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Application Packager Resume

Dallas, TX


  • 6+years of professional experience as Software Packaging Engineer. Experience using Wise Package Studio 8.0/7.0/6.x/5.x/4.x and InstallShield Admin Studio 9.5/8.5/7.0.Specialized in Software Packaging and expertise in MSI technology (Windows Installer).Specialized in SCCMdeployment and Good working knowledge in Application Virtualization.
  • Developing, Maintaining and Supporting MSI application packages using InstallShield Admin Studio and Wise Package Studio.
  • Worked on Windows 7, Windows 2003/2000 Servers and Windows XP.
  • Good knowledge of Windows Architecture (User Mode/Kernel Mode and Memory Management)
  • Worked on Various Applications with automated scripts using Microsoft Installer (MSI), Wise Scripts (WSE), Wise for Windows Installer 7.0, Wise Package Studio 7.0 Professional, and InstallShield Admin Studio to automate the installations.
  • Worked on Requirement gathering, Implementation, Testing, Documentation, Production support, and End-User support.
  • Experience on MSI, MST (Transforms), MSM (Merge Modules), MSP (Patches).
  • Good knowledge on deploying applications using SCCM and SMS 2003.
  • Experience of Softgrid/Microsoft Application virtualization (APP-V) solutions.
  • Good knowledge about Dynamic Suite Composition and OSD scripting.
  • Experience in Creating SCCM Packages, Programs, Advertisements and Collections.
  • Experience in using Windows Installer SDK development tools like Orca for package (MSI’s) validation, package review/clean up and debugging.
  • Experience packaging applications for Locked-down Environment.
  • Experience in VB Scripting, Windows Scripting, and Wise Scripting for creating Custom Actions.
  • Experience working with Windows Registry, File System, Services, Devices and Security.
  • Experience in working with the debugging tools like, Filemon, Regmon andProcmon.
  • Experience testing applications using Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT).
  • Good Knowledge with applying shims to applications that are not compatible on Win7 and resolving issues if possible.
  • Strong experience in package validation, conflict resolution using Conflict Manager to detect and resolve the software conflicts between the packages.
  • Debugging and Troubleshooting during application installation and package deployment.
  • Knowledge in Windows GPO and Active Directory.
  • Experience with VMWare for creating operating systems to package applications in clean environment.
  • Adaptive to learn new technologies and highly motivated to work in a team.


Packaging Technologies &Tools: Wise Package Studio, InstallShield Admin Studio, Windows Installer Editor, Wise Script Editor,SoftwareManager, Conflict Manager, SMS/SCCM , ORCA, VB Script, Wise Script, ProcMon, Group Policy, Active Directory, Virtual Machine for Packaging( VMware) , ACT, Sequencer, SCCM Management Console.

Deployment Tools: SMS 2003, Altiris

Virtualization Tools: APP-V , VMware 6.0

Debugging Tools: FileMon, RegMon , Procmon and Log files

Languages: C,C++,Visual Basic 6.0,SQL,HTML,XML,JavaScript,WindowsScript, Wise Script, and VBScript

Database: Microsoft SQL Server and MS Access

Operation Systems: Windows 7, Windows Server 2003/2000 and Windows XP


Application Packager


  • Working with Wise Package Studio 5.5 to repackage, build the application packages for Win7 32bit.
  • Sequence applications using APP-V sequencer and use full infrastructure to publish them.
  • Create application packages in the APP-V management Console to publish it.
  • Test applications and troubleshoot errors.
  • Create MSI,MST for applications.
  • Validate ICE errors.
  • Worked on various Office 2003 and 2010 add-in applications.

Environment: Wise Package Studio 5.5, APP-V 4.6, VB Script, Filemon, Regmon, App-V 4.5 Win 7,Picture Taker.

DALLAS, TX Mar’09 –Dec’10
Software Packaging Engineer


  • Working with Wise Package Studio 8.0 and Installshield9.5 to repackage, build the application packages for XP and Win 7 32 bit and 64 bit.
  • Created Transforms (MST) by providing MSI and put them in a script (.wse) and build wrapper (.exe) as a final output.
  • Edited Tables, Created Components, and Created MSI’s in Wise and Installshield for Windows Installer.
  • Applied patches (MSP) to the installed applications.
  • Performed various upgrades and reinstalls on the client machines.
  • Testing packages with user credentials by using VMware.
  • Package and distribute NTFS file permissions.Used Calcs and Xcalcs for assigning file and folder permissions.
  • Used Windows Script, VB Script for creating custom actions.
  • Experienced in using the utilities like Process Monitor to resolve the issues with MSI packages.
  • Worked with VMware Infrastructure Client to createOS, manage builds and manage snapshots.
  • Worked with Active Directory Users and Computers to manage users and group organizational units.
  • Used Orca Tool for modifying tables in the MSI’s.
  • Isolate the application files and dll’s using Isolate packaging tool.
  • Used Microsoft management Console to create remote desktops and connecting to terminal servers.
  • Created Packages, programs, advertisement and collections for deploying SCCM Packages.
  • Written SQL queries for creating collections.
  • Performed functional and deployment testing.
  • Sequencing applications for MicrosoftApplicationVirtualization (App-V) 4.5 using Sequencer and deployed to the clients through APP-V server.
  • Performed Active upgrade to applications in APP-V.
  • Troubleshoot applications by studying and analyzing log files.
  • Validate and resolve ICE errors.
  • Work with application development team to provide stable installation packages on time and to specifications.

