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Principal Resume



  • Confidential is an IT professional with 20+ years of software architecture, design, development, enterprise Java and cloud Java experience.
  • Confidential has developed software on over a dozen Java EE systems, performing full lifecycle roles on the web, web service,business and integration tiers and resource and database tiers.
  • He also has solid team lead ability, analytical skills, and communication skills.
  • He has experience with multi - tier, scalable, secureapplication design, development, architecture and deployment; object-oriented analysis and design, infrastructure and frameworks; database design, infrastructure and implementation; GUI design, team mentoring and RESTful services,SOA,Order fulfillment experience.
  • His experience and strong work ethic would make him a welcome addition to any team.


Design Methodologies: UML,Waterfall, Agile, Scrum and Entity-Relationship (ER) Modeling, Rational

Languages: Java 6/7/8, SQL,XML, X/HTML, JavaScript, SOAP

Middleware: Websphere Application Server, WebLogic Server 8-10, JBoss 4-7, Java EE 5, Apache, Tomcat,J2EE, LDAP, JBoss 4-7, Spring Data/Core/Test/AOP/Web/etc., Multiple ORM tools, Hibernate 3+, JDBC, JMS, Weblogic Integration, Sockets, Websphere MQ 5-7, ActiveMQ, Camel

Web: JSP, Servlets, XML, D/HTML, SOAP, WAP, Adobe’s Flex,REST,JSON,Swagger API

Databases: DB2, Oracle 10-11g, SQL Server 7, Access

Security: Java EE Web and EJB authentication and authorization; WS-Security, SAML, Spring Security

Operating Platforms: UNIX, Linux, Windows,Solaris

Other: SVN,Perforce,Git, Maven, Ant, JUnit,, MS Project, Eclipse, Oracle DBA Tools, CVS, VSS, PVCS, Siebel 8,SAP FI/CO,SOA Software, IBM Rational Architect,JAX-WS,JAX-RS

DevOps: AWS EC2, AWS S3,AWS IAM, AWS CLI, Jenkins, Gradle, Docker, BitBucket, WebHook


Confidential, MN



  • API (Microservices,Webservices) Technical Analysis, Design and Consulting: Provide consulting services on new and strategic initiatives (medium to large of varying complexity) by researching emerging trends/best practices and determining implications of proposed solutions on meeting business unit strategy.
  • Drive the end - to-end design and development for system components (Services/APIs and applications)
  • Own design alignment to the overall solution and application architecture.
  • Create technical designs (UML, API service specs and message models) by working closely with Technology and Business partners.
  • Review business and non-functional requirements to capture and understand project requirements.
  • Provide technical support during development, testing and deployment of projects.
  • Conduct design and code reviews.
  • Complete deliverables by defined schedules and requirements in agile environment.
  • Strong knowledge about Agile techniques like: User Stories, Continous Integration, TDD, Continuous Testing, Pairing, Agile Games.
  • Development and Coaching: Provide direction, expertise, and feedback to build the capabilities of junior-level staff and remote teams.

Technologies Used: Java 7/8, Servlets, IBM DB2, Web Services, JAXB, JMS,SOAP, WSDL, XMLSpy,JSP,Websphere MQ, Maven, Apache, Juniper, F5, JAX-WS,JAX-RS, SWAGGER, JERSEY, APIGEE, Websphere Application Server WAS,JSON,Jenkins,REST,EJB, Eclipse, Rational Application Developer

Confidential, Huntsville, AL

Java Developer


  • Extensive experience with Agile Team Development and Test Driven Development using JIRA
  • Server side Microservices development in Spring 4.3
  • Interaction with business and development teams to understand the requirements, evaluate feasibility plan and implement integration and Functional testing.
  • Implemented Service layer using Spring IOC and annotation, controllers using Spring MVC
  • Used different plug-ins of Maven to clean, compile, build, install, deploy and more for jars and wars
  • Transactions were managed by using Spring AOP and Spring Transaction management and Spring IoC container was used for dependency injection and Elastic search, Log stash
  • Working closely with Architecture, Development, Test, Security and IT service teams.
  • Developing scripts for build, deployment, maintenance and related tasks using Jenkins, Docker, Gradle,Bash
  • Involved in development of REST web services using Spring framework to extract data from databases.
  • Designed and implemented scalable, secure cloud architecture using EC2, S3,VPC and cloud formation
  • Leveraged AWS cloud services such as EC2, auto scaling and VPC to build secure, highly scalable and flexible system
  • Implemented core design pattern such as DAO, Singleton,Façade, Factory and Observer
  • Engaged in development and tasking of user and technical stories.

