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Qpass Test Engineer Resume



  • A professional with oer 12 years of experience in Information Technology industry in areas of Software Analysis, Design, Deelopment, Testing and Maintenance of arious Software applications.
  • Good understanding of quality assurance testing methodology relatie to the Business Analysis, Application Design and oerall Software Deelopment Lifecycle (SDLC).
  • Extensie working experience on Integration Testing, Functional Testing, GUI Testing, Regression Testing, System Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Database Testing and Performance Testing.
  • Experienced in Automatic Testing including Mercury testing Products Quick Test Professional, Load Runner, Test Director & Quality Center.
  • Experienced in End-to-End, Stress, Strain and Web Serices Load Testing.
  • Experienced in writing maintainable (regression/functional) automated test scripts in Test Script Language BScript (QTP).
  • Extensie experience with databases like DB2, Oracle and SQL Serer.
  • Expert in maintenance and performance tuning of applications on UNIX, Windows, Web-based J2EE and Mainframes.
  • Experienced in deeloping and maintaining automated test scripts for Back-end as well as Batch system components. Well experienced in identifying and documenting discrepancies between actual and expected results.
  • Excellent background in writing Test Plans, Test Conditions, defining Test Cases, deeloping and maintaining test scripts, analyzing results of scripts, interaction with team members in fixing errors.
  • Strong experience in using Test Director/Quality Center for Test Planning, Test Case deelopment, Test case execution, and Defect Tracking.
  • Worked in multi capacities as indiidual and in Groups with good communication and technical skills. Strong Inter-personal, Organizational, Communication and Writing skills.

BS in Engineering
Training Courses Attended:
Ecommerce-Customer Care and Billing

Confidential,- GA
QPASS Test Engineer
12/2009 – 03/2010

Qpass application is for ATT USF Solution. ATT USF will sere as front end with different kinds of ideos including T Series, Subscription ideos and ODs for the ATT customers. Amdocs Qpass works in the Back end, Proides the metadata content for the ideos and it proides offer prices Promotional Prices and discount prices for the ideo being purchased by ATT customers. PASS application works different kinds of applications in order to make aailability of ideos on IPT and Web platforms.


  • Inoled in the Discussions of High Leel Planning and designing scenarios for the High Leel Planning.
  • Inoled in creating possible scenario for the detailed Design and written test cases based on the detailed design plan.
  • Worked with API testing, it inoles using SOAP UI for the specific API calls.
  • Used extensiely SQL queries and few SQL functions.
  • Worked on UNIX enironment to check the logs for the Purchases being made by customers.
  • Inoled in running of the UNIX shell scripts and had hands on experience with UNIX utilities and commands.
  • Inoled in exporting of test cases from excel to QC and worked on mapping of Test cases with Technical requirements.
  • Inoled in executing of test cases which has different flows that customer does on the store front.
  • Inoled in Opening of the defects in the Quality center and assigning priority and seerity to the defects found.
  • Inoled in working with XML files and XSD files.
  • Used TOAD application to check the data in the logs.
  • Had good experience with using of SOAP UI tool and WINSCP tool.
  • Inoled in using of WSDL files for the SOAP UI requests.

Enironment: Quality Center 9.2, QPASS, XML, SOAP, Oracle 9i, Xacct, Enabler, Red Hat, Linux, GNU/Linux, Windows XP Professional, Jaa J2EE, LDAP, REST Query Tool, TOAD, SQL, UNIX, WebLogic, Informatica.

Confidential- GA
UAT Wireless Test Engineer
06/2009 – 12/2009

Cox is building a wireless network on its own, using the nearly $550 million worth of spectrum it bought in the Federal Communication Commission\\\'s Adanced Wireless Serices and 700 MHz wireless auctions. The Cox business desire is to hae a single iew of all inentories across the enterprise so that a customer has access to inentory from multiple sales channels regardless of the sales channel they purchase from. This alone will create a differentiated customer experience in the wireless industry. This solution will make best use of existing Cox assets in the Supply Chain Management space and integrate them with the new BSS/OSS components being procured to support wireless. Cox will also integrate a new Third party Logistics (3PL) proider and integrate with that endor for warehouse management and shipping functionality.