Environment: Wise Package Studio 7.0, Installshield9.5, SCCM R2, VB Script, Filemon, Regmon, App-V 4.5 Win 7.

Application Packager


  • Used Wise Package Studio 7.0 Professional to repackage, build the application packages.
  • Worked on Wise Package Studio (Install Editor) to take the snapshot of the pre-install, post-install and capture the changes.
  • Worked on various applications to build MSI packages and used Transforms (MST) according to the package requirement.
  • Edited Tables, Created Components and Created MSI’s in Wise for Windows Installer.
  • Installed packages, upgrades, drivers on laptops and desktop manually for end users.
  • Tested scripts for packages and installed on test machines.
  • Worked on Silent Installs for certain application to automate them for software distribution.
  • Converted MSI packages to WSE and redistributing them to different repositories.
  • Used Wise Script, VB Script, and Windows Script for creating temp folders, copying files to windows directory and for modifying registries.
  • Created SCCM Packages and deployed globally.
  • Packaged applications are managed by Group Policy and Deployed by SCCM Tool.
  • Tested packages in different windows systems by using Virtual PC.
  • Analyzed and customized (packaged) multiple applications.
  • Worked on Side-by-side migration from SMS2003 to SCCM.

Environment:W2K/XP, Wise Package Studio 7.0, VB Script, SMS,SCCM,Windows Script and Wise Script.

GA Aug’06-Nov’07
Software Packager


  • Used Wise Package Studio 7.0 Professional and InstallShield Admin Studio 9.0 to repackage the application packages and to take the snapshot of the pre-install and post-install and capture the changes for XP and Vista.
  • Created the Windows Installer setup packages (.MSI) using Admin Studio, and Wise Packaging Studio.
  • Created Transforms (MST) against vendor provided MSI applications, according to the package requirement.
  • Written Windows Scripts, Wise Scripts and VB Scripts to make the applications work and to meet the company standards.
  • Used Filemon and Regmon tools for monitoring the files and registry keys accessed by the application, as part of troubleshooting.
  • Used VMware to build desktop and server workstations.
  • Created custom actions with in MSI to make the applications work according to the company standards.
  • Tested the applications in the Lockdown environment before sending the application to QA
  • Documented the steps and procedures for all the applications.

Environment: Admin Studio 9.0, Wise Package Studio 7.0, Windows XP, Windows Vista, VB Script, Wise Script, VMWare.

, INDIA Jan’05 - July‘06
Application Packager


  • Analyze the applications.
  • Script the application using Windows Installer Editor.
  • Simulate the expected behavior of the application in Test Environment.
  • Implementation of VBScripts and Wise Scripts in MSI which include various categories like database, web based and Server side.
  • Creating Vendor MSI’s.
  • Worked with user permissions using cacls and Xcacls and adding functionality to the package and make the package work on the client build.
  • Writing Custom Actions in MSI packages.
  • Created Wrap and Vendor MSI packages wherever necessary.
  • Created Install/Remove Scripts (batch files) for the applications.
  • Created Virtual machines using ghost image files.
  • Using VMware wherever possible.
  • Isolate the application files and dll’s.
  • Resolve the application conflicts with other packaged applications using Software and Conflict Managers so as to resolve the dll’s hell issue.

Environment: Wise Package Studio, Windows Installer Editor, Wise Script Editor, Software Manager, Conflict Manager, SMS Installer, ORCA, VB Script, Wise Script, File Monitor, Registry Compare, Registry Monitor, Virtual Machine for Packaging, VMware.

INDIA Jun‘04 - Dec‘04Application Packager


  • Created MSI application packages using Wise Package Studio 4.x.
  • Repackaged several third party Vendor applications into MSI (Windows Installer).
  • Re-packaging, testing, Deployment and support of software Packages.
  • Created Transforms for several third party Vendor MSI applications.
  • Used Vbscripts to create custom actions.
  • Extensive work with Registry, Security/Permissions.
  • Used Windows Installer SDK development tool kit like Orca to work with MSI's and debugging for package review/cleanup.
  • Worked on VMware Workstation to test the packages and related tasks for package building.
  • Used Sysinternal tools file monitor and registry monitor.
  • Interacting with Users/Application contacts for Application Packaging/ Distribution support for the implemented packages.

Environment:VB Scripts, Wise Package Studio 4.x, Windows XP, VM ware
References Provided upon request.

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