Technologies Used: Java 7/8, J2EE, Spring 4.3 (MVC, IOC), Spring Boot,Spring Cloud,Swagger API, CSS3, JavaScript, Web Services, Docker, Jenkins, Apache Kafka, SOAP, BitBucket, Puppet, SOA, Apache Tomcat 7/8, JIIRA, Gradle, AWS EC2/S3

Confidential, Houston,TX

Sr Web Services Developer


  • Worked in an agile development process with three months’ release with month Spring and daily Scrum
  • Developed System architecture using different patterns like MVC, SOA, DAO, Service Façade, Singleton Factory etc
  • Used Multi-threading and Concurrency concepts to overcome the errors in the process of transactions.
  • Validate inputs using server side validations. Used Spring Web services as client for different applications.
  • Used different methodologies to create client side files like maven plugin and used maven dependencies to use already uploaded jars on repository
  • Employed Java JAX-WS in web services to create WS provider
  • Designed and developed functionality to get JSON document from database and send it to client using RESTful service.
  • Used different plug-ins of Maven to clean, compile, build, install, deploy and more for jars and wars
  • Transactions were managed by using Spring AOP and Spring Transaction managemen and Spring IoC container was used for dependency injection.
  • Confidential 2.0 was use for database mapping and entity management .
  • Conigured Hibernate to work with Spring by setting up Session Factory in spring context File
  • Used named queries, hql, list merge and creator update. Troubleshoot maven dependencies to remove.
  • Created microservices architecture for project
  • Created continous delivery pipeline to run the war, deploy jobs in Jenkins brew master instance, which reduces the time for deployment of Microservices
  • Used Log4j or debugging and error logging purposes
  • Developed test cases for TDD (Test Driven Development) approach

Technologies Used: Java 7, Spring 4.0, Spring AOP/MVC, Confidential 2.0, Hibernate 4.0, JBoss 7, Eclipse 4.x, REST,Tortoise, JMock, Tortoise, Putty/WinSCP

Confidential, Austin,TX

Systems Integration Architect/Developer


  • Implementation of core JEE patterns like Command, MVC, Dependency Injection, Data Access Object(DAO), Service Locator and Singleton
  • Designed and developed various modules of the application with JEE design architecture, Spring MVC architecture and Spring Bean Factory using IOC, AOP concepts
  • Involved in writing Confidential entities
  • Involed in writing persistent.xml, Used Confidential for persistence
  • Involved in writing Confidential Named queries, SQL Queries to fetch data from Oracle database
  • Developed SOA Services for transferring data between different applications, experienced with SOAP/WSDL and SOAP web services
  • Used JAXB for processing the request and XML binding
  • Used JUnit framework for unit testing of application.
  • Migrating legacy services to Spring code
  • Responsible for Configuring LDAP security and connection pools
  • Used Eclipse 4.x as IDE for development
  • Interacting with Client in understanding the aspects of their day-to-day business
  • Followed an Agile Software Development environment using AGILE methods SCRUM
  • Involved in Production Support for Confidential services.

Technologies Used: Java 7, Servlets, Spring 3.0 (MVC/AOPJPA), Web Services, JAXB, JMS,SOAP, WSDL, XMLSpy,JSP,MQ, Maven, Apache, Juniper, F5, Tumbleweed,JCAPS, IBM UDB

Confidential, CA



  • Technologies Used: Java 8, Spring 4.0,Spring MVC, MongoDB, Thymeleaf, AWS EC2, AWS S3,AWS IAM/CLI, Jenkins, Gradle,Docker,BitBucket/Stash, WebHook, SOA,
  • DevOps and architect of web-based offline skill learning community application. Development was done by offshore team.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