  • Handled UAT Tests Planning efforts for Supply Chain Management and marketing components of wireless billing application
  • Analyzed Business processes and created test scenarios to coer test requirements
  • Executed test cases, updated test results into quality center and communicated the daily status to the client.
  • Created Business Process test cases for wireless UAT Wae 1 & 2 release
  • alidated the Enironment for test readiness and monitored the test execution, tracking and reporting
  • Monitored and recreated UAT defects and identified the issue types before assigning to right DE groups
  • Proided knowledge transfer to new team members and monitored team performance
  • Worked with UAT / Oracle system / Siebel CRM and POS system
  • Enironment: Oracle ERP, iProcurement, Oracle Inentory GUI, Oracle Financials, Oracle BRM, Demantra, ASCP, Shipping, Purchase, SCM WIP, Order Management, BPEL, MNO.com, Seibel Self-care/ e-commerce, Bright Star (3PL), ICOMS, OEM, Quality Center, Microsoft Office tools.

Confidential- GA
UAT Support Consultant
01/2009 – 03/2009

AT&T represents more than 77 million subscribers who use the nation\\\'s fastest 3G network. CRM releases are a regular ongoing process which includes new enhancements to the business functionality. UAT support caters the needs of end users community across the country on tight time lines in a fast pace time sensitie manner for conducting the Test efforts.


  • alidated the Enironment for Test readiness and monitored the test execution, tracking and reporting.
  • Analyzed the test results and communicated the status to the client.
  • Planned the preparation test data based on Test Plan Packets receied from UAT community.
  • Arranged log-in profiles for UAT users to access arious test applications for each release.
  • Recreated UAT defects and identified the issue type before assigning to right de groups.
  • Proided knowledge transfer to new team members and monitored team performance and proide feedback on the team.
  • Improed current processes from lessons learnt after eery release.
  • Enironment: Billing System-Telegence, CRM, Clear Quest, Quality Center, DB (SQL, PL/SQL, and TOAD); web based and non-web based applications (Client side, Tuxedo and Serer side), CARE, CACS-T, Quick Pay & ATT internal applications

I& Lead Test Engineer
09/2008 – 12/2008

AT&T is the nation\\\'s fastest 3G network. Independent erification and alidation team ealuates the work products generated by the team that is designing and/or executing a gien project. The I& proider will often monitor and ealuate eery aspect of the project itself from inception to completion. That is a best-case scenario since it is far easier and more cost effectie to correct problems that are identified earlier in the project than later in the project.


  • Handled I& efforts for arious enhancement projects within a ery short and tight schedule.
  • Contributed for planning, preparing and execution black box testing, Back End API testing of test sets.
  • Represented to reiew Business Process Business Process test cases and Test Lab preparation actiities.
  • Escalated defects to appropriate support groups in Quality Center.
  • Responsible for Defect Tracking and Resolution.
  • Worked effectiely with the Business Managers and Deelopers including IT PMs to execute new enhancement testing for the system in Test and Production enironment.
  • Enironment: Billing System-Telegence, CRM, Web base applications, Web logic Serer7.0, Jaa, XML, Oracle, PL/SQL, HP-UX 11.00, I Editor, Mercury tools, Jack Track, Rational ClearQuest , Win NT4.0

Confidential,Atlanta, GA
Amdocs Consultant
05/2008 – 09/2008
T-Mobile purchased SunCom Wireless for about $1.6 billion. The deal will reportedly bring T-Mobile synergies worth about $1 billion. In addition T-Mobile will expand its coerage to the Southeastern United States and to parts of the Caribbean, the regions where SunCom operates. Amdocs is Conerting the SunCom Subscribers to T-Mobile Customers.


  • Contributed in gathering Business Requirements from Client.
  • Inoled in Creating Use Case Document.
  • Contributed planning, preparing and execution of test sets based on Conersion Data.
  • Translated Business requirements to scenarios for test cases.
  • Handled Customer Serice Management, Collection and Accounts Receiable Testing for seeral Mocks of conerted data.
  • Contributed for Defect Creation, Tracking and Retest and closure after fixed Resolution.
  • Reiewed Business Process Business Process test cases and problem reports to find areas where Business Process test cases are missing
  • Assisted the Team lead with actiities related to Test Planning & Reporting.
  • Handled AR EOD and EOM Batch Process jobs.

Escalated issues to appropriate support groups by raising defects in Quality Center.

Enironment: Billing System-Samson, Seibel CRM, Web logic Serer7.0, Jaa, XML, Oracle, PL/SQL, Solaris 8, I Editor, Shell Scripting and Mercury tools, Win NT4.0, PN

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