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Teaching Assistant Resume


  • Masters of Science
  • Bachelor of Arts

Technical Skills
Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, SQL, SPSS, and ArcGIS 10

  • Conducted research to understand push factors associated with undocumented Mexican migration into the United States
  • Extracted, transformed, and analyzed data from large diverse datasets including US and Mexican census data, data from the Department of Homeland Security, and sociological surveys
  • Incorporated statistical techniques to model and explain migration patterns
  • Techniques used include Principle component analysis, ordinary least squares regression, Pearson’s correlation, and geographically weighted regression
  • Results provided statistical evidence to corroborate sociological studies, and identified spatial patterns of the variables
  • Built custom data visualizations to present results with department

SPSS/Multivariate Analysis

  • Identified variables correlated with female life expectancy, lifetime births per woman, and slums in Cairo, Egypt
  • Incorporated data from multiple sources
  • Census, sociological studies, and land use data
  • Implemented multivariate and spatial statistical techniques to interpret the data
  • Factor analysis, multiple linear regressions, cluster analysis, and spatial regressions
  • Identified significant variables that were able to model the events which could be used to explain current events and predict future trends

GIS Use and Analysis

  • Utilized ArcGIS to identify, visualize, and model data from various sources
  • Created models able to combine spatial information with statistical analysis
  • Accounted for spatial variances in information
  • Allowed data from multiple sources to be combined
  • Customized tools in ArcGIS using python scripting
  • Created cartographic representations to disseminate results

Work Experience
Confidential, Teaching Assistant August 2008 to May 2010

  • Instructed and lectured two sections of 20-25 students in introductory Physical Geography lab
  • Tutored and mentored struggling students
  • Evaluated student assignments to determine each students final grade

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