SOA Architect/Developer Consultant


  • Served as SOA Architect/Developer for the Inception, Elaboration and Construction phase of the development of a Confidential Item File Integration project to capture additional attributes to enhance business metrics and remove the barriers in the Confidential US Item File System preventing the US Confidential item creation/maintenance to occur within one system.
  • Enable seamless cross-channel customer experience between retail stores and dot com. Worked withEnterprise Architects to in corporate into project non-functional requirements for performance, scalability, availability, enterprise constraints and policies.
  • Created System Architecture Spec for messaging pub/sub.
  • Mentored Systems team for Websphere MQ upgrade plan.
  • Served as SOA lead messaging designer both from systems and developmentperspective.
  • From systems perspective, designed pub/sub messaging systems utilizing Websphere MQ 7 .
  • Met with systems team for MQ upgrade plan from version 6 to 7 on 25+ environments.
  • UML Sequence diagrams were created for development.
  • Bugs during DIT were published for fix by offshore China based developers.
  • Integrated corporate enterprise frameworks, developed transport security, lookup and Spring frameworks based Java classes;
  • Developed multi-threaded transacted message listeners for publishing to downstream database and messaging systems.
  • Spring based java application interfaced with Stored procedures to write incoming messages.
  • Mentored offshore team for production support.

Technologies Used: Websphere MQ 7, Java 7, SQL, Oracle 11g, Oracle Stored Procedures, Tomcat, UML, Spring 2.5/3.0, Apache Commons Pools, Eclipse, XML, Solaris,Linux,UML

Confidential, Simi Valley, CA

SOA Architect/Developer Consultant


  • Work with product owner, users & developers to define, design and develop systems to meet functional and non-functional requirements for a web-based mobile ECM(Enterprise Content Management)synchronization for over 4,000 offsite users.
  • Work hands-on with developers, management and business analysts to perform iterative object oriented analysis and design, create UML diagrams and develop end to end components on web (HTML, Adobe’s Flex interface), Web Services (Spring/Hibernate) and Oracle 10g to model business domain and service requirements.
  • Design and develop complex use cases, including (a) JavaEE, web services, JSP/Flex interface MVC UIs (b) middle-tier classes for Commands, Services, DAOs, Spring/Hibernate mappings on JBoss7 and Tomcat, and (c) designed Oracle tables and constructedcomplex SQL.
  • Lead other developers by example. In corporate non-functional requirements into design and code so system is scalable, reliable, maintainable, portable, fast and secure. Do code reviews.
  • Standardized Eclipse, Ant and JBoss developer environment for max productivity and replication to other on-site and off-shore developers.
  • Lead development of SmartForms service for a Siebel mobile system, including design and coding of multiple Java EE web services, XML and XML Schemas.
  • Assisted other lead architects for Microsoft’s DeepZoom using Java.
  • Successfully transitioned project ownership to offshore team leads.

Environment: Java, SQL, Oracle10g, Javascript, Spring Batch, Junit, JavaEE, JBoss, Tomcat, UML, Spring 3.0, Hibernate, Ant, Eclipse, XML, Web Services, Websphere Application Server,FileNet, Websphere MQ 7,REST,Flex,Rational,ActiveMQ,Camel,UML

Confidential, Chantilly, VA

Senior Java Consultant


  • Design, develop and debug code in interactive, public facing,dynamic, rich feel Confidential ’s Veterans Administration CH33 Benefits web application end-to-end including extensive Javascript, Spring on the web-tier.
  • Write middle-tier Java services that utilize Spring managed components, Velocity, SAML and develop DAOs using Spring/ Confidential .
  • Work with other Confidential contractors for SIT/UAT SiteMinder testing over public cloud.
  • Actively engage in Agile Scrum process framework for all development work, including grooming backlog, participating regularly in Sprint Planning Meetings, estimating, daily stand-ups (answering yesterday achievements, today’s plan and, blockers).

Environment: Java, SQL, SOA, Agile, Scrum, Spring3 Core/MVC/JMock/Data Access/AOP/Web/etc, Confidential, SAML, WS-Security, Tortoise SVN, Subversion, Weblogic10, Wireshark, Eclipse

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