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Developer Resume

New Jersy, NJ

Software Development Engineer position in cutting-edge advanced areas of enterprise software,working on new technologies & next generation Windows & Windows tools / products; Distributed application Programming -- C#, .NET, XML, UML, Web Services, Object - Oriented ( OOAD with C++, Java ), to develop / test complex large-scale multi-threaded multi-tier cross-platformsoftware in Windows Vista, Longhorn, XP, 2000, 2003, NT, or UNIX based systems for Internet or Enterprise or Database applications; which may use Application Servers, COM / COM+ / DCOM.



3 yrs :C#, .NET
10+ yrs : C, C++, Visual C++ ( OOD, OOP )
2 yrs :JAVA, XML ( MSXML ), Servlets, EJB, WebSphere, VisualAge for Java.

7 yrs :Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 /2008, Visual Studio 8.0 - 6.0, MS Visual C++, MS Foundation Classes (MFC), SDK
3 yrs : Microsoft TEST, Microsoft Windows SDK, Windows Profiler, PC-Lint, BoundsChecker, SystemArchitect.
2 yrs :Borland C++ Builder 6.0, Delphi, Borland Foundation Classes.

5 yrs :SQL, Relational Database API design & development (back-end), ODBC, ERD [Entity-Relationship], Database Schema.
3+yrs:SQL Server, SQL Server Management Studio, Stored Procedures, Triggers.
Database Engine API [ Borland BDE x.x ], Paradox Database, Interbase Database.

8+ yrs : Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, NT, Windows 2003 Server, 98, 95, 3.1, DOS, MS-DOS.
3+ yrs : UNIX -- SUN / Sparc Workstation ( Solaris 5.6 ), HP Workstation ( HP-UX 11.0 ) -- 1 yr.
Some: Berkeley Socket ( 4.3 BSD ), SGI ( Irix ), IBM RS/6000

6-8 yrs: Microsoft Visual Source Safe / Team Foundation Server, PVCS, ClearCase.

-> Design, development, testing of - OOD / OOP, Application Programmer\'s Interface [ API ], Database [back-end] API
-> Development of Software Architecture, design, develop, test SW, Client / Server (or distributed) & Embedded app.
-> Skills include: Software Testing ( types -- Unit, Integration, System, Regression, Automated Testing), UI (GUI) design, Multi-language support, Image processing, Electronics & Communications (digital communication systems), & much more.

1-2 yrs : Infenion C167 , Intel 8086 / 85, 8051, Motorola 68000, Analog Devices ADSP2100, TI TMS320xx, Zilog Z-80. -- 8-bit / 16-bit Embedded dev. / Assembly Prog. in C for above Micro-controllers.
DEV. TOOLS -- KEIL C Embedded Dev. Kit, Logic Analyzer, Oscilloscope, National Instruments: LABView.


Developer, Confidential,Nov.\'07 - Jul.\'08
To design / develop next generation system for their existing client / server real time point of sale software for cellular retail management. Was maintaining existing system - C++, COM+, C#, VB, Visual Studio 2005/2008, SQL Server, etc.Also helped in developingtools and utilities as needed like telephone call management system & chat tool for customer support plus software update utility for some customers.

Escalation Software Engineer,Confidential,Nov.\'06 - May \'07
Active Directory windows network management software suite of application products - worked in a big escalation engineering team responsible for software hotfixes, releases with enhancements, features, fixes, testing, technical support with direct customer interaction. Used Visual C++, C#, .NET 2.0, Visual Studio 2005, Remote Debugger, SQL Server 8.0, Stored Procs & Triggers, MFC, SQL Server Management Studio, Windows XP, 2003 Server, Virtual Server labs, etc. This also involved workingwith front-end which used C#, Infragistics libraries, in .NET environment. There were also some web-services used in the project.

Software Developer, Confidential,Sept.\'05 - Jul.\'06
Contract project on-site at American Express Techology on Sabre based travel reservation system software called Saturn for creditcard customers. Worked in a development team supporting existing app for quarterly based releases -software enhancements, features, fixes, testing. Visual C++, Windows based software to be transitioned toweb integrated newimplementation.

Software Developer, Confidential,Feb.\'04 - Jun.\'05
Software development, enhancements, feaures, fixes for yearly release of market research app product(s) in C / C++, Visual C++, MS Visual Studio 6.0, Borland C++ Builder 6.0, ADO, MS Access, ASP, SQL Server, Windows, Java. Some C#, .NET, Web Services, J2EE, etc.... Main developer on cross-tabulation software - yearly release enhancements, add new features, maintenance, bug fixes, SPSS technical expertise, etc.

