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Workday Integration Consultant Resume

San Antonio, TX


Confidential comes with excellent skills and expertise in Workday Integration technologies as an integration consultant and with functional understanding of Human Capital Management. She also has experience in Quality Assurance, programming and database skills and has great commitment to implement company’s Workday strategy.


  • Over 5 years of Information Technology experience in the areas of Workday (Integration) as a HCM Technical Consultant in Design, Development, Testing, Migration, Implementation and Production Support along with Quality Assurance, Software Testing, Analysis and Documentation of Web and Cloud based applications.
  • Experience in Workday Integrations, HCM, Reporting and Workday Studio
  • Strong Experience on EIB Inbound/Outbound integrations, Core Connectors, Workday Studio, Report Writer and Calculated Fields.
  • Proven integration design experience with secure Inbound and Outbound Integrations using EIB, Packaged Integrations, Custom Report Writer and Core Connectors with custom document transformation using XML, XSLT and Web Services technologies.
  • Extensively worked on Workday integrations and good Hands on Experience on Workday Studio Integration.
  • Assisted in the planning, development and roll out of all Workday support.
  • Hands on experience in building Workday Studio Assemblies for complex integrations reports as REST/RaaS in Workday Studio/EIB Integrations involving error handling, Splitter/Aggregator, router based on strategy etc.
  • Experience in developing Custom Reports, Advanced Reports and Calculated fields in various segments of Workday system
  • Maintenance and creation of Business Processes, Workday Supervisory Organizations, Locations, Positions, Cost centers, Cost Center hierarchies
  • Hands on experience in creating job postings, tracking candidates, e - recruiting and updating job descriptions
  • Good knowledge on various data sources and used different data sources to drive information from Workday
  • Worked with internal and external business partners to design and develop Workday integration and enhancement of projects.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with problem solving abilities, effective in working independently and as an exceptional team player
  • Good knowledge on Software Development Life Cycle and involved in various phases of a workday project


  • Enterprise Integration Builder(EIB)
  • Inbound & Outbound Integration
  • Packaged Integrations
  • Core Connectors
  • Workday Studio Integration
  • XML, XSLT Transformations
  • Report Writer
  • Custom Reports
  • Simple, Advanced and Matrix Reports
  • Custom & Calculated Fields
  • Prompts and Filters
  • Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • Payroll Interface Common Output File (PICOF)
  • Workday Business Objects & Processes
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Management


Confidential, San Antonio, TX

Workday Integration Consultant


  • Worked on gathering requirements, initiating and leading initial requirements discussions of project
  • Created multiple simple and advanced reports using sub filters and sorting according to the requirements from the business users
  • Created custom reports and calculated fields to fetch the required data from the tenant
  • Developed Workday Custom Reports and utilized Report as a Service (RaaS) ability to use in integrations
  • Created reports with Workday report writer and custom integrations with third party applications using Workday Cloud Connect and Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB)
  • Using EIB configuration, transformed the format of workday report into required file format using XSLT
  • Worked on Exchanger XML editor to create, edit, test, and validate XSLT documents
  • Created various integrations and used XSLT code to transform XML data to various files formats and to safely deliver files using SFTP server
  • Created calculated fields like evaluate expressions, True/False and used them in custom advanced reports
  • Worked on custom reports, calculated fields, Workday studio, EIBs, core connector, cloud connector (CCB), report design and business form layout
  • Used sequence generators, generating templates and validating Inbound integration system results
  • Created complex custom reports with multi-layered calculated fields and used these as basis for EIB
  • Performed technical role to manage Workday Integrations, report writers and various Inbound and Outbound integrations including Payroll, Benefits and transmission to various 3rd party endpoints

Environment: Workday HCM (Benefits, Pay Roll), XML/XSLT, Workday Report Writer/Designer, Workday Studio, EIB and Cloud Connectors, Web services, calculated fields

Confidential, Bridgewater, NJ

HCM Consultant


  • Involved in gathering business requirements and analysis for applications for data sources and fields
  • Generated different types of custom reports - simple and advanced reports to meet client requirements within the Workday tenant
  • Created multiple advanced reports using sub filters and sorting according to the requirements from the business users
  • Designed and built both Inbound & Outbound EIB Integrations in various segments of Workday system
  • Hands on Workday systems Integration experience building custom Integrations using cloud connector, document transformation and EIB
  • Created new Integration to fetch the new hires information using core connector worker and document transformation which uses connector Integrations XML output as its data source input
  • Converted XML to XSLT files using XSLT transformations and integrated with third party applications for data exchange
  • Experience on functionalities such as creating Positions, Hire, Transfer, Configuring Hiring Restriction Compensation etc.
  • Created job requisition for new positions, existing positions and also for currently occupied positions
  • Hands on experience in changing the supervisory organizations, inactivating an organization and moving the workers into different supervisory organizations
  • Created supervisory organizations, business processes, matrix organizations, cost centers, location and its hierarchies
  • Used Proxy functionality to login as different users and test the changes

Environment: Workday EIB, Studio, Cloud connect, Transformation using XSLT, XML, Web services, Workday Report Writer, Workday Custom Reports, Workday Calculated Field, Workday Recruiting

Confidential, Piscataway, NJ

Reporting and Integration Consultant


  • Worked with the project team to configure and test integrations between the ERP solutions and benefit providers, payroll systems and other 3rd party/custom solutions
  • Developed various kinds of reports in HCM, Payroll and Benefits
  • Worked on different data sources to match requirements in Workday Reporting
  • Served as a Workday report writer and created custom integrations with third party applications using Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB) and Workday cloud connect
  • Developed custom reports and worked on Calculated fields and the functions include evaluation expression, extract single instance, concatenate text, text length, text constant and format date etc.
  • Experience in generating custom reports, custom fields for data retrieving, used calculated fields in reporting as and when required
  • Experience working on all types of data sources and All Workers, Supervisory organization, Cost Centers, Location and its Hierarchies, Position Management, Indexed Workers
  • Helped customer implement and go live with Workday Core HCM and Benefits
  • Worked on reports to create custom reports using Workday report writer to meet the business needs of HR and payroll application report consumer groups
  • Setup business process steps, such as Action, Approval, Approval Chain and Checklist, and how they work and integrate with security groups
  • Involved in the creation of compensation plans, job profiles, and job families
  • Involved in data conversion from legacy systems to Workday through EIB

Environment: Workday, Workday EIB, Studio, XSLT, XML, Web services, Workday Report Writer, Workday Custom Reports, Workday Calculated Field

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