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Software Developer Resume

Keyport, NJ


  • Dedicated IT Senior Software Developer with 17+ years of experience in implementation, design and direct customer support. This includes, but not limited to:
  • Strategic Planning
  • Problem Resolution
  • Customer Satisfaction Enhancement
  • Cost-Reduction Strategies
  • Team building & Training

I have an enthusiastic commitment to customer service as a key driver of company goal attainment. Consistently achieve record-high customer satisfaction rankings, provide improvements to the bottom line and turnaround of under-performing operations. Lead by example and ensure target commitments and dates are achieved and/or improved.


Bachelor\'s Degree, Computer Science

  • MCPD - .NET Framework 4 Web Developer
  • MCTS - .NET Framework 4, Web Applications
  • MCTS - .NET Framework 4, Data Access
  • MCTS - .NET Framework 4, Service Communication Applications
Professional Experience

Confidential,Tinton Falls, NJ 1994 to 2011
Senior Software Developer

Confidential, is a market research company in the corporate aviation industry with a strong envisages on customer support and satisfaction. My primary responsibility was the development and coding of the company\'s four major products for existing Windows based customer software using Delphi 2007 and 2010. Due to my ability to support all four applications, the support and development costs were kept to a minimum. Also, developed several in- house tools for supporting these products. During the tenure at AMSTAT I;

  • Primary designer and developer of company\'s 4 products. Main product saw a growth from less than 200 customers to over 1100 over the past 10 years. Other products allowed the company to enter into and compete in new markets or expand in existing markets. My skills and experience allowed me to be the sole developer which kept development costs down.
  • Management of the conversion of customer data updating from a modem to an Internet based system. This eliminated telecommunication costs of phone lines and supplied customers access to AMSTAT servers for updates at no costs. It was estimated that this saved the company and customers over 150K per year.
  • Management of the conversion for software updates and installations from a 'Sneaker Net ' (floppy disk based) to the ability to implement updates via the Internet/web. This produces not only a savings in time and material for the company, but provides a more efficient means of product delivery for the clients.
  • Liaison for the Voice team providing high quality customer support. Interacting with the customers and support team allowed a better understanding of the customers\' needs and issues. This allowed me to implement many improvements in both the software and support process. Due to these improvements, the support team saw a reduction in the volume of incidents and was able to reduce staff.
  • Other skills and experience :
  • Configuration and maintenance of servers ( MS Server 2003, MS Server 2008 )
  • Configuration and management of the DHCP and DNS server ( Linux )
  • Configuration and maintenance of corporate email server ( Postfix, SpamAssassin ). This was a Linux based server and allowed for the use of freeware instead of commercial products.
  • Configuration and maintenance of data servers ( MS SQL 2005, MS SQL 2008, mySQL )
  • Create data-driven client applications connecting to MSSQL ( Linq to SQL, EntityFramework, mySQL and FoxPro databases.
  • Converted existing Windows application to web based ( .net framework ) application.
  • Develop install scripts for client applications ( Wise, InstallAware )
  • Web based development ( PHP, .NET 4 )
  • Develop various web services / WCF ( MS Visual Studio 2010 - C#/.NET, XML, SOAP, WCF )
  • Borland Delphi - currently using 2007 and 2010, have used various versions since V1, Visual Studio 2010, Windows Server 2003, 2008, Microsoft SQL Server, Linux, MySQL, PHP,

Confidential,Glen Head, NY 1997 - Present
Independent Contractor

Design and development of the initial version of the company's computer based hockey simulation game. Development of annual upgrades for games that coincide with the new NHL and NBA seasons. Conversion of the companies existing DOS based computer game to an MS Windows based system.

  • Design of the Computer Version of hockey simulation game (Delphi ). This allowed the company to sell a computer based product for the first time.
  • Converted existing DOS based basketball simulation game to MS Windows based game (C++ ). The existing game was outdated and needed to be upgraded and modernized to a windows format.
  • Develop annual upgrades with new features to computer hockey game
  • Develop annual upgrades with new features to computer basketball game
  • Development of various backend tools needed to maintain and create seasonal data. These programs allow the company to release new add-ons to the game, such as historical seasons and hall of fame sets.

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