Software Engineer ( Consultant ), Confidential,May.\'00 - Dec.\'03
On-site @ Ford Motor Company, worked on two projects - C3P ( multi-release PIM SW in production ) & DBE ( Web Integration in design stage ) which involved dev. in C++, Java on Windows & Unix environ. ( multiplatform ), XML, MSXML, XPath API & XML Parser dev. in C++ on Windows-NT. Got IBM-certified training courses in WebSphere & VisualAge. Worked on WebSphere based app. SW, some servlets & EJB, used Clearcase Repository Tool, Web-browser based client app. launching & testing, some J2EE, JDBC ( DBE-Digital Buck Build & Evaluation Tool ; C3P:Cad/Cam/Cae PIM; PIM : Product Info. Mgmt. )
-------Software Engineer, Confidential,___________ Feb.\'96 - Dec.\'99----------------
Project 1. [Oct. 1998 - Dec. 1999] :: Siemen\'s C167 microcontroller based Bi-Fuel Interface Module [BFIM] dev. for FORD - responsible for embedded SW implementation in C, used KEIL C Compiler / Development environ., SW modules developed included EEPROM programming, Flash Memory Reprogramming, Boot-strap Loading, Automotive Communication Protocols - CAN & SCP messaging. _____TOOLS: C167 based dev. board, KEIL C Assembly Development/ Compiler, National Instruments [NI] LabVIEW tools, Oscilloscope, Digital Data / Logic Analyzer. _____ RESPONSIBILITIES: Embedded SW design, development & testing with C167 assembly language using C & KEIL C Compiler - dev. several new SW functional modules & enhanced other modules, building executable & testing the real-time functionality. SW functional testing on Simulation environ. as well as actual BFIM hardware module testing plugged into a garage test car. Also wrote specifications & requirements documentation. Code Review & Documentation Review.
Project 2. [Feb. 1998 - Sept. 1998] :: On-site @ GenRad\'s Dearborn, Michigan office --(GENRAD: Manchester, UK based ) working on Worldwide Diagnostics Systems [WDS] project for FORD - involved in reimplementation of GenRad\'s Windows based Object-Oriented [O-O] MFC Widget Set (UI library components of a complex SW), 32-bit MS Windows API for new specifications. _____TOOLS: Microsoft Visual C++ Developer\'s Studio, Windows NT dev. platform, Visual SourceSafe ( Source Code Mgmt. / Revision Control Tool ). _____RESPONSIBILITIES: Review of new Requirement Specifications for SW Modules. Used C++, MFC & Visual C++ for implemention of new specifications of [ WIDGET ]s ( 1. Digital Oscilloscope/Waveform Display Module MFC Widget, & 2. Bargraph/Histogram display Widget). These WIDGETS are 32-bit MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) based Modules of a large SW project. UNIT Testing, Code Check-ins, Builds Revisioning & code- maintainence with Visual SourceSafe.
Project 3. [Oct. 1997 - Jan. 1998] :: State Automotive Emissions Control software ( DOS / Windows -based ) -- SPX Corp. ASM Project. Redesigned & reimplemented outdated SW with many custom UI (User-Interface) screens & libraries. Dev. in C, C++ using VISUAL C++ & WINDOWS / DOS tools. Implemented new features & tools like the [EMail] Tool facility. Fixed problems running DOS SW code on Windows 95 platform on which prototype & test-bed for Emmisions SW was installed. Involved complying SW requirements w.r.t. specific State emissions regulations and to emissions tester/user procedures. _____TOOLS: Windows 95 platform and DOS for Development & Testing, SPX custom build tools, Visual C++ dev. tools, PVCS ( Source code control / revisioning tool ). _____RESPONSIBILITIES: Review of new Requirement Specifications for SW Modules. Implemented new specifications in C, C++ to update / upgrade old code. Developed new code in C, C++ for a few new tools like [EMAIL] facility & new custom UI (User-Interface) screens & libraries. SW UNIT, INTEGRATION & SYSTEM Functional Testing of Automotive Emissions Control SW on Windows 95 platform in both Simulation mode & actual garage test run vehicles. Visits to SPX Corporation to discuss new Requirement & Functional Specifications, Code Reviews, & to get trained. SW archive revisioning Check-Ins using PVCS tool & Revision Builds.
Software Engineer, Confidential,Jun.\'93 - Oct.\'97
On-site @ FORD worked on a complex software automotive test system called FACTS/ EOL [End-Of-Line] for FORD assembly plants. Last 3 years was involved in Database API SW component life-cycle. All Development & Testing used C++, Visual C++, MFC, OOD, SQL on Microsoft Windows platform. Also involved in various other tasks & SW components of the system. Gained good experience in working in a large team & big complex SW life-cycle with real-life problems.

-> Master of Science ( Computer Science ) .

