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Technical Scheduler Resume



  • Possesses nineteen years of I.T. experience, including Batch Scheduling, Production Control and Data Transmission skillsets, in multi - platform computing environments.
  • Proficient in supporting z/OS, MVS OS/390, AS400, UNIX and VM operating systems and UNIX server environments.
  • Fifteen years experience with mainframe, midrange and distributed systems automated scheduling software, including Autosys, Robot, ESP, Control-M, CA-7 and CA-11, Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS), OPC and the ZEKE/ZEBB package. I have extensive experience with Job Control Language (JCL) and abend resolution procedures. Two years experience with JCL Prep and JCL Check.
  • Eight years experience utilizing the Hardware Management Console ( Confidential ) to perform Power-On Resets and systems IPL’s.
  • Produced comprehensive technical procedural documentation at several of the larger shops I have worked at.
  • Expertise with data transfer protocols include Confidential, SFTP and Confidential . Encryption protocols include PGP, SSH, SSL and IPSec.
  • Verbal and written communications skills are outstanding and I communicate effectively with all levels of I.T. and client personnel.
  • Motivated self-starter who masters new data center procedures very quickly.


Confidential, Wisconsin

Technical Scheduler


  • Functioned as a Technical Scheduler, assisted in establishing policy and procedures for the job scheduling environment for a new spinoff Healthcare division.
  • Coordinated job migration to a new scheduling environment, consulted with users in addressing issues/questions and planned/performed the daily job scheduling duties required by the project.
  • Validated, managed, and reported work quality for the scheduling team.
  • Added, deleted and modified batch jobs using Control-M Versions 7 and 8. Analyzed and resolved complex job scheduling issues.
  • Anticipated and addressed procedural and scheduling questions from users. Oversaw and handled special job scheduling processes.

Confidential, Cincinnati, Ohio

Command Center Specialist


  • Employed as a Command Center Specialist in the Confidential Group. This is a multi-platform environment that includes mainframe, midrange and distributed operating systems.
  • Utilizes Confidential (System Center Operations Manager) and VMWare vSphere Web Client to monitor and resolve issues with Windows And Unix servers.
  • Trouble-ticket/change control packages include ITSM for the National City environment and Infoman for the Confidential systems.
  • Uses Confidential Lotus Notes for database, calendaring and e-mail functions.
  • Monitors and resolves issues with inbound/outbound Confidential transmissions using Momentum.
  • Monitors Confidential transmissions on the mainframe system, completes user requests and resolves connection issues.
  • Monitors production batch processing for the mainframe environment using CA-7, Autosys for the distributed systems and Robot for the AS400 operating system.
  • Coordinates all hardware service calls with our hardware vendors.

Confidential, Bloomington, Illinois

Data Transfer Analyst


  • Contributed as a contract Data Transfer Analyst in a combined z/OS mainframe and UNIX (AIX) environment utilizing Confidential, SFTP, TCP/IP, TSO/ISPF, TPX, Jobsched, JCL, Sysout Accumulation Facility ($AVERS), JES3 Spool Interface Facility (E)JES, Network Monitoring Facility (NMF) and HP Service Desk.
  • Encryption protocols used include SSL, SSH, IPSec and PGP.
  • G ained extensive experience with X12 EDI files.
  • Responsibilities include monitoring the Mainframe Data Transfer mailbox, completing transmission requests, staging and re-running of vendor codes that require input changes, researching business partners requests for information, adjusting vendor code schedules, re-running of Confidential jobs in error, necessary diagnostics for failed vendor codes, internal or external troubleshooting of Confidential connectivity situations and coordinating sniffer traces for problems with external vendors.

