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Programmer, AnalysT


My objective is to obtain a full-time position that will allow me to use the knowledge I have acquired in the field of computer technology business analysis and programming, and attain new knowledge through job experience. I am primarily looking for a programming/systems analysis position as well containing database development and implementation activities.


A.S. Computer Technology/Information Systems

Technical Skills

Software – Oracle, SQL Developer, SQLPlus, MS Visual C#, MS Visual Studio
Programming Languages – Uniface, Oracle, PL/SQL, SQL, UNIX, C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, Java




Indianapolis, IN


  • Developed Oracle Procedures, Functions, Triggers and Sequences to generate and modify client manufacturing and financial information
  • Make use of Oracle cursors, loops, variables PL/SQL programming to retrieve information for client reports and generating temporary tables
  • Provide Oracle Administration on existing database table by modify key fields, adding removing fields, generating synonyms for Unix access to Oracle tables
  • Perform testing of Oracle components through Oracle Error-Handling debugging and SQL assessment testing
  • Generate Unix-based scripting to run Oracle components
  • Perform data mining of client business requests to generate accurate Oracle database fields
  • Developed and maintained a manufacturing inventory Oracle function that performed nightly automated account re-structuring to make sure that customer orders were shipped as quickly as possible; made possible by use of Oracle cursors that generated temporary tables of customer order information and assigned numeric rankings to re-order individual order line to similar master orders shipping first
  • Developed and archiving strategy to weekly or monthly backup older manufacturing information to a non-critical table to improve database functionality by limiting row reads; combining Unix scripts and a background timing process, Oracle Procedures and Functions were called to copy the data from table to archive table, while at the same time checking key validation to avoid any row duplications; any errors were stored to a error table and generated emails to appropriate client to inform them or encountered errors
  • Make use of database development tool SQL-Developer to access Oracle components and testing using incorporated debugger
  • Designed and maintained a financial end of month validation tool to allow customer to ensure through accounts payable background reports that raw material and good received financial matched between various database systems (Oracle / RenCs); using a main screen user was allowed to select multiple account types (Received accounts, Used good accounts, FIFO accounts) and run background (Unix/Oracle) reporting processes to make check for any financial/accounting issues before commencing with actual End-Of-Month financial postings
  • Developed technical project estimates used by other users as well as myself for application development
  • Developed, maintained and updated business solution applications for clients
  • Fulfill client needs through business system analysis and research leading to application programming and database creation

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