STRENGTHS / ATTRIBUTES_______________________________________________

--> Versatile & highly adaptible due to broad work experience & academic background. Experienced working in large & small team sizes or independently. Accomplishments in areas of Design & Development of Object-Oriented [ O-O ], Application Programmer\'s Interface [ API ], Database API (SQL, Stored Procs) & Software Architecture. Very strong in MS Visual C++ & MFC, Embedded SW Development ( C167 ), many projects in automotive industry ( Ford )
--> Excellent organizational, presentation, written / verbal communication skills, interpersonal skills. Strong in understanding design / requirements, details while striving for near zero-error implementation for near zero-redundant system. Strong in learning new concepts, new SW, complex processes, testing / trouble-shooting. Goal-oriented, good in critical thinking, problem-solving, debugging, profiling performance, effective multi-tasking...
--> Wide range of graduate educational background in computer science, digital communications, & electronics.

DETAILS OF PROJECTS / WORK EXPERIENCE_____________________________

Consultant @ Confidential, ( Dearborn, MI ) Jun. 2000 - Aug. 2001
Consultant @ Confidential, ( Minnesota ) May - Jun. 2000 ;( Dearborn, MI ) Aug. 2001 - Dec. 2003
(1) . Worked on initial & prototyping stages of a large-scale distributed client/server project ( Ford project called DBE ). One part I focussed on working used C++, Visual C++, MFC, Windows-NT to design & develop XML / MSXML parser & XML API development for displaying a Tree-view of a Product Structure data thru\' dynamic XML data from middle-tier or back-end. ( as a part of XMLClient front-end Module -- XML configurable display ).
THE PROJECT -- Ford Motor Company C3P Division -new long-term project called DBE : Application-Server (like IBM WebSphere) based large-scale distributed client/server project to integrate CAD/CAM/CAE Engineering Tools Data & Product Data Mgmt. Data from different dept. user groups (within C3P Division), having heterogenous databases (some legacy systems). This tool would thus provide a single integrated environment for all user groups on digital prototype vehicle information, e.g., Product Structure, 3D Visualization, Release/Issues Mgmt., etc.
(2) . On-site at Ford, worked on enhancements of parts of Java-based API for Client-side tasks called Metaphase e!Vista, which is a part of Ford\'s customized Oracle-based Metaphase PDM Database. The development was done on Sun/Sparc (Solaris5.6) & HP (HP-UX11.0) UNIX platform workstations with Unix Java compilers & Unix Vi Editor. The client application being platform independent, some development & extensive testing was done on multiple platforms like Sun/Sparc(Solaris5.6), HP(HP-UX11.0), Intel PC(Windows 95/98/NT), SGI (Irix), IBM RS/6000. My focus of development included e!Vista task called CATALOG with PRINTING functionality & Ensodex Development Kit (EDK).
THE PROJECT -- called FORD PIM C3P(8.0) large-scale versioned releases which included the module -- Metaphase\'s Client e!Vista tasks (Cad/CamMat, Catalog, PartSecurity, PartViewer). The client app. is launched from Netscape or IE -uses a Netscape Webserver middle-tier part.
(3) . Initial work on demo of Ensodex\'s Websphere based application called Accelis for a given customer needs by means of configurations & modifications of Accelis. The development / work was done on Windows-NT platform with Java & C++.

Software Engineer @Confidential, ( Dearborn, MI ) Jul. 1993- Oct. 1997
Used C++, Visual C++, MFC, OOD on Microsoft Windows platform for Database (DB) libraries API [ DBAPI ] functions development - with SQL, ODBC, Borland (& Paradox) DB Engine API, DB E-R design, Interbase & Paradox tables interface. All core DB API routines had embedded SQL statements (a few complex) to extract data from multiple Database Tables ( Paradox or Interbase ) using Borland Database Engine API. SQL was also commonly used for Testing DB API funtions by means of manual extraction of required data from multiple DB Tables & for design of some Tables. DB API unit, functional & integration testing. Evaluation & comparison of Databases for application efficiency (Paradox, Interbase, Oracle). DB Performance Tuning - Constant need for improving efficiency, speed-up SearchTime & Tables/SW LoadupTime as amount of data kept increasing. Multi-language support with run-time switching implementation. Co-ordinated with DataEntrySystem [DES] team to ensure compatibility, effienciency, redundancy of {DB run-time LIB components-TableSchema} with {DataEntry-TableSchema} & for Data-Consistency. Co-ordinated with many team members of other SW components for DB API usage, integrate it with other components, multi-lingual support, trouble-shoot problems related to TableSchema, actual Data, Speed problems & Regression in new releases.
Also involved in various tasks of other SW components, including Design, Development, Code Reviews, Integration & Unit Testing, Regression Testing, Long period/over-night Runs Robustness Testing. Custom Windows UI testing with MS Test based Automated Test Suites. Overall speed & efficiency evaluation, large team coordination, solving numerous problems & SW crashes both at assembly plant as well as Spec&Design [S&D] team Internal Testing routines (including Regression). Co-ordination of numerous running variations of SW Releases, PVCS based SW Archive Check-ins, helped in Internal Build-time problems. Visited couple of assembly plants to help monitor SW launches & Run-time Errors including Windows GPF Faults Recoveries. ISO9000 compliance Training - to follow SW Life-Cycle Procedures & mandate proper Documentation.

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