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Design Engineer Resume

Flemington, NJ

To make significant contributions in a technical environment pertaining to Mechanical or Process Engineering at a senior level.

Education: (Dual Degree)

  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Professional Experience:
Design Engineer / Electro-Mechanical Applications Engineer
Flemington, NJ 01/2008 – 01/2012
Responsible for providing detailed approval blueprint/manufacturing drawings of electro-hydraulic braking systems to customers utilizing SolidWorks; Responsible for reviewing all approval drawings from engineering consulting firms prior to initiating the manufacturing process at our German headquarters; Responsible for design calculations, SOP’s, and process improvements to streamline safety, manufacturing & compliance issues for industrial brakes; Responsible for technical support and submitting quotations for heavy duty electro-hydraulic industrial braking systems and stainless steel sheet metal enclosures used on movable bridges, container handling cranes, mining applications, steel mills, conveyor belts and wind turbine power systems; Responsible for occasional travel to domestic & international customer sites for field service troubleshooting, quality control RMA issues, and technical clearance pertaining to retrofitting our braking systems; Responsible for generating a documented report of my case study in the field to the Director of Sales and Operations Manager; Involved in quarterly Kaizen meetings with the General Manager, Operations Manager, and Director of Sales; Industrial brakes are equipped rectifiers and electronic sensors; Knowledge of electronic power supplies, transformers, resonant circuits, and pulse generators; Knowledge of control systems and actuators;Currently the distribution headquarter and certified repair facility for North America, Mexico, Panama, and the Caribbean with future goals of becoming a manufacturing facility;

Confidential,PMA Project / Process Design Engineer Glastonbury, CT 06/2006 – 01/2008
Responsible for creating blueprint designs and submitting airworthiness documentation to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for thermocouples and various resistance temperature detection (RTD) sensors as part of the Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) process; Responsible for the entire reverse-engineering process; Responsible for creating and maintaining a fabrication inspection system (FIS) as required by Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 21 Subpart K; Responsible for creating SOP’s for the shop floor technicians; Responsible for implementing a FIS to meet the additional requirements for the reporting of failures, malfunctions, and defects under Title 14 CFR 21.3 and the provisions for identifying the product as called for by Title 14 CFR 45.15; Responsible for Lean Manufacturing and Kaizen programs; Blueprints and 3-D models generated utilizing SolidWorks.

Confidential,Product/ Process Improvement Engineer Dover, NJ 06/2005 – 04/2006
Responsible for the dimensional integrity of aerospace parts manufactured utilizing the investment casting process; Knowledge of the Directional Solidified (DS) single crystal process; Responsible for project management and minimizing production defects; Responsible for interacting with customers to resolve technical issues; Responsible for troubleshooting manufacturing problems & root cause analysis; Responsible for Lean Manufacturing & cost reduction via process improvements; Responsible for tool wax die design & construction; Responsible for creating SOP’s for the shop floor technicians; Responsible for reading blueprints; Responsible for yield improvements & new product implementation; Knowledge of the Alcoa Business System (ABS) & Six Sigma.

Confidential,Gloucester, MA 02/2005 – 06/2005
Contract Position: Field Service Engineer / Electronics Technician responsible for the service and repair of Varian VIISta high current single wafer ion implanters; Knowledge of fiber optic and optoelectronic components;Knowledge of modulation and detection circuits; Responsible for troubleshooting linear and digital integrated circuit systems; knowledge of interferometers and electronic sensors; Responsible for final test & assembly of the control & positioning systems for this complex electro-mechanical semiconductor equipment.

Confidential,East Hartford, CT 03/2004 – 07/2004
Contract Position: Materials Engineering Technician for the Hollow Fan Blade department; Responsible for preparing and evaluating turbine blades in the Materials Control Laboratory (MCL); Responsible for determining noncompliance in titanium and nickel fan blades for military and commercial airplanes.

Confidential,Process Engineer / Electronics Technician Wilton, CT 06/2001 – 07/2003
Responsible for final test and assembly of microscan semiconductor machines in a semi-clean environment at INTEL and various customer sites; Travel approximately 50%; Knowledge of electronic sensors, interferometers, pulse generators, PLC/servo controlled feedback systems, linear actuators, resonant circuits, and stepper motors; Knowledge of frictionless air bearing motion platform stages; Knowledge of X-Y Gantry stage positioning systems; Knowledge of Delta Tau board level controllers and utility software; Responsible for electrical, optical, and mechanical alignments and calibrations to engineering specifications; Responsible for obtaining synchronized metrology by fine-tuning module throughput and reticle-to-wafer image overlay parameters on a nanometer scale; Responsible for troubleshooting servo data; Knowledge of the photolithographic manufacturing process of integrated circuits; Responsible for maintaining daily log status on site; Responsible for creating SOP’s for the shop floor technicians; Certified training in wafer & reticle handler robot systems; Certified training in laser and beam delivery systems; Designed filler panels, lifting fixtures, and spanner wrenches using Pro/Engineer.

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