursions.
  • Tool installations- worked with equipment manufacturers to create installation design packages.
  • Worked with trades to install all electrical/plumbing/structural subsystems and met tight ramp schedules for tool installations and for re-qualifications on new etch processes.

Research Assistant at Confidential
Atomic Laser Laboratory. Winter 1999-2003

  • Examined the photoabsorption of sodium and barium atoms in an electric field
  • Extended a semiclassical theory for one-electron atoms to perturbed two-electron atoms
  • Trained and supervised two new graduate students to successful completion of experiments and their subsequent publication. Senior graduate student in laboratory for four years.
  • Wrote data collection and control software in LabView for photoabsorption measurements.
  • Built and utilized tuneable dye lasers.
  • Designed and built unique laboratory research components in the machine shop.
  • Conducting Polymer Laboratory. 1997-1999
  • Studied electron transport in conducting polymers
  • Conducted various experiments, including DC and AC conductivity, thermoelectric power, microwave cavity dielectric response, 75-110 GHz transmission, circular dichroism, x-ray diffraction.
  • Maintained over 20 networked computers in laboratory.
  • Operated mechanical and diffusion pump vacuum systems, including thin-film deposition.
  • Cryogenics, including use of liquid nitrogen and helium, and a closed-cycle helium refrigerator.
  • Wrote data collection and control software in Visual Basic for conductivity measurements.
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory. Summer 1995
  • Operated a SQUID magnetometer

Teaching Assistant at Confidential1995-1997

  • Taught undergraduate freshmen and sophomore physics classes.
  • 1998 OSU Graduate Associate Teaching Award. (Awarded to 10 of 2200+ teaching associates)
  • 1998 OSU Provost’s Teaching Fellowship Award. (Awarded to 5 teaching associates. Included a cash award equivalent to three-month stipend.)
  • 1998 OSU Provost’s External Advisory Board on Teaching
  • 1998 Departmental Summer Research Fellowship
  • 1998 Consultant for National Science Foundation grant to improve the sophomore physics classes.
  • 1997 Hazel Brown Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award
  • 1996 American Association of Physics Teacher Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Geophysics Technician at Confidential. Summer 1994
Performed seismic data processing.


Physics PhD
Thesis Specialization: Experimental Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics
Nonthesis coursework and laboratory experience in Condensed Matter Physics.

B.S. Engineering Physics
Minor in Public Affairs

High School

Computer Skills:
Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX
Languages: Visual Basic, LabView, C++, Fortran
Packages: JMP, MATLAB, Mathematica, Maple, MS Office

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