Confidential, Kansas City, Missouri

Operations Analyst


  • Employed as an Operations Analyst in the Financial Services industry, managing financial transactions and accounting functions for a growing list of international brokerage firms.
  • Responsible for applications monitoring, processing production and test system batch cycles, managing data transmissions and setting up batch and on-line jobs in an MVS z/OS mainframe environment, consisting of forty-six test and production LPARs.
  • The primary applications used were ESP, Confidential, VSAM, Datacom, File-Aid, JES2, TSO/ISPF, SAR, Omegamon, CICS, DB2, OPS/MVS, Patrol (PEM), Magic, Lotus Notes, TPX, MS Excel and Windows XP.
  • Managed system resources, workload and performance using real-time monitoring tools (Patrol, Omegamon and RMF).
  • Confidential data transfer duties included completing client requests, adhoc scheduling submittals, bulk transmission requirements, reproducing and re-transmitting customer data.
  • Maintained the highest possible level of Customer Service priorities to protect the integrity of our client’s data, to accommodate inquiries or requests and to meet our customer’s Service Level Agreements.
  • Responded to network outages, utilizing tools such as the Confidential queue, the Confidential gateway and Patrol (PEM).
  • Coordinated scheduled and emergency system procedures with internal and external customers, including application upgrades, hardware maintenance and online outages.

Confidential, Middleton, Wisconsin

Data Center Operator


  • Employed as a Contract Computer Operator in an MVS z/OS environment utilizing JES2, CA-7, JCL, TMON, SAR, CICS, OPS/MVS, Windows XP, Parallel Sysplex Technology, the Confidential, HP Openview, SiteScope, WebSphere, CA-Unicenter, TeamTrack, Unisys and Infoman/Pacman.
  • Monitored production and test batch jobs on all systems and responded to system requests.
  • Performed complex JCL overrides and restarts as part of the abend resolution procedures. Processed scheduling requests for various users and support groups. Used JCL Check to validate syntax.
  • Utilized HP Openview and SiteScope to monitor Unix and Windows/NT servers. Responded to alerts, managed outages and performed scheduled reboots.
  • Used TMON to monitor system activity for high CPU usage, resource contention and to terminate jobs.
  • Performed IPLs and Power-On Resets through the Confidential per scheduled maintenance or emergency recovery procedures.
  • Processed nightly and weekly backups and monitored for system usage problems on the Unisys system.

Confidential, Albany, New York

Production Support Analyst


  • Responsible for system monitoring, running production batch cycles, monitoring servers, and setting up batch and on-line jobs in an MVS z/OS mainframe environment, using Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS), OPC, JCLPREP, CICS, DB2, TSO/ISPF, JCL, JES2, Dispatch, TMS, DPIQ, TCP/IP, TPX, Confidential Transmission Protocol and Windows XP.
  • Responsible for production job abend resolution and reruns. Followed procedures for logging incidents and informing the applications personnel.
  • Responsible for performing validation of JCL, Parms and Procs received from Applications Groups for testing.
  • Resolved and debugged all JCL errors prior to changes being made to the production environments.
  • Scheduled and completed adhoc user requests according to priorities to maximize efficiency and computer resource usage.
  • Initiated and verified the processing of data files received from and sent to all vendors.
  • Reproduced reports and forms per user requests or printer malfunction using Dispatch or the rerunning of individual procs.
  • Contributed to the Procedures and Documentation Update Project.

Confidential, Colorado

Senior Computer Operator


  • Employed in a contract position for Confidential in a combined midrange/mainframe computing environment. Platforms included the Sun Solaris, MVS z/OS, Windows NT Servers, DEC, VAX/VMS and VSE operating systems.
  • Ancillary products and tools included the Confidential, CA-7, JCL, OMEGAVIEW, the DEC Scheduler, SAR, Dispatch, McAfee Helpdesk, OPS/MVS, CICS, Sysview, Netview, TCP/IP, JES2, TSO/SDSF and Parallel Sysplex technology.
  • Responsibilities involved monitoring the operating systems, maintaining data network availability, facilitating batch processing, handling normally scheduled systems application activities, performing routine maintenance procedures and initiating first and second level trouble-shooting functions for job abends, hardware errors and system failures.
  • Performed system IPLs and Power-On Resets using the Hardware Management Console ( Confidential ).

