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System Programmer Resume

New Jersy, NJ

Executive Summary:
Widely experienced Senior Mainframe Technical Support Engineer/Manager. Most recently specializing on providing technical support on the CA Datacom RDBMS. Dedicated to providing direct customer support towards their success. Assisted customers with the installation, maintenance, configuration options, deployment, as well as providing one-on-one training, or in creating best practice usage documents. Also, functioned as consultant to fellow support engineers for resolving difficult problems, or in obtaining the necessary assistance or documentation that may be required for further in-depth research by the product development teams.

Core Strengths:

  • Strong diverse technical background and problem solver on products and mainframe platforms.
  • Proactive, innovative and self-motivated toward supporting the product and customers.
  • Exceptional at follow-through towards permanent resolutions rather than temporary fixes.
  • Consistently demonstrates genuine attention to detail for improved quality through suggestions and ideas.
  • Recognized as a very strong customer advocate; outstanding customer service.
  • Excellent at written technical procedures and cross-functional communications with other groups.
  • Leads other techs by developing and sharing detailed knowledge procedures and best practices.

Technical Exposure with:
Languages: COBOL, Assembler, SAS, CLIST, EXEC2, REXX, CA Datacom/SQL, CA Dataquery, DL1.
Platforms: MVS/ESA, OS/390, z/OS, VSE/ESA, VM/SP, VM/ESA, Windows NT, Windows 2000,
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.
Databases: CA Datacom/DB, CA Datacom/AD, IMS/DB, TOTAL, ORACLE, MS Access, CA Visual Express.
DB interfaces: CA Datacom CICS Services, CA Sysview, CA Vantage, CA Datacom Server, CA Datadictionary,
CA Datacom Presspack, CA Datacom Fast Restore, and CA Datacom Transparency for VSAM.
OS Tools: ISPF/PDF, IBM DFP Utilities and Service Aids, SMP/E, FTP, TRSMAIN, SDSF, CA-1, Syncsort, CA Sort, FDR/DSF, CA IPC, CCS, PKZIP for MVS, CA ACF2, CA TSS, $AVERS.
PC Tools: MS Office 2003 / 2007 with Outlook, Word, EXCEL, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, Live-Meeting, SharePoint, WINZIP, Adobe Reader, WS-FTP, QWS3270, Attachmate, PCOMM, HOD, Lotus Notes, Lotus Sametime, Remedy, CITRIX.

Professional Experience:
Confidential,contract staffing to IBM GTS MF Strategic Outsourcing Delivery – (2012)
Temporarily assigned to support the existing CA Datacom environments at a large financial account while the client focused on migrating existing applications to DB2. Along with most other techs, provided remote software support from home for their CA Datacom 50+ environments worldwide.

System Programmer – Datacom Specialist: 03/2012 - 10/2012

  • Upgrade, apply maintenance, deploy system changes and provide production, development and test support of the CA Datacom products that were running on multiple LPARS on three sysplexes.
  • Participated on their annual DR test and their CICS/TS upgrade from 3.2 to 4.2 projects.
  • Performed database space monitoring and preventive management for growth without impact.
  • Wrote many technical “how to” procedures for database & other system groups.
  • Researched for any existing procedures, standards, etc. and provided observations and recommendations for improvements.

Confidential,contract staffing to (2011)
Temporary contract to provide remote software support from Irving, TX for their CA Datacom environments throughout the US.

Database System Programmer: Confidential, 02/2011 - 07/2011

  • Upgrade, apply maintenance, deploy changes and provide production support of the CA Datacom products that were running in ten regions across multiple LPARs.
  • Create and customize upgrade jobs for deployment to each environment.
  • Wrote detailed procedures for the implementation and verification of changes.

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Confidential, (1987 to 2010)
Employed by the same company in the Dallas, TX area.

Principal Support Engineer: 04/2007 - 10/2010
Consulting support provided for other CA Datacom technicians and for 20+ other CA products such as CA-11, CA Scheduler, Jobtrac, CA Disk, who had integrated the CA Datacom/AD suite as a strategic data repository.

  • Structured and maintained five in-house z/OS test RDBMS environment systems (MUF, CICS and PC ODBC Server) at various release and maintenance levels for support team.
  • Spearheaded the creation and maintenance of a corporate CA Datacom/AD test environment for other CA products which conserved machine cycles, DASD costs and manpower.
  • Published hundreds of topic related knowledge documents, "how to" procedures, and summarized / condensed other product information as quick ease of use summary documents for client community.
  • Initiated many product code and documentation enhancements for improvements in simplicity and natural ease of use, implementation and supportability.

Certified new release documentation, and insured the product package would install “out-of-the-box.”
Assisted second line support with a weekly technical critique of all new APARs for appropriate title, text and keywords for improved quality, consistency and reference ability.
Maintained a high first-call response rate, issue closure rate within 7 days, closure within 30 days, and for maintaining an overall high level of customer satisfaction.

Confidential, 04/2006 - 04/2007

Supervised and coordinated the direction of two RDBMS support teams: CA Datacom and CA IDMS, 14 employees worldwide, scheduled work hours, resolved customer conflicts.
Analyzed monthly production activity / statistics to determine and report supports’ performance objectives.
Coordinated support efforts and readiness plans for new releases and maintenance with other products.

Sr. Manager, Confidential, 02/2005 - 04/2006

Consolidated CA Ideal and CA IPC products under the CA Datacom product line along with taking on two remote support engineers.

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