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Assistant Chief Pilot Resume

Slippery Rock, PA


B.S. – Business
Graduated Suma cum Laude. Was full time student while working full time.
Courses included negotiations, international business, and project coordination.

A.S. – Aviation
Graduated with Honors. Was full time student while working full time.

Nuclear Training Programs – Beaver Valley Power Station.
Completed the 1year training program for Radiation Control Technician in 1983 and the 2 1/2 year Station Operations Training program in 1986. Training was originally intended to finish with a Reactor Operators License. Due to over staffing, however, training included all subjects except reactor operations.

Relevant Experience:

Confidential – Nuclear Power Station Operator 3/81 – 6/88

Duties were to operate and test plant systems at the Beaver Valley Nuclear Power Station Unit 1.
Was also involved in start-up testing, valve alignment verification, and operation of Unit 2 (1985-87). While an Operator I preformed cold hydro testing, hot functional testing, and integrated leak rate/structure integration. I also performed complicated Startup tasks i.e., thermal growth and vibration, reactor/turbine performance and testing. While a Radiation Control Technician I supported refueling operations, reactor coolant pump seal maintenance, and steam generator tube plugging operations.

Confidential - Generation Dispatcher 2/02 to 4/07

Duties were to coordinate output and set energy pricing in real time for over 1000 power stations in 13 states for the bulk power energy market. Knowledge of generation mechanics was essential as total power output was signaled by price/MW schedule based on generator performance. Knowledge of power plant design, circuit breakers, transformers, and transmission lines were

essential to coordinate total power output from stations with transmission capabilities to prevent problems on the electrical system.

Other Experience:

Confidential – Assistant Chief Pilot / Instructor 6/88 – 1/90

Steel City Aviation was a federally regulated flight school. The chief pilot was responsible for instructing student pilots, maintaining standards for other instructors, administer testing of students and instructors, and maintaining FAA required records. I held Commercial, Instrument and Multi-engine Flight Instructor Certificates as well as Basic, Advanced and Instrument Ground Instructor Certificates.

Confidential – Pilot 1/90 to 10/01 and 4/07 to present

Confidential pilots are responsible for the safe, efficient operation of the aircraft and crew coordination. Pilots are very goal oriented and are able to function well in small, diverse groups. Pilots are required to manage aircraft systems and coordinate personnel duties in critical situations. Gap in employment was due to being furloughed due to September 11th.

Confidential – Instructor 9/87 – 6/88

Taught 2 semesters of aerodynamics and large aircraft systems in a classroom setting. Students with varying technical backgrounds were instructed on systems theory, operation, and trouble shooting in order to manage those systems in flight. My nuclear systems training were essential to communicate to the students how the systems actually worked.

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