Confidential, Aurora, Colorado

Production Control Analyst


  • Scheduled and monitored batch processing in a multi-platform distributed/mainframe environment. The operating systems consisted of UNIX (AIX), MVS z/OS and Windows NT.
  • Scheduling packages used were BMC Control-M for the distributed systems and CA-7 for the mainframe platforms. Additional applications and tools utilized included Enterprise Control Station - GUI Front End, Panvalet, TSO/ISPF, IMS, CICS, OMEGAMON, JES2, JES3, SDSF, FLASHER, TPX, SAR and Remedy.
  • Used extensive knowledge of Job Control Language (JCL) and Restart procedures to complete production schedules on time to meet Customer Service Level Agreements. Used JCL Check to validate JCL and identify errors.
  • Used OMEGAMON to investigate any potential contention or resource problem in IMS, CICS or the MVS system.
  • Tracked and documented abends and outages through Remedy/BARS and ensured accurate turnover of outstanding problems.

Confidential, Boulder, Colorado

MVS Computer Operator


  • Supported an MVS/ESA LPAR environment consisting of Confidential 9672 and 3090 mainframe hardware, utilizing Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS), OPC, JCL, JES2, IMS, CICS, NETVIEW, VTAM, TCP/IP, the Confidential, Omegamon, HSC, HSM, OPS/MVS, Infoman, Lotus Notes and Windows 95.
  • Monitored critical batch flows and system onlines and completed job recovery procedures.
  • Executed scheduled system IPLs and Power-On Resets using the Hardware Management Console.

Confidential, Colorado

Senior Computer Operator


  • Please see the Confidential entry from for job responsibilities.

Confidential, Denver, Colorado

I.T. Specialist, Mainframe Support


  • Operated in an OS/390, VM/ESA LPAR environment, with additional Hitachi, Tandem and UNISYS systems, using JES3,
  • TSO/ISPF, TCP/IP, VTAM, NETAO, Netview, EJES, the Confidential, Omegamon, DB2, MQSeries, HSC, HSM, OPS/MVS with SSM, Vantive, Windows NT, MS Word, and Parallel Sysplex technology.
  • Responsible for proactive monitoring and real time problem resolution for the entire U.S. West service region, using Automation and remote monitoring tools, in the I/T Mainframe department.
  • Continually implemented software release installations and upgrades utilizing the Release Control System package.
  • Performed IPLs and Power-On Resets as scheduled, using the Hardware Management Console ( Confidential ), the Amdahl or Hitachi hardware consoles, SPO or the COMMAND/Post package.
  • Interfaced with Systems Support, Data Center hardware support, Applications support and Network Support personnel to maintain and exceed required service levels.
  • Created and distributed procedural documentation to new and seniority personnel, and trained new hires on RCS, IPL, job performance and problem resolution procedures.
  • Participating member of the Hardware Console Functionality team, under the Enterprise Event Management project.

Confidential, Louisville, Colorado

Senior MVS Computer Operator


  • Functioned in an LPAR Confidential 9672 and ES9000 environment utilizing Parallel Sysplex technology, OS/390, MVS/XA and
  • MVS/ESA, VM/ESA, CMS, TSO/ISPF/SDSF, JES2, JES3, JCL, CA-7, VTAM, TCP/IP, MIMGR, RACF, TMS, DFSMS, HSC, HSM, the Confidential, Windows 95, Remedy and MS Word.
  • Operated in the Engineering Computing Center managing LPAR platforms in support of data storage/retrieval software development and software error testing activities.
  • Responsible for console coverage, supported the online systems, fulfilled systems support and customer requests, completed database archives, tape librarian functions, and maintained accurate shift turnover reports.
  • Gained experience with the ZEKE/ZEBB scheduling package through cross-training in the production data center.
  • Performed scheduled IPLs and Power On Resets per systems support specifications using the Hardware Management Console ( Confidential ).
  • Identified system hardware problems and software errors, made appropriate service calls, and ensured that the ECC, Confidential, EVT Online and EVT Nearline computing centers were returned to full operating efficiency using extensive problem resolution skills.
  • Trained as a Junior Level Systems Programmer in the Confidential lab with Cliff High, Senior Software Engineer. Topics included SMS procedures, HSC control and I/0 